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Distant Thunder
Custom-shaped Thunder and Rain Noise Generator
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Soothing Rumbles

The captivating charm of thunder noise goes beyond just sound—it touches the soul in a variety of ways. Its deep, rumbling tones can serve as a soothing backdrop, masking the jarring sounds of the outside world and providing a tranquil space for relaxation or deep concentration. For some, it's a trip down memory lane, bringing back the cozy feeling of being safe indoors while a storm roars outside. The consistent low-frequency notes also make for a reliable sleep aid, often featuring prominently in sleep playlists.

What makes thunder noise particularly appealing is its ability to connect listeners to the natural world, right from the comfort of their home. This connection not only reduces stress but also enhances overall mental well-being. For those needing to concentrate on demanding tasks, the sound aids in maintaining focus and boosting productivity. The varied tones and patterns of thunder ensure the listening experience never grows dull.

This thunder soundscape is deliberately designed to be calm and soothing, avoiding any sudden thunderclaps or lightning strikes that could unsettle those with anxiety or astraphobia—the fear of thunder and lightning.
Published by Stéphane on November 9th, 2014

User Stories

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  This generator is amazing! I am learning JavaScript while also working on some religious studies, I have ADHD so I often get distracted. This noise generator takes me somewhere else, every time I take off my headphones I want to cry. I love the thunder and the rain, it is so blissful.

  L.M.- this is soooo helpful, specifically when you need noise to concentrate and the mental facility that you are currently at blocked Spotify and YouTube. Thanks myNoise.

  Try my preset to fall asleep, worked for me ;)

  This is nice along with Fireplace to create an environment of calm, indoor security at night. Thank you, you save my early mornings!

  Sometimes I need something stimulating but easily ignored to help me focus and relax. I’ve been using this site for 3 years now, it is my homepage when I open up the browser, and I still love it.

  I only found this last year, but it's been great to help me out with studying and doing assignments in class! My buzzing ADHD bees can finally soothe when I turn on the rain sounds... -Chip

  I'm a screenwriter with ADHD. Listening to this + the 40Hz Generator + Binaural Harmonics is the only way my brain gremlins will let me work.

  I've been consistently using this for the past ten years or so. I was a university student when I first came upon it for help with studying, and now I'm a teacher still using it during work planning and studying as well. Reliable, soothing and helping with productivity through and through.

  The perfect settings to drown (heh) out the noise in my dorm!

  This + Sad Minstrel is making me feel like Dandelion from The Witcher or something... Thanks for the awesome sound!! (you're really saving my exams lol)

  I'm about to bust. These rain sounds are so satisfying and reliable. Much better than anything else!

  I have not yet found a better rain and thunder generator. A masterpiece! Helps me with focus and anxiety. Soothing and embracing...

  These sounds create the most immersive experience; the quality truly separates it from anything else.

  This noise is simply the best! :D

  Listening to this while I read “The Secret History”, the vibe is perfection.

  The noise is really useful for when I'm sleeping and even for when me or my mom has a headache I use this 90% of the time. I really love, I hope you also have a good experience with it.

  This is amazing and is so peaceful to listen to!

  I use this sound to focus while studying in the evenings. As a med student, I have to study long hours. Any distraction personally disrupts the whole study session for me. So thank you over and over and over again, Stéphane. <3

  Simply the best!

  Better than finding a live rain sound on YouTube.

  I use this to help me study often.

  I have always struggled with studying because the anxiety would eat me alive. Every time I play this, the fog in my mind clears up, and something so comforting overcomes my senses. Thank you!

  I like how the rain gets suddenly deep... I love it actually.

  I'm speechless... And don't even know what to say except "its true beauty".

  I am in utter peace right now. So nice!

  Thanks, I finally found my place.

  This is lovely..

  The sound is perfectly balanced!!!

  This is a website I've easily used for more than 8 years now, a friend recommended it when I told him I had trouble sleeping. I've a couple favourites and I do enjoy the rainstorms, the sliders make it feel so natural and it doesn't feel like a loop or anything as I can easily hyperfixate on minor things like that. I set my timer, let my thoughts drift... And I sleep soundly. Thank you.

  I love to combine this thunderstorm noise with the binaural harmonics generator to help me focus on writing. It really helps wrangle my ADHD brain.

  I love listening to the thunder and rain sounds at my desk at work. It keeps me calm and focused on whatever I'm working on. This website is so cool.

  I love turning this on in the background when I want to do some creative thinking. It helped me be productive too. Usually try it with dim lights in the room.

  I will soon have a math olympiad lol, and in order not to die of fear, I listen to music, especially Distant Thunder + Twin Black Lodges. This is saving my life!

  I personally love this setting. There is some rain but mostly thunder. It’s very calming and helps me study for long durations. Best done with melancholic music too.

  It helps me with some days when it doesn't rain . I love the rain . This helped when I was doing math at home next to my guinea pig. It helped me concentrate off my guinea pig because he was running around me in circles and it made me have the urge to feed him more treats {but he had a few treats at breakfast} . Now I do love my guinea pig and I love playing with me but sometimes he’s a problem.

  I am so grateful for this site, I use brown noise for concentrating, I add a meditation bell when I am multitasking, I use Japanese Gardens to help me feel more creative, and the Distant Thunder sounds to relax. Thank you for sharing your work!

  This generator goes perfectly well with so many other generators. By far my favourite to combine with Old Mansion. Thank you so much!!!!! :]

  An absolute staple of my writing atmosphere and routine. This plus some soft instrumental music can fill the void without being distracting.

  This helped me write my book. I love this. It helped me concentrate while I was writing. Me listening to hip hop music with lyrics just kept me up dancing and singing around. But with this, I can actually finish my book now. If it can help me as a 10 year old, then I'm sure it can help anybody.

  zzzz sleepy and I just yawn and zzzz sleepy and eepy happy woke up fresh and new zzz

  Duude! I have ADHD and a very noisy mind and it frustrates me to no end. I used Rainymood before and quickly got tired of the sounds, but this? This is pure bliss. I'm sitting here, working, a blanket draped over my shoulders, and before I knew it--I was focused to the core. I didn't even realise how quiet my mind had become until I completed my study! Definitely using it for my exams. Tysm! <3

  Really cool and relaxing! Period!

  This website always helps me focus whether I'm studying, anxious or stressed. I cannot afford donating to help but I hope that the creator of this site gets the appreciation he deserves.

  This setting helps to feel immersed in the storm. Rumble is the focus with the rain taking a backseat.

  Thank you a lot for your great work! Your noise machines are essential to my peace in a noisy environment. I wish you good health.

  I randomly developed moderate tinnitus and for the first year it was simply so distracting. This generator is a life saver, it's the only thing that perfectly masks the noise while remaining at such a low volume that I can listen to music and be on calls. Very grateful for this website and wish the creator good health and happiness.

  This generator is AMAZING, I do have a suggestion though, for those who need focus music, add "Dreaming Nautilus" to the mix, and make them both have animated sliders, this has helped me study, etc.

  I absolutely love this website, it helps me focus on work that needs to be done, whilst also keeping sounds from noisy environments at bay.

  I cannot tell you how many times and all the different places I've relied on Distant Thunder to drown out the chaos of life so I could concentrate either on something I was reading or writing. It's invaluable and indispensable.

  I love these sounds, they are just absolutely AMAZING!! I can't thank the creator of this website enough!

  Very relaxing and I really recommend!!! This is great for doing work.

  This sound has helped me keep my sanity while working on my thesis while my upstairs neighbors blast music. The rumbling thunder masks pounding bass, and the gentle rainfall smooths over just about everything else. Cannot thank this site enough.

