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Refreshing Autumnal Winds

Following the pattern of our noise machines featuring walks through spring and winter, here comes an autumnal stroll through a windy forest. This invigorating ambiance was recorded in the Geographic Arboretum of Tervuren, a Belgian botanical garden composed of trees from the temperate climate zone of the Northern Hemisphere. The sounds of wind are created and shaped by its obstacles, and – on a windy day – the Arboretum is a great place to record a variety of sounds. In just a five minute walk like this one, you can cross from forest to forest and listen to the wind blowing between the different species of trees (use the Animate! feature).

Discover Walking Tracks, the album.

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  So comfortable. It makes me happy and it makes me smile. Love the heavy noise coupled with softer rain.

  Try editing it and combining with Arctic Wolves and Twin Black Lodges. Thank me later.

  Perfect to overcome writer’s block. Also helps me overcome my Astraphobia. :D

  I can't play music while writing music (for obvious reasons) but I find it so hard to concentrate without noise. This is some of my favourite white noise out there. Thanks myNoise!

  All the right noises for a peaceful night, or calming day.

  This sound is definitely one of my favourites! One of my favourite thing is the satisfaction of dry Autumn leaves crunching under foot, and this sound recreates it perfectly so I can enjoy the crunching all year round, rather than just Autumn! :D

  Chilly autumn day, a little gloomy and ominous; perfect for cuddling up with a warm mug of tea and a good book.

  Your walking through the woods on a cold Autumn afternoon. There is a slight breeze. You hear rain drops pitter-patter on the tree branches. You listen to the birds chirping and the leaves crunching under your feet.

  Beautiful and relaxing. Click the blue heart to hear the sound of peace and relaxation. Combined with 88 Keys, or even on its own, it really does help with writers block. I am so thankful for this noise! If I was working on a school project, or writing a story, this would be what I would listen to! It also drowns out my naughty little inner voice saying, "No, that's dumb to write about!" Tysm <3

  This is so beautiful when I'm writing and, in a house with a yapping dog and loud people, helps me focus.

  This is really good for overcoming writer's block, although I always went to write about autumn when I listen to it! ;-)

  I wrote a campaign that lead my player though a forest and this was the perfect soundscape!

  This, paired with The Pilgrim, really helps me focus on my embroidery and drawing. It make my feel like I'm lost in a forest and thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you myNoise! (^-^)

  This is so relaxing and beautiful! If I close my eyes, I am actually visualising myself taking a walk in a peaceful forest in autumn. It's by far my favourite for writing, studying and reading. Very relaxing and satisfying. I highly recommend it! <3

  This is one of my favorite nature sounds on this site. I've been overcome with anxiety these days, and my ADHD symptoms have been out of control. Pairing this with "May it Be" by Enya on repeat really calms me. Middle Earth vibes :)

  This with the Irish coast is what I use to study and it works great!

  I love this one! The creaking trees and footsteps are such satisfying sounds. I have ADHD and get bored easily but music distracts me from studying so there isn't much I can listen to to keep me focused while I study. I love myNoise because of the sheer number of very different sounds it has and the infinite number of ways you can change them to keep yourself entertained.

  A late evening stroll in the forest, with the wind blowing lightly causing the tree branches to creak, and there's a light rain falling on your jacket. There are flashes of lightning off in the distance, and the thunder is getting louder. You know you want to get home but you just can't take yourself away from the approaching storm. Should you wait it out or should you head back?

  This reminds me of Calgary, Canada, a place that I love and miss dearly. I could forget the crowded city of Shanghai, China while listening to this. Thank you!

  The perfect combination of blocking out the sounds of my noisy home, and enough variety that my mind stays focused on my studies! Thank you for this fantastic mix! <3

  I can practically feel the cool air on me, ahhh.

  This just gave me a powerful feeling of nostalgia from my early childhood, when I was living in the countryside. Thank you.

  It is simply wonderful that this website exists. It's the only thing that allows real focus when you need it most. The versatility of noises and the new additions never cease to amaze.

