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Tin Roof Rain
Frequency-Shaped Rain Noise Generator
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Tin Roof as a Shelter

Rain has a unique element in the world of sound that provides us with countless diverse options for listening: it's not the rain itself that makes a noise, it's the sound of it striking a surface. There are as many rain sounds as there are different surfaces. Although myNoise has already provided many sounds of rain among its generators, some listeners could not find the exact sound they were after. In many countries of the world, the sound of rain is intrinsically associated with the sound of the tin roof on which it falls. Here it is!

Try combining this generator with Jungle Life for step into the tropics and a truly immersive experience of rain.

Published by Stéphane on August 31st, 2015

User Stories

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  My brother lives downstairs and like to yell at the TV every time sports are on (ie. Daily.) He just laughs if you ask him to stop. This setting actually has enough low end, when played from my studio speakers, that I can sleep right through even his most agitated outbursts (and almost every other sound as well!) This is no small accomplishment.

  I wouldn't be happy if I was at my senior prom right now, but my absence speaks to my loneliness regardless. This comforts me.

  I was looking for the right type of rain for studying and sleeping... This seems to be the right one!

  This is great for sleep! Nice sound of being indoors with the rain outside, especially when you mix Fireplace with this calming noise!

  This generator is my cup of catnip when it comes to accompanying sounds! Also good on its own.

  This particular noise generator is my catnip and my go-to for sleep for the past three years. The combination of rain outside and the tapping sounds from rain hitting the roof gives a very safe feeling. My favorite pattern is sort of an M-shape.

  Love this for studying!!!

  I love adding this to Medieval Library -- I can imagine that I'm sitting in a warm room that smells of parchment and leather from the books covering the walls, while a soothing rain falls on the roof outside. My high school students also request that I turn this on during quizzes and quiet reading days. I've also noticed that they use myNoise on their iPads during study hall!

  My bedroom as a teenager was in an added-on room of the house that had a tin roof. Oh my gosh... This is exactly what it sounded like! If I turn it up too loud I feel like going to sleep even when I have to write... Lol... But that's okay, I'm dealing with it just fine and my concentration level has been raised by this wonderful sound of rain on a tin roof. Thanks so much...

  Great sound generator! I use it to focus on Game Writing.

  7 years later this is still my go-to sound generator for focus. I love all the generators on myNoise to bits, but this rain is just perfect as general speech blocker, cosy sound, focus tool and anything else you need it to be. I always visualize it as if I'm in a really tall building, there's an open window and crazy heavy rain outside. Perfect.

  I listened to Tin Roof Rain along with The Fireplace and Examination Time yesterday while working through a particularly dense sociology reading – I felt like I was studying in an old university library all cozy while it storms outside :)

  "Tin Roof... Rusted!" lol I play in an 80's cover band and some of you will recall this famous line from the B52's"Love Shack"! Well I'm meditating to this to start my Friday with a little chuckle. I always find JOY with this website and everything it brings.

  My grandparents lived in an Old Queenslander house in a sleepy country town in Australia. It had a cast iron roof and this invokes memories of late afternoons sheltering from the soaking subtropical rain. Thank god there is no setting for 'hailstones the size of golf balls' - my other abiding memory - deafening, and not relaxing worrying whether the hail would blast through the roof!

  This is AMAZING! The sound helps me sleep; it's so relaxing!

  I'm always surrounded by noise. It affects my anxiety and makes it hard to enjoy things. This site was the first time I learned noise could be comforting and protective. Thank you.

  Baby is asleep now. Thank you!

  Listening to this with some Debussy playing, barely audibly under the rain, is about the most relaxing thing ever.

  I have a tin overhang at my front door and front window, and this is how it sounds every time it rains. Comforting noise!

  Turning the tin roof rain on results in instant relaxation and focus for me. I am a programmer and use this all day long, even if it is actually raining outside. It helps to drain out any background chatter and I absolutely love it, thanks so much!

  Mixing the many sounds on this site with some lofi makes doing paperwork much easier. It also makes working my world-building and other things easier as well.

  Horrific tinnitus, 9900hz 24/7. Ringing in both ears. Brought on by police abuse has turned a good life into a living nightmare. These various tones are my only harbor from torment. God bless myNoise and all who make it possible. You're saving lives out here.

