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Nature Sounds from a European Primeval Forest

A third of Europe is covered by forests, most of them plantations or secondary growth, having been logged sometime in the last few hundred years. This soundscape has been recorded in the Bieszczady National Park — one of the few remaining primeval forests in Europe — during my sampling session in Poland. Bieszczady is located at the extreme south-east corner of Poland, bordering Slovakia and Ukraine. The park and its surroundings are part of the wider UNESCO East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, an area of land where the woods are mostly natural.

If you are wondering how the bird flapping sounds were recorded, as well as the other animal sounds: by hiding recorders in the forest and leaving them running for 24-hours continuously, without any human presence. Behind-the-scene pictures are available here.

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  I grew up in city, however, the Forest sounds give me immediate peace of mind. The expression "it's music to my ears" is the description to this website. I recommend every day this noise generator to someone, whether a friend or a colleague.

  While sitting in an office building I like to set it to match the weather outside as best as possible. For example, today in Boise it is sunny in late spring and with little wind. The river is not far away.

  Calming and lovely. Helping me not watch Netflix while revising!

  I could swear that the birds outside my open window were mimicking the bird songs from this soundscape. They must love it as much as I do!

  I love love love nature and being outside! My parents house has woods in the backyard but we are surrounded by noisy neighbors so I don't get to hear unadulterated nature sounds. Thank you very much for all your hard work to bring us these wonderful generators. God bless you.

  I love listening to this combined with the album "Holy Week on Mount Athos / Greek Byzantine Hymns", creates a feeling of awe for the natural world and spiritual elevation.

  I really love this generator. It make me feel like I am in my woods in spring. In my opinion, this is one of the best generators on the site. I love this site!

  I love this. "Sitting in a peacefull forest" while learning for an important examination. :)

  This generator is deeply relaxing – I keep coming back to it when I need to calm down; it often puts me to sleep! I don't live anywhere near a forest, which bums me out, but this really helps me feel like myself.

  I love this generator so much. I'm of Native American heritage but I work in a busy downtown city, so I am unable to hear the sounds of nature when I want to. When I mix this with the "Canyon" and set both on animate, I feel right back at home with my tribe again. Thank you, and may the Spirits guide you, Stephane!

  I grew up in New Hampshire so my parents dragged me along on numerous hikes in the White Mountain region. Quiet Forest Tone sounds exactly like being on one of those mountains. Brings back memories of treading over tree roots and the smell of leaves in the summer air.

  There are many beautiful, helpful sounds on this site, but I will always come back to Singing Tree.

  The sound of birds makes me feel that I'm not alone. This is so comforting! I could also hear a fox walking nearby!

  This one gave me the inspiration I needed for a forest scene in my book. I love it.

  This reminds me of the creek I used to visit when I was younger. There was nothing but trees as far as the eye could see, with only the company of the birds singing all around. Thank you for bringing me back to those days.

  This is wonderful! I love the sounds that the fox makes and the stereo effect as s/he wanders back and forth from one speaker to the next. I can also hear the fox panting from time to time, which makes me smile. The background sounds of the forest are wonderfully soothing and great for blocking out urban noises. Another brilliant generator, Dr. Pigeon. Thank you!

  I live in the suburbs, so I'm not very close to the woods. Even then, the closest forest (that I feel at peace in) is currently caught up in California's Loma Prieta wildfire. This particular soundscape really helps me find peace when I'm stuck at home or in the library at college.

  I love being outside and hearing all of these noises, but get distracted by the bugs when doing homework outside. This generator helps me hear those sounds without the pesky insects! Love it!

  Nothing restores me better than a long hike through the woods. Nature is amazing, as is this generator. Thank you.

  As a suburban pagan, nothing makes me feel more at peace than the sound of the deep woods. The crackle of the hail setting makes this even more wonderful.

  I live in a tight-packed neighbourhood with a playground right outside, and the highway on the other side of the house so there's constant noise all the time. This one takes me back to when I used to live right next to a forest. So many days of my childhood have been spent there. I miss it.

  When this sound setting is used, combined with "Crystal Stream" & "Water Stream" both set to the Quiet Brook setting, one can almost picture the rustic/primitive treehouse high up in one of the trees here in the forest where we are hanging out; this is JUST what it sounds like from that treehouse (when the weather cooperates, that is!) .

  So realistic, like a cold forest morning in camp with fire... <3

  What a fantastic layer to add to a rain backdrop, really helps bring out the realism. Thanks, Mix-Master P.!

  myNoise helps me escape the normal hum-drum of everyday life... I hate small talk around me while working and dislike certain noises to the point of frustration (pen clicking, papers moving, etc.) so this helps me immensely at school. I like nature, so I add in 3 generators at once to help me really escape. I use Primeval Forest, Healing Waters and myNoisli. Thanks so much!

  This is so lovely. This is what I love about the internet. Talented people can share their work so others around the world can enjoy and benefit from their craftsmanship. Thanks again.

  Thank you very much for this generator. I like walking in a forest, it really relaxes me. And now I can have this feeling in my office! It was also interesting to me, that pine-wood forest and leafy forest have completely different sound.

  Awesome sound! Reminds me of lengthy hikes in the Swiss Alps as well as now in my new home, the Canadian Rockies: mighty trees, wind and wildlife :-)

  It's so very nice to find another soundscape from my own country here. This one is particularly close to my heart as I used to spend every autumn in Bieszczady when I was a teenager. Wonderful memories of quiet, peaceful... better times. Thank you.

  Me and my wife usually take a tent trip every year in the forest. And this sounds so much like that, when waking up in the morning.

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