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Meditation Bell

Focus like a copyist monk

If you are used to finding your focus zone in a public library, this sound generator will delight you! Imagine traveling back in time, and being given the opportunity to work in a monastery library.

This composite sound generator faithfully recreates the gentle noises that could have been your surroundings: the fireplace that heats the cold and dark stone-walled room, the copyist monks working alongside you, the ticking of the clock, and the occasional church bell and distant Gregorian chants reminding you of the spirituality of the place.

Composite Generators

This sound generator is a composite. You can recognize composite generators by their icon on the main index page. These generators are build from other generators' sources. They showcase how one can create new soundscapes by combining audio elements found in others.

Check out the community page, the place where patrons of myNoise share their own composites. You can create your own too, refer to the side column to learn how.

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  I swear I can smell the fire when I'm listening to this one!

  Getting a PhD in Physics and having to read and write code all day with ADHD means I am really often loosing track of what I need to do. When I feel like I can't focus, I go to this site, put my headphones on, and it helps so much. I feel like I can actually get my work down without a paralyzing anxiety or pressure. So relaxing! (I love the fireplace setting and turning up the calm office)

  This is just awesome! I work remotely, and how well this sound helps me to focus! Amazing! It is very cool! My productivity has increased significantly! Thank you!

  I love pairing this setup with the Harry Potter soundtracks! Makes me feel like I'm right there in the Hogwarts library studying alongside my classmates.

  Use this setting for some calm fire and scribbles. Love this site. It's amazing.

  My go-to whenever I visit the site. I listen to this whenever I'm in class or in desperate need of focus. As someone who has a hard time focusing, this ambience does the trick. The atmosphere is amazing, especially with headphones. It makes you feel as if you're actually in the library.

  I used this when teaching my class remotely on Teams during lockdown, to provide a shared, quiet soundscape while the students were working on an individual task. Perfect for unobtrusively keeping us together in the same environment despite our physical separation.

  Oh yes, this one is on my list, added a little water from a fountain and this is prefect for concentration. AND for feeling of safeness/comfort.

  I'm a PhD student and programmer. Having to withstand COVID-19 quarantine and being forced to work from home, I was looking for the ultimate motivational background, and this is the best one I've heard so far. Even better than the noises from my lab :) This, plus the occasional voices of some friends working over voice chat, changed the endurability of my quarantine. Thank you Stephane!

  Doing homework in my 21st century bedroom feeling like I'm a 14th century monk transcribing ancient texts.

  Fireplace + Library = Focus

  Love the sound of the grandfather clock in the background, feels like my grandma's old house with her various clocks that always went off at each hour. Doo-doo-doo-doo...

  This sound is so beautiful, inspiring, and profound... all while having just the right amount of "zen" to study with. The atmosphere is so perfectly curated that I can envision myslef transported back to a time when prevalence of technology was never such a distraction. I can't count the hours that I've listened to this while writing notes or cramming for a test. Pure bliss, extremely grateful!!

  Amazing atmosphere. Recalling "The Name of the Rose" and the good old "Undying" videogame.

  This one has quickly become a favorite of mine when combined with both Sleeping Dragon and White Rain.

  I'm such a history nut and this is so cool! Thank you myNoise :]

  This is undoubtedly the perfect environment for writing, and it's amazing how well the entirety of the environment has been captured. It really feels as if the centuries that have passed have fallen away and you can immerse yourself completely in the quiet solitude of studying, writing, or reading, the way it was done for ages upon ages in human history.

  This composite really helps me settle my mind to work.

  Transports me instantly to the historical athenaeum library in Providence, a temple to bygone sanctuaries of study, steeped in the scent of aged paper and echoing with the murmurs of old architecture.

  I actually cannot believe what an awesome effect the music and sounds effects have on my productivity! I love them sooooo much because i can customise to my liking, so thanks for making this delightful website! I feel so transported back in time to a place I've never even been, and yet I can feel the crackling of the fire's warmth, hear the footsteps and imagine what life would have been like x

  Ornate as it is, the towering clock beside your table ticks a steady, simple rhythm. People come and go from this hall quietly to work and respect one another's blissful work ethic. The bellower directly above the hall is a comforting, reverberating time piece, bringing all aware to the present as it fills the candle lit vaulted ceilings with it's warm baritone.

  Wonderful! I'm using this to study physics and linear algebra. I can almost feel the firelight. Very comforting... I like animating the sliders and believing that the singers are taking breaks at rehearsal, haha. I may combine this with a distant rain generator if I want some variation. Thanks!!!

  I'm soooooo glad I found it! And quite emotional about That Polish background photo! This one suits my essay topic perfectly so it'll accompany me while a long journey...

  A background music that evokes a remote ancient time.

  This brings me back to my childhood house, sitting in the living room on a dark winter night. The fire crackles warmly while the wind howls safely outside. My sisters are diligently doing school work and I'm probably reading goosebumbs or something. This generator makes me feel safe and secure just like that old house had. Thanks for another flawless generator.

  This is SO relaxing. I can't stop listening to it. I'm obsessed, I don't even wanna do anything I just wanna close my eyes and hear this.

  I couldn't go to class and had to work on my own, but my room in wayyyy too quiet. This had a weirdly calming and focusing effect on me. I has trouble to focus when there either too much or too little background noises and boyyy this helped me so much! Thank you for your work!

  My favorites to pair with this are Singing Bowls and Marimba. It makes me feel like a wizard doing research in old tomes, while others around me do the same.

  What a delightful feeling of absolute peace. A quiet place to think, relax, and to dream. The distant chants offer the barest hint of a spiritual place. I can feel my pulse slowing just writing this. Well done.

  Glorious this ambience. The howling wind, the fire, the choir and the bell. Simply perfect. It's a bit of a relaxing time when you're out and about.

  Imagine sitting in a lighthouse, stormy weather outside...

  Of all the excellent myNoise soundscapes, this is my favourite to listen to while I'm working. It's atmospheric without being distracting -- and I would have expected Gregorian chanting to be a distraction! I can listen for hours.

  Wonderful atmosphere, very conducive to focus. I boosted the 'cosiness' of it by adding in 'Distant Thunder' generator, set a little bit quieter than this one. Now, working away in this quiet warm place is definitely more attractive than the storm outside!

  I am so happy to find this gen. Libraries are a place of peace, solace, and safety. When I'm doing school work (I'm a prof now), this background is soothing and helps me stay focused.

  Please add even more libraries. And even other rooms. This background is so cool. I'm always looking for things that help me focus on work or make it more pleasant. Thanks for this one.

  I teach sacred geometry and sacred sculpture. I take my inspiration from all over the world, it is all one at its root source. This is just as it feels. Sitting in candlelight in the library, compass in hand, colours of berry juice for the quills lightly brushed with holy oils. Vespers, the hammers of the cathedrals, the bells of the nearby abby wafting thru the air. Most wondrously captured.

  I like the long silent periods in some of the sliders. It feels quite real as if it is truly happening now. It also helps me stay on track much longer. It looks like our ear (well brain) needs changes so it can rest and refocus - like a computer-restart only on a small scale. Well done.

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