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Forêt Ouareau
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Dropping rigs and collecting them back!

This soundscape will immerse you in the heart of Ouareau Regional Park. The source recordings were collected more than a year ago, during a sampling session in Quebec, in May 2022.

To capture these sounds, I employed the drop-rig field recording technique: during hikes, I strategically place recorders in concealed locations and let them run autonomously for extended periods, typically spanning a day and night. This approach ensures pristine and undisturbed captures, but generates a significant amount of data that requires thorough review and editing. I have recently completed this task, uncovering delightful discoveries in the process. As a result, you can expect the release of additional captivating forest soundscapes in the near future!

To fully appreciate the rich quality of these recordings, I recommend using a good pair of headphones. View my recommendations here.

Published on August 16th, 2023

User Stories

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  Amazing! Very soothing! I could listen to it ALL DAY :)

  Slightly off topic, but I LOVE this site's calibration option. My headphones are terrible quality, and half the time the sound is all wrong. The calibration fixes this problem. Back to this generator. It's amazing! I live in North America, so it's really nice to be able to hear native wildlife in times when the birds aren't singing naturally.

  That background picture and the blur is just beautiful.

  'Night tone' is the sound of Spring Peepers-a small tree frog. Always something to look forward to in the early spring, but can be quite deafening up close.

  Just perfect for shutting out the noise of office chatter :-)

  Thank you so much for this. This is the one I've been waiting for. A perfect North American forest full of frogs and birds I might hear outside my window. As a hobbyist birder, the "foreign" birds in the other gens distract me (silly I know!). This one is pure peace.

  I spent my childhood weekends in this region of Quebec and went skiing there last winter. Thank you for this wonderful soundscape! Merci beaucoup!

  Wood Frogs ("frogs" & "more frogs") are my favorite! <3 You captured 2 of the 3 early spring species. Thank you for sampling in North America - This sounds like home.

  Just wonderful, thank you! I pull up my work, turn this on, and my brain switches into flow state :)

  The names... "frogs" "more frogs" "other frogs"

  Without myNoise the open plan office would be unbearable. Not only can I dial in all tracks so that they exactly overlay the external noises but -oh boy- are the "noise" tracks high quality. It's really appreciated!

  This sounds like my childhood - growing up around the Sierra Nevadas. Yosemite will always be a special place to me and this reminds me of it.

  A truly wonderful mix of sounds that you can listen to for hours! So much to be found from moving the sliders on this one.


  So calming, so lovely. Thank you for all your work!