Japanese Garden
Water, Wind, Birds... and a Shishi-Odoshi
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A Sophisticated Quietude

By using elements such as rocks, streams, ponds, and islands interleaved with dense vegetation, Japanese gardens recreate the world in miniature. To the observer, they are a beauty for the eye, and for the ears!

Enjoy spending a quiet afternoon in our Japanese Garden, while a gentle breeze caresses bamboo leaves and a solitary wind chime. In the distance, you hear the rumble of a distant waterfall. Closer to you, the cicadas remind you that the summer just started.

This soundscape has been made possible thanks the kind contribution of Daniel Mills, a fan of myNoise who lives in Japan. Among the various recordings collected, one in particular deserves a special attention: the sound of a Shishi-Odoshi, an ingenious device made of bamboo, which literally translates as 'Deer Scarer'. The Shishi-Odoshi works from the water of a fountain to create a sharp sound, and is used as a scarecrow. It is often associated with meditational environments too, and serves as a slow paced timer.

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  Gives me nostalgic feelings...

  I fell asleep to this mixed with Crystal Stream on 2x animation. Great.

  Sounds like a hot summer day in the hills of California.

  So peaceful and soft, lulling me into a sense of pleasant ease. I struggle with anxiety and this keeps me grounded, calm and smooth.

  I listened to this when I was learning the kigos that indicate the four seasons in Japanese poetry. The uguisu indicates the spring, nudity signifies the summer, the moon is a symbol for autumn and snow represents the winter. Then I wrote a haiku in Esperanto with some confusing kigos: La lumo luna / kuŝas kiel neĝo sur / la haŭto nuda

  This noise track gives me so much peace at work when I need to focus! It is very serene and a great addition to myNoise. Tracks like this are the reason I support mynoise.

  What I like about the generator are the sound of bamboo leaves and windchime. It creates feeling like I'm really at home now and it make me relax.

  I find this mix perfect for writing to.

  This one was the right mood to study for my last exams before graduating! And I did it, so, to me, it is sweet and sour to listen to it, but it helps a lot with my concentration.

  This is so great for when you're stuck inside on a nice day. Pairing it with Wooden Chimes, I feel like I'm relaxing out in a garden on a cool, breezy summer afternoon. I love it!

  It's funny how much this noise generator reminds me of my home, which is nowhere near Japan (Northeastern Ohio!). The bird calls are a little different, and the shishi-odoshi is an entirely unique (but lovely) sound, but the wind, the leaves, the cicadas, and the background chatter of birds sounds so much like a summer morning in my neighborhood. We're not really so different, I guess. :)

  This is the next best thing to writing outside in the middle of a garden. The shishi-odoshi, uguisu bird, and bamboo leaves play off of each other in a sort of music improv: The distant bird and gentle swaying leaves relax and distract, letting you drift off, while the shishi-odoshi brings you back. Perfect for brainstorming, writing, and creativity.

  This is absolutely beautiful and relaxing. A minute of playing around and I feel like I've come across the (..er, at least my) perfect combination. I added Nocturnal Garden and now use it to sleep at night. I love it (:

  I love Japanese Garden! Recently I've been losing motivation/getting distracted with doing my homework for my classes, and this has really helped me to keep focused!

  After fiddling around in the "Japanese Garden" I got myself a soothing water stream with some birds and the occasional wind chimes. I didn't even know one could get this relaxed by just closing your eyes, laying back and listening... I was never too interested in these "background noise" websites until I ran into this one and I'm just amazed. Definitely recommending this to friends and family.

  I absolutely love this site! I work at a customized living residence for people with severe and persistent mental illness, and I often have one or a mix of your generators on in the background in our offices. It helps increase the privacy of sensitive conversations, and also puts both residents and staff at ease in what can often be a very stressful environment. Thank you! <3

  I like this with the breeze rustling the leaves, closer to the Shishi-Odoshi than the windchime, with a few birds here and there. Very peaceful.

  In the middle of Winter, this really lets me feel like it's early Spring or Fall again with the wind rushing through the leaves. That and the occasional chime (?) of the Shishi-Odoshi is amazing. It sounds something like the reminder of a heartbeat to me.

  So, I sometimes have trouble studying at home without some form of background noise. I absolutely love this site and love this noise configuration because it really reminds me of home (especially with the wind chimes). Thank you so much!

  Japanese turned Australian bush. I close my eyes for a minute at work and I'm on a remote property on a hot, windy day without a care in the world.

  This track is exceptionally calm and relaxing... I pulled back on some of the tracks that were too loud, and now I absolutely love it. I'm switching to this from the Distant Thunder sound for study time.

