A Bird's Paradise
Interactive Tropical Birds Soundscape
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Welcome to Sian Ka'an, Mexico

Biosphere Soundscapes is an interdisciplinary project aimed at raising awareness about the unique sonic environments found in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. Earlier this year, Biosphere Soundscapes announced a call for participating in a 10-day residency in Sian Ka’an. Sian Ka'an is a natural reserve located on the east coast of the Yucatan peninsula, home of many archaeological sites dating back from the Maya era... and of a remarkably rich number of bird species!

My project - recording sounds for this website - did not make the call. Too bad. Fortunately, Félix Blume — someone I already knew — was among the selected candidates. Félix is an amazing sound engineer who has the audacity to put many of his admirable soundtracks in the public domain. When Félix came back from Sian Ka'an, he kindly agreed to share his recordings with us. Thank you, Félix!

Testimonials - write yours here

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  My Pearly Conure loves this and he screams his head off whenever I play this.

  This is amazing - I've been hunting for the perfect crickets + soft birds + rain combination, and this combined with my settings for Distant Thunder might just make the perfect Southern evening. :)

  My cockatiels love this! It gets them excited and turns them into mini scream machines.

  The owl! A perfect addition to any mynoise sleepytime stack. See also: the middle two sliders on Nocturnal Garden.

  Perfectly peaceful, just the right amount of ambiance and birds.

  I feel less alone when I play this soundscape.

  Absolutely wonderful, helps me be productive at work.

  Played this for my parakeets when they were anxious and they went absolutely wild. I can tell they have a new favorite :) Thank you for this!

  This was the first soundscape I used the animate feature with, and almost instantly my mind was blown: the shifting elements gave the strong impression that you were walking THROUGH the rain forest, light showers occurring in soft waves, slowly passing bird after unseen bird. What impressed me the most were the moments when the rain forest actually became quiet; it felt like hours had passed.

  Combine "Tropical Birds: A Bird's Paradise' with 'Skywalker: The Sound of Paragliding' and it feels like you are paragliding over the rainforest!

  Very relaxing to listen to.

  Combine this with Rain On A Tent and it feels like you're camping on a rainy night in Mexico! Really helps me while I do schoolwork.

  ← Calm Night Part 1. I combine this with Nocturnal Garden, look for Part 2 there!

  Soon relaxing. This played on animate with rainforest on animate open in the background is amazing.

  Phenomenal communicators, evolving in real time.

  This is absolutely gorgeous - I work in an office with no windows and ambient noise, and this is the difference between getting work done and not. Thank you.

  Quiet birds on a summer night.

  Lonely Bird is such a cute noise. Kinda sounds like a sad kitten. <3

  Whoa! Luvv!

  This is so nice on my tired ears after a long day. If you pair it with Rain on a Tent it sounds like you're camping in the rainforest. Thanks for putting these lovely generators together.

  Bird's paradise is so beautiful! Keeps me company while studying psittacine anatomy :) Did you know they manage to make this noise with only 3 pairs of syringeal muscles? Song birds own 5 pairs!

  It's okay, Lonely Bird!! I'm here with you! :'(

  I play this one for my two parrots because it seems to please them. I enjoy it, too!

  Escaping from my dreary day for a few moments, to a tropical paradise. More beautiful sounds from the most relaxing place on the Net. Thank you.

  I love this, it's very beautiful and calming.

  The sounds are amazing. Makes me feel like I'm on an island, swinging in my hammock to the sounds of these creatures. So calming :)

  This takes me back to days of hiking through Muir Woods in California. Wonderful memories, and the bird sounds mix well with so many of the other generators on this site. Thank you for yet another immersion in sounds that most of us would otherwise never get to hear.

  Something about it is so... bizarre. It sends me somewhere else and I'm not sure why. It's great, to be honest.

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