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The Sound of Thunder, without the fear of strikes

Our Rain Noise is by far the most often played sound on myNoise, attracting thousands of visitors every day! It sounds very even, and works perfectly as a noise blocker but also is used to relieve stress and tension. While our rain noise provides a lot of rain, and just a touch of thunder rumble in the lower register, our thunder noise generator is the opposite: a lot of thunder, and just the right amount of rain to fill in the higher frequencies. The rain on Distant Thunder is slightly more dynamic too, offering subtle variations over time, which is how rain should sound below thunderclouds. Turn the Animate! feature on, to further increase this effect.

This thunder soundscape has been deliberately kept quiet and calm: no instant thunder clap or lightning strike will frighten people with anxiety problems, or astraphobia (the fear of thunder and lightning).

Have you ever heard of Rain.today? It's an online rain generator that perfectly blends with this one! Try combining both, you will be surprised. Click the orange link to add another layer of rain sounds.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  This is perfect for trying to write any scene where a storm has knocked the power out, leaving you with nothing to distract from the rain. Pure perfection.

  This is honestly my favorite noise generator. I can put almost any music on top of it and it does a great job of blocking out ambient noise. However, when listening to it solo or with soft instrumental music, I like to crank the thunder all the way up. I love the rain but the thunder really does it for me :)

  I'm at work right now, at one of those 'open offices' and this drowns out the sound of chatter and pen clicking while at the same time making me feel comfortable and at home. There's just something magical about thunder and rain.

  I love this noise. I turn mine all the way up to block out any distractions. The rain clears away any other thoughts I have that distract me from my task and the thunder is eerily calming and relaxing. I love it.

  Ah! I love this sound. I always listen to this to help me fall asleep.Rain has always made me felt calm.

  I just can't get enough of this. Thunderstorms make the perfect backround noise, if you ask me. I usually play this behind Telecaster Licks; I love the atmosphere they bring together!

  I love playing this with almost every slider control at full force - tons of thunder and rain. I downloaded the .mp3 and play it on a loop while I sleep. I also play it alongside the MyNoise Cafe Restaurant (animate) while I write. It's terrific. When I listen to this combination in my earbuds, I can work while my husband watches T.V. Thanks, Professor Pigeon!

  I'm a college student from Florida currently living in New York. myNoise makes me feel like I'm home. It's insane how much of an innate emotional reaction I have to this. Thank you.

  I've been working from home for the past four years and sometimes have trouble concentrating. This helps me to focus on one task without being distracted. A thunderstorm is so, so soothing for me and helps relax and focus.

  I like to combine this with RPG Elements. It's like I'm camping out during a thunderstorm!

  Beautiful darkness. Calm, dark and powerful at the same time. Allows you to focus while the world around you turns into a warm and soothing blanket. Thank you Stéphane.

  I have asperger's syndrome and adhd. I sometimes find it near impossible to focus, but this generator helps me so much! Thank you myNoise! :)

  I love to put this on and imagine I'm sitting beneath a tree in the middle of a grassy field, rain sprinkling down from the sunset-lit storm clouds which enshroud the sky. A chilly wind blows, and a damp mist finds its way onto my skin, but the broad green canopy above protects me from the wetness of the raindrops.

  Pure Thunder - This remind me of a big summer storm approaching, the rain hasn't started yet but you know it is going to be spectacular. Without the white noise of the rain the thunder is crystal clear. This works well paired up with any of the more melodic sets, Osmosis for example.

  I'm a meteorology student. I love all forms of weather, from the light drizzle to the violent hurricane. I also live in Minnesota, so I can experience many forms of weather. Thunderstorms are my absolute favorite, but as of this typing, it's February. Thunderstorms don't happen here, in February. Thankfully, I can have this on in the background, while I do homework. How great is that?

  I am in my last semester of college and this is perfect for studying <3

  O.M.G. I love this, I am a 12 almost 13 yr old boy, and well I love thunderstorms a lot. Thanks for making this!

  This noise "Distant Thunder" heals and connects me with mother earth!

  This has been my go-to sound for relaxation in the afternoons, or before sleep. Maybe because I'm English? but curling up in bed listening to the rumble of thunder something I enjoy so much.