  I like this setting paired with Distant Thunder -when I'm sleeping, very cozy.

  I have some very serious paranoia issues and yet, I love horror content. These two things tend not to make a good combo. But, with the use of the various sounds on this page, I can ground myself enough to watch the content that I enjoy without keeping myself up all night doing it! I'm deeply appreciative of this service, and I hope it sticks around!

  I'm a writer with ADHD and having my distant thunder mix on in the background helps me focus to an almost uncanny degree. It's always been hard for me to strike a balance between not enough background noise and too much. This right here? This is perfect. I'm so glad this site exists. Thanks so much!

  I am currently sitting my masters of secondary teaching, and I always use the thunder noise maker for my studies ! It never fails to get me in the zone, and just today I've been able to smash out 1500 words of my assessment within about 4-5 hours of study time. Listening to this through my noise-cancelling headphones as I get so easily distracted - works like a charm :))

  I'm a medical student, and with constant exams going on and all the academic stress, this proves to be immensely helpful while I'm studying! The creator of this website is doing god's work.

  This is how I get my work done. This tranquility from these sounds relieves me from anxiety and brings peace.

  Combining this specific sound I made with animated Oblivion works really well.

  Greetings from Ukraine. Thank you for your wonderful website and incredible sound combinations. In this difficult and very scary time during the war, it helps me to concentrate and reduce anxiety, calm my thoughts and keep thinking in a positive way.

  I'm definitely one of those people who have trouble sleeping at night and always waking due to noise or something, but with the help of Rain and Thunder, this definitely helps! This is a great website.

  I'm an architect and urban planner in Munich. Every once in a while I get severe panic attacks. I won't go so far as to say this web app has the power to completely calm me down on its own, but combined with my medication this gives me a great way to get back into the state of mind I need to be to get my work done. I would also like to encourage others to try and put some slow moody jazz on top :)

  I'm a writer living in NYC. Ever since the COVID lockdown, my neighborhood has been under siege by tourist helicopters. The noise is relentless. This app has been a godsend - noise-canceling headphones + Distant Thunder = relief.

  I'm a screenwriter living in an apartment in New York City with my wife and two children. It's all but impossible to have the kind of peace one needs to write in this type of living situation. This site has enabled me to write regardless of what else is going on in the apartment! I simply put on my headphones and turn on a gentle thunder storm. It's a miracle.

  I have ADHD and the customisation of the sounds really helps me tune everything to a point my brain feels settled and ready to work. myNoise has helped me meet a LOT of deadlines.

  This has helped me fall into a very deep sleep so many times, It feels like a rainstorm in your brain and its so ethereal.

  I really love this website and to me the sound of rumbling thunder and rain is relaxing even if it's "supposed" to be frightening at times, it gives me a feeling of comfort and safety beind inside while hearing thunder and rain.

  I've been using this website for a month or so now and it's really helpful for doing homework in places where I need to focus. I also like to put on over-ear headphones and just listen to the thunderstorms with my eyes closed. The rumble of the thunder is so relaxing, I love it. I can't believe this service is free, I know once I'm out of school and making money I'll be donating to this site!

  I'm in class right now and I just learned about this website, it's really nice and helps me calm down and focus. I get lost in the rain and love to listen, I hope they don't block it.

  I live in Seattle and I STILL use all the rainstorm presets!!!

  This gives me shaking chills.

  This hells me sleep good and I always have this on every night. I could never imagine not having this when I sleep.

  This is my number one sound when I need to focus and be productive. Not only does it relax me, but it helps me concentrate and eliminate distractions when I'm working.

  I like having this with some music in the background. Helps me focus or relax.

  Hello, I come here whenever I feel anxious, I always turn the rain one a bit higher than all the others, the second I hear the raindrops my whole body relaxes, it makes my anxiety disappear for a while.

  I was feeling anxious and rather sad today, so going to bed peacefully was difficult. Thankfully, I remembered this handy website. You have my gratitude. :)

  I've had Distant Thunder open in a tab on my computer for almost 5 years now. It's my go to for diffusing any kind of noise. It's calming, authentic, and never feels like a loop. The EQ style control is fantastic. Thank you!

  Listening to storm noises really takes me back to the summer storms when I was a kid, where I would just sit indoors and write out my own little stories of adventurers and build worlds of fantasy and horror to scare my friends and for us to play out. Now I'm 25 and writing out a D&D campaign for my friends. Time may change, but rain and thunder will always help me writing. Thanks so much!

  Listening to white noise from this website combined with songs really helps me fall asleep faster!! I usually get really distracted by the songs just on their own, but this website is perfect, and I love it so much :D

  This plus some background cinematic music gives me peace and focus.

  This reminds me of the chill summer nights I used to spend out on my family's deck. We cuddled on the porch swing, one or two people in the chairs, the dogs playing in the rain. The smell of mosquito repellent lingers in the air around us, yet I always managed to get bitten. Our awe at the sound and sight of every lightning strike, satisfying us after waiting to hear it.

  This is what ChatGPT thinks are good settings for this generator

  This is helping me a lot with sleeping and studying, I love it. Thank you so much.

  I really like it. Here something cool: open one 88 Notes tab, 2 Primeval Forest, Along with 2 of this tabs. It helps with my ADHD.

  I love this so much! Thank you!

  When I'm studying my room is mostly quiet, I like the sound of heavy weather so I set mine up to reproduce that sound, helps me focus. It's really amazing!

  This is a great noise in my classroom.

  This website is a treasure mine, I only hoped I had found it sooner, I cant wait to start earning so I can donate to help keep it up :p

  Reminds me of mid-summer Minnesotta storms.

  This noise sounds so calm, this is my favorite website to use sounds.

  I love this it helps me concentrate so well and makes me stress free.

  i can't believe I've never heard of this site before, it's amazing! It's so soothing to listen to, I love it :)

  I have autism and tend to have delayed auditory processing especially when I'm trying to study and this helps me focus and actually comprehend the lectures I'm listening to for school.

  The perfect tool to drown out annoying colleagues.

  I have listened to some form of rain sound for the last 5 years to go to sleep. I have chronic pain and PTSD from serving in the military, and these storm sounds in particular really stop me from over reacting to sounds while I'm sleeping. It is a heaven sent for people with over vigilance or sound sensitivity like me. I would like a rain sound like this one but with a slider if I wanted car noise.

  I can only thank for this sound, my favourite of all times (99% of my listening time when working !! )

  AMAZING. I was able to sleep so much better with this site. Heavenly.

  I can never concentrate on studying for that long, however with this playing in the background I have got so much done and it has really helped me focus. Thank you so much.

  I'm a student in 6th grade and I always have had trouble focusing in some classes so after one of my friends recommended this site for me I was able to focus so much better. THIS WAS A MIRACLE.

  The rumble and low bass of this is incredible. That, matched with the gentle hiss of rain is just so peaceful and relaxing. It immediately takes me away from the moment and transports me somewhere else so relaxing.

  If I had to decide which only generator from myNoise I would use for the rest of my life, it would definitely be this one. Paired with Unreal Wind, this generator makes wonders for concentrating.

  I've been using the thunders AND the waterfalls for more than 5 years now, since I was still a grad student, now I'm a full-time programmer but one thing never change, this noise has always a spot on my browser tab, ready for deep-work sessions! One thing I've changed has been adding a second layer of sound in the background using hyper-stretched music, with subtle binaural beats, recommended!

  Love this sooooo much, helps me study.

  Distant thunder helps me while studying, reading or chilling after hard day. It's very universal and unique in its simplicity.

  Nicely done, especially the numerous customization options for rumble, thunder and rain.

