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Wind, Rain & Distant Thunder
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Elemental Noises

Rain, thunder, and wind—these elemental sounds have echoed through the human experience for countless years. They touch something deep within us, offering comfort, sparking memories, and even helping us focus, relaxing or sleep.

When you hear the soft patter of rain against the window, or the rustling of leaves driven by the wind, it's as if nature itself is whispering to us. These sounds reconnect us to the earth, to a time when our lives were deeply entwined with the natural rhythms of the world.

But it's not just a sense of connection that these sounds offer. There's something inherently calming about them too. The gentle tap of raindrops or the soft murmur of wind serves as nature's own white noise. They help us drown out the clamor of the modern world, letting us concentrate better on tasks or drift off into a peaceful sleep.

And then there's the emotional depth—the heart-stopping boom of thunder or the haunting howl of wind. These sounds have the power to stir feelings within us, from awe to even a touch of fear, reminding us that we are part of something much larger than ourselves.

When we are indoors, safely sheltered from these forces, the sounds take on another dimension. They create a cozy ambiance that highlights the comfort and safety of our surroundings.

The default preset is dense and ideal for blocking external sounds. You can find alternative slider settings in the Preset list that offer softer mixes, well-suited for sleep.

These sounds were recorded during various sessions in the course of 2021, mostly in my backyard in Belgium, but also in Sacramento, USA, around the home of Mike Paul, a good friend of myNoise.

Published by Stéphane on January 10th, 2022

User Stories

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  Thank you for making this website. I genuinely struggle to study and sleep often but when I put on one of the noises I get some relief.

  i like rain :)

  i took ritalin and put on my usual adhd focus music but still couldn't get anywhere with my stupid essay. It felt like I needed all the noise in the world to finally sort my stupid brain out and let me focus and this really helped. Clearly didn't solve everything since i'm here writing this instead of working but i'm having an especially bad day so the site is still super useful, thank you.

  I have adhd and am a softdev. Recently people's voices while I am trying to get into focus mode in an open-office space has been getting worse. This is my new voice blocker. - Snow

  I have tinnitus and this is the best thing ever for me when it comes to going to sleep. The storm is fully customizable! Better than just a recording, and it never ends! Hunting for the perfect storm recording is tedious; an hour into a recording could hold a part that's too loud or has an annoying frequency. You won't have that with this because you can simply turn that particular frequency down.

  I am a software developer with ADHD. This sound helps me focus!

  I love all the calming sounds of nature. They allow me to stay focused while juggling life as a busy mom and professional.

  Blocks out noise perfectly.

  As someone who feels hyperactive and doesn't concentrate on their work easily, this tool is very helpful. It really helps me focus on my work and ignore the outside world, especially since my classroom is noisy sometimes. Very helpful tool for studying!


  I'm sad, really sad. I'll soon have to go through a huge change in my life but for now, I have to keep up with schoolwork and life. This has helped immensely since I've been having trouble focusing because of all the stress. Thank you so much for letting me listen and let out my inner storm.

  When my roommate is snoring, I am opening this. It helps me a lot. I can concentrate on my work with this.

  I use it frequently since I discovered it on Twitter. I'm far from home, alone in a flat in the middle of a noisy city where I don't speak the native language... This helps me forget about all that and focus on what needs to be done.

  Actually worked really well for drawing, I find it hard to focus when I'm drawing and yet this absolutely made me lock in. Good stuff.

  I'm ADHD and have 4 siblings, 3 of which are below the age of 10 so this really helps my focus. Thank you!

  This helped me a lot with studying and learning, but most of all is that it’s so relaxing!

  Super helpful for studying!!

  I like it because it helped me calm down due to something that is happening currently. Someone I know and many other kids in my school know is hopefully outside a school that is mostly on fire. I was so worried about them that when I went to the restroom I teared up (cried) for a split second in the stall.

  I'm in the middle of a severe anxiety attack because my 50+ years of ADHD and AET won't let me deal with health issues of family members easily. The Wind & Rain Storm is one of the sounds that help me cope.

  Person below me, I get where you're coming from absolutely. Similar problem with focus, similar "I don't think I have ADHD" conclusion, and for me at least a lot of counterproductive feelings that I don't have an "excuse" for not being good at study, keeps you down. Ambient rain noise doesn't just fix anything, but I'm confident in saying it's served as a great foundation for progress.

  I've been struggling with studies my whole life, to the point it's making me feel dreadfully depressed. I don't know what is wrong with me; I don't think I have ADHD or some other things, so I've started discussing my problem just now at age 21 with my phsychologist. We'll see if I can sort myself out... But this helped me study immensely. Thank you endlessly.

  Heavy on the thunder and the white noise of the rain. Makes it easier for me to concentrate while I write this dissertation.

  I, as a student with very high ADHD, this works miracles. I listen to it when doing anything during my classes. It helps me focus way better. I definitely recommend.

  Rain, wind and thunder at anytime is my cup of coffee before and after a stressful day, better than any music.

  I am a huge fan of Thunderstorm sounds, and the animations give me a really nice flexibility in having a soundscape that keeps me engaged, calm, and focused. I love this website!!!!!