  I have ADHD and this really helped me.

  I love that you can adjust the different sounds to your own taste, and I love the variety this website has! There are so many options, so many moods, it's wonderful. I have only listened to a few, but I am excited to experiment with new ones. Thank you. :)

  I am a writer, and I need that for focusing and relaxing. Thank you for helping me!

  I have a difficult homework that needs inspiration and with that noise I was able to finish it, thanks a lot!

  This is my relaxing favorite.

  The wind and rain begins to pick up on your morning walk through the woods, so you stop to take shelter under a large tree. The only compelling reason for you to leave is to make yourself a nice, hot cup of tea at home but you know that there's no rush so until then, you enjoy the moment with the crows.

  I used this for studying for most of my tests, and for writing essays. So far it’s worked!

  Listening to this while reading is excellent! I feel heavily focused. Highly recommend for anyone who is easily bored. The loud crow cawing breaks up the sound enough to keep you focused.

  While writing a five-page essay due in four hours, I combined this with Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" so that I had the terrifying feeling of being slowly chased in a calm autumn forest with cool background music. I finished my essay in two hours and got an A on it. Highly recommended.

  I suffer from an anxiety disorder which makes it very difficult to fall asleep. This is perfect for distracting me from the thoughts rushing around my head by helping me focus my mind on imagining this beautiful forest.

  Really loved being able to customize everything so that it sounded like a nice walk through a forest with an oncoming storm. I could almost visualize the place and it provided a suitably autumn-like atmosphere!

  The rustling of the leaves, wind through the trees, and footsteps over fallen leaves; this definitely a sense of nostalgia for me; the birds and rain just add that feeling of definitely changing time of the year for me.

  This setting is extremely comforting to me! It make me think of taking nice long walks in the woods or hiking like I used to when I was younger.

  This really helped me calm down and stay calm - my A-level results come out tomorrow (they will determine if i can go to uni or not) and I'm very anxious about them. the birds and the rain and the wind made me feel like I was far away and helped me get some perspective.

  I've used this website for years and Autumn Walk ranks right up there as one of the best! I can't be out in the heat and/or direct sunlight so this gets me through summer until my beloved Autumn returns.

  I set this to fit my preferences, so this could be subjective, but this really helped me focus on my studies as well as made me feel like I'm really in the season of Autumn, but I currently live in a tropical country, so, there's that. Hope this helps!

  Just perfectly tuned mine to block out the summer heat when doing bibliography ! <3

  This is my go to when studying chemistry! Feels like I'm on a walk in some other land. We don't get autumn in my country, so thanks!

  This one is the best for me, because it actualy calms me down. There is almost no thunder or crows and footsteps are turned off.

  This one is quite nice, albeit a bit creepy.

  Very calming, just the wind and the birds.

  This really helped my writing a lot. Not sure what else to say but I recommend.

  This is the perfect thing for when I'm working in the office and get the sudden urge to be out in the forest, laying on a ground of damp leaves and listening to the autumnal life all around me.

  I have listened to this generator so many times. It is my go-to generator if I have a lot to get done and need to concentrate. I set it so there are no footsteps, animated, and a beautiful storm in the forest and I am immediately transported to another world. Love it.

  I discovered this site just yesterday and I can surely say that this is the best discover of the year for me. This year I'll be moving to Australia alone, and the sound of winds with no footsteps, the rain and thunders along with the crows makes me feel I'm home in the mountains where I live in Brazil. I'm happy will be able to use this set when I feel homesick :) (with the Sleeping Dragon also)

  Silence almost all the birds, and enjoy a moderate shower as the rain showers your head and wets the leaves beneath your feet. It is peaceful here, if the slightest bit chilly!

  This combined with Pebble Beach on Speech Blocker mode is simply heaven and blocks out the contractor team whom are set up nearby my desk constantly having discussions (curse of the open office). Autumn Walk pairs up most brilliantly with Irish Coast as well, reminds me of walking through pine forests at Curonian Spit in Lithuania.

