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The Rain on your Tent, without the Damp Shirt

You are lying under a tarp tent, listening to the rain gently fall overhead as the rain falls from the sky, drips off of trees above, and lands on your tent. This particular sound will bring back memories for many who used to go camping as children. It also helps to keep things in perspective, reminding us that sometimes, the real comfort can be as simple as having shelter for the night, especially when it starts to rain!

Try combining this generator with our Jungle Life for a truly immersive experience.

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

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  This particular soundscape is set as my bookmark. I'm a software engineer and have been using (and supporting) this website for years now. It helps me keep calm when working and sometimes reading a book! Have a nice day :)

  As a kid my dad would take me to the Glastonbury music festival every year and I would love it when it rained on our tent. I've taken to having this playing on my browser with my metal playlist on Spotify to recreate the noise of the concerts in the distance partying on until morning while we slept. This has helped me find my happy place once again. Thank you, myNoise.

  Helps me actually focus on prepping the D&D campaign I promised I would run.

  This helps me calm down so much. I recommend finding a good calm piano track and listening to it with this for a great experience.

  A truly beautiful and relaxing sound. When I was little, my mother would take us for a 2-week camping trip to get away from everything. I'd hope for rain every day, so that I could lie in my tent listening to it. Whether it was going through the car wash, or opening my windows wide when it rained, I've always loved the sound of natural rain. Few things sound as relaxing as rain on a tent.

  Absolutely amazing. Reminds me of sitting in the back seat of a car, half asleep, on a dark rainy night.

  This level of customisation is perfect and I'm grateful for this website.

  This is actually super useful, no more rain videos on youtube.

  This is like a head massage, calms me down every time with no doubt and enables me to power through long study sessions without a headache.

  So soothing, it blocks out the sound of traffic and lulls me back to nature. It's hot here right now so I can only dream of cleansing rain to lift the pressure. I imagine I am beneath a canopy of leaves, lying on the soft forest floor on a warm night.

  This is the best if your trying to focus in a noisy environment. I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks so much makers!!!

  I get a sort of low, euphoric feeling, one that settles deep in my throat. The soft, insistent patter of rain beats against the roof of my tent, and while I worry it may soak through, I am at peace with the sounds and feelings of the rain falling around me. Quietly, I lay my head down on my pillow, drawing the covers up to my chin. My eyes feel heavy, and I fall asleep with a sense of tranquility.

  Soothes my finite Soul, Thank You!

  This is helping me relax for my exam tomorrow.

  Love to listen to this when studying to help me focus.

  It is great for sleep. I use it every night!

  This track really helps with my insomnia and calming down my anxiety whenever I feel overwhelmed. I absolutely love it.

  I'm listening to this when I was coding. I recommend opening a piano piece and listening to "Rain on a Tent" at the same time. Great website!

  I can only imagine this exact noise as I'm lying down in a tent with my boyfriend after a long night of stargazing. Truly beautiful.

  I love this generator, it helps drown out my sad thoughts and let me concentrate on schoolwork.

  Great for class! Really helping my anxiety.

  I have a migrane and this is helping.

  My 1 year old sleeps for 3 hours with rain on a tent. Thanks! It's really important for the baby to sleep a lot you know...

  Fantastic. I softened the generator and then pumped up the thunder a little. Bliss.

  Tinnitus, adhd, depression, anxiety, whatever I may be experiencing or feeling right now is washed away with this. Many thanks.

  Sometimes I need a break from the world, rain on a tent with a pair of headphones gives me that. As someone who has tinnitus, this has become the ultimate form of therapy. Not only that but it gives me peace and separation from an overwhelming life as a graduate student. I feel that donating is a strong investment towards my mental well-being and because this website is truly something special.

  zu'u lahney fah hin. This is the best, thank you. We usually love the lower end of the spectrum (brown noise) and the thunder is just saccharine! The perfect "in a corner, near the window, reading a book" scenario. - many thanks, z [omega system]

  This is being my companion now as I go to sleep. I set my pc on timer and combine this one with distant thunder. Even my dog loves it. She breathes a huge sigh of contentment as soon as she hears the first sound of rain or thunder. I encourage all admirers of this wonderful site to contribute, even if very little, so that it can keep on running and providing us all with much needed therapy.

  I work from home, but my house is not empty. So I've found the Rain on a Tent generator to be a perfect companion to my noise cancelling headphones. I feel so in peace and so focused, untroubled by anything going on around the house; constantly doing my best work because of this site <3

  I absolutely love this site in general, and Rain On a Tent is my go-to. I use it alone or in conjunction with lo-fi tracks streamed from Spotify. It really helps reduce my anxiety, overwhelm, and distractability. I have untreated ADHD and myNoise helps me overcome executive dysfunction.

  Honestly, I feel like that at this point I should mention Dr. Pigeon in my graduation speech. I've long since lost count on how many painful assignments gotten finished thanks to this site, and often this specific generator. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  I use it to read books with some soundtrack. It's really helpful for reading.

  This was great. I usually can't focus on anything I'm reading, and listening to this doesn't make me concentrate any better, but I like feeling like I'm procrastinating in a thunderstorm, rather than in the bathroom.

  I'm an anxiety-ridden boy and this helps me sleep. The noise relaxes me so much! From the rumble of thunder to the soft pitter-patter of the rain. This, along with the cold winter air, and the soft glow of a salt lamp brings me to a world of calm.

  This particular generator, along with the bamboo chime one, got me through college with undiagnosed ADHD. Even now, on proper meds, this is so incredibly soothing I keep coming back when I write. Thank you for giving me somewhere calm to settle my mind.

  For sleep, for focus, for ADHD.

  Thank you so much. I have ADHD and this helps a lot.

  Truly relaxing. I have not slept this well. Thank you.

  Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

  Perfect for sleep when imagining rain out of my bedroom window.

  I love ambient sounds and noises. Rain on a Tent might be my all time favorite and it works incredibly well with Jungle Life and Chapel Voices. I haven't felt more relaxed in a long time since listening to this. Thank you so much!

  I am a student at One School and I am at that age where work starts getting marked (Excellence, Merit and N) My friend noticed me falling behind and asked me to try out this website. So I did and the results were immediate! Thank you so so so much Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon! You have saved not only my grades, but my ability to focus!

  I have tinnitus and this sound really helps me cover my specific pitch! I fall asleep to it every night .

  I use this generator with Hurricane Irma and White Noise when I work. Calming and noise cancelling at the same time!

  At first I thought: ok that's not gonna work, I’m listening to ambient noises about 4 years now and I can see the difference! Thanks very much.

  As a sound designer, I find the ability to dial in exactly how to tune out the world extremely satisfying. It helps me focus on work and is relaxing to no end.

  Just found the site, and tried the Rain on a Tent during a terrible ADHD episode: mind starts showing lots of random images, like a crazy videoclip I did not want to watch. The sound helps. A LOT.

  Sleeping will hopefully be easier with this in my ears!

  This brings me back to sitting on a watch post in the military and hearing the rain hit my gore tex hood.

  Relaxing. I love this one!

  This really helps me get through migraine attacks. You can't imagine how grateful I am! Perfect ASMR by nature.

  The way I can make such peaceful and relaxing sounds is great!

  This is incredible for blocking out my neighbor's constantly barking dog, thank you!

  Using for homework - I love the sound of rain but it doesn't rain much where I live, so thank you.

  This noise helps me sleep on days my parents are fighting. I love the nose it makes when the rain hits the tent. Thank you soooo much for creating this sound!

  I discovered the 3 most extreme left slides relaxes my dog. If he is whining and a bother, within 1-3 minutes he will settle and lay down unless he needs something else.

  I love this website so much. This particular sound takes me somewhere so soothing. Thank you!

  On first listen, Rain On A Tent has cured my PTSD fear of going to bed/to sleep. The gentle variation in rhythm and pitch of the drops hitting a small space inside the canvas hides me from those who would harm me.

  Its just unbelievable and epic.The rain sounds help me a lot while doing or preparing for a maths test...

  Absolutely wonderful! This rain sound never fails to help me sleep at night. I often have the slider settings on 'subtle' so the sound is reasonably consistent throughout. I advise anyone reading this to check out the rest of the sampled sounds on the website - I shall also be making a donation on account of how much I love this particular sample. Thank you!

  This amazing, I have it when it closes you can here heavy rain but when it a distance, it sounds like it light. I love it

  This is amazing and soothing. It helps a lot when I'm trying to drone out others to focus.

  One of my favourite sounds to help me sleep. It reminds me of going camping in the summers. Disconnecting from technology, reconnecting with nature and friends and resetting my circadian rhythm.

  Reminds me of when I visited the Falkland Isles after the war. A desolate but beautiful place, we had set up a tent for the night in a dark corner of the countryside and these rain sounds bring me right back like I was there.

  Great for falling asleep.

  Good for falling asleep in unfamiliar places. Whenever I travel it's always a little hard to fall asleep at the end of the night in a completely different hotel but when I play the rain sounds it really helps me relax and fall asleep.

  I loved the rain sounds, reminds me of the summer I spent in a broken down van in Anchorage, Alaska. Just need to add the sound of the truck stop crapper and it is like I never left.

  With this rain sounds, our productivity rate has increased approximately 23%

  Only thing missing is the smell of petrichor...

  This has become one of my go-to noises for going to sleep. I like the white noise with just a little gentle pitter-patter of rain on the tent.

  This generator gives me soft tingles from time to time while I study, it feels incredibly good!

  i thik grey noise is the best.

  PLUS: when the signal's fed from my ChromeOS >>> DAC >>> tube headamp >>> HD650 headphones, it's a sureal experience. My listening nook can parse out suboptimal sources -- that's NOT the case with mynoise dot net. I'd argue my streams are audiophile quality! The UI sliders allow me to alter frequencies to mask the tinitus plaguing my right ear. MINUS: the AndroidOS app isn't stable. Pity.

  This website is absolutely beautiful and amazing.

  I just discovered this and it's amazing! I hope other people like my settings.

  i can sleep now.

  This is amazing. It really helps me relax if I’m feeling anxious, or perhaps concentrate if I need to do a project.

  Fantastic sounds! Love camping in the rain.

  This on animate, Saharan Caravan on Convoy and low Wooden Chimes, and I'm transported into my own magical world. It's like settling to sleep in a cluttered horse-pulled wagon on the way to the next fair.

  Really makes me feel like I'm there. Nostalgia of holidays in a caravan with an outer tent.

  So comforting. I have memories of sitting on my covered back porch, listening to the rain and enjoying the cool breeze it brought along. This sound profile calms my anxiety while allowing me to focus. Thank you!

  I listen to it with Irish Coast; love the combo!

  Listen to this w/Jungle life and turn up the frog filter. It helps a lot for studies. I have ADHD btw.

  Excellent concentration during work with earphones!

  Helps me get some restful sleep and helps me during high anxiety and panic attacks. Especially love that it's adjustable to make it exactly what I want to hear at any given time.

  It helps me zleeep.

  This is my fav generator on this app. It brings me back to when I was is girl scouts and we went camping and I prayed for rain and God heard my voice and maid it rain. Thank you for making that happen again <3

  The best time of my life went to a place and slept over night, it rained but it was lovely, thank you for making it happen again. <3

  Doe the tinnitus treatment files work? Hard to say (it won't hurt you). My primary go-to file is "Rain On A Tent". I paid both for the full iOS version and donated a token to this website. The only other online meditation-based program that's better is Headspace. Two very different products (Headspace has more muffled, less-detailed natural sounds). No regrets.

  Rain pitter-pattering on the tent roof you cuddle over to your companion and drift into deep wholesome sleep warm and safe from the storm, letting it calm and relax you.

  It helps me and Abby sleep every night. I just can't get enough of the sound of the rain hitting the tent roof!

  Hear me call to you. Know my love is spiritually pure. Deep in the blue sea. Come and stay with me. It's ok you are safe with me so come take my hand. Let us leave this land. Let us dream of peace. I call forth the ocean to set you free. Listen to my lullaby. And together we say goodnight. My angel don't you cry. Time to say good night. It's time to say good night.

  So calming and soothing. One of my fav generators on here.

  The first time I used this I was knocked out completely and entered a very deep sleep! I've always been restless but this noise really helped!

  I couldn't relax for the life of me while I had the stomach flu. This is helping me chill out in between naps.

  Great sound. Love it combined with Japanese Garden.

  I love you Dr. Ir. S. Pigeon! Best site eveeerrrrrrrrrr :) I'm bipolar and it helps me to calm my mania state.

  I'm obsessed with storms and rain and it just calms me down, so this sound is really helping me study right now. It's very calming and the splatter onto the tent sounds really nice!

  I love it! Helps me study a lot!

  Ever since discovering this lovely website, I have had rain on a tent + white rain combined every single night while I sleep. Thank you, god bless. I have never slept better in my entire life. I love opening the window on rainy days while they're playing as well. Pure bliss.

  Working in an open office, this is the perfect undisturbing, noise cancelling and peaceful backdrop!

  This puts my mind at ease after a long day and get ready to introspect and/or sleep.

  I love listening to this while studying!

  Love love loooove this generator. It's like instant travel to the simple joys in youth and the most serene introspection in adulthood. Great when paired with outdoor atmospherics, like Meadow Land or Primeval Forest.

  The rain used to scare me at night but now it's very peaceful.

  When I was younger I was in boy scouts, at night after dinner around the fire I'd curl up in my sleeping bag, in my tent, and pray for it to rain so I could fall asleep to the drops hitting the rain fly. Now I just click on Rain on a Tent and calibrate and I'm right there, back in my tent.

  Frankly, I've had a terrible day, but this mix made it just a little better.

  This noise really helps me to sleep at night. I really enjoy it, lol may be I'll sleep in a real tent one day.

  This feels nice. Haven’t felt fine in a while now... :)

  I have a distinct memory of a camping trip from my childhood. It had rained in the night, and it was cold and wet and miserable, but I slept through it all because of the sound of the rain on the tent.

  The sound of rain helps me focus on my work.

  Very calming and realistic. And when paired with nature noises and/or fireplace it really helps me feel at peace.

  This mixed with Duduk Song is incredible. It has kind of a sad vibe but it helps me study.

  I don't go camping, but I love the sound of falling water. This website and the app are my saving grace so I don't have to run the shower to produce this soothing sound. Saves my water bill too.

  Goodness, this is so shooting, it helps me sleep when I'm feeling restless and anxious. It makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a forest, camping, with only the rain and the moon as my company. Incredible.

  This website is absolutely amazing! Even within this one rain generator nearly endless variations are possible and all sound awesome. myNoise - a continuously growing masterpiece.

  I love having this bring me down from any anxiety issues or having it sooth me as I do typing work. As someone with ADHD it helps me focus and reminds me of the cozy sounds of Oregon rain.

  This is my absolute, most favorite sleep soundtrack. It's cozy, soothing, realistic.

  I love this one with the fireplace. Just feels so at home.

  Best rain simulation I've ever found. I am obsessed with listening to rain as I find it soothing and often helps me not murder people nearby eating too loud :) So I have tried hundreds of simulators - this is Superior in every way. Come pay day I am donating and loading my own file - very excited about that! Thank you for your amazing work!

  My room is at the front of my house, on the top floor, so when it rains in winter/spring it sounds like a surround-sound version of this, and it's so relaxing. I'm an insomniac, so it helps me very much with sleep. In the summer, I miss it greatly, and I found this soundscape recently, and I love it! I listen to it to help with writing, and when school starts, I will definitely use this! <3

  This one helps me so much to focus during work, excellent!

  This generator is by far my favorite! I use it for sleep, but it also helps my mind relax so that I can immerse myself in novels easier! Thanks a ton for all the work that you put into this site!

  Very nice ambiance, really helps me focus when I need to.

  When it's sunny in Seattle, this is what I reach for. Sometimes when it's raining, too. <3 Thank you, Stphane.

  This helps calm me down whenever I get too overwhelmed. I can just pretend I'm somewhere else or write a story without distraction :D

  The internet is full of rain recordings and white noise generators but nothing comes close to the quality of Dr. Stphane Pigeon's gorgeous soundscapes that can be customized to your sound system and your ears.

  This is legit so peaceful an relaxing. Would 100

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