  I have really bad noise sensitivities and its very easy to become overwhelmed by certain sounds, and so being able to control exactly which noises are played and the volume at which they are is wonderful in a way I can't describe. Love this site.

  I have both ADHD and autism, so sometimes I struggle with focusing on tasks that I don't necessarily want to do. This helped me focus for long enough to write the longest essay I have in a while, and drowned out the background noises of a home with many children, so thank you.

  My apartment has a pretty severe sound issue -- the only wall in the entire place that has windows is made to vibrate by the HVAC connected to the downstairs diner kitchen I live over. It runs from 6:00 am to sometimes as late as 4:00pm and it drives me up the wall -- I am constantly chasing sound. Imagine my surprise when this drowned it out immediately - disguising it as part of the storm.

  Oh man! It was a hectic weekend and I only could sleep at midnight. I had a tremendous amount of dopamine released and I, of course couldn’t sleep. I tried other files until 00:50, until I decided on this, which is helping me a lot to wind down.

  This literally turned my focus on the MAX! Thank you so much.

  In a country where the pressure on young adolescents for good grades is unbelievably high, and the standards for universities can barely be reached, studying is absolutely necessary for students such as myself must work really hard. Noises such as those really do help me keep my focus high and sharp.

  This is the only sound I have found to actually help me stay focused on school. After years of looking for the right study music and sounds that don't distract me, its been a relief to use this sound!

  This is just amazing helps with schoolwork especially with headphones this is only time this helps me focus

  My brain thinks overworkings okay and I have severe ADHD so this helps a lot. I’m writing a story and it helps stay concentrated.

  Beside helping adding some calm noise to my eerily quiet bedroom, this somehow helps me very much in concentrating to a task — studying, drawing, or other activities. Thank you very much for this!

  I'm writing my master's dissertation with this as background noise. It's helping me keep on track like nothing else has. My ADHD brain is so grateful – thank you!

  When I put everything at max it makes me feel like I am in my home country El Salvador.

  This sound is really helping me to study for exams without getting too much distracted. And this sound gives me a calm feeling.

  I personally use the brown noise setting as it reminds me of a long car ride in the rain and helps me focus very well :3 (I also pair the noise with music <3)

  I am a student with ADHD and this machine just helps me in every way possible. Well done.

  This helps me stay calm, rain just fixes me. Love it!

  I absolutely love this platform, the rain, the thunder, everything is just best for studying/sleeping.

  Thank You sooo much for this website, and all the noises. It is just so relaxing. Sorry that I can't donate to you, I am an 8th grader so I don't really have money, if I could I would.

  Helps me focus in class!

  This is the sound I use as a background to read books. The sound of rain as I take a deep breath and relax into my chair with a good book and a drink with my dogs by my side. This sound is just perfect for me and I hope you like it <3

  Honestly rain as always had this calming effect on me. It’s awesome to have a site where I can get my fix of rain.

  This helps me to focus in school. Thanks.

  The sound is so soothing! AND the parameter animations also make it better by naturally giving off the irregular phases of rain, but here, the rain is unstoppable unlike reality. It's a very good and soothing generator! LOVED THE WORK! <3

  College student here, this made me feel more productive, and it even stopped distracting me! Whenever I need to study, this website ALWAYS helps me out.

  Wonderful for writing, especially if I'm going for a gloomy atmosphere. Helps to put me in the mood and to drown out the lawnmowers outside.

  Highly recommend this website, I am now able to focus more easily and go to sleep without the hassle. Thank you for creating this website, and the lack of ads helps to not wonder off and end up being distracted.

  I have autism and get easily overstimulated with too much or too little noise. This hits the spot, and turns my brain into a nice little zen mode where I can focus. I love it!

  This noise helped me focus a lot more than without it. Thank you so much!

  This generator is awesome so far. I really like having the ability to adjust certain aspects of the rain noise, since I particularly enjoy the sound of the wind and rain drops, but find the sizzling and thunder sounds a little distracting.

  Wind & Rain Storm noise helps me go to sleep at night.

  My Bedroom is right at the front of the house, so all that stands between me and a storm outside is a window. I made this mix to perfectly mimic the sound of a Florida storm hitting my window, and it's both calming enough to sleep too, and loud enough to keep me engaged while studying. I freaking LOVE this website - YasukeKensei

  This is so good one can only describe it as making me mind go from BARK BARK VDFNJGIOG to a calm peaceful "I am zen" area. I love this website so much it helps me focus on all my school work <3

  I have inattentive ADD; before this was labelled as an ADHD helper; I'd use it in the background with sound proof-headphones at work. I'm too distracted when others start talking, so this works PERFECTLY. My day typically goes 100,000 mph, so having this playing is a great calming. Thank you.

  This is a huge help for when I cant focus on something or when my house is too quiet. Thank you :)

  This sound stops the voices in my head.

  As a student with ADHD this helps so much! I can turn in my work on time everytime because it makes my mind go silent.

  Ive written on this 1 or 2 times already, but DANG, how freaking authentic this is... The porch rain is nearly exact to what I head pouring off the deck roof. I SWEAR that bird occasionally chirping is the same one in my yard. And the wind, THE THUNDER! I love how it's not surprising even though I don't have anxiety with this.. Very thoughtful. Probably keeps me asleep this way.

