Tin Roof Rain
Frequency-Shaped Rain Noise Generator
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Tin Roof as a Shelter

Rain has a unique element in the world of sound that provides us with countless diverse options for listening: it's not the rain itself that makes a noise, it's the sound of it striking a surface. There are as many rain sounds as there are different surfaces. Although myNoise has already provided many sounds of rain among its generators, some listeners could not find the exact sound they were after. In many countries of the world, the sound of rain is intrinsically associated with the sound of the tin roof on which it falls. Here it is!

Try combining this generator with Jungle Life for step into the tropics and a truly immersive experience of rain.

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

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  I like to combine this one with Thunder & Rain. Very relaxing.

  Reminds me of my great grandpa's cabin. It had an overhanging tin roof and on rainy days we would go out and watch the moose and deer graze. Good memories.

  It sounds exactly like the rain hitting my window! It helps so much. Tysm! <3

  Sounds a lot like sitting peacefully in my conservatory listening to the rain.

  This matched with fireplace creates a very soothing feeling from the rain pitter pattering on the roof to the warmth of the fire with the crackling sounds. Just can't get any better for me.

  I'm amazed with this page, all the sounds are wonderful. The rain relaxes me in a way that I can even feel the rain drops around.

  Our first kiss was in a hayloft in a shed with a tin roof... This perfectly recreates the moment.

  The porch roof outside my bedroom is metal, and this generator sounds exactly like it does when it's actually raining. I love it!

  I suffer from high anxiety and chronic migraines and this generator helps with both ailments wonderfully. All I have to do is turn this on, sit back, and relax. After a few minutes, my anxiety calms down as does my migraine (usually).

  Coming from the tropics, this has helped me study through my entire undergraduate degree in Canada. I usually pair this with either Thunder & Rain or Stardust for all my study sessions. Occasionally, I'd play some orchestral music in the background too! Exceptional study music :)

  Dr. Pigeon, you are a genius and a saint. Thank you for providing the world - especially those of us suffering with tinnitus - with a way to cope with the incessant sound in our brains. After hitting an emotional rock bottom (at only 21), my audiologist suggested your site, and it has been a lifesaver. It allows me to concentrate and destress. Words cannot express my gratitude. THANK YOU!!!

  This sound generator is amazing! This or the Irish Coastline generator really work magic when I have an anxiety attack happening or when my migraine has gotten to a point I can no longer stand the pain. This specifically helps with my anxiety the best though and I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers anxiety and anxiety attacks.

  Works perfectly for blocking out construction noise, annoying co-workers and keeping me focused! Also works very well for helping me sleep when my brain won't shut up. Always slightly surprised when I look up and realise it is not actually raining outside!

  I love this generator! I literally fell asleep on my couch twice. Love it, thank you so much!

  I made a little donation to say thank you for the "Tropical Rain" generator. I've kept it on while working for about two weeks now. I can actually stay on task for more than ten minutes at a time with the rattle of a good rain on a roof. Thank you for providing a background track to my productive days!

  Sounds just like home (:

  Can all storms be like this?

  This setting is what I have been using since six months while sleeping, all my dreams are half lucid dreams, helps me getting into the right mind state for sleeping, and I don't wake up randomly until I got the sleep I need.

  Nothing better than a warm, rainy friday night at home. More bassy sound for increased coziness.

  Listening to this and Erik Satie is bliss ♥

  This is amazing when I work many hours and I can't find any good music to have as background, but this sound with Coldplay as background, I tell you! It's the perfect productivity recipe! <3

  ← I call this one... Safe in the Basement

  This sounds exactly like my house in early spring/summer... Thanks!

  This has now replaced 'rain on a tent' as my favorite rain set. SO soothing. I felt my stress melt away.

  Rain on a window!

  I had to take off the headphones for a second to make sure the noise wasn't coming from the ceiling.

  I turn the volume up on this, and mix it with wind noise set on stormy weather. I live in central Ohio and we can get some heavy storms. The walls of my house are pretty thin and you can hear the rain and the wind outside. It reminds me of those storms and covering up with a thick blanket and some coffee. Amazing! :D

  My favorite rain setting of all the rain generators... nice steady and heavy rain. Sounds great with the distant thunder and wind noise generators in the background. It's so relaxing and nice to fall asleep to I listen to it nearly every night.

  Sounds just like rain hitting my AC unit outside or maybe rain on a window. It's extremely soothing.

  Sounds wonderful!

  Really relaxing!

  Ahhh, the EXACT sound of rainfall in the Philippines — but without the traffic or the leaks! Thank you for finally putting this out, this is EXACTLY what I need.

  This practically THREW me back into my childhood for a split second - the house we lived in had a tin awning just outside the dining room window looking out into the back yard. When it rained hard, the dining room was the loudest room in the house because of that thing! Hearing this brought back a LOT of memories... my only desire now is to have a nice pellet stove generator to go with it! <3

  This is so realistic. I actually thought is started raining outside and turned around to look out the window. I was a little disappointed to see it was still dry. But I love listening to the rain so this is great for studying.

  I think this is what I have been looking for my whole life. Thank you.

  aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh RAINNNNN... even though it's burning in California

  When I first heard this sound, I took of my headphones to see what was making the sound outside of my house. Only to realize that it was just this amazingly crafted sound! This sound has alot of depth and it will help me focus for quite a while. Thanks Internet!

  This sounds like home. Thank you!

  Finally, exactly the right rain sound! I didn't realise the tin roof was what was missing. Thanks from New Zealand, where corrugated iron roofs are something of an architectural icon.

  I've been trying to make the regular rain noise make this sound for so long but THIS IS THE EXACT SOUND I WANT! I really can't thank you enough for making this, this will bless my ears for years to come. It's so calming and it really feels like you're right under a tin roof! <3

  I love the wonderful setting mood!

  This is my new favorite. Rain on a tin roof!? You can't get better than that. This along with my virtual fireplace, super cozy <3

  I couldn't find quite the rain noise I was looking for - until I happened to try this one! Now, I'm from the Northern US, so it's not a tin roof that I was trying to find. I think it must be very close to the sound of rain in the gutters or eaves of my childhood house.

  ← I love this setting so much.

  This makes me feel both cold and cosy at the same time. It brings back so many nice memories. Thank you.

  This is it! No more rain generators needed!

  Yay! It's here! In Latin America, this is the best sound to sleep to, and now I can have it during the dry season, too. Thank you so much for bringing this one to life.

  Thank You! This noise reminds me of my childhood.

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