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Stormy Weather
Wind, Rain & Distant Thunder
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A Best Of

Rain, thunder, and wind are among the most popular sounds on myNoise. There is a good reason for this: mixed together, they excel at blocking noises across the entire hearing range, from the rumble of music playing in the apartment next door to the highest frequencies of tinnitus.

In addition to noise reduction, these sounds are also a favorite of many listeners when they wish to relax and calm down. They are the equivalent of a blanket for your ears when it is time to go to sleep.

The default preset is dense and ideal for blocking external sounds. Different slider combinations are available in the Preset list will provide quieter mixes, ideal for sleep.

These sounds were recorded during various sessions in the course of 2021, mostly in my backyard in Belgium, but also in Sacramento, USA, around the home of Mike Paul, a good friend of myNoise.

Published on January 10th, 2022

User Stories

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  I like putting this on while watching YouTube or listening to music as a nice backdrop. I also struggle with ADHD and putting this on while listening to instrumentals really helps with my focus

  I have adhd and often find hard to focus while studying and calm rain makes it easy to focus, reminds me of the days I used to read books while it rained outside.

  I commented on Distant Thunder about how it reminded me of spending time with my family during a rainy night on the deck... This is SO nice to pair it with, especially with Porch Rain!

  I use this to help with sensory problems. Thank you :)

  This is one of the only things that drowns out my non-stop endomusia.

  My company with mathematics assignments is this website!

  This noise is my favorite on this website because it sounds calm relaxing and smooth.

  This sound is absolutely amazing for when you wanna relax with a good book and need juuuuust the right atmosphere.

  I've used Stormy Weather many times in the past, but I found even better results using this and Purrli, also made by Dr. Pigeon. Having a sleepy cat purring while hearing rain is like nothing else on this planet, and somehow the two combined made it possible.

  Like sitting on my porch watching the storm break... Currently helping me write an essay. Thank you Dr. Pigeon!

  This setting is amazing. It reminds me of being back in Florida where the thunderstorms were magical. Southern California needs storms like this. Add a calm Binaural Beat Machine setting and you'll be relaxed in no time.

  This one is a favorite for the office - can concentrate on projects without distraction. The continual change of balance between the sounds really makes it so lifelike.

  This was a nice one! Reminds me a bit of those monsoon type storms in Phoenix when I lived there. I like that it doesn't have those harsh thunder sounds.

  Love this one for studying. Thanks!

  I get severe anxiety when people are setting off fireworks around the 4th of July--this helped block out some of the noise and also made the loud sounds less scary. Thanks so much!

  It's really interesting how sound and memories work. One of my first memories is of being four and watching a storm raging outside, the mist of forceful droplets hitting the street far away and catching on the wind, just barely caressing my skin through an open door; my mom looking at me and asking what I'm doing as she snugs a puffy gilet around my body. I'm cold, but also warm.

  This site is a blessing. Thank you for the bottom of my heart.

  I love this generator! I have always found the sound of a storm whilst you are inside very calming and this is perfect for blocking noise in an open plan office.

  Every time the storm swells, my body automatically cycles a deep breath in and out. It's very calming.

  I'm studying for an exam in a room with some rowdy people, and this is working like a charm to block them out, keep me focused, and ease my stress.

  The stormy weather with increased droplets noise creates more depth and noise-blocking power than the other rain/thunder noises for me. I like to pair it with an acoustic or piano noise such as Mr. Rhodes or the Pilgrim. I have autism and the noises on this site help me so much at work!

  Absolutely my favourite one on here! I adore the sound of rain, and especially storms. Except I feel we don't get them super frequently here in Ontario. Whenever it rains, I feel so motivated! So this really, really helps. I could listen to this forever.

  This tip may have been published before, and if so, I'm sorry. You can go nuts trying to add hemi-sync brainwave signals, a white noise source such as Stormy Weather, and a music track like Pandora.Com playing Steve Halpern's meditation music. Once started, the trick is to simply adjust the sound levels of the two programs as they play together (only slightly tricky) and bingo, you've got it!

  This reminds me of the beautiful rainstorms in Florida. It's beautiful.

  Helped calm my anxiety so I could focus.

  This is so soothing!

  Sacramento native here - new favorite generator :) Sounds so familiar and comforting, I love it!

  It's been dry here in NZ for weeks and I love the rain so this sound is very welcome. Thank you Stephane and Mike <3

  It is amazing. Calms me right down.

  This really helps with my tinnitus and sensory problems. Thanks :3

  As peaceful as evening rain and sunset light on fresh spring leaves, sweet warm petrichor rising gently from the ground.

  Very calming and nice. Thanks.

  Just what the doctor ordered.

  Another beauty! Love this for studying :)

  Wow! I think I've forgotten just how soothing this stuff is! I turned this generator on for some background noise while watching a video lesson and my brain just spaced out for a second!

  Perfect! Thx Dr. Stephane :-)

  Wow, this helps me focus a lot! Thank you.