  I love rain noises, especially when paired with thunder, and this soundscape is awesome for that. The thunder is gentle and varied with the rain in the background at right amounts. I especially love this when paired with the Canyon soundscape. The two blend perfectly, filling holes the other has. I'm spoiling myself to sleep with this website, and I love it. :)

  I absolutely love this soundscape. Growing up as a kid, I loved to watch the thunderstorms as they went by. It's a great reminder of all the joys I had when watching the night sky come alive with bright flashes, and seeing the lightning race through the clouds. And combining this with Temple Bells on animate just makes it even more perfect.

  I'm loving this rain, helps me fall asleep and feel peaceful even though my brain always wants to worry about something or have a flashback.

  I love it, I keep it on animate and just can't write without this in the background! It blocks out all the noise from outside and leaves me to think instead of being distracted like usual.

  Can't go to sleep without it.

  Rain storms have always comforted me. The roaring thunder, the freshness in the air, the flashes of light cutting through the darkness; a delight to the senses. I think it stems from my childhood memories. The storm knocking out the power forcing everyone off their electronics. No TV, radio, computer, video games... everyone gathered in the living room with candles and board games. I miss that!

  I now live in Central NY state, I moved here from the midwest 6 years ago & miss storms from the midwest very much... I cry about it often, no storms at all here. This site makes me very happy, if this was on a stand alone sound machine, I would play it all night... Falling asleep while it was storming... a great thing I will never have back...

  I can no longer concentrate fully without this playing in the background, and when I need to really block out the noise I add the wind sounds on the storm setting, and then animate them both! It's so relaxing! I'm so glad this website exists!

  I love this website. Thank you so much for providing a free service for those who need it. Definitely have helped thousands of people all over the world I bet. Love from New Zealand. Bree

  I'm a soldier, and WOW does this every make my office a great place to work. I have it saved as my home page on 7 different PC's and use it on my phone when I'm driving, and camping. The rain... the thunder... and a spot on the ground. That's all I need.

  I have PTSD and this really helps me fall asleep quicker. It helps me feel peaceful.

  This is super, it helps me consentrate and get al the nonsense out my head

  This is great! I feel a lot less stressed out.

  Thank you everyone who made this noise, it's so helpful when i'm doing my homework and i had just had a fight on Friday so I listened to this and it's oh so calming. Thank you!

  This reminds me of where I grew up.

  This is the best website for improving your concentration. Tomorrow is my exam, and due to fear I was unable to study (thinking about tomorrow morning in examination hall) but thanks to myNoise I can now concentrate on book...

  I can practically feel the raindrops!

  Rumbling thunder and drizzling rain. It helps me write. Good for when you want background noise but don't want something with words that jumble up your thought process. Helps me calm my messy thoughts and get some writing done.

  My world and my mind move at a million miles an hour. It is really nice to have something soft and constant in the background to help steady my thoughts. Where I live, we don't get a lot of rain, so putting on rain and thunder sounds not only calms me, but makes me insanely happy.

  I'm autistic, and I struggle a lot with sensory overload. Putting this on always helps to ground me, especially after a meltdown. I'm so grateful to the site's creator for generously sharing these noises and requiring nothing in return.

  It's a rainy day outside, but too late in the season for thunderstorms. Fortunately, there is a fix for that.

  I have loud neighbours that would wake me up every morning. This perfectly blocks out all ranges and I can sleep.

  this and church are my two favorite, because they help me to focus for litterally HOURS on end of all AP class homework. I would like to thank everyone involved in making this possible (even those who contribute with money)!

  I must use this in at least 75% of all the mixes I create. Thunder goes great with everything! I sleep to it, study to it, and draw to it. It helps me sleep when I can't sleep, and if I really crank it up it gives me an energy boost, especially the "Getting Wet" preset.

  The level-adjustments of different sounds like thunder and rain and even the rumble is quite unique and I like how I can customize to my needs... Sound-quality and stereo-separation is superb!

  I get super sleepy when it rains, but sadly I live in a very dry area. This helps me relax and sleep. Thank you so much.

  I go to sleep with this every night. TY so much.

  My favourite setting - mostly thunder with a little rain. Makes me think of thunderstorms back home, sitting with the window open listening to the patterning of the raindrops on the leaves of the big tree in our yard while safely inside and dry.

  SO MUCH THUNDER. I love how I can customize this to give me the heavy rumble and occasional claps that precipitate a tornado and with only a wee bit of rain. It's like sitting on my porch watching the green sky, surrounded by thunder, but without the concern about having to run for the basement.