  I have this on loud enough to eliminate background sounds when doing university exams (from home, during covid). Works like a charm.

  This was the first time I slept with headphones on. This was so nice! Thanks! Love from Sweden!

  Thank you for giving us a mental state of relaxation - no matter what your need is, these soothing sounds return us to a time of relaxation & peace that our minds love - what a great gift to us all - I hope everyone is generous in there contributions - we all need to take it down and find a mental place of peace and comfort, in this world. Thank you for your gift.

  My first dorm building was an old one and roof top was made of wood. Whenever it rained, it was almost sounded like thousands of little rocks were falling down to the roof. Although at first I had trouble sleeping, I got used to sleep in short time. Now I’m home and I have been sleeping in this sound for a long time now. Thank you so much for your great effort. Brings back old memories...

  My family comes from the Philippines, where these sorts of tin corrugated roofs are a common sight especially in residential areas. With this generator active, I feel as if I'm visiting family friends, waiting out the street-flooding rains while we enjoy a nice lunch of roasted chicken and rice with sweet chili sauce and watch local game shows and news on the TV.

  My room in my apartment is right next to the kitchen I share with my roommates, who have a tendency to loudly bake cookies late at night. This mixer lets me sleep soundly!!

  Honestly, this site has helped me relax. It's been a stressful academic year but this helps out even if just a bit. It helps out a lot. Thank you for making this.

  This reminds me heavily of falling asleep back in my hometown, where you'd hear the rain mostly as a more muffled noise hitting the roof.

  Just like at home when I was still living with my parents!

  The speech locker worked really good! My grandma was reading a story to my little brother while I was studying and this worked great!

  I was listening to this during a voice call and when I was getting ready to go out and get dinner for myself, I thought for a moment that it was really raining outside!

  Just found this. It is so beautiful and soothing. Thanks!

  All my settings tend to 'overwhelming', but I really like this -- I'm under a shanty next to a waterfall. Not subtle, but wow is it nice reading with all this surrounding me.

  This is nice for when I'm doing homework or studying. It helps me calm down and focus.

  Quite a nice way of hiding neigbour-related noises. Thanks.

  I listen to this while studying. So cosy!

  This reminds me of staying in the sleepout porch room at my grandparent's home. It's such a soothing rhythmic soundscape and it lulls me to sleep like nothing else does, except perhaps the cat purring one. I want a tin roof house of my own.

  This is my go-to generator for studying and writing my online exams. It provides a curtain between my focused thoughts and my sidetracked thoughts, Keeping my attention on my schoolwork.

  .So relaxing. A truly amazing experience.

  What real, raw rain sounds like!

  It reminds me of a rainy day in a shop when I lived in southeast Asia, not sure why, but it brings me joy.

  This setting takes me back to the rain storms when I was in Africa.

  This one is really cozy and gives a realistic feeling to your brain.

  I love how turning on animation makes this sound like an evolving storm... rain to hail, light to heavy, the roar of distant rain with quiet drips nearby...

  I listen to this with the rainy-style music from Animal Crossing New Leaf and it's very pleasant!

  This really helps calm me down while I draw and listen to music, it helps me to strive to make better art and paintings and things like that so thank you.

  This along with some quiet music and the lights off lulls me right to sleep.

  This plus the Intense Studying playlist on Spotify makes a perfect pair for mugging.

  Coding to this daily now. Zen!

  I suffer from chronic insomnia and listen to this to get some sleep alongside medical treatment. After some time my brain started to recognise my rain noise preset as "time to sleep! I'm coming off medical treatment now but I'm not giving up my rain! It has really really helped after a lot of suffering! Thank you so Stéphane Pigeon :)

  I love listening to this as I write, it sets me in the mood to write even when the sun is shining. Wonderfully done and keep up the good work.

  This combination takes me back to the first time I can remember heavy rain hitting a thin roof above my head about the age of 4, and being utterly mesmerized, and it relaxes me now

  I love pairing this generator with the Train and Railroad Noise generator. It's like I'm on a train on a rainy night, heading towards adventure as I drift in and out of sleep on my way to my destination! :)

  I use a download of this to block out noisy conversations on the train so I can focus on reading my book.

  Love this site. Helps me focus at work, sleep, relax, and meditate. Keep up the good work.

  Good for studying and focusing!

  Favourite generator, so peaceful and perfect for falling asleep to!