  Just amazing. It helps me concentrate and helps me keep calm. Awesome! And the shuffle options and sliders make it way more natural and fun! C

  I use a few of the different noises to help me get to sleep. Sometimes my thoughts keep me awake, or my husband's snoring, but usually it's the ringing in my ears. I use thunderstorms, Rainy Riverbank or Pebble Beach, depending on my mood or if my husband is awake I let him choose. These sounds get me out of my head so I can drift off to sleep quickly. I use the one or two hour timer.

  I've always loved thunderstorms. They block out my negative thoughts and help me with panic attacks.

  I love this! Thhe sound of thunder realy calms me down, and so do eerie noises. Love myNoise!

  This is my go-to sound - when I need to calm down, concentrate and focus on work it works like a charm.

  During remote-work, and especially before important deadlines at work, I find it hard to focus on my current tasks. The distant thunder is an absolute life saver.

  I've had this bookmarked for YEARS! It's so calming and really helps me sleep on those bad insomnia nights. I can't imagine life without it.

  I've been intensively studying for the IELTS lately and I cannot believe the difference this made for me! I love layering it with examination room noise (trying to get in the exam vibe) and I swear it is life changing! I've always loved rainy days and I don't know why it hadn't occurred to me before that I can... Simulate it. Does wonders to my attentions span too!!

  I've tried several of the different sounds on this site, but I always go back to this one. I use it while I work, and it is nice to have some noise while I work from home. I always turn up the thunder sounds so I can really hear it.

  My go-to noise generator, nothing beats it. Very natural and I love the rumble and customisability.

  Combine this on Slider Animation [A] with Rain on a Tent [A] and you have yourself one wonderful night in a campground while it's storming outside!

  I've been using this thunder to get me through my online exams and it helps me focus and stay calm so much! I never study without it - if I pass my exams it's thanks to you!

  Constant distraction is a thing of the past... Now ifs only frequent haha. Thank you for this!

  Always my go-to generator to play when I want to focus. If I want to block exterior noises and not be as keen to distracting when working on something, this is the place I come to.

  This is amazing! I read in class with this and I felt like I was warm in bed!

  As someone who has trouble staying calm and focusing, this is a godsend. I turn this on whenever I need to sit down and do some work I've been putting off or if I'm anxious and need something to listen to that isn't music. Thank you so much for this website, I use it all the time and recommend it to my friends <3

  So calming, helps me focus but relaxing at the same time, so I can either access my hyperfocus or sleep, most realistic thunder ever - makes me want to sit at a window to watch or play in the rain.

  This has been my favorite soundscape for writing for weeks now. Sometimes the cool, humid breeze makes me shiver, but I just love that scent of freshly washed air. Thanks for making this a free sound on the app, too!

  Simply the best.

  This is good for focusing.

  This is amazing, I have been looking for something like this for a very long time, I have to say that this is the best thunderstorm sound I've ever come across, the quality of the audio is amazing unlike almost all the youtube videos out there.

  I have been using this website for about 3 years now and it's crazy how much it has helped me. It helps me focus and stay on track and keep me calm. I donated to this website for the first time and I felt good. Thank you! <3

  I love all the generators on myNoise, but when I need to focus on a task, this is the one I reach for. Even with medication, my ADHD needs background noise or I struggle to focus on anything else -- and when even music is too intrusive, this noise generator in specific does the trick. I consider this whole website an invaluable resource unlike any other. I love myNoise!

  This is great, it calms my mind and helps me to focus. I just wanted to say thank u for this.

  Today is the 30th day that I have used this Sonic Blanket. Thank you, I also have donated to your patreon today.

  Such beautiful background noise for studying, reading, relaxing, anything really.

  It's very hard for me to focus on studying, and even soundtracks and lo-fi music are too distracting for me, but I need something to block out the outside noise. This is perfect, no rhythm to get distracted by, just rainy, thunder-y goodness.

  Pairing this with "88 Keys" is so peaceful. I listen to it for hours while working on school stuff. Thanks you for this.

  This website is very useful!

  This is it. This is the one I can put on 24/7 as ambient background noise and not get bored of.

  Goodness, I love this!! Thunder is so good when with rain, and this just gets the best of both worlds. I like a lot of the thunder, especially because the little (I suppose you could say they were vibrations- ig like some sort of massage? If that makes sense haha) rumbles going through my headsets feel nice!

  I love this helps me focus while doing my homework and studying. <3

  One of the best background noise generators around. Use it to help me relax and work productively. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!

  I use this for doing work in class or at home.

  This works so well while studying, I love it.

  This is my Hyperfocus background music. :) I put it on, pull up my work (or a good novel), and nothing else on the planet exists for the next few hours.

  I have trouble falling asleep at night, but when I put this on with Summer Night Thunder and lay down, I relax right away. I use this site every day, and so so thankful for it! :)

  This noise generator is great for drowning-out the low IQ, ape-like creatures in the apartments next to me. As they make undulating, animal noises - screeching and yelling at each other to a monotonous *boom, boom, boom* of a subwoofer - I can rest easy as I listen to rolling sounds of thunder and rain. This generator almost makes me not hate humankind!

  I love myNoise, and tend to tell as many people about it as I find an excuse to. It's been immensely helpful for my work, relaxation, and sleep. This is the machine I normally direct first-timers to - it always sounds excellent, even if they're too overwhelmed to play with sliders.

  This site is a GODSEND. I have vocal tics, & I ALSO have sensory processing issues & when I'm trying to study (or just exist in general) those don't exactly mix well. I love the range of noises on this site & the ability to adjust everything, so I can find something that suits what I'm currently in the mood for.

  I've got a co-worker that loves making little rustling noises and he doesn't come to an end, so that really stresses me out. So I put on some distant thunder on my nc-headphones and it makes me calm again. Thanks.

  Love hearing the severe thunderstorms in Indiana! This sounds just like it. Thank you!

  Whenever I need to sleep and I'm too anxious or stressed, putting this on a two or three hour timer helps me. The rain isn't harsh, but it's loud enough to gently tap tap tap my anxieties away, and the thunder rolls in and sweeps the stressors out, if only for a little while. Listening to this just makes me feel at peace and relaxed, and it's easily one of my most used and one of my favorites.

  This Web site is really useful. When I must study I use the I think everyone needs to know about this app...

  I love combining this with Old Mansion.

  Paired with car interior, it makes a great match! :D

  I listen to these when I'm studying. It's dope.

  This generator is perfect for masking the bass sound of the bar below my flat when it gets a bit too loud! Very soothing and really helps me to focus :)

  I genuinely like it! As I listened to this while doing my test for school quite literally. I combined it with "Examination Time". It was just amazing! As it honestly helps me. It only takes a little while to load for me, but that's the only negative feedback I have. This helps me focus, especially when I’m stressed it calms me down, and my anxiety can get bad at time so once again, this helps a lot.

  I've been layering this with Medieval Library and it's delightful! Very cozy but not distracting. Helps me pretend it's chilly out when it's actually sweltering hot.

  Helped me sleep very well.

  Of course it's gotta be me who loves Winter the most but misses the thundery Summer nights. Great noise generator! :)

  Love this when I’m studying, helps me block out any distractions and is soothing in general.

  I imagine sitting on the porch of a midwestern farmhouse as a thunderstorm approaches. The smell of rain and thunder permeates the air, the house creaks under the force of the breeze coming through. Somewhere nearby a swing rocks back and forth. You sit and watch the storm approach, taking in the sights and sounds, knowing you have nothing to do that night but wait for dinner.

  Last year I developed a new fear for thunder when it killed my power at home, and I could not sleep at all due to an ongoing heat wave and no fan, let alone air conditioner. But this generator lets me experience thunder in a way that doesn't terrify me at all, in fact it's even soothing to me.

