Summer Night Thunder
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This soundscape was recorded in Beaujolais, France, during my family holidays in 2019. We were staying in an isolated bed-and-breakfast place, lost in the vineyards. It was late afternoon when I heard the thunder coming, under an overcast sky. I searched for a cache among the vine stocks where my recording equipment would stay dry, and I left it running all night. The sounds evolved from a distant thunder to something closer, alternating with rain and chirping insects when the rain stopped.

To faithfully recreate the ambience, sliders have been configured as an audio time-lapse, each of them being associated with a different hour of the night. To hear the exact sound progression that night, reveal sliders individually from left to right. You can mix multiple sliders to create a thunderstorm with the sonic density of your choice. Headphones are highly recommended, to enjoy the superb stereo imaging.

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  Good for falling asleep

  Absolutely wonderful! Great rumbling thunder and sharp cracks. I created animation to help simulate the approaching thunder, the rain w/ thunder, and the thunder leaving.

  In conjunction with some other sounds, this one has helped me a lot with my tinnitus, lately. It's one of the best to mask it. It was a very nice addition.

  Feels like I'm sitting under my tree in the front yard at 11 am right before a heavy storm, so calming.

  Been studying to this for literally hours now.. It just gives me so much focus and helps me not stray away from what I am supposed to do. It relaxed me a bunch as well, and the best part is, that I don't really notice the sound until I take off my headphones! It just becomes a natural noise of the environment I am in!

  Absolute perfection, as usual. Thanks for taking me to France. Have not been there since 1998.

  My fave rain/thunder noise so far!

  For ambient sound I always look for approaching storms... This so far is my favorite.

  This is perfect for cold winter nights! Listening to the thunder with the sounds of crickets and such makes me imagine it really is a nice, warm summer night.

  This is the sound my ears have been wanting for a long time! Beautiful deep chest-rumbling thunder and sharp, near cracks that manage to not be ear-shattering. The sound of rain hitting the ground and leaves is gorgeous, and there's the perfect amount of insect and animal noise to really immerse you in the environment. A wonderful soundscape, thank you so much!

  This is an immediate favorite: I came from Lyon, and spent many years spending my weekends in the "Monts du Beaujolais" for hikes, and even sometimes camping in the forest. This generator brought me years back in time.

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Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time!