  Humid weather might not sound like the best time to use rain noises but it helps me a lot in getting some sleep, so thanks for this!

  Love animation a bit fast for this rain, letting each slider oscillate between 0-100. Just the right speed for a relaxing, yet ever-changing storm. Seems to match the evolution of creative thoughts and dreams.

  This generator sounds exactly like rain falling on the roof outside my childhood bedroom window. Animating this and putting on some tunes brings me back home every time. Thank you :)

  Helps put me to bed on a restless long night. A+!

  This is an awesome way to concentrate while studying! Thanks.

  These settings mixed with my settings on Thunder & Rain have perfected back when I was younger sleeping on the couch in my sundeck on my grandmother's house. Amazing.

  I've been using this particular soundscape to help fall asleep at night after losing my white-noise generating air filter to a mechanical failure. It really helps!

  This is literally my favourite noise on this website. I love many noises here but this helps me cool off if I'm hot. It sounds like the rain hitting my window sil next to my couch where I'm currently laying.

  We've been living in an apartment for years, with floors above and below us, and I've always missed falling asleep to the sound of rain hitting the awning of our old house. Thank you for giving it back to me.

  It's so realistic that I - unconsciously - looked up at the window to see if it's really raining outside!

  I added this to Coffee Shop Babble and the street noises from From India and was amazed to found myself in the ideal place to study, a cozy coffee shop on a rainy day.

  So grateful for a peaceful sound that can be loud enough to mask, yet allows me to sleep so well. For a misophonic, it's pure bliss.

  I just love listening to this plus the Sleeping Dragon, it really helps me get in the mood for art!

  I sponsor a child from Bolivia named Orlando, and when Tin Roof Rain is set to the "tin roof" setting, and Jungle Life is set to "insects" and both are set to auto animation, it sounds like I'm right there with him in Bolivia! This is what I always listen to, when I write letters to him! :)

  I managed to replicate the exact sound that filled my room back in our old apartment! God, it was so loud we couldn't even talk properly. No other rain sound is enough for me since then.

  Sounds exactly like my room when it's raining outside!

  I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping after moving to a really busy street recently. I thought I'd never get proper sleep again... until I discovered this site, and specifically this generator. It drowns out almost all the noises without being too loud on the ears. I've never had a more peaceful sleep in my life.

  I listen to this when studying and needing to drown out other noises while trying to sleep. Works like a charm!

  Brings me back to stormy nights at my old wooden grandparents cottage I would visit around autumn-winter. Good memories of staying up at night simply listening to the rain until my eyes wore out and I started drifting to sleep with a hot water bottle to keep me warm through the winter storms. The cottage and owners may be long gone but the memories are still there, especially thanks to this gen!

  I like to combine this one with Thunder & Rain. Very relaxing.

  Reminds me of my great grandpa's cabin. It had an overhanging tin roof and on rainy days we would go out and watch the moose and deer graze. Good memories.

  It sounds exactly like the rain hitting my window! It helps so much. Tysm! <3

  Sounds a lot like sitting peacefully in my conservatory listening to the rain.

  This matched with fireplace creates a very soothing feeling from the rain pitter pattering on the roof to the warmth of the fire with the crackling sounds. Just can't get any better for me.

  I'm amazed with this page, all the sounds are wonderful. The rain relaxes me in a way that I can even feel the rain drops around.

  Our first kiss was in a hayloft in a shed with a tin roof... This perfectly recreates the moment.

  The porch roof outside my bedroom is metal, and this generator sounds exactly like it does when it's actually raining. I love it!

  I suffer from high anxiety and chronic migraines and this generator helps with both ailments wonderfully. All I have to do is turn this on, sit back, and relax. After a few minutes, my anxiety calms down as does my migraine (usually).

  Coming from the tropics, this has helped me study through my entire undergraduate degree in Canada. I usually pair this with either Thunder & Rain or Stardust for all my study sessions. Occasionally, I'd play some orchestral music in the background too! Exceptional study music :)

  Dr. Pigeon, you are a genius and a saint. Thank you for providing the world - especially those of us suffering with tinnitus - with a way to cope with the incessant sound in our brains. After hitting an emotional rock bottom (at only 21), my audiologist suggested your site, and it has been a lifesaver. It allows me to concentrate and destress. Words cannot express my gratitude. THANK YOU!!!

