Distant Thunder
Custom-shaped Thunder and Rain Noise Generator
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The Sound of Thunder, without the fear of strikes

Our Rain Noise is by far the most often played sound on myNoise, attracting thousands of visitors every day! It sounds very even, and works perfectly as a noise blocker but also is used to relieve stress and tension. While our rain noise provides a lot of rain, and just a touch of thunder rumble in the lower register, our thunder noise generator is the opposite: a lot of thunder, and just the right amount of rain to fill in the higher frequencies. The rain on Distant Thunder is slightly more dynamic too, offering subtle variations over time, which is how rain should sound below thunderclouds. Turn the Animate! feature on, to further increase this effect.

This thunder soundscape has been deliberately kept quiet and calm: no instant thunder clap or lightning strike will frighten people with anxiety problems, or astraphobia (the fear of thunder and lightning).

Have you ever heard of Rain.today? It's an online rain generator that perfectly blends with this one! Try combining both, you will be surprised. Click the orange link to add another layer of rain sounds.

Discover Masking Thunder, the album.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  I love combining this with Desert Wind at night. There's just something so nice about falling asleep to a storm.

  I have anxiety and recently it's been getting worse. Stuff like this doesnt fix it completely but it helps a lot.

  I have ADHD and this setting really helps me get stuff done. <3

  The deep rumbles of thunder and the soft drizzle of rain make me feel so much at ease, I'm thankful for this sound!

  I have been diagnosed with profound anxiety recently. This site helped me calm down so much. I'm so glad I found this site. It's really helpful for people like me who has anxiety and who is a sucker for ASMR and sound therapy.

  I suffer from a quite severe astraphobia and in Malaysia, where I'm from, the 2 last months of the year, the weather kinda sucks. While everyone's having fun and getting into their festive mood, I keep worrying about the weather. I wanted to get rid of this and decided to expose myself to storm. Then I found this which really helps as I can control the intensity of the storm and slowly go up.

  This is amazing with the thunder turned off and Primeval Forest playing at the same time.

  This set to high animation combined with Singing Bowls with the same setting is the most relaxed I've ever been. I have immense difficulty working on assignments with or without music, but I almost completed a full essay without difficulty listening to this. Not exaggerating, this may have changed how I do schoolwork for the better.

  This is so helpful for me! I'm an HSP (highly sensitive person) and I get totally overloaded by the noise of my siblings and high school stress. When I can't even listen to music, Distant Thunder is exactly what I need to help sooth my nerves so I can write. It can take me from the verge of tears to almost perfectly calm.

 I had a super stressful English paper to write and I was to anxious about it to sleep. This really helped me calm down. I recommend this for other people with anxiety or high stress levels, and school definitely gives me BOTH.

 This triggered my storm-related PTSD. Thank you, noise machines!

 Helps me sleep at night.

 This mix is great for art history all nighters, nice and steady smooth while red bull and articles on the Merode Altarpiece rattle your brain.

 The thunder sounding so close yet still a little distant reminds me of watching storms with my dad as a child. Immediately, I breathe easier and my focus sharpens. It's useful for getting in the headspace to read long articles for classes or to write papers.

 This was wonderful for helping me work on an English paper that I was dreading writing, not only helping me focus but also calming me down. I love this generator!

 I like using this to help me fall alseep and meditate, as well as I play it through my speaker when I'm in the shower so it's like I'm in the rain and that provides a nice, calm, and refreshing shower.

 I just find this peaceful and it helped set the mood for my writing.

 I'm partially deaf/hoh, only affecting deeper sounds/things with more bass, and being able to customize this as far as I could let me experience the sound of a storm the way I did before my hearing started going downhill. Thank you so much for this, I'll be using this to work for years to come I'm sure.

 This particular setting and generator is my absolute favourite. I use it to calm down, to work, to meditate - and I am incredibly grateful for it.

 Really realistic and relaxing, can also help for study and to sleep. Would definitely recommend.

 Helped me get work done by drowning out noise and other thoughts. Rainy days are always the best.

 This sound is amazing! I just turn it on, play a piano playlist and reality melts away. It is also great for studying.

 I combine this with Rain On A Tent (with slider animation!) whenever I'm having a particularly bad anxiety day. I immediately get less tense and have an easier time focusing on the world around me, rather than all of the negative thoughts.

 I suffer from IED (anger issues), and this helps me a lot when I have an attack, my breathing gets calmer and my mind clears all negative chaotic thoughts I might be having, the sound of thunder and gentle rain make me float away to a different, nicer world.

 Helps me focus on my writing and sets a mood as well. Helps me through panic attacks and episodes.

 Honestly just needed some loud rain and lots of thunder to relax. Helps calm my anxiety. <3

 I really like this, and have become addicted to the noise, haha. To be honest, this really helps me relax!

 This is ridiculously helpful for my ADD and soothing for my anxiety. 11/10 would recommend! I have my subwoofer on the floor by my feet and I can feel the rumbles, it's great for stimming! I love the animating sliders, it makes the sound dynamic so I don't get bored of it.

  I love a good rumble.

 This plus fire noise ambience is one of my favorite sounds ever.

 Thanks! Helped me a lot with my exams.

 This and the tin roof together reminds me of home. When ever I get homesick I put them on and I feel like I am at home.