  Sounds FANTASTIC with some Jazz Noir in the background.

  I like really boooooming thunder but strangely not the water sounds associated with it, so I have rolling thunder and more thunder and extra thunder. Love it, love it, LOVE IT.

  Sounds amazing, it really sounds real. I play it with Davy Jones' Music Box theme from Pirates of the Caribbean and it goes together so beautifully well!

  Its amazing, really relaxing. No words to describe it.

  This is really calming, especially when paired with the Fireworks generator. I'm a huge Autumn/Winter person, and I especially love Bonfire Night, so this helps me to relax and focus. Thank you <3

  I really love the sound of the distant thunder... I put it on animate and I forget about it. It absolutely helps with concentrate on my homework and I would definitely recommend this to a friend who enjoys rain noises and concentration :) Keep up the amazing work!

  I've been missing the sound of thunder ever since I moved to the Pacific Northwest from the Northeast. I fall asleep like a baby with this generator on animate at night.

  Just like being in a real storm, but without the getting soaking wet and pooping your pants at the thunder part.

  This is exactly what I need in life. The last few nights have been hell. This really helps me forget about my problems and fall asleep. Thank you for making this <3

  This is a really nice rain generator. Though I do wish there was one with more thunder, since it's the thunder that especilly relaxes me.

  This setting of Thunder and rain offers an idea what it is like to sit outside and watch a storm. I would know. I do it whenever I can.

  This sound put on animate combined with animated rain sounds... has to be the most spectacular thing ever. When I was listening to this, it started to storm real hard outside... talk about timing.

  Pretty great if you chuck animate on x4 :)

  My neighbors like to shoot off fireworks for days before and after the Forth of July, but the soothing sound of thunder helped me fall asleep despite all that.

  I use to use sleep aids all the time, now I use Thunder with it mostly on rain. I sleep like a baby. Wish I had this sound on something travel size. Living in the Desert where we seldom get rain, this is really enjoyable. Thanks.

  I'm finding this Distant Thunder on animate addictive.

  This setting with Beneath a Phrygian Sky by Loreena McKennitt is just amazing, it helps me relax a lot.

  I have recently been diagnosed with chronic tinnitus, and it had been very difficult to concentrate and get work done in my office. This thunder and rain noise generator has enabled me to work and cope with the tinnitus. Ever so grateful for this app and website! The best one for me! Thank you!

  Whatever generator I am listening to, I almost always put this one in the background. The occasional thunder noises somehow keep me very alert and awake and I find the rain sound more pleasing but just as effective as the white noise that I used to listen to.

  I have insomnia and have taken medicine and endured sleepless nights to the verge of tears. So many of the sounds here have helped me relax more and get some sleep at night. Thank you so, so much.

  I've recently learned that silence sets off my anxiety just enough that I can't get anything done. This instantly takes away the problem while adding a gentle ambiance that's perfect for calming me down. Now I can finally focus on my different projects. Thank you.

  Helps me calm down and concentrate while studying for my finals at uni :) Love it

  Love this! Especially at night. Makes me feel some nostalgia too!

  It feels like home and is nice to listen to while I read. Thanks!

  I am obsessed with this stack: Distant Thunder + Desert Wind + Rain Noise. <3

  This + Northern Lights with the bass notes turned up and Singing Bowls set to the Meditation Room, and all is okay with the world.

  Distant Thunder + The Ultimate Rainforest (the crickets switched off) + Riders on the Storm by The Doors are what made Mirka mesmerizingly calm and centered again.

  This one really helps me when I'm working on homework and trying to focus. It is really calming to me and helps when I'm super stressed to just calm down and focus on my work.

  This setting saves my sanity on long sleepless nights. It doesn't even matter if I don't sleep, I feel so at peace when I listen to this. Thank you. Thank you.

  Really calming for studying! I used to live in an area that got plenty of thunderstorms, and whenever I miss it, I just turn this on and enjoy!

  I love the feeling of the electric hum of lightning in your blood and the shudder of your bones as the skies split apart above your head. Combine this setting with the "Remember Harold" preset on the Mr. Rhodes generator to create that coming of age film feeling. Remember folks, if you love MyNoise enough to visit here at least once a month, drop a couple bucks on it! We owe them that. <3

  Add the cozy setting on the Fireplace and some oldies love songs (Especially The Ink Spots) is the best relaxing atmosphere

  This combined with the "Pine Logs" setting of the fire generator creates the perfect atmosphere for my late night study sessions. It reminds me of my teen years, sitting safe and sound on my bed with a mug of hot chocolate and a book while a thunderstorm rages outside. Those were good times, and I'm really happy that I am able to relieve the memories thanks to this wonderful generator.

