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Autumn Walk
The Autumn, All Year Round
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Refreshing Autumnal Winds

Following the pattern of our noise machines featuring walks through spring and winter, here comes an autumnal stroll through a windy forest. This invigorating ambiance was recorded in the Geographic Arboretum of Tervuren, a Belgian botanical garden composed of trees from the temperate climate zone of the Northern Hemisphere. The sounds of wind are created and shaped by its obstacles, and – on a windy day – the Arboretum is a great place to record a variety of sounds. In just a five minute walk like this one, you can cross from forest to forest and listen to the wind blowing between the different species of trees (use the Animate! feature).

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  I just love to put this on and imagine myself walking through the forests on a rain day, listening to the birds and being free.

  While it is definitely getting into the Autumn season here, having this generator really intensifies the seasonal feeling. Best part about it is the fact I've always loved Autumn, from it's intense and vibrant colours that remind you of Summer to it's almost Winter atmospheric feel, a perfect blend of both seasons as it moves from one to the other.

  I like to mute the footsteps and imagine I'm sitting in the forest on a crisp fall day. It brings to mind a slight chill on the nose and the sweet smell of autumn leaves in the air.

  Yet again, quality, creativity and beauty! There is nothing like this site out there, truly.

  Truly an instant favorite. Tuning this was especially difficult because I simply love the sounds in every single slider! In the end I found myself cranking up the trees and the thunder for a comfortable spooky feel.

  We found a nice path off the main road and trekked down until we found a hushed brook, we followed it through wisps of fog, and I felt I was teetering on the edge of complete serenity for the first time ever. The downpours patter, the birds over head, the sepia, all made me feel like breaking down and crying when Tess asked me what was wrong. I lightly choked and then replied, "for once, nothing."

  It's like walking into the Unknown.

  Every time I think I've found the perfect myNoise generator, a new one comes along and blows me away. I've wanted an Autumn Walk ever since I first discovered the site. Thank you!

  Gorgeous! I love rain and thunder so much =D

  The footsteps and rustling leaves, along with the crows, might remind you of Halloween. No clue if it will for you.

  I love autumn and walking through leaf-strewn forests with trees bowing to the wind, and I wanted some autumnal ambience to accompany throughout the other seasons for a really long time, so you accidentally fulfilled a great wish of mine!

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