  The rainfall noise particularly has been amazing at calming my aging ADHD mind. There's a particular frequency of high pitched raindrops that brings me back to memories as a small child, sitting in the garage on lawn chairs with my father, watching the rain. This brings me back to how I felt then. Thank you.

  I can't donate being a minor, so this is the best I can do for you. This gets me to sleep surprisingly faster than without this--or even sounds from YouTube!

  The rain and thunder sounds are relaxing. I'm a student with ADHD and this helps me focus. Thank you.

  Very nice, peaceful, good variation in the wind sound keeps my ears from ringing. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  I can't believe this works so well. Thank you!

  I don't have ADHD but this is still useful music to me beacause I have very hard homework. Being an 8 year old who has to do fractions isn't easy you know!

  I get quite distracted when I am studying, even when I am without any electronics I will tend to get distracted, this rain sounds really helps me to focus more and finish off my goals.

  I like putting this on while watching YouTube or listening to music as a nice backdrop. I also struggle with ADHD and putting this on while listening to instrumentals really helps with my focus

  I have adhd and often find hard to focus while studying and calm rain makes it easy to focus, reminds me of the days I used to read books while it rained outside.

  I commented on Distant Thunder about how it reminded me of spending time with my family during a rainy night on the deck... This is SO nice to pair it with, especially with Porch Rain!

  I use this to help with sensory problems. Thank you :)

  This is one of the only things that drowns out my non-stop endomusia.

  My company with mathematics assignments is this website!

  This noise is my favorite on this website because it sounds calm relaxing and smooth.

  This sound is absolutely amazing for when you wanna relax with a good book and need juuuuust the right atmosphere.

  I've used Stormy Weather many times in the past, but I found even better results using this and Purrli, also made by Dr. Pigeon. Having a sleepy cat purring while hearing rain is like nothing else on this planet, and somehow the two combined made it possible.

  Like sitting on my porch watching the storm break... Currently helping me write an essay. Thank you Dr. Pigeon!

  This setting is amazing. It reminds me of being back in Florida where the thunderstorms were magical. Southern California needs storms like this. Add a calm Binaural Beat Machine setting and you'll be relaxed in no time.

  This one is a favorite for the office - can concentrate on projects without distraction. The continual change of balance between the sounds really makes it so lifelike.

  This was a nice one! Reminds me a bit of those monsoon type storms in Phoenix when I lived there. I like that it doesn't have those harsh thunder sounds.

  Love this one for studying. Thanks!

  I get severe anxiety when people are setting off fireworks around the 4th of July--this helped block out some of the noise and also made the loud sounds less scary. Thanks so much!

  It's really interesting how sound and memories work. One of my first memories is of being four and watching a storm raging outside, the mist of forceful droplets hitting the street far away and catching on the wind, just barely caressing my skin through an open door; my mom looking at me and asking what I'm doing as she snugs a puffy gilet around my body. I'm cold, but also warm.

  This site is a blessing. Thank you for the bottom of my heart.

  I love this generator! I have always found the sound of a storm whilst you are inside very calming and this is perfect for blocking noise in an open plan office.

  Every time the storm swells, my body automatically cycles a deep breath in and out. It's very calming.

  I'm studying for an exam in a room with some rowdy people, and this is working like a charm to block them out, keep me focused, and ease my stress.

  The stormy weather with increased droplets noise creates more depth and noise-blocking power than the other rain/thunder noises for me. I like to pair it with an acoustic or piano noise such as Mr. Rhodes or the Pilgrim. I have autism and the noises on this site help me so much at work!

  Absolutely my favourite one on here! I adore the sound of rain, and especially storms. Except I feel we don't get them super frequently here in Ontario. Whenever it rains, I feel so motivated! So this really, really helps. I could listen to this forever.

  This tip may have been published before, and if so, I'm sorry. You can go nuts trying to add hemi-sync brainwave signals, a white noise source such as Stormy Weather, and a music track like Pandora.Com playing Steve Halpern's meditation music. Once started, the trick is to simply adjust the sound levels of the two programs as they play together (only slightly tricky) and bingo, you've got it!

  This reminds me of the beautiful rainstorms in Florida. It's beautiful.

  Helped calm my anxiety so I could focus.

  This is so soothing!

  Sacramento native here - new favorite generator :) Sounds so familiar and comforting, I love it!

  It's been dry here in NZ for weeks and I love the rain so this sound is very welcome. Thank you Stephane and Mike <3

  It is amazing. Calms me right down.

  This really helps with my tinnitus and sensory problems. Thanks :3

  As peaceful as evening rain and sunset light on fresh spring leaves, sweet warm petrichor rising gently from the ground.

  Very calming and nice. Thanks.

  Just what the doctor ordered.

  Another beauty! Love this for studying :)

  Wow! I think I've forgotten just how soothing this stuff is! I turned this generator on for some background noise while watching a video lesson and my brain just spaced out for a second!

  Perfect! Thx Dr. Stephane :-)

  Wow, this helps me focus a lot! Thank you.