  Pair this up with some slow jazz and you've got a detective mood.

  I can feel the rumbling!

  This along with the frog sounds from Fairy Pond reminds me of the house I lived in when I was young on stormy days and is so helpful when trying to sleep which isn't easy due to PTSD and anxiety. This website is amazing and the sounds on here have helped me so much.

  I constantly am having headaches because my eyesight is bad, so this soothing sound and a cup of coffee is absolute bliss! I can just relax and zone out. Thank you so much for this beautiful website

  I love the sound of thunder so much, but there are rarely ever thunderstorms where I live. Also, I live in a very noisy family, so it is bliss to be able to sit and listen to this while doing my work. My stories are much more creative when I can concentrate.

  Wrapped up in a blanket, with this playing in the background, makes me feel safe and warm. I haven't gotten a good storm in months, but with this sound I can sit back and imaging the flashes of lightning, all with me safe and warm inside. Definitely my favorite sound by far.

  Feels real enough to look out of the window to check the weather :)

  This is beautiful when combined with the bagpipes.

  Just when I thought that I'd never get any motivation to work, I found this! I love it!

  When I was little I would live for this sound... I love, love, love, love, love, love rain!

  Absolutely fell in love with this site and this specific sound. I have been searching for decent thunder sounds for so long and too many of them have rain in the background. I really don't like the higher frequency sound of rain as much so I like this one with all the bassy thunder sounds turned up higher <3

  Combined with wooden chimes and rain on a tent, it feels like I´m back when I still went camping with my parents. Sitting inside the tent waiting for the storm to pass, it was always a very calming experience for me.

  The low rumbling sound of thunder in the distance is something that used to scare me as a kid, but now it helps me calm down when I do work or feel anxious. When I listen to this at my desk it really sounds and feels like my window is open just a crack during a storm, it's amazing!

  This setting reminds me of being at my granny's house during hurricane Ike. The power was out, it was the wee hours of the morning and it was too hot to sleep, so I stayed up and listened to the rain and thunder. So relaxing!

  Try combining Thunder and Rain on animate with Nocturnal Garden, also on animate. A thunderstorm rolling into a desert oasis, with frogs and insects celebrating the coming rains.

  Mixing this with any of the space generators, especially the Space Odyssey Magic generator, offers a great juxtaposition that is very pleasing to listen to. Something about the familiar forces of nature in the vast unknowns of space and the universe is very relaxing to me.

  Mixing chimes and thunder showers reminds me of my childhood, watching the lightning from my Mom's porch.

  I love how well this helps me sleep. I have terrible sleeping problems and I've been experimenting with rain generators. The sliders are terrific. I change it up a bit every now and then but this is really how I like to sleep. The rain up front and soothing. White Noise. Then there is a rumble underneath it accompanied by only periodic thunder. So good.

  I absolutely love this one, I can almost smell the thunderstorm coming, like I was a kid, watching on the front porch as the winds rolled in.

  Try pairing this with the Desert Winds player set to the Desert Storm preset. A vast storm sweeping over the desert, bringing wind and rain to the drying Nile, flooding its banks and bringing life to the valley once more.

  Love hearing the big booms of thunder! Listen to a storm without being in one, brilliant!! This one and RPG Battlefield with only the cannons is awesome!

  Oosh try Distant Thunder, Cat Purr and Isochronic Tones on the low deltas for anxiety and relaxation. THANK YOU. I love your website. I didn't even realise how bad my lack of focus was until I found all these wavlengths to take up the space the whirling looping negative thoughts used to take up. I didn't even know they were making a noise until this stopped them. Sincerely grateful xxx

  Just a quick note to say thank you for creating and maintaining this site. My humidifier makes sporadic burbling noises, random enough and loud enough to jerk me back from the edge of sleep. The distant thunder generator, set on animate, helps disguise those noises so that they are no longer startling. Thank you again, for making these available.

  That's the best rain and thunder sound I have heard on the net. I can keep listening to this soothing sound for hours... and the best thing is you can vary the volume of rain and thunder. A superb sound generator!