  I love to listen to this when I'm at work. It makes me really feel relaxed and destresses me when things get hectic!

  I love this noise generator. I use it to help me go to sleep.

  This generator is amazing! I just have some wind, some leaves, some birds chirping, and the occasional wind chime. I'm in the library studying, but if I close my eyes, I feel like I'm laying back in a garden or in a field, just listening to the sounds of nature... Very relaxing! Thank you!

  I love listening to this as I do rewrites. With a few minor adjustments, the waterfall, bamboo leaves and cicadas perfectly cancel out the voice of my boss.

  I love listening to this as I read, or to help me fall asleep. It puts me in a very relaxed, meditative like state, and for a very high-strung person that is a gift!

  The natural sounds help to relax me even on my busiest days <3

  This made me forget about the cold winter weather outside. My new favorite!

  Japanese Garden is my new favorite sound, especially when I am at the office. I am soothed by the cicadas and the Shishi-Odoshi. Janet McKensey ~ Corvallis, Oregon, USA

  Use this setting and just the harps and plucked from Three Friends of Winter for a truly zen experience.

  I love the wind with the subtle sound in the back and the bamboo leaves. I am high strung and dealing with anger management. This really calms me down.

  I have difficulty breathing, and certain sounds help me to relax enough to be able to breathe easily. This soundscape, from the moment I put it on, gave me the peace of mind to inhale and exhale with ease. After tweaking with it for a bit, I found the perfect soundscape for me. Thank you so much for this – it's so calming and really, truly helped take a load off of my chest.

  This is so nice and calming, hearing the voices of nature without actually being in nature while sitting at home trying not to procrastinate and actually be able to concentrate enough to do my work.

  Listening to this is almost like going back to the shrines, gardens, and other meditative spaces I loved to go to when I lived in Japan. Thank you!

  Quiet garden with a singing bird and the occasional gust of wind. Very relaxing.

  Literally sitting with senpai on a nice warm day

  Putting this on animate was the perfect way to help keep focused on the paper I had to write. Thank you for another wonderful generator!

  How I wish my backyard sounded, like the chaotic serenity of an almost abandoned garden.

  It's like living in an Anime. Cozy as hell.

  I grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland. From the water to the cicadas, this generator reminds me of home. Thank you. :)

  As always, a fantastic soundscape to relax to. I love the mix of wind, water, and birds together. Thank you so much for all your work.

  ← Bird's garden

  A very serene feeling of the waterfall, the odoshi and birds help drown out the noisy chatter of my peers whom of which are rather annoying.

  Really happy to have water, birds and chimes all in one generator. I've been running this on animate for hours to create a calm and pleasant environment to study in, and it's great for meditation too!

  Perfect! Esp. the ciccadas - peaceful, calming, but not sleep-inducing. A great generator for work, study, concentration... i.e. tasks where you need to focus mental energy.

  Beautiful and relaxing. My favorite garden soundscape yet. Keep up the good work!

  I layer this soundscape with the Three Friends of Winter. It's like being in a Japanese meditation room. It makes for great writing background music as well.

  I've been listening to this Japanese Garden for two full days now. This is my First Choice, Go-to. It makes my little work cubicle seem spacious, and calm. I'm getting so much done!

  I love this setting: quiet, but blocks out distracting noises from colleagues; calming when the work is stressful; but not *too* calming, because the Shishi-Odoshi keeps me awake!

  Soothing meditative rhythm by the stream.

  This setting feels like a still summer day in a warm, sunny garden. Love it! It reminds me of home, but is also just different enough to allow me to relax with a focused mind.

  Wonderfully relaxing. I'm visiting Kyoto very soon, and this is making me look forward to it even more. I'm sure that when I return to my office, this generator will make me feel like I never left.

  This makes me wish that it was summer whilst in fall.

  Last summer, I had the pleasure of visiting the Japanese garden section of my local botanical gardens and learn about zen. The principle of zen is not unlike adjusting sliders on a noise machine – everything is deliberately put in place to seem accidental and natural. Thanks again for another fantastic environment!

  This makes me feel like I'm in a peaceful quiet place.

  Very peaceful atmosphere, really nice to listen to! I love the water sounds such as Dark Water and Intertidal, but this perfectly combines those with the insects and Shishi-Odoshi to make a slightly more complex and therapeutic sound. The birds are also a lovely touch. Can't wait to use it for a meditation sometime!

  My new favorite. I use it for writing and meditation. It creates a very peaceful and calm environment, perfect for a spacious but intimate moment.

  Beautifully relaxing - a new favourite! <3

  The perfect soundscape to let everything go and find your inner zen! Absolutely amazing!

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