 This is so peaceful and comforting! I absolutely love it. (also perfect for my campaigns)

 This one is excellent! I especially love the footfalls and the creaking of the trees.

 This reminds me of walking home through the forest before a storm fully hits <3 It makes me feel safe and calm.

 This is my absolute favorite here. We have no proper autumn where I live and certainly no sounds of crows, or the way the wind sounds as it rustles the leaves on trees in an autumn wood. I listen to this all autumn and into winter~ It perfectly captures autumn in woodland when I lived in England. This helps to ease the yearning. I am transported in an instant back to much missed days.

 My... that "Mushroom picker" setting when I hear those rough steps making their way through the scattered leaves I feel what can genuinely be described as a massage to my grey matter (inside my brain)... XD... Ever heard of that one before??? WOW... the blissful feeling! The stress buster... And the instant energy impulse!

 Listening to this with a cool breeze coming through the window makes it fall any time of year. Very atmospheric and relaxing. Love that thunder. Thank you for all the effort you put into these generators; they really are excellent.

 I was able to recreate my favorite time of year- when the storm clouds threaten while you're walking in the woods. Sometimes it's you and your footsteps, sometimes the wind rustles the dead leaves. So much home!

 The best rain sound on the site, IMHO.

 This is so peaceful and soothing.

 Blowing wind, rustling leaves, and creaking trees, and I can feel the crisp fall air on my skin and see the colorful leaves and bare tree limbs. Add in the Fire Noise on a high-bass, rumbly setting and I'm in a cabin in the woods, warm and cozy in front of a roaring fire. Thank you for this website, Dr. Pigeon!

 Turn the footsteps slider to zero and it sounds like you're reclining on a rock in a hill top grove. I have a particular place in mind found in the Finger Lakes area of NY.

 This is a very nice generator, thank you so much! I was with my dog, and she seemed a bit bored so I turned this on, and at the sound of a crow, she was looking around, probably wondering where the sounds where coming from. It was so cute! Not only did it keep her entertained, but it helped fill the silence of the house.

 Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons. I loved the smells of fresh leaves and the oddly crisp air, the chilly breeze slightly disturbing the warm sun. Only now do I realize how beautiful the sounds of autumn are too! This really helps me focus, and its great to listen to while reading or drawing. So glad I discovered this generator!

 Walking on autumn leaves on a quiet October afternoon.

 This makes me feel like a windy mid-Autumn stroll and Halloween is only a few days away.

 I have this on with Saharan Caravan, Rain on a Tent, and Thunder & Rain. It helps me sleep. It kind of feels like I'm traveling during a storm and I'm barely kept dry by a canvas roof.

 When I need to calm down or focus, this really helps. Its very calming, and it reminds me of where I want to be.

 I use this soundtrack a lot to write to. It calms me down.

 When I combine "Railroads" with "Autumn Walk," it sounds so much like the walks I take with my dog in the rural park near us. There's a freight rail that passes nearby and with the birds, the crunchy leaves... it makes me feel so good. The only thing I have to add is the sound of my dog!

 I started coming here when I was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer, penultimate phase. It took me back to quiet walks in the beech woods and helped clear my head and calm me. It was a huge help. Now that they have redefined 'incurable' to include 'non-existent' I still use this particular sound set to relax. But now it also reminds me to make the most of the world in the (hopefully) years ahead.

 This is absolutely perfect. It helps me overcome writer's block, especially when the characters are surrounded in this kind of environment. It's almost like being there, seeing what they see, hear, feel, and smell as they do.

 This is my favorite :) I come in to work with my coffee and pretend I'm sitting on the porch of a quaint log cabin tucked into a hillside in the peak of Autumn, sipping the morning away. It's a great escape! Helps me focus too. Can't thank you enough for this precious gift!

 I live in a house with a family with two toddlers who love to play and scream and laugh, which is great, until I have to study or do work! But this player is the perfect balance of background noise and noise-blocker, and it helps me calm down and focus on the work I need to do. It encourages my concentration, as well. All-around favorite!!