  Brings back the experience of watching a storm from the rocker on the front porch with my dad. A sound that works equally well to work or sleep to.

  This really helps me do...everything. Thanks!

  After coming home from a deployment every night, it was too quiet for me to sleep. This mixed with Rain On A Tent fixed all that, and made it so I can sleep like a babe.

  Combine this generator set on "Distant Rumble" with Tibetan Choir set on your personal curve... Concentration and Relaxation City.

  As a small child, I was terrified of thunder storms because they remind me of my dog barking at me in the midst of the night. Now through this website I can overcome my irrational fear of dog fur and thunderstorms. One step at a time. God Bless.

  As someone who suffers from severe migraines — which include hypersensitivity to nearly all sounds, particularly voices and impact sounds, like cups being put on a table — this is an absolute lifesaver! Makes it just that bit more bearable, and the sound of rain is so very calming! Thank you SO much!

  I mix this with Healing Water, Mr. Rhodes, Canyon Drone, and Northern Lights. Put all of them on animate, then prepare to descend into an ever evolving cosmos of peace and relaxation.

  These generators are extremely helpful. They really help me stay focused when I'm working on long projects!

  I am a self confessed Pluviophile, living a country that is currently experiencing the worst drought in decades. This generator helps me block out the drought and the sounds and feeds my soul. Thank you so much!

  This one is so great for peaceful working in a noisy studio - you have no idea. One problem though - being inherently British, I sometimes accidentally comment on the weather only to remember it's not actually happening. Beautiful generator though.

  I've listened to quite a few of these sounds today and I'm loving rain of all kinds and distant thunder. This really helps with the 'chatter' in my head and is very soothing. It's a pleasure to send you a little donation (all I can afford) but I will do so from time to time, because you have done something wonderful for me.

  This puts me to sleep so fast I absolutely love it!

  Did you know it's hard to read or get anything done when there are other people around? When you hear language, your brain concentrates on that more than what you're doing. Listening to sounds like this, without language, is something that'll help you do what you're doing and prevent distracts like speech. It's an excellent website and I'll be using it for a long time. :D

  This setting is fantastic for studying in my room. Mostly rain with some low thunder in there. It makes the room feel less small and claustrophobic so I can keep studying for hours.

  I find this incredibly calming with a bass-heavy, mellow song playing in the back. I'd suggest trying it with "Retrograde" by James Blake. Absolutely beautiful.

  This is absolutely amazing. I love to use this when I study because I love the sound of rain and thunder. Thank you for making this amazing noise generator <3

  I love just the sound of thunder with a bit of rain. Basically the first seven sliders up and that's it.

  I have BPD and ADD which makes me easily distracted and easily angry. The stress is constantly weighing in on what I am doing. When I turn on Distant Thunder, I can feel my body instantly relax and I can focus without any of my usual distractions! I love the sound of massive thunder, but where I live we get little rain, if any, all year long. This takes care of all my thunder needs! <3

  I love cranking up the bottom 5 (thunder only) sliders and playing some muffled Tropical Rain (no highs, light mids), along with Clockwork (sliders 6 and 10 at about 20%). Feels like I'm sitting in a cushy home office during a huge thunderstorm, sipping my hot tea whilst pouring over a book in the light of a single small lamp. *Siiiip* Aaaaaah... Taking a nap comes to mind, too. :)

  It makes a room seem like a vast space and evokes memories that even make the air smell sweeter...

  As a writer, I'm always looking for inspiration. Rain and thunder never ceases to deliver. I put this on and brainstormed a series of scenes. My muse has been invigorated. Love, love, love Distant Thunder.

  I'm so in love. Storms are my favourite weather and now I can hear a storm whenever I want

  I've always found comfort in the sounds of thunder storms. Now I can study or read while listening to a thunder storm without waiting for it to rain. I like this setting a lot. It's particularly nice with the cat purr noise generator. Or if you want something a little more suitted for Fall, I'd recommend listening to this with the wind noise generator on the "Autumn Wind" preset.

  This site is invaluable to helping me study and finish homework. This Distant Thunder setting takes me away from the computer I'm stuck at. Truly a great resource to have. Thank you for this!

  Thunder has always been a soothing sound for me. A friend of mine recently committed suicide, and the thunder helps to keep my mind off of it when I need time to drift.