  So I added this to Anamnesis and Osmosis and it's all come together beautifully. Its what you'd imagine a fantasy journey through a rainy night sounds like. 10/10, thank you. ~A girl named Arti

  It is very good and it help me focus on my math homework but dont tell anyone because I’m not supposed to be on my computer right now.

  This + Ferryboat = Ayy! Chill like a pirate.

  You're chillin' in your room while there's storm outdoor.

  I love this website so much, I've been in lockdown for 4 weeks now, with more to come. I stay on my computer from the moment I wake up, to before I go to sleep. Ii always have this particular noise generator on while I'm doing web lessons, meetings, and to keep myself calm, as Ii struggle with my mental health. Thank you so much, Stéphane, I plan to donate money for this site soon :)!!

  It's so much easier to write when I'm not distracted by all the little noises. This sound is great white noise without being irritating after a while. Good work all around!

  It helped me sleep.

  it's amazing how much noise this blocks out. the low thrum of thunder was so calming and this really helped me with a panic attack last night.

  It's just absolutely crazy how effective this is in blocking out noise and helping me focus.

  With all the noise going on around me, I needed something to bring me back to nature. The unpredictability of thunder truly is beautiful.

  Have been feeling antsy all day due to a lot of panic attacks, finally sat down to write and with distant thunder in the background, I finally feel at peace, even for a bit. Having this at my disposal is just… so nice.

  I can't help but love rain and the comfort it brings! This website has the best selection of rain noises I have found.

  The most absolute perfect Gift. Thank You to everyone who has anything to its concept & creation.. Well done

  Hi, I'm 13 and I'm literally the CEO of ADHD and autism and I listen to this stuff and my brain does funny wiggles. Thank you so much myNoise.

  This is my favorite sound to listen to while writing. It helps me concentrate! -AKA

  Distant Thunder is my favourite sound on this site as of now, it's great for studying and blocking out the noise. I love the feeling of being inside your cosy home while rain spits onto your window and thunder crackles, now I can emulate that with this noise generator.

  This sound is amazing for when you're reading.

  I turn on Distant Thunder when I need to focus. It blocks distractions, and it also transports me back to my childhood and the crazy thunderstorms of the American midwest. I used to spend hours curled up with a book listening to the crash of thunder and the gentle lull of the rain and now I can have that audio background without waiting for nature to provide.

  It sounded like it would not help at first but it actually helped.

  Imagine this: playing this, car interior, and your favorite music, it's like listening to music on the radio while being in your (or family member's) car on a stormy day/night. It felt really good!

  Absolutely wonderful for studies and de-stressing!

  This is my absolute favourite noise because I've always considered the rumbling as a calming noise. I adore the distant thunder sound.

  I don't like getting wet and in the cold, but I do enjoy very much the thunder over my head with heavy rain when I'm cosy and worm inside, with a hot drink, stand behind the window.

  I love the sound of heavy storms with pounding rain and really close thunder. sounds like the storm is right on top of you. very nice for sleep.

  It's my personal attention trainer. Too long I have relied on anti-depressants and focus medication to be able to concentrate and get stuff done. Recently, this has become my personal therapy and now I am able to work uninterrupted for hours... with tranquility. Thank you for being a part of me getting my life back!


  Always makes me think of the thunder at the start of Ratatouille.

  I have always had lots of problems to concentrate. Since I found this website, specially the combination of this Thunder & Rain noise with some meditation music has changed my professional life. I can focus for hours and my productivity has multiplied. I am very thankful for this.

  I didn't know how badly I needed this until I found it!

  Back to my old favorite, Distant Thunder... I have an affinity with storms; in my 59 years, I've been within a couple hundred feet of nine strikes, to everything from a palm tree to my childhood home's roof (three times) to a cinderblock wall. No clue why, and I guess I ought to be afraid of them; but storm-sounds will make me sleep like a baby. Thank you for my rest; I truly appreciate it.

  I really love that website! It helps me to focus while I am coding. The slider animation feels very natural.

  Ever since the pandemic started I had to work from home. Due to my noisy upstairs neighbors I was having a very difficult time concentrating. This website helped me focus by drowning the background noises of the neighbors music, elephant steps, and furniture noises (does everyone else neighbors move their furniture around the house the whole day?!). Anyways, five stars to this website!

  Loving it since the first time I tried!! Thank you so much!

  This is good in the background of anything, but especially music I can mediate with or just relax with. For example, I love listening to kalimba and it helps have an even better effect on me. Thank you, Dr. Pideon for showing us such relaxing noises that helps us feel better :D I have a lot of racing thoughts in my head but this never feels to be relaxing.

  Wow, this page is amazing! I put this on while studying, so cosy...

  Feels like I'm outside - I love the rumble and loud crackle of thunder.

  I love it, it makes me chill all day long.

  I love this one. When the rain sounds too loud I get distracted, but if it is not there it gets lonely so this is the perfect amount of rain for me <3

  Ever since my uncle died I've been thinking about why and how it happened and it slows my schoolwork down and I found this it helps me work calm down and sleep. Thank you myNoise.

  This plus the middle frequencies of Thunder & Rain basically teleported me to a different dimension. In my mind, I'm on holiday and a stray rainy day means I get to sit on the porch all afternoon, serene in the knowledge that all I can do today is enjoy the peace and quiet.

  I put this on my zoom meeting when it's raining so that i'm still able to listen to it. I love that it becomes softer and louder as time goes on, it makes for an outstandingly real experience!

  I've always loved the sound of rain, thank you for this!

  Oh my goodness! I love this sound mixed with a quiet fireplace. It recreates the perfect feeling of sitting in front of the fireplace during a rainstorm. Thank you!

  This sound is very relaxing. I love it!

  Always helps me to focus on writing! Thanks a lot for creating this!

  More thunder, less rain and it sounds amazing!!

  If you combine this with Anamnesis, you feel a sense of watching the world crumble. There are no people besides you; never were. The world is familiar, but you are leaving it behind.

  This sound blends really well with Erik Satie's Gymnopedies!

  Mixing this with fireplace recently for a remote cabin experience.

  This one has been helping me a lot with concentrating at home. Since we are still on isolation, I have been struggling a lot with studying with the background noise my family provides. I have been listening to this every day. Keep up the good work!

  Reminds me of home. Thank you!

  Since my daughter died suddenly and unexpectedly 17 months ago I've struggled to sleep. I stumbled on this soft rain and thunder in the background noise. It really works and I'm asleep in minutes. I wish I could save it to my music app which allows me to turn sounds off after a specified time instead of having to search for this website.

  I've always struggled with attention, and this generator above all others allows me to drown out ALL other noise, and I get my work done like never before. It's also great mixed with the Gregorian Voices!

  I love the sound of thunders and agressive rain, but sometimes this means that I am in danger beside my electrical dispositives. So, after I discovered this site, it was playing all the time, and I have the same lovely feeling without that looks dangerous.

  This setting, along with Summer Night Thunder (thunder turned up high with no rain) and Duduk Song, is such a beautifully haunting setting; gives me Yasha Nydoorin dream-vision vibes.

  This is incredible. I struggle with ADHD and I am not on any medication. I struggle immensely with focusing and this noise generator in particular helps me so much. Thank you.

  Loving the deep rumbles.

  I love this. With a bit of increase in volume, it cuts out a great deal of other noise, and is so relaxing. I can write forever with this in my ears.

  I'm not a huge fan of thunder, but having it slightly in the background actually helps with my anxiety alot!

  The vibe and the noises you want to hear with a hot chocolate and a cat by your side.

