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Gregorian Voices
Early Roman Catholic Church Song Generator
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Gregorian Chant first came to exist in the 9th and 10th centuries in Western and Central Europe, and were named after the Pope St. Gregory the Great (540-604 A.D). These chants are performed A Capella, without musical support, and sung in Latin. Latin had been the language in use throughout the Roman Catholic Church almost since its foundation. When the Second Vatican Council introduced the use of native language in the Mass instead of Latin, in 1962, the tradition of Gregorian Chants started to decline. Today, Gregorian Chants are rarely sung during services anymore, but can be heard in some retired monasteries. The sound created by the Monks performing Gregorian Chants, transports you to a time long gone.

These chants had such long tradition — more than ten centuries — because they probably touch deep in one's very soul and spirituality, and brought a marvellous sense of inner peace. Music knows neither area, time nor language. If you wish, allow yourself to escape your busy life for a while, and re-connect with yourself. Close your eyes, and let the ancient sounds of Monks carry you away.

The sound quality on this generator is amazing. You will be able to hear the chanting lightly echoing off the pillars and rafters. Two recording locations have been used, one close to the singers, and one at the rear of the church, at a great distance from the choir. Those recordings have been made available by means of separate sliders, allowing you to adjust the reverberation level to your liking. Enjoy!

Published by Stéphane on April 25th, 2016

User Stories

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  Dominus autem Spiritus est ubi autem Spiritus Domini ibi libertas.

  “Dominus salus mea. Dominus redemptio mea. Miserere mei, fili patris. Flamma Spiritus Sancti ardet in anima mea Pugnabo in nomine tuo, mortem non timeo. Sanctum est nomen Domini.”

  Went to the Tyniec abbey in Poland and they still sing like that. It really fills you with awe. The main difference there from any other place is that women go to mass and sing too.

  I've found the background ambient sound of distant medieval temple chanting.

  Pange Lingua Gloriosi is a Gregorian chant about the blessed sacrament.

  Spes mea in deo est.

  Marijn Joannes Petrus Henricus Gerardus Wilhelmus Jacobus Leonardus Hermanus Antonius Paulus Franciscus Theodorus Christianus Laurentius Reinerus Godefridus Arnoldus Martinus Casparus Cornelius Alexander Dionysius Lambertus Winandus Servatius Fredericus Aegidius Bartholomeus Hubertus Stephanus Wernerus Daniël Adamus Philippus Conradus Wolterus Mathaeus Stuyfzand

  Ortu magnificum ortu bonum mane magnificum bonum mane. Spero te hodie mirabilem diem habere, scio sum. Et memento, quamvis res obscura videatur, semper in altera parte lux et felicitas.

  Amazing. The fact that I know Latin as a languge I even think in sometimes makes this 4000 times better.

  I found it! Gregorian chant on low volume, with Theta "drowsy" harmonic binaurals, plus Unreal Ocean. This combination has put me on a rocky promontory overlooking the North Sea, with a monastery behind me. The sky is cloudy, the air is pure and fresh, the spirit is with me...And you know what? I think I can get some writing done!

  This has calmed my soul various times when I have been troubled by this world's trials.

  This noise is one that I enjoy and I guess it is just the way it touches me spiritually.

  The rest is negotiable.

  With the hum prominent, the church bell ringing, and the overlapping canons quietly being sung... Bliss.

  It's just perfect when I showed my dad to site he made me listen to this and I don't regret it.

  Excellent vocals, helps me peacefully study and focus on writing and thinking clearly. Lovely sound!

  This makes learning history so much better! Also love how peaceful it makes me feel!

  This is beautiful! Even though it is a generator, on the right settings, it sounds like a live performance! definately getting 11/10 for me.

  I listen to this on leg days. Instant power. Better pump. Colors look brighter through my eyes.

  I am enjoying the hum and the occasional church bell and then every now and then I add the chanting, but mostly not. I was sitting at my desk massively angry at the person next to me for being so noisy, it's much better now, thank you.

  "Derivatives, integrals, limits too, Basic calculus, we know what to do! Tangent lines, and curves that bend, Calculus, it never ends! Differentiate, then integrate, Basic calculus, we can't wait! Area under, the curve so fine, Calculus, it's all in our mind! Differential equations, we can solve, Basic calculus, we're evolved! Calculation, is the key, Basic calculus, it sets us free!"

  OMG this helps so much!! This is perfect to listen to if you are trying to focus.

  Just for relaxing while have anxiety while studying.

  Gregorian chant is neither long gone nor rarely sung. Find a Traditional Latin Mass near you and come and see!

  I am very impressed with this style of noise. I am really big into history and I have ADHD and have a hard time focusing but this music solved it all.

  I want to sing along <3. Latin is such a pretty language, especially when sung in Gregorian chants like this one. Turn up Canon A, Canon B, and Canon C!

  Turn hum up, church bells, meditation bell every 1 min, and turn off everything else... So calming.

  This will bring consolation to your soul and remove desolations almost immediately.

  I'm an athiest and this still helped me relax and concentrate. The voices really do empower you.

  Literally discovered this by accident and can't explain how weirdly calming this is. I feel like I am transported to a church in ancient europe. An absolutely exquisite experience.

  I turned the animation thing on and set it to the fastest speed and it sounds so good. This website is amazing.

  This is one of the most calming, spiritual and delicious pieces I've come across all over this website. An amazing website, an amazing gem of music!

  This helped me focus on my homework unbelievably.

  I use this, deep chant and singing bowls together. It is the most ethereal experience ever. So beautiful.

  Religions and music are universal. For example, I am a Muslim, but I also listen to Gregorian chants. It's peaceful.

  Love this! It's magnificient! Finally some voice/sound to which I can listen to hours and still not get a headache. So calming. Helps me focus on my studies by transporting me to another world altogether. I feel as if I am sitting far away in a town with snow-clad moutains, foggy skies, and few homes in vicinity. Living in simple old times, calm peