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Focus • Relax • Sleep
myNoise creates beautiful noises to mask the sounds you don’t want to hear : your chatty colleagues, tinnitus, or even your inner voice when you can't shut it down! The concept is simple, works extremely well, and does not require noise-cancelling headphones. Thanks to its unique audio engineering, myNoise sets the standard among background audio tracks.

This page describes just a fraction of the 300+ sound generators available

I need to focus in a noisy environment

Irish Coast • Sea waves, rain and wind - the perfect natural soundscape to block out a noisy office.
Cafe Restaurant • Research showed that a coffee shop's ambient noise level can help people focus more and be more creative.

I want a good sleep

Distant Thunder • If you have troubles sleeping, try a combination of calming rain and distant thunder - a favorite of so many myNoise users!
Waterfall • A natural source of white noise that masks environmental noise and helps you to fall asleep, giving you a good night's sleep.

Help me to calm down

Japanese Garden • Wind down to the quietude of a Japanese garden and meditate to the sound of the Shishi-Odoshi.
Gregorian Chant • Peace for the mind and the soul. Discover the calming effect of Gregorian vocals.

I want to listen to relaxing music

88 Keys • Our custom audio engine creates music tracks that never repeat exactly.
Twin Black Lodges • By turning on slider animation, individual stems will be revealed to you in the most interesting ways!

My room is too quiet

Primeval Forest • Open your window to one of the few remaining primeval forests in Europe.
Calm Office • Working from home, you can miss the sound of your colleagues. This interactive soundscape recreates the sounds of an office.

I am looking for white noise

White Noise & Co • Play stochastic noise in any spectral color: white, pink, brown, and even gray, the color of your own hearing!
White Rain • Offers the same properties as synthetic noise, but with the tone and comfort of a natural sound.

I am a student with ADHD

Stormy Weather • Background sounds can be used in order to help reduce distractions and improve focus.
Examination Time • It can be hard to focus in an exam hall full of students when you are used to studying in silence. The use of this generator will help set your mind at ease.

I work in an open space office

Speech Blocker • Set to the average speech spectrum, our white noise generator reaches optimal efficiency in blocking background chatter.
Pebble Beach • Spectral shaping can be applied to natural noises too. Listen to the sound of crashing waves set to block background speech.

Help me help you

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I have tinnitus

Summer Night • Instead of listening to synthetic white noise, have you tried the sound of insects, singing at night. You're welcome!
Neuromodulator • A sound designed to squash down your tinnitus, which still works even after you've stopped listening to it.

I am looking for sounds during my meditation

Singing Bowls • Their very pure tones are used in sound healing.
Healing Water • A sonic bath to rejuvenate the mind and the soul.

I'm a writer in need of inspiration

Autumn Walk • While writing a scene, you are translating what your character sees, hears, and feels. Soundscapes can help you get past writer's block by immersing yourself into your character's environment.
Oblivion • Embrace that darkness. Close your eyes, breathe deeply. Let the unknown envelop you. Let your subconscious run wild into oblivion.

I'm a Role Play Gamer looking for background tracks

RPG Dungeon • myNoise offers role play gamers dedicated soundscapes to help them create the perfect ambience for their games.
Medieval Village • This soundscape recreates both the quieter ambience of a small village, as well as the busier atmosphere of a bigger town.

I am looking for uplifting sounds to listen to when I am depressed

Senegal Town • You're sitting in a cafe, where a band is playing a down-tempo song. Meanwhile, you hear kids playing across the street. Life is good; right here, right now.
Marimbas • An exquisite, mood-lifting, polyrhythmic pattern. The moment it starts playing, it will make you smile. Play it in the background to keep your mind tuned in to creative, inspired, and positive vibes.

I'm desperately trying to put my baby to sleep

In Utero • Much of the sound that reaches a foetus is a symphony of low-pass filtered noises. myNoise closely emulates them all here.
Shusher • Calming shushing patterns for crying babies. Use the sliders to create your own.

Let's experiment with brain hacking

Binaural Beats • Synchronize your brainwaves with a periodic stimulus known to induce a given state, like drowsiness or sleep.
Isochronic Beats • Regarded as the most effective tone-based method, isochronic beats produce strong cortical responses in the brain.

Take my mind to another place...

Anamnesis • Like floating, watching the past, the present, and the future as merely a ghost.
Black Hole • In the middle of the interstellar void, alone in your vessel, you are heading to a black hole that absorbs matter... and time!

And there is so much more to discover on myNoise!

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