  This brings back strong memories of when I was a kid growing up in Utica, NY, after a 90+ degree day in summer, muggy heat. Then we'd sit on the front or back porch (depending on which side had more lightning) and just watch the light-show while drinking Pepsi (or even hot chocolate, if it got cool enough during a night-time storm).

  My 6th grade students love this sound during independent work. It really helps them to focus. They always ask for more thunder, so I set the thunder high and animate it. Sometimes we layer it with Tropical Birds or sounds of flowing water. It makes a big difference in their ability to concentrate. It doesn't hurt that I use it all the time myself to focus or sleep!

  Steady rain, gentle surges, and the deep, deep rumblies that go straight to your soul. Aw yiss.

  I turn down sliders 9 & 10 for less hiss and sleep without neighborhood noises disturbing me! It also helps me focus while working or reading. I live in the desert and can't get enough of these rain sounds.

  Pure thunder. Use with 'Rain on a Tent' for a more pronounced, cosy rain. - Lazzie

  This is what I use to write for my English class.

  This is my preset. It helps me survive. Thanks Doctor.

  Rumble all the way up and everything else at 50% and oh my god is this the most motivating, exciting and calm sounds I've ever heard. This has helped me focus and I have it on as soon as I turn on my PC. 11/10

  It really helps me when I’m overthinking things or working on schoolwork. This generator sounds super cool when paired with the Gregorian Voices generator, especially with the bell, giving me a feeling of sheltered out of the storm and of peace. I’ve been using this site on and off for two years and I absolutely love all of it!

  Really helps me focus!

  No rain just thunder and you are in a safe cabin in the middle of nowhere.

  I just love mild thunderstorms and this is just perfect.

  Thank you, the sound of rain in a thunder storm definitely sounds different from just normal rain.

  This generator is a savior for me right now taking online courses from home, in a house with multiple people also working from home. Perfect amount of variation to keep it as background noise, and great at noise cancelling. (Can confirm that is it great for students with ADHD!)

  Great stuff. First, I can turn off the screen on my cell phone, thus saving on battery drain. Second, this is great for training dogs to not fear thunder. Just have it on at low volume (almost inaudible) while one is together with the pup doing every day things, and each day increase the volume just a wee bit. Don't rush it. It takes time. Do it over months.

  This is perfect for studying or trying to focus on a task. The sounds of the thunder and rain are relaxing and help take the stress out of work for school. I love this and I can't wait to use it again.

  This site really helps me feel comfortable when I'm having a hard time focusing or having an emotional episode. Rain has always been a soft spot for me and having this in my bookmarks has saved me a lot of time trying to deal with my short attention span :)

  Listen to this with some lofi. It feels like you're in your bed, chillin' with some rain and a distant thunder outside.

  The thunder and rain mixed with some instrumentals makes for a really good background noise to study to. Biochem here I come!

  I write software and I listen to this frequently to help concentrate. I alternate between this and ambient/space music with the headphones on and I find I am more productive.

  Me and my family are used to having white noise from a fan as we sleep. Now we're on holiday to Pembrokeshire, in a hotel without a fan. We were about to give up hope of sleep when I remembered we could totally use this. Kept my mom happy lol :)

  I've used myNoise since 2015, and now I simply can't imagine studying without it! Love this site more than anything.

  Its a 2-1 kind of deal! I can really focus with this and if I just need a break I can just close my eyes and relax. Thank you :)

  This has helped me through so many panic attacks, I can't even count how many.

  This is pretty much the only thing keeping me working.

  Man, this is perfect to get me on focus!

  This custom noise is really great layered on top of certain songs (especially soft, calming songs) and are great as background noise! I sometimes put this + music on during drawing or they do help with managing anxiety. <3

  Love the design on this one, hopefully it'll help me focus on my exams.

  Wonderful for studing!

  It's really calming and it make concentration much easier.

  There's a lot happening in the world- just taking this time to breathe with the soft rumblings of the wind and rain is helping a bunch. Thanks for this.

  So so grateful that this just loads and plays - Thunder with rain easing my soul xx

  I swear, I get the best naps out of this particular soundscape. Nothing makes me sleep more soundly and feel more refreshed when I wake than the sounds of a thunderstorm, lightning and all.

  Absolutely brilliant! Helps me foucus properly.

  This is very nice, especially because I can adjust the settings to have lots of rain with plenty of quiet thunder, which makes me happy :)

  Thank you! This helped me so much during my Bachelors Thesis, and it surely helps me in my Masters Thesis now! Thank you!

  I have ADHD and this really helps me focus on whatever I might be doing at the time. I also love to use it for writing stories that have scenes in the rain; it really helps me get in the mood.

  I love this sound for when I'm studying and drawing, it really blocks out all other noises.

  Quite literally perfect for writing about a horribly devastating, mysterious alien superstorm on another planet. Combine it with something along the lines of Dark Storm by Mystic Naad and its just perfect. Remember, when the storm comes, seek shelter. Wouldnt want to encounter the abominations that dwell within. -Lirei Taichen

  It helps me to sleep.

  I love this preset. Something to do with rain and thunder always helps me focus and type faster.

  I put mine on Animation and 2x speed because I like that breezing thunderstorm feeling like it'll get loud and then gets quiet. It's like an inner massage and it helps me not get too stressed on whatever I'm doing.

  I have ADHD and it helps me study.

  This preset is absolutely incredible with some calmer music with a beat, such as folktronica or synthwave. I love this site so much <3

  Helps me focus when my mind starts to wander off and I need to work -HL

  This nose helps me sleep. I need to have something going in the background or I can’t fall asleep. Thank you so so much! :)

  This really helps me create a setting in my mind when I'm just thinking. I love it.

  Thank you so much! These sound help me relax and get my studies done while I listen to the rain and thunder combine with soft instrumental music.

  I've always loved storms and rain together. They keep me away from anxiety and whenever I feel very bad it instantly calms me down. With this noise I can go to sleep peacefully, knowing that if smtg goes wrong I just have to press 2 buttons to feel better. Thanks you, A lot.

  For a time I was horridly scared of thunder, being anxiety ridden as I was, now I am in awe. Whenever there is a storm I stop what I am doing, go on the balcony and just listen. I am grateful I can now have those moments of calm whenever I need them. :)

  It sounds like it rains from far.

  I was diagnosed with ADD rather than ADHD, but I still like it when I'm drawing or writing , I need something in the background.

  ADHD student here. I like to put this on my computer or phone and then go to spotify and play my music quietly in the background. It's great for studying and just calm stuff.

  I feel like thunder is the most calming sound ever and with rain it makes it better. It's great for studying, relaxing, and even trying to sleep.

  Reminds me of when I used to live in Thermopolis, WY and the summer storms that would come, often violent thunder right over your head, and coupled with insane amounts of rain. There was a strike in my yard one time, leaving a crater in the ground!

  A song was played and a storm appeared, the night sky filled with light and rain... A song taught by a child in green, who was he?

  The deep rumble and the thunders in the background give me goosebumps and make me shiver. I love that!

  The wonderful sounds here has helped me focus in an open office. Now I'm relying on them keep me sane and functional while working from home during the coronavirus outbreak.

  This is beyond wonderful. Makes me feel nostalgic for the days of having the windows open, listening to the distant thunder and rain in the summer. Absolutely beautiful.

  Surprisingly relaxing.

  The storm is picking up. This helps so much you have no idea.

  Thank you so much for this! I used to write as a hobby when I was in high school and was never able to get back to it and simply enjoy it . I tend to get anxious in the evening, which prevented me from focusing long enough to be able to write efficiently - and it frustrated me so much! With the low thunder in my headphone though? My brain finally stops going in every direction.