  I had issues with my office mates making lots of noise This website really helps. With one of the Audio Technica headphones, the simulation is so real that am lost lost in work without any distractions. Thanks, guys...

  This website helps me calm down after a bad day. Its so soothing and it allows me to confront my fear of thunder all at the same time. Truly... this website should be the 8th natural wonder of the world.

  Perfect for focusing when you work from home, or when you really wish it was storming but you can't find a place to do a rain dance.

  Love this website. Perfect amount of thunder and rain.

  This is so blissful. The sound of a good storm puts me right to sleep. I love being able to customize what I'm hearing... having the thunder crack loudly with the rain quietly pouring in the back ground is just the perfect way to fall asleep. Thanks! Definitly my favourite site so far.

  Sound has always been a big memory trigger for me, and this is perfect for remembering the days I spent watching the summer thunderstorms.

  This relaxes me & helps me focus at the same time. Thank you so much!

  This relaxes me & helps me focus at the same time. Thank you so much!

  Bless your kind and thoughtful heart for making this! It's calming, exciting, and inspiring :p

  Perfect to listen to when I need to calm down; storms have always been relaxing and soothing for me.

  I am really, REALLY happy you have a thunderstorm. I am the only one in my family who likes them, and it helps with my depression. Thank you so much for a high quality, gentle, and relaxing file. :)

  This generator is amazing! I have a hard time sleeping, and I always sleep the best on nights with a thunder storm. If I'm feeling restless I put this on until my laptop shuts off, it works like a charm.

  This thunder is calming to listen to and very inspiring, reminding me of my god. Hail Thor!

  Listening to this is so calming and soothing. It helped me put away life for a second and just sit and relax.

  What a fabulous site. Listening to the rain on a lazy day. Few things are more soothing! Thanks so much.

  Sounds like standing on the front porch in the middle of a storm <3

  I love this site!

  Great to listen to when you're writing, even if the scene doesn't have rain in it. I begin to tune it out as I get into what I'm doing, and it almost feels like it's raining outside. I've always done my best writing during rainy days. For me, there's something very soothing about the distant rumble of thunder and rain on the window.

  If I get the setting right, I feel like I'm standing right in the rain. Thunder and rain are so soothing to me, I love it.

  I listen to this when I'm writing software. Sometimes music becomes too much of a distraction and I need an alternative and this is perfect.

  So calming, I love it.

  This really helps me sleep. Thanks for making this.

  Play this in the backround while browsing the Internet. It's oddly calming, and it blocks out other noises.

  This is the most calming thing I have ever heard. Thank you, myNoise!

  You know what helps me when I get squirrelly at work and can't concentrate? This. Absolutely great for tuning out distractions. Almost makes me think there's a window in the office.

  I'm playing this alongside Ocean and Wind and it is the most calming thing I could ever ask for. Thank you so much for this, it is beautiful.

  The rain and water sounds are definitely my favorites and this one never fails to relax but at the same time overwhelm me. I usually have a really hard time falling asleep, not just because of my tinnitus but also because I'm very sensitive about my sleeping place. This really helps me relax and fall asleep. I'm so happy I found this site.

  The thunder has passed (or is it coming?) but the rain is ever-present. Gentle sounds, great for extended listening. Keeps me relaxed and focused. Wonderful if combined with binaural/isochronic beats!

  When I feel my anxiety starting to rise or I am distracted by the million things I'm trying to accomplish at once, I just put on Distant Thunder, Ocean Waves, or White Noise and animate it. Suddenly I can shut out the world and focus on the task at hand. Not only am I more productive, but I'm at peace too. Thank you for providing this awesome resource. It's such a huge blessing everyday!

  I put this behind some of MusicalBasics' tracks on YouTube, and it is absolutely magical. Pushed out an entire chapter of my novel.

  This is so unbelievably soothing. After a stressful day of school I love curling up on the couch and just listening to this for hours if there's no storm outside. I really, really love this.

  I've been falling asleep to this for the past month or so, and have found that nothing will rouse me from my thunderstorm slumber. Pairing this with "Rain on a tent" sends me off to sleep almost as soon as I close my eyes, and I've battled insomnia for decades. This, more than any other sound on this site, has changed my life in such a positive way that I don't think I could live without it.

  The "Still Dry" is so nice I can't even put it into words.