 This goes so amazingly well with ambient artists' music, like Solar Fields or Brian Eno, it adds such an intriguing atmosphere and so many new layers to the music which drives me working for hours.

 Rain is one of those sounds that is just so calming, and peaceful to listen to. The thunder that accompanies it isn't too harsh, nor is it too quiet. This noise alone has helped with my focus, my mood, and helps empty my mind if I need to.

 It was really hard for me to concentrate on school work before using this. This helps me tune out outside noises and get lots of work done.

 I've been looking for thunder sounds of good quality and especially without rain for a while, finding only some repeating simple tracks on youtube. This, how ever, is a whole new level.

 Really good for sleeping and cooled me down in this boiling weather.

 This is honestly amazing. Helped me fall asleep within an hour, when normally I can't fall asleep for another three hours.

 Helps me to fall asleep during hot summer nights when I have to open the windows to get some cooler air into the attic, where I have my bedroom. The compressor of the air condition of the neighbour keeps me awake otherwise.

 Wow, this helped me fall fast asleep.

 I recreated the feel of a southern USA summer storm pretty well I think. Its great for writing and relaxing.

 Man, this generator is a life savior when you live in Paris, and you have to finish an article the very same day of the Football World Cup finale... France won, and everybody is partying under my windows... (yeaaah...I guess). By the way Dr. Pigeon: wonderful performance of the Diables Rouges!

 Just nice for the night.

 Really appreciate the ability to play with the sliders and achieve the perfect mix: heavy on the rumble and light on the rain hiss.

 I love to use this in combination with a solo sad violin to feel like a supervillain.

 These settings mixed with my settings on Tin Roof Rain have perfected back when I was younger sleeping on the couch in my sundeck on my grandmother's house. Amazing.

 School is difficult for me, and I get stressed out a lot. It's amazing to be able to listen to this, paired with Winter Walk, and let it take away my worries.

 This is perfect for writing background. It creates a busy atmosphere without anything strangely distracting. It's also super comforting - nothing like the sound of a storm to make you feel small!

 This plus Mournful Chimes is both soothing and focusing. It feels like being in some sort of gently spooky old house while listening to a nice summer rainstorm outside.

 It's rare for where I live to experience heavy rain, let alone thunder storms, so the sounds have always been so calming and mystifying for me. I love to hear the deep thrum of the rumble and thunder sliders while using headphones. So calming.

 Helps me fall asleep.

 I fall asleep to this almost every night. I love it!

 I enjoy writing, and it often helps for me to build sound to either help me focus or to help immerse me in the events that I'm writing. This combined with Ultimate Wind creates a perfect effect for me, as it sounds like a beautiful thunderstorm. It's amazing for concentration, and really helps get me into writing scenes taking place in the midst of a storm.

 When I feel sad or stressed out after a long day, this is my go to source of relaxation! I've always been in love with the sound of rain and thunder during the winter, it just sounds so surreal to me. Highly recommend this!

 It's great, helps me relax after a bad day.

 In this mild summer afternoon, Distant Thunder combined with Crystal Clear (Stream Water) - both at very low volume, recalls the memorized sensations of the afternoon light showers. Great feeling!

 Love this generator, especially on this setting! Lots of rumble, with just enough rain to mask the noise of my environment. I mix this with the Binaural Beat Machine for maximum focus or relaxation.

 Nothing better than creating my own super generator. Love the customization available. This is soo epic, I tell everyone about it.

 This takes me back to the time I used to travel by train to my grandparents as a kid during the rainy season. I remember spending hours just staring out the window with my mouth open, enthralled as a storm played out across empty lands the train passed through. Just me, and the storm.

 This is honestly one of the best websites ever. I've donated to them and will continue to donate as time goes by. It has helped me concentrate on homework, coding, and just about everything that requires relaxation.

 I love the sound, it's extremely relaxing. This website has a lot of better calming sounds than other websites. Heck, it's the BEST calm sounds website out there!

 This is my go-to noise generator on this site. I find it really relaxing and often have it going while listening to my creative list. I often pair it with Take it Easy and put both on Animate, and all of my stress and worry completely vanishes. My husband and I use this generator to relax. We both love it!

 Studying neuro-chemistry is dull work, but I could not make it fun by adding music because the lyrics and variable beats would distract me. This website was recommended to me by a friend who has a girlfriend that enjoys it a lot. I definitely can not imagine studying another way after getting used to this, thank you for the creation. You definitely earned my donation.

 Having found this is just so good. Seriously. I wish I found this site before. So tweakable, so flexible, so relaxing.

 I have insomnia, and the only times I am able to sleep well is when it is raining heavily. When I found this website, I was probably the happiest person on Earth. I listened to it with headphones that night, and it really worked. Ive been using this ever since.

 Loving the new Tape Speed Control function!

 I suffer from clinical depression. The nights are tough as that's when my depression tends to be the worst.While heavy rain makes me anxious thunder relaxes me, so this and some music is making me feel surreal.

 I use this app almost every single night. I used to lose a lot of sleep due to living in a house with a family who are all constantly getting up at all hours throughout the night as well as the morning. With different work schedules and sleep schedules I became frustrated. I was missing out on a good sleep and it was affecting me mentally as well as emotionally and at work. Not now! :)

 Rain down all the way, place animation on deep 0-150

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