  This has been the most helpful noise machine for me. The gentle evolution of sound reminds me of days under the porch in a storm, listening and waiting. The sense of calm. Of time passing without stress is something that I long for, and this noise machine is amazing in how it can give that feeling so clearly. These settings are my favorite, and great for long sessions of listening.

  The storm has almost passed. It has died down. No howling of the wind, no slight worries, no torrential rains or deafening rips in the sky that seem to defy time itself. Just calm. Almost warm, it's so peaceful. A low rumble to accompany one almost like a cat's purr. To give illusion to the pines reaching upward into the achromatic blanket of sky and rain. An eye to your storm. - Zarla P.

  Thank you for this. It drowns out the annoying SOBs at work perfectly. Now I don't have to get fired for punching my "dear" colleagues in the face, with a chair.

  I genuinely think that this, out of all the noise generators, is forever and always my favorite. It's my constant companion in writing, even with more atmospheric stories/work that doesn't always require a storm's ambiance. I've fallen asleep to it, calmed my anxiety with it, and whenever a storm is far and away, used it to give me that memory all over again.

  Been having severe anxiety issues lately, this helped soooo much!

  Out of all the wonderful soundscapes on this website, this is my favorite. I listen to it at work, when I'm trying to concentrate and drown people out. I listen to it on my train commute (often combined with other sounds, like "unreal wind" or "unreal ocean") to help me relax and -- again -- drown out the constant noise other people make. This is calming, serene and wonderful.

  This combined with some mellow, or jazz like music helped me so much to calm down. Thank you for this amazing website.

  I sent this calibration to my SO, who lives halfway around the globe, and we both liked it enough to fall asleep to. I even had the best nights sleep without medication in years. The sounds likely wasn't the reason, but theres no proving or disproving.

  This noise, with 88 Keys "dark keys" and Black Hole (just the red and brown sliders) is nice. Kind of a melancholy cinematic feel.

  I've been listening to hundred of hours on YouTube of relaxation videos but I've never found something with such a clear sound, low white noise, and mixable sound. This website in perfect how it is. I wouldn't change anything and you can trust me when I tell you that I very rarely find something perfect. This website is a gift. Thank you. Thanks for the work you put in it.

  It's perfect for when I'm feeling down, ill or just can't sleep. For me, thunder and rain is so relaxing!

  The perfect ambiance for an impending storm from inside.

  This is the greatest website ever. I LOVE the sound of thunderstorms and hate the sound of my computer fan. Perfect solution, helps me stay sane and focused. Thank you!

  Perfection, at first, I was using this with your rain slides, but by itself, this is still just amazing, it's so calming and helps me focus on my papers. It sounds so relaxing, like a rainstorm at the beach outside my window on an autumn's day. Thank you myNoise, this is just what I needed.

  Helped ground me when I was crying. Thanks. I think I'll use it to fall asleep tonight.

  Mixed with a bit of lofi, this helps me sleep at night.

  When the room is too loud, I open this and I dont hear what they talk about.

  Thanks so much! Puts me right to sleep.

  Loud thunder I find calming. Studywise this is the best thing I have ever found for keeping me on task.

  I have always loved the sound of thunder, it makes me happy, and I am easily distracted, so this is now my new favorite thing, because it keeps my mind in one place.

  I have quite bad astrophobia, so I usually avoid thunder soundtracks, but the clear description of what to expect in this was extremely helpful, and convinced me to give it a try. Now it's one of my favorite sounds on this website, and helps me focus to write despite my ADHD!

  Helps me to focus on my studies.

  I have used this soundscape as an absolute necessity in my shift work as a nurse. Thank you so much to the creator of this site/sound, you truly have given me boundless hours of rest.

  So peaceful, love it!

  Wow! This is so calming!

  Absolute favorite of mine.

  Absolutely wonderful! Couldn't live without it.

  Every noise in this website is awesome but this is my favorite .This one is deep and peaceful. It helps me study & read.Thank you Barış Özcan for their recommendation and thank you myNoise for this website.

  When I will have my first paycheck, I will make donations constantly. I love the idea of this website. Storm Calms me and I feel safe. Maybe I have an undiagnosed mental disorder. Even if I dont, this site helps me to focus and stay calm.

  This resembles the very very rare rains that bless us in the Karoo, after months of heat and drought. Distant thunder over the hills, close enough to tease but not quite arriving as it should.

  I know many, many people have said the same thing, but this is honestly an absolute GODSEND for me. This, paired with some music from my playlist, is the quickest and easiest way to get me to focus for up to two-three hours at a time on one thing and it's so incredibly useful. I love it. Thank you so much.

  I have this playing through my speakers 24/7. Helps calm my anxiety, and helps me focus with my ADHD. It's pretty quiet, but still audible to drive my mom nuts through my paper-thin door!

  Very very relaxing. Helps with stress/anxiety, sleep, and distractions while writing.

  Oh my God! I am in love with thunder!

  This masks both external and internal noises and gives a very peaceful sleep. Thank you!

  Since I am in 6th grade I have a lot of homework and this really helps me get to sleep and makes me feel like I have slept longer than 6 hours when in reality I haven't. I also have ADHD.

  Very relaxing. Helps me to drift off to sleep (:

  This helps when my teacher is with reading groups in language arts and this calms me down and helps me read. It helps with sleep too!

  LOVE THIS! Thank you so much I suffer from insomnia and this has helped me to relax more :)

  I usually have an attention span that's shorter than a fruit fly's lifespan, but this setting combined with some ambient music from artists such as Solar Fields and Carbon Based Lifeforms really make it easy for me to focus. I'll always love this site! <3

  Mixing this with the 88 Keys one sounds fabulous. I have this quite loud, and the piano soft, as a presence. This is working great for getting my speech done.

  I have severe ADHD and this helped me concentrate on getting my paper done! I highly recommend it for anyone who's struggling with ADD or ADHD.

  This is the only thing that helps me focus for my college readings wether it be in my room or at the library. Pair this with noise canceling headphones and you're in heaven! :)

  Thunders are helping me after a major writer's block. I can't thank this site enough for this!

  Blessed, I love rain and combined with tin roof rain it really sounds like its raining in my room, thank you Dr. Pigeon!

  Thank you so much for this, I feel so blessed to have access to this content. It helps with my stress and anxiety.

  Thank you so much this is helping me sleep for school! Thanks!

  This wonderful, relaxing noise gives you the power to focus for hours. Time is lost and productivity is higher than ever. Thank you so much!!

  I'm in 6th grade and I'm depressed and this cured it.

  This really helps, the thunder is just loud enough to hear the booms, and the rain level is just enough to make it seem like its coming from outside. I put this on every night!

  I always enjoyed listening to the rain especially being from Seattle. Having a wide variety on hand be it a customizable mixer or loaded presets just shows the intricacy of the setup that allows for the creation of the perfect mixture for whomever may appreciate it. I have deep appreciation and respect for this man to go out and gather and source all of this for everyone to enjoy. Please donate!

  My soul is soothed in a profound way. Thank you.

  As a ADHD student with procrastination problems and 2 little sisters who watch sims 4 youtube channels on the tv all day, this may have saved my AP Language grade, not sure yet but hopefully. 10/10 would donate but alas, I am broke.

  Normal office noise is bad for concentration; same uninspired crappy songs repeating in an infinite loop on speakers every single day is nauseating. Thankfully I can block it out with this gem of a website.

  I love this mixed with examination time, it makes for rather productive background noise, almost like sitting a class room or library with a storm brewing outside.

  Oh my Lord after using the other noise site that went completely commercial I was put off from these sites. Thank you that you saw the need for such a site. This is the best thing ever.