  This sound generator is amazing! This or the Irish Coastline generator really work magic when I have an anxiety attack happening or when my migraine has gotten to a point I can no longer stand the pain. This specifically helps with my anxiety the best though and I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers anxiety and anxiety attacks.

  Works perfectly for blocking out construction noise, annoying co-workers and keeping me focused! Also works very well for helping me sleep when my brain won't shut up. Always slightly surprised when I look up and realise it is not actually raining outside!

  I love this generator! I literally fell asleep on my couch twice. Love it, thank you so much!

  I made a little donation to say thank you for the "Tropical Rain" generator. I've kept it on while working for about two weeks now. I can actually stay on task for more than ten minutes at a time with the rattle of a good rain on a roof. Thank you for providing a background track to my productive days!

  Sounds just like home (:

  Can all storms be like this?

  This setting is what I have been using since six months while sleeping, all my dreams are half lucid dreams, helps me getting into the right mind state for sleeping, and I don't wake up randomly until I got the sleep I need.

  Nothing better than a warm, rainy friday night at home. More bassy sound for increased coziness.

  Listening to this and Erik Satie is bliss 

  This is amazing when I work many hours and I can't find any good music to have as background, but this sound with Coldplay as background, I tell you! It's the perfect productivity recipe! <3

  ← I call this one... Safe in the Basement

  This sounds exactly like my house in early spring/summer... Thanks!

  This has now replaced 'rain on a tent' as my favorite rain set. SO soothing. I felt my stress melt away.

  Rain on a window!

  I had to take off the headphones for a second to make sure the noise wasn't coming from the ceiling.

  I turn the volume up on this, and mix it with wind noise set on stormy weather. I live in central Ohio and we can get some heavy storms. The walls of my house are pretty thin and you can hear the rain and the wind outside. It reminds me of those storms and covering up with a thick blanket and some coffee. Amazing! :D

  My favorite rain setting of all the rain generators... nice steady and heavy rain. Sounds great with the distant thunder and wind noise generators in the background. It's so relaxing and nice to fall asleep to I listen to it nearly every night.

  Sounds just like rain hitting my AC unit outside or maybe rain on a window. It's extremely soothing.

  Sounds wonderful!

  Really relaxing!

  Ahhh, the EXACT sound of rainfall in the Philippines  but without the traffic or the leaks! Thank you for finally putting this out, this is EXACTLY what I need.

  This practically THREW me back into my childhood for a split second - the house we lived in had a tin awning just outside the dining room window looking out into the back yard. When it rained hard, the dining room was the loudest room in the house because of that thing! Hearing this brought back a LOT of memories... my only desire now is to have a nice pellet stove generator to go with it! <3

  This is so realistic. I actually thought is started raining outside and turned around to look out the window. I was a little disappointed to see it was still dry. But I love listening to the rain so this is great for studying.

  I think this is what I have been looking for my whole life. Thank you.

  aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh RAINNNNN... even though it's burning in California

  When I first heard this sound, I took of my headphones to see what was making the sound outside of my house. Only to realize that it was just this amazingly crafted sound! This sound has alot of depth and it will help me focus for quite a while. Thanks Internet!

  This sounds like home. Thank you!

  Finally, exactly the right rain sound! I didn't realise the tin roof was what was missing. Thanks from New Zealand, where corrugated iron roofs are something of an architectural icon.

  I've been trying to make the regular rain noise make this sound for so long but THIS IS THE EXACT SOUND I WANT! I really can't thank you enough for making this, this will bless my ears for years to come. It's so calming and it really feels like you're right under a tin roof! <3

  I love the wonderful setting mood!

  This is my new favorite. Rain on a tin roof!? You can't get better than that. This along with my virtual fireplace, super cozy <3

  I couldn't find quite the rain noise I was looking for - until I happened to try this one! Now, I'm from the Northern US, so it's not a tin roof that I was trying to find. I think it must be very close to the sound of rain in the gutters or eaves of my childhood house.

  ← I love this setting so much.

  This makes me feel both cold and cosy at the same time. It brings back so many nice memories. Thank you.

  This is it! No more rain generators needed!

  Yay! It's here! In Latin America, this is the best sound to sleep to, and now I can have it during the dry season, too. Thank you so much for bringing this one to life.

  Thank You! This noise reminds me of my childhood.