  All I can say is woah

  This reminds me of warm summer nights in Minnesota, when a cold front would move in and then the rain would start followed by the thunder that would last for hours. And all the while I would be reading adventure novels on my porch. This takes me back not only to that porch on those nights, but also to my adventures in my books.

  Best sleep I've had in ages!

  I am a single mom of 3 teenage boys and a full-time Master's Student at night. When I have homework to do and my boys are playing their online games, it is hard for me to concentrate on my papers. The Distant Thunder noise generator calms me down, helps me focus and keeps me from missing deadlines. I love this website!

  I have social anxiety, and this particular Distant Thunder noise has been invaluable to me as a noise blocker in difficult social situations. It calms me down every time.

  I'm bored and there is an AC blowing on me so this sound is so good!

  Thunder and some rain - nice with the ocean waves sound :)

  Even though we are reaching summer, 2AM and still 25ºC, this rain plus thunder noise helps me forget all and sleep peacefully. Thanks <3

  Playing this particular soundscape with Wandering Flame from the Final Fantasy X soundtrack just gives me the shivers, then puts me right to sleep.

  I really love the setting I have this at. Right now it is cloudy and grey outside but the birds and insects are chattering away. So playing this over the natural noise outside is really calming and relaxing. It's helping me stay in a calm state of my while writing my paper

  The benefit of being able to have some ambient noise that is always cancelling out all the noise and distractions in a work area works wonders on my (and presumably most peoples') rate of productivity. Thanks for this.

  All of the generators are wonderful to listen to instrumental music to. Right now, I've got a piano cover of Song of Storms going - this one is the perfect accent to the music!

  I just discovered this site. What a joy! With 'Distant Thunder' I got actual shivers as if I was sitting in the rain on a cool day. 'Healing Water' with waterfall and birds turned up took me back to long long walks on nature trails. Very relaxing. I'm hooked.

  I love pairing this sound with the Cafe Restaurant sound. Makes me feel like I'm taking refuge from the storm in a dry coffee shop.

  I always enjoy thunderstorms but sometimes they're just so rare, this is perfect because it allows me to have my very own personal thunderstorm whenever I want it. It makes me happy and such, and the other sounds are all very helpful for relaxation and the like.

  As a writer of fiction, the largest impediment to creativity and productivity is distraction and an agitated mind. Listening to Rain On A Tent, with very light Jungle Life and Distant Thunder, transports me to a place of solitude and absolute relaxation. I am alone in a tent in the wilderness, with the gentle rain preventing me from doing anything but imagine and write.

  I like to layer this and 'Rain on a Tent' for the perfect rain and thunder combination. So soothing, and great for blocking out the rest of my noisy house.

  Absolute home run of a site. The creator of the site doesn't require anything of anyone. He just wants to share his discoveries and let everyone enjoy the sounds as they see fit. Too bad all sites didn't work this way. This site is literally ON all the time now in my home.

  I love this generator. I grew up in Arizona and missed the comforting sound of thunder during monsoon season. When studying or writing essays I play this one with either digeridrone or Canyon drone to give it an ethereal quality.

  My problem with other rain sounds has always been that I love rolling thunder, but hate the sharp cracks that startle me out of my calm. This is perfect. I love this site!

  I swear that when that rain started I could smell it in the air! These beautiful creations are so soothing and the results are instant. Bless you richly by the heavens for giving you the foresight to build this website that gives over and over.

  ← bigStormZ - Nature's power soothes and awes.

  I've layered the wind and rain soundscapes in the past to make a stormy noise but this is much better! I love thunderstorms and this is wonderful for making me feel happy and able to concentrate. Thank you!

  This was immeasurably helpful in getting to sleep on a thin foam mattress on the floor of my aunt's craft room over New Year. The white hush of the rain and the powerful yet soothing rumble of the thunder blocked noise from the rest of the house and relieved the irritability and restlessness that came from trying to sleep in an uncomfortable setting. It'd be even better while in my own bed!

  This helps relax me so much, and also helps me concentrate on work. I get essays and studying done without all the stress! Thanks!

  Hmmmm... reminds me of when I lived in the tropics, lying in a hammock waiting for the refreshing rains to come....

  This has been the worst week of finals yet, and, while I've usually listened to music to keep me awake and aware studying and writing papers, once the music is gone, so is the information. At least with these ambient noises, particularly the Distant Thunder and Aural Scan, it keeps the information in my mind and my mind alert. Thanks so much for this!