  I love the sound of rain, it helps me feel confortable and focus. This generator sometimes gets me wondering if it really isn't raining outside, which is the only thing that occasionally distracts me while I'm deeply focused, immensely helped by this website, which is a testament to its effectiveness.

  This. Is. So. Cool! I can't believe this website exists. Thank you for such cool sounds.

  Never underestimate the impact this project has had on people Dr. Pigeon! I have been using your noise generators for at least a year now and it is an essential part of my routine to get focused, and stay productive when working on a project. Your work is valuable to me and I would like to thank you for putting this out to the world.

  I always use this when my neighbours are making noises again :D

  I have some major ADHD and the thunder helps me focus on my task.

  Love the site, your dedication and the ultra-high quality of the sounds. The ability to adjust levels of sounds and settings within the sounds are amazing! Keep up the great work!

  I suffer with quite bad anxiety and often have trouble sleeping due to it. The thunder & rain noise generator helps tremendously for when my anxiety starts when I try to sleep and always helps calm me down. Cannot recommend it enough for those who suffer with anxiety/sleep problems.

  This is really good ambience for a casual game of Dark Souls or poker, or maybe something else. I love to listen to thunderstorms with a bit of rain. Load my settings for some rain and loud thunder.

  This really helps me meditate on the Divine. Helps get my mind in the right place for contacting higher powers and reading Scripture.

  Click the blue heart for thunder only and no rain I am an adult male with severe ADHD, I used to love listening to thunder as a kid when I stayed in South Africa, unfortunately where I stay in the UK now there is no thunder at all and this helps me to relax and focus.

  I get super bad anxiety, especially around exam time. I also have adhd. This site has helped me so much to concentrate while studying. <3

  helps me concentrate on the ridiculously long essays I have to write in university

  This is a great place to be in. When I can't focus or when I am stressed I come here to enjoy the lovely sounds of nature. is the best place to be. Thanks for creating nature noises for us to listen to.

  Nice one. I used to get a great nap. In summer here is unbearable hot, but the sound makes my mind a rainy cold weather that brings a great deep nap.

  This has helped me fall asleep and gain some concentration to do things. It's so soothing, thank you for creating this!

  Holy snopes, thank god this exists.

  I'm so glad I found this site, it's perfect for study, especially when I want to fill the quiet air and drift off to sleep.

  This is an absolute lifesaver! I've been procrastinating on this one project and was struggling to start it, but when I put this on it was suddenly way easier to concentrate. It also works great for relaxing and calming anxiety as well!

  I am so glad I found this website, I'm using it while writing uni essays. Thank you!

  Such a beautiful, soothing sound thank you so much!

  This is perfect, any setting on here that isn't too quiet will help SO much with my ADHD, I have to take pills in the morning to help me focus at school but the effect won't last when it's time for homework, and Distant Thunder is there to save the day (I guess).

  This is actually so dynamic and in-depth. What a great website. It delivers no matter what kind of vibe I'm looking for.

  This really makes me sleep so easy! I love it <3

  Holy heck this is setting is really good. Makes me very calm and makes me feel safe.

  I'm in love, I absolutely love thunder and this is perfect.

  Finally something that makes me focus so I can get my work done without the constant distractions. I could work in the middle of a mall and feel like I was alone, just with the sound of a storm rattling around. Amazing. Recommending this to everyone I know.

  Imagine this: I have ADHD, type 1 bipolar disorder, and an open office. It's the unholy trinity of distraction, especially when a manic phase kicks in. But makes is possible to drown out my racing thoughts, buckle down, and get things done. Thanks for saving my career.

  This is wonderful. I can write for hours without feeling distracted. My productivity is through the roof — thank you!

  This is really great for me and my boyfriend, my boyfriend doesn't know if he has ADHD or not, But I sure do and it helps a lot. It helps when we're trying to calm down or just trying to focus on something. It both makes us very happy and we both love it.

  This noise sounds so nice and relaxing, and it really helps me focus on my studying!

  I love it. I love it. I love it. It's great and I use this to study/do homework so much.

  I love this. Listened to this with a Chillhop stream while programming and fell asleep instantly. 10/10.

  It can almost make me feel happy again.

  This is a really good site especially when I have high levels of stress. Really cool keep up the good work.

  Makes possible long periods of studying with intense focus. The polar opposite of my typical scattered state of mind. I ocassionally pause and marvel at how miraculous it is that this works so well.

  Really nice when studying. Great to play while listening to chillhop. Helps block out noise too. Thanks for making it, I really appreciate it.

  This really helped me a lot. Maybe I have ADHD....

  I love this website! No other allows me to focus the same way. I can just turn it on and remain focused and in tune to my studies for hours... It's amazing! :)

  Everything I listened to on this platform is just finest sound. Amazing work. Also the interface works great - the whole project is pure love and passion - and this is the result I guess. Great work! Glad I've found it. Thanks!

  Calmed me down and helped me concentrate. Very shooting too. I love it.

  It's an amazing distance thunder. It helps me a lot for ADHD to focus and study for hours. Thanks a lot.

  Perfect for sleeping at night!

  Love this, it really does help with my ADHD!

  I love the sound of rain, my favourite noise is "Distant Thunder" this sound help me to focus when I study. In addition it makes me feel comfortable when I'm stressed and I need some peace.

  Listen to this every night to help me sleep.

  I love the sound of rain as where I'm from it rains almost every Friday in the spring/summer and reminds me of the weekend. I'm now in college and the noise is super nice layered behind some music or a TV show for some extra comfort/outside noise reduction.

  I love the sound of rain as where I'm from it rains almost every Friday in the spring/summer and reminds me of the weekend. I'm now in college and the noise is super nice layered behind some music or a TV show for some extra comfort/outside noise reduction.

  I have moderate to severe tinnitus and sometimes this is the best remedy for the annoying whine. I'm also a professional programmer and find this sound keeps me focused.

  Music while studying is too loud for me, this is way more relaxing.

  I love combining this with Desert Wind at night. There's just something so nice about falling asleep to a storm.

  I have anxiety and recently it's been getting worse. Stuff like this doesnt fix it completely but it helps a lot.

  I have ADHD and this setting really helps me get stuff done. <3

  The deep rumbles of thunder and the soft drizzle of rain make me feel so much at ease, I'm thankful for this sound!

  I have been diagnosed with profound anxiety recently. This site helped me calm down so much. I'm so glad I found this site. It's really helpful for people like me who has anxiety and who is a sucker for ASMR and sound therapy.

  I suffer from a quite severe astraphobia and in Malaysia, where I'm from, the 2 last months of the year, the weather kinda sucks. While everyone's having fun and getting into their festive mood, I keep worrying about the weather. I wanted to get rid of this and decided to expose myself to storm. Then I found this which really helps as I can control the intensity of the storm and slowly go up.

  This is amazing with the thunder turned off and Primeval Forest playing at the same time.

  This set to high animation combined with Singing Bowls with the same setting is the most relaxed I've ever been. I have immense difficulty working on assignments with or without music, but I almost completed a full essay without difficulty listening to this. Not exaggerating, this may have changed how I do schoolwork for the better.

  This is so helpful for me! I'm an HSP (highly sensitive person) and I get totally overloaded by the noise of my siblings and high school stress. When I can't even listen to music, Distant Thunder is exactly what I need to help sooth my nerves so I can write. It can take me from the verge of tears to almost perfectly calm.

  I had a super stressful English paper to write and I was to anxious about it to sleep. This really helped me calm down. I recommend this for other people with anxiety or high stress levels, and school definitely gives me BOTH.

  This triggered my storm-related PTSD. Thank you, noise machines!

  Helps me sleep at night.

