Custom-shaped Noise Generators

myNoise albums are mixed and mastered to the highest quality standards. The original high-resolution source recordings are used during mix-down, ensuring the best sound quality.

These pre-made tracks offer a cheaper alternative to custom orders, and are directly available from iTunesiTunes RadioAmazonGoogle PlaySpotifyDeezerRdio.

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On iTunes, tracks longer than 10 minutes can only be purchased as a whole album. myNoise tracks are deliberately kept below the 10-minute limit, allowing you to purchase individual tracks separately.

Magic Generator Series

The Magic Generator Series is based on myNoise's surprising Magic Generators. Each album offers fifteen tracks, for more than two hours of continuous background listening pleasure! Zen Garden brings you into myNoise's meditative garden. Perfect for relaxation, meditation and getting to sleep! Water Colors offers ever changing atmospheres based on rain and streaming water sounds. If you like water sounds, this album is for you. Siren Songs actually combines both: the water and the meditation, with a touch of eeriness.

iTunes : Zen GardenWater ColorsSiren Songs
Amazon : Zen GardenWater ColorsSiren Songs
Google Play : Zen GardenWater ColorsSiren Songs

Tonal Series — for Singers and Soloist Musicians

The Tonal Series provide tracks you can sing along, or play a musical instrument with. This series has been designed to offer a steady reference to signers, and help them to improve their pitch accuracy while practising singing. It also offers background sounds for soloist musicians, who will love improvising on top of them. Each album is made of twelve tracks corresponding to each musical key. Indian Drones is a combination of a Tanpura, Shruti Box and Reed, following the pure Indian tradition. These drones are characterised by a rich harmonic content, and will help singers to improve their awareness of harmonic intervals.

iTunes : Indian Drones
Amazon : Indian Drones
Google Play : Indian Drones

White • Pink • Brown Series

Each album of the White Pink Brown series, is made of three 1-hour tracks, covering each frequency distribution. White offers a bright sound and a lot of high frequencies; pink sounds balanced to the human ear; brown is often described as warm and will probably require a subwoofer to reveal its ultra-low frequencies. These tracks rely on a combination of myNoise's calibrated noise machines and are ideal for treating tinnitus or blocking noises, using the easiest setup one can think of: headphones and a simple audio file player. These sounds are featured on YouTube as well. On YouTube, they will play continuously for 11 hours, or an entire night of a deep and restful sleep!

iTunes : Water Stream
Amazon : Water Stream
Google Play : Water Stream

Calibrated Static Noise Series

The Calibrated Static Noise Series is a set of three albums playing only static noises. They share the same track listing, only with different frequency distributions: White, Pink, and Brown. All audio tracks rely on myNoise's calibrated noise machines and are ideal for treating tinnitus or blocking noises using the easiest setup one can think of: headphones and a simple audio file player.

Track listing: 1. Waterfall (Natural) 2. Cave Water (Natural) 3. Steady Rain (Natural) 4. Calm Rain (Natural) 5. Water Stream (Natural) 6. Water Source (Natural) 7. Ocean (Natural) 8. Wind (Natural) 9. Fire (Natural) 10. Desk Fan (Industrial) 11. AC Fan (Industrial) 12. Brown Noise (Synthetic) 13. Sweep Noise (Synthetic) 14. Impulse Noise (Synthetic).

iTunes : White NoisePink NoiseBrown Noise
Amazon : White NoisePink NoiseBrown Noise
Google Play : White NoisePink NoiseBrown Noise

Brainwave Entrainment Series

The Brainwave Entrainment Series is a set of three albums playing only brainwaves entrainment programs. They share the same track listing, only with different carriers. All audio tracks rely on myNoise's brainwaves machines and are ideal to experiment the impact of particular sonic waves on your brain.

Track listing: 1. 1Hz Delta 2. 2Hz Delta 3. 3Hz Delta 4. Delta Mix 5. 4Hz Theta (Natural) 6. 6Hz Theta 7. Theta Mix 8. 8Hz Alpha 9. 12Hz Alpha 10. Alpha Mix 11. 16Hz Beta 12. 24Hz Beta 13. 32Hz Beta 14. Beta Mix 15. Fantasy Mix 16. Active Mix 17. Delta Theta Waves 18. Theta Alpha Waves 19. Alpha Beta Waves 20. Full Waves

iTunes : these albums have been rejected by Apple, because of their possible interference with the human brain.
Amazon : Binaural BeatsIsochronic TonesPure Binaural (Harmonic)
Google Play : Binaural BeatsIsochronicPure Binaural (Harmonic)