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Rain Your Worries Away

It's been a while since I added a new rain sound to myNoise. Another one, you might wonder? Yes, indeed! Rain sounds are among the favorites on myNoise. They are great for blocking out other noises, helping you focus or sleep. The best part is, they do this without causing any disturbance. It's a sound that your brain can easily tune out. So, when the rain sound hides other noises, your brain makes everything seem quiet by ignoring both the rain and the hidden noise.

I'm introducing this new rain sound because I believe I can improve what myNoise already offers. This soundscape is largely based on recordings captured by Denis, a fan of myNoise from Quebec who loves camping outdoors. These recordings beautifully bring to life the sound of a forest during a rainy night, when you're sleeping in a tent. The best part? You can experience this without the discomfort of getting your socks wet, unlike Denis who braved the rain for these recordings. Thank you Denis!

Published by Stéphane on April 2nd, 2024

User Stories

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  Brown rain gives me shivers.

  Tap tap tap.

  I love heavy pattering, not so much the hiss of rain. This one takes me right into a warm rainy forest!

  Wow. This is my new favorite sound on the site. Thanks so much for continuing this project. It has helped me for so many years and you just keep getting better! This rain is so crisp and comfy!

  Recently, it rained a bunch here after a couple of sunny days. It reminded me how calming it can be to just listen to the rain drops impact your surroundings. This soundscape has a nice blend of rain ambiances, we'll just have to provide the scent of petrichor ourselves.

  For those who don't enjoy hissing rain and high-pitched sounds. You can feel like an adventurer resting in the tent after the day's hardships.

  I am listening to a lecture recording and with this sound but in "white" setting (teal and neon green slightly increased) is making it soooo much easier to concentrate and drown out bg noises!!!

  This is lovely. I combine this soundscape with soft instrumental music on Spotify. It's relaxing and helps me focus. Thanks again, Stephane!

  Relaxing soft rain at night in our garden. So peaceful. Everyone's asleep. Just listening to the rain... Hmmm.

  I can already smell the petrichor.

  I still listen to rain sounds that are a decade old so it's a gift to have a new one. This is possibly the best, a perfect mix that can be listened to all day.

  Absolutely amazing!

  Absolutely amazing that Dr. Pigeon is back doing this fantastic work. Throwing in a donation is the very least we can do. Dr. Pigeon, I can't thank you enough. This was and still is a literal lifesaver to me and will always be my go-to place where I'm guaranteed to almost instantly unwind. 100/10 more than perfect.

  This sound generator came out just at the right time. I just got sick and I'm behind on my work which has been stressing me out, but as soon as I played this (with; odd combination, I know) my leg stopped shaking and I finally could focus. Thanks a million!

  I was super excited when I noticed a new soundscape was added, and it is a rain one! I love rain sounds so much, and this one feels a bit more immersive and realistic for me. Thank you, Denis and Stéphane! <3

  An incredible set of sounds. I tweaked it so that it reminds me of a summer heavy rain.

  Wow. This helps so much with my ADHD. I've been missing going camping in the rain and this reminds me of it so much. I love the puddle patter, that detail is my favorite and it tickles my brain to hear it on both sides. I've been listening to your different rain audios for a while and they always help me block out the world so that I can focus. Thank you so much! :3

  This might be the best rain noise so far. The rain dropping on top of the tent tickles my ears. Absolutely love love love this!

  Well I'm the first to write about this and that's fine because the sound is calming and welcoming after a stress-filled morning. It's nice to sit and take a nice 20-minute break and listen to this. And if possible at the time, take a nap in a nice warm bath with this coming from my phone on a perfect volume. Sit and listen to the rain drip and drop from the sky to the ground.