Cosy Rain
Rain on a Window
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Home Sweet Home

People who love reading an exquisite book next to a window when it rains outside, know that feeling: the comforting warmth of a protected place, reinforced by the hot cup of tea sitting next to you. You can use this soundscape to relax while reading, or to boost your productivity while working. These sounds are very efficient at blocking audible distractions around you.


Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time!

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  I am looking out my window, 3600 feet in altitude on Halelakalā volcano, Maui... the sky is completely overcast... chance of rain? - With this generator, always 100%. ;-)

  My friend and I were going through these sounds and paired Cosy Rain with Examination Time and together they created the feeling of relaxing rain alongside a focused environment! We were wowed and wanted others to know about this, so we put the website on our social media profiles. Thanks Stéphane! H/T

  Here I logged on for something to inspire my writing, and this immediately had me hooked. THANK YOU. Perfect setting I want to be in for plotting and imagining.

  Using the animation setting is perfect. It makes it feel more realistic, because rain never stays at the same tempo or tone. When the thunder disappears for a while, and there's only a few drops of rain, and then when the rain and thunder comes back in full force - the Dr. captures it all!

  I love listening to the rain when I am in bed (and able to have the bedroom window open). I find it so relaxing - even more so with distant thunder. I live in southern Spain so it doesn’t rain that often. With this, I can set it whenever I like to emulate that relaxing sound I love so much.

  This is brand new and I just found this. I'm hooked already. It doesn't rain very much around here, so if I close my eyes, I feel like it is raining. Bravo!

  I used to live in a house with an aluminum roof. I loved it when it rained. Now I live in an apartment in which I can't hear rain sounds so well. Thank you for another great generator that gives me my rain back.

  Nothing but dreary rain outside while you are cosy inside - the perfect place to be. You can relax as there is nowhere to go, let the soft rain calm your thoughts to allow you to relax and either rest or be productive.

  Amazing. If I close my eyes, I can almost smell a plate of cookies.

  I like to use this kind of generator when it's actually raining outside, to cancel all other noises and fully immerse in the reality that it is, in fact, raining. It's a way to relax and fully experience the weather, when its real-life audible manifestations are just not enough!

  Oh? New stuff added? Oh! Instant favorite! And then I realize that for a guy that does not enjoy the rain for its sadness, and does not like to be wet, cold and humid, I have all the rain noise as a favorite. Is it serious, doctor?

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