  This mix is great for art history all nighters, nice and steady smooth while red bull and articles on the Merode Altarpiece rattle your brain.

  The thunder sounding so close yet still a little distant reminds me of watching storms with my dad as a child. Immediately, I breathe easier and my focus sharpens. It's useful for getting in the headspace to read long articles for classes or to write papers.

  This was wonderful for helping me work on an English paper that I was dreading writing, not only helping me focus but also calming me down. I love this generator!

  I like using this to help me fall alseep and meditate, as well as I play it through my speaker when I'm in the shower so it's like I'm in the rain and that provides a nice, calm, and refreshing shower.

  I just find this peaceful and it helped set the mood for my writing.

  I'm partially deaf/hoh, only affecting deeper sounds/things with more bass, and being able to customize this as far as I could let me experience the sound of a storm the way I did before my hearing started going downhill. Thank you so much for this, I'll be using this to work for years to come I'm sure.

  This particular setting and generator is my absolute favourite. I use it to calm down, to work, to meditate - and I am incredibly grateful for it.

  Really realistic and relaxing, can also help for study and to sleep. Would definitely recommend.

  Helped me get work done by drowning out noise and other thoughts. Rainy days are always the best.

  This sound is amazing! I just turn it on, play a piano playlist and reality melts away. It is also great for studying.

  I combine this with Rain On A Tent (with slider animation!) whenever I'm having a particularly bad anxiety day. I immediately get less tense and have an easier time focusing on the world around me, rather than all of the negative thoughts.

  I suffer from IED (anger issues), and this helps me a lot when I have an attack, my breathing gets calmer and my mind clears all negative chaotic thoughts I might be having, the sound of thunder and gentle rain make me float away to a different, nicer world.

  Helps me focus on my writing and sets a mood as well. Helps me through panic attacks and episodes.

  Honestly just needed some loud rain and lots of thunder to relax. Helps calm my anxiety. <3

  I really like this, and have become addicted to the noise, haha. To be honest, this really helps me relax!

  This is ridiculously helpful for my ADD and soothing for my anxiety. 11/10 would recommend! I have my subwoofer on the floor by my feet and I can feel the rumbles, it's great for stimming! I love the animating sliders, it makes the sound dynamic so I don't get bored of it.

  I love a good rumble.

  This plus fire noise ambience is one of my favorite sounds ever.

  Thanks! Helped me a lot with my exams.

  This and the tin roof together reminds me of home. When ever I get homesick I put them on and I feel like I am at home.

  This goes so amazingly well with ambient artists' music, like Solar Fields or Brian Eno, it adds such an intriguing atmosphere and so many new layers to the music which drives me working for hours.

  Rain is one of those sounds that is just so calming, and peaceful to listen to. The thunder that accompanies it isn't too harsh, nor is it too quiet. This noise alone has helped with my focus, my mood, and helps empty my mind if I need to.

  It was really hard for me to concentrate on school work before using this. This helps me tune out outside noises and get lots of work done.

  I've been looking for thunder sounds of good quality and especially without rain for a while, finding only some repeating simple tracks on youtube. This, how ever, is a whole new level.

  Really good for sleeping and cooled me down in this boiling weather.

  This is honestly amazing. Helped me fall asleep within an hour, when normally I can't fall asleep for another three hours.

  Helps me to fall asleep during hot summer nights when I have to open the windows to get some cooler air into the attic, where I have my bedroom. The compressor of the air condition of the neighbour keeps me awake otherwise.

  Wow, this helped me fall fast asleep.

  I recreated the feel of a southern USA summer storm pretty well I think. Its great for writing and relaxing.

  Man, this generator is a life savior when you live in Paris, and you have to finish an article the very same day of the Football World Cup finale... France won, and everybody is partying under my windows... (yeaaah...I guess). By the way Dr. Pigeon: wonderful performance of the Diables Rouges!

  Just nice for the night.

  Really appreciate the ability to play with the sliders and achieve the perfect mix: heavy on the rumble and light on the rain hiss.

  I love to use this in combination with a solo sad violin to feel like a supervillain.

  These settings mixed with my settings on Tin Roof Rain have perfected back when I was younger sleeping on the couch in my sundeck on my grandmother's house. Amazing.

  School is difficult for me, and I get stressed out a lot. It's amazing to be able to listen to this, paired with Winter Walk, and let it take away my worries.

  This is perfect for writing background. It creates a busy atmosphere without anything strangely distracting. It's also super comforting - nothing like the sound of a storm to make you feel small!

  This plus Mournful Chimes is both soothing and focusing. It feels like being in some sort of gently spooky old house while listening to a nice summer rainstorm outside.

  It's rare for where I live to experience heavy rain, let alone thunder storms, so the sounds have always been so calming and mystifying for me. I love to hear the deep thrum of the rumble and thunder sliders while using headphones. So calming.

  Helps me fall asleep.

  I fall asleep to this almost every night. I love it!

  I enjoy writing, and it often helps for me to build sound to either help me focus or to help immerse me in the events that I'm writing. This combined with Ultimate Wind creates a perfect effect for me, as it sounds like a beautiful thunderstorm. It's amazing for concentration, and really helps get me into writing scenes taking place in the midst of a storm.

  When I feel sad or stressed out after a long day, this is my go to source of relaxation! I've always been in love with the sound of rain and thunder during the winter, it just sounds so surreal to me. Highly recommend this!

  It's great, helps me relax after a bad day.

  In this mild summer afternoon, Distant Thunder combined with Crystal Clear (Stream Water) - both at very low volume, recalls the memorized sensations of the afternoon light showers. Great feeling!

  Love this generator, especially on this setting! Lots of rumble, with just enough rain to mask the noise of my environment. I mix this with the Binaural Beat Machine for maximum focus or relaxation.

  Nothing better than creating my own super generator. Love the customization available. This is soo epic, I tell everyone about it.

  This takes me back to the time I used to travel by train to my grandparents as a kid during the rainy season. I remember spending hours just staring out the window with my mouth open, enthralled as a storm played out across empty lands the train passed through. Just me, and the storm.

  This is honestly one of the best websites ever. I've donated to them and will continue to donate as time goes by. It has helped me concentrate on homework, coding, and just about everything that requires relaxation.

  I love the sound, it's extremely relaxing. This website has a lot of better calming sounds than other websites. Heck, it's the BEST calm sounds website out there!

  This is my go-to noise generator on this site. I find it really relaxing and often have it going while listening to my creative list. I often pair it with Take it Easy and put both on Animate, and all of my stress and worry completely vanishes. My husband and I use this generator to relax. We both love it!

  Studying neuro-chemistry is dull work, but I could not make it fun by adding music because the lyrics and variable beats would distract me. This website was recommended to me by a friend who has a girlfriend that enjoys it a lot. I definitely can not imagine studying another way after getting used to this, thank you for the creation. You definitely earned my donation.

  Having found this is just so good. Seriously. I wish I found this site before. So tweakable, so flexible, so relaxing.

  I have insomnia, and the only times I am able to sleep well is when it is raining heavily. When I found this website, I was probably the happiest person on Earth. I listened to it with headphones that night, and it really worked. Ive been using this ever since.

  Loving the new Tape Speed Control function!

  I suffer from clinical depression. The nights are tough as that's when my depression tends to be the worst.While heavy rain makes me anxious thunder relaxes me, so this and some music is making me feel surreal.

  I use this app almost every single night. I used to lose a lot of sleep due to living in a house with a family who are all constantly getting up at all hours throughout the night as well as the morning. With different work schedules and sleep schedules I became frustrated. I was missing out on a good sleep and it was affecting me mentally as well as emotionally and at work. Not now! :)

  Rain down all the way, place animation on deep 0-150