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Almost too hot to walk...

We have already introduced a set of noise machines featuring walks through the various seasons, like spring, winter, and autumn. Here is one last generator to round out the set: a summer stroll through dry grass fields on a very warm day.

The air is nearly too hot to be comfortable, so you decide to follow a stream. Your footsteps shuffle through the dry grass, rustling; grasshoppers leap erratically out of the way and bees tumble around you, too busy to even bother with your presence! Larks circle high up overhead. They are the only black dots in a brilliantly blue, cloudless sky.

The last slider tickles the upper limit of the normal range of human hearing, and may only be audible only to some people.

Published by Stéphane on May 14th, 2018

User Stories

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  Useful for masking the sounds of landscaping equipment outside my apartment building.

  Combining this with music from Stardew Valley is just amazing..

  This makes me feel totally at ease.

  This is just perfect to have on in the background when I need just a little something more than silence but nothing too overwhelming!

  I like to listen to this preset when I'm working or studying during the summer and can't be outdoors. I've adjusted the sliders so that it sounds like the chaparral canyons behind my childhood home in San Diego. I hope you enjoy it too!

  It works well because I'm right next to a vent!

  One of the things that I love about this site is that each slider has one element (wind, water, bees, birds, etc.), and you can adjust each slider to your liking. After several adjustments, I got this setting and it's perfect! Summer wind with high pitch grasshopper sound and a little water, bees, and bird sounds on the side.

  This is my custom noise for trying to stay awake those summer mornings when I'm at my nine-to-five job. The birds help wake me up naturally and the sounds of summer help ease my FOMO.

  One of the things I've missed after moving to London was hearing larks in spring/summer and grasshopper choirs. Thank you so much for this!

  If you close your eyes and turn up the warm wind you can actually feel it.

  Reminds me of long summer days from my childhood. You can feel the cool breeze on sun-kissed skin.

  Reminds me of a nice summer evening.

  I kept waving my hands around my head while I was doing my schoolwork wondering why this stupid fly wouldn't leave me alone. Then I realized it was the bees on here :D

  I work at a well known tech company in Silicon Valley. Unbeknownst to many, they have a wildlife refuge on campus. Listening to this reminds me that I need to go and experience the real thing during my workday!

  This is incredibly realistic! I'm waving my hands in the air to chase the annoying bugs :D

  This is exactly when you go out in the fields on a hot sunny day, far away from civilization and you can hear all the micro fauna going around their own business.

  When I close my eyes, this exact sound makes me envision I'm walking through an open field of tall grass, not far from my neighborhood perhaps, on a warm windy day right as Summer is beginning and the bees and grasshoppers can be slightly heard singing their chorus' in the background. Very soothing and relaxing

  I love sounds that are part of the landscape around me. But there hasn't been a generator yet that sounds like a dry summer. This generator puts me in the mountains in mid-July, the hottest part of the year. I love it so much!

  This is lovely. I turn the footsteps down, hit that animation button, and it's like I'm (silently) walking right through summer.

  I used to be scared of bees until the day my dad started keeping some almost two years ago. They are incredibly complex creatures. Their constant movement, with some running water in the background and a light wind playing with grass, is surprisingly soothing. This is the joy of being surrounded by bees, minus the potential heart attack of one trying to befriend you!

  myNoise's walks for the four seasons are like Vivaldi in nature form, brilliant work.

  So soothing. Nice work!