 I've been using myNoise for a few years now, especially whenever I'm working on my novel. The different scenes let me surround myself with exactly the right atmosphere, and they help to completely immerse me in the world I am trying to share with my audience. I'm particularly in love with Autumn Walk whenever I'm sitting in my office, just for a peaceful vibe to get me through the day.

 I love to listen to this relaxing setting! It makes me feel like I'm in an enchanted, elven forest.

 It is just amazing, the best noise while working :DThank you very much.

 I love this generator and especially this setting! It's perfectly calming and I love to listen to it. Thank you for creating it!

 Great to listen to while writing or reading, especially if the story is in the country side during Autumn or early winter as it can really help put you into the stories. Kudos to the person/people who went through all the effort to record all of this!

 Helps calm me down after a long day, reminds me of Autumn back when I was kid in my hometown. A nice and comfy gem for unwinding yourself.

 I can't help but let my imagination run wild when listening to this, perhaps a quaint medieval village in autumn harvest or being somewhere in European countryside on holiday. Hopefully can get to experience in real life, but until then this gem can continue captivating my mind.

 I love, love Autumn Walk! The crunching of the leaves is such a slight, but perfect touch to this new addition! I listen to this at night, and helps me fall asleep so quickly. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do! :)

 I love Autumn Walk! I moved to the east coast for college, but I have missed my home walks in the woods of Wisconsin. Now I can sit in the library on the darkest of days and listen to the wind, birdsong, and crunching footsteps through the leaves. Thank you for this beautiful soundscape!

 My name is Rory Bennett and I am a composer. This site has really helped me to compose my music. I love this inspiration.

 This is awesome. This can help me focus, and it gives me tranquility.

 This is my to go place whenever I write and paint, and Autumn Walk has quickly become my favourite atmosphere. The rustling leaves, the crows in the distance, the peaceful walk through the woods... it truly feels like Home. Thank you <3

 What amazes me about this site is that every time Stphane creates a new generator, there can be 10 other generators on the site that are SO close in terms of subject matter (e.g., nature, trees, wind, rain, etc.) and yet the new generator still feels TOTALLY unique. This one is so calming.

 Forest sounds without the birds.

 I just love to put this on and imagine myself walking through the forests on a rain day, listening to the birds and being free.

 While it is definitely getting into the Autumn season here, having this generator really intensifies the seasonal feeling. Best part about it is the fact I've always loved Autumn, from it's intense and vibrant colours that remind you of Summer to it's almost Winter atmospheric feel, a perfect blend of both seasons as it moves from one to the other.

 I like to mute the footsteps and imagine I'm sitting in the forest on a crisp fall day. It brings to mind a slight chill on the nose and the sweet smell of autumn leaves in the air.

 Yet again, quality, creativity and beauty! There is nothing like this site out there, truly.

 Truly an instant favorite. Tuning this was especially difficult because I simply love the sounds in every single slider! In the end I found myself cranking up the trees and the thunder for a comfortable spooky feel.

 We found a nice path off the main road and trekked down until we found a hushed brook, we followed it through wisps of fog, and I felt I was teetering on the edge of complete serenity for the first time ever. The downpours patter, the birds over head, the sepia, all made me feel like breaking down and crying when Tess asked me what was wrong. I lightly choked and then replied, "for once, nothing."

 It's like walking into the Unknown.

 Every time I think I've found the perfect myNoise generator, a new one comes along and blows me away. I've wanted an Autumn Walk ever since I first discovered the site. Thank you!

 Gorgeous! I love rain and thunder so much =D

 The footsteps and rustling leaves, along with the crows, might remind you of Halloween. No clue if it will for you.

 I love autumn and walking through leaf-strewn forests with trees bowing to the wind, and I wanted some autumnal ambience to accompany throughout the other seasons for a really long time, so you accidentally fulfilled a great wish of mine!

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