  Puts RainyMood.com to shame! :)

  Wash out the brain. Let the gunk go down the drain.

  This is probably my favourite noise generator so far. I live with ADHD and sensory processing issues that can get quite severe sometimes. This is the perfect compromise when my ADHD requires distraction in the form of background noise but my misophonia makes me extremely picky about what sounds I can stand at that moment. Thunder always works. Very helpful for studying and falling asleep, too!

  Thank you, thank you, thank you. This soundscape immediately calms me down and puts me in a relaxed, yet alert state. It's perfect both at work and at home and will be of great comfort during my region's long winter. After all, thunderstorms are a sure sign of spring!

  Perfect for calming me down. Brings back memories of summer storms. Calms me like a charm!

  ← Valalta. I was eagerly waiting for a thunder soundscape and my patience has been rewarded with one of the most fascinating, brilliant noise generators of all. Thanks a lot ... the bass is simply stunning ...

  This is simply great. I've been hoping for a thunder noise for quite some time now, and this one is perfect! Wonderful balance of thunder and rain. An awesome storm.

  As someone who loves listening to thunder this is really great for me.

  Absolutely lovely. Gentle, rumbling thunder far in the distance with just the right amount of rain.

  This is the most amazing, perfect sound-gen for helping me drift off to sleep. I used to go camping a lot as a kid, and as strange as it sounds, I found myself sleeping a lot quicker and a lot sounder when sleeping in a tent with an open window hatch than when I was at home in perfect silence. Last night I fell asleep as fast as I did as a kid, camping. Thank you, MyNoise.net. ^^ You rock.

  The rain sounds on myNoise are fantastic. This one, the better of the three in my opinion!

  This reminds me of Kansas storms in the Spring, the ominous roll of thunder in the distance. Just as the dark grey-green clouds appear on the horizon.

  I can't even begin to describe the feeling of calmness and relaxation that comes over me listening to distant thunder. I've got on a pair of noise cancelling headphones and if I close my eyes I am completely transported to my happy place, on the porch with a coffee listening to a low-rumbling thunder storm. Wow, just wow.!! I've got goosebumps!

  Owow! :O It's such a rich sound! Almost as if I can taste it! Great job!

  'Distant Thunder' is very nice. Thank you very much for this new one. I live in a very dry area right now, and when I put this generator into 'Animate' mode and put on my headphones (from your recommended list, thank you), I can almost smell the rain that I am missing this summer.

  I particularly enjoy Summer Rain. It doesn't sound overly active like a movie. It reminds me of the stormy summer days at home in Oregon. Upon my discovery of this site a few months ago my thoughts were that I could hear rain during the summer months. In time it has changed my working habits (ambient noise), my gaming habits (D&D) and my meditation. I only wish I could donate more. :)

  The rumble in the background and the close-by raindrops give a powerfully relaxing, yet intimate, experience. Many times our ancestors have sat in caves and listened to the rumbling sky in each other's company. Maybe the reason these sounds soothe us and put us into contemplative moods is the memory of those ancient experiences that are part of us. What else to do but wait out the storm and think?

  There's something about the sound of thunder that strikes away the bad moods... but to be honest I'm a bit partial to a raging thunderstorm a few blocks away instead of a few hundred miles that this simulates.

  This is a great alternative to the Rain generator. There is something very calming about storms for me and having this pumping through my headphones helps to keep the stress of the day from getting to me while I work.

  This is my perfect storm, intense, yet wonderful. I can smell the ozone. Thank you so much.

  Reminds me of a storm from this summer, the thunder was exactly like this and just kept going. (okay maybe I boosted the lows just a bit) Thanks to myNoise.net I just stood outside and listened for a while. Just a strong, steady rumble for at least half an hour. So beautiful.

  I have been waiting for this sound for a long time. I love the rain and especially the thunder. It does not rain much in Southern California and hearing thunder is even rarer. This is literally what calms my nerves and lets me focus. I will usually just sit in the bathroom and let the sound of the shower relax me, but this is so much more convenient. Awesome!

  Awesome. I love storms :)

  I love this one. It's by far my favorite. I like to animate it, and lay it over the white rain (on my customized curve). That way, I get the dynamic storm, but also a constant background to "fuzz" out the street noise. It's also great with the 2 rain sliders in Winter Walk (which are my favorite of the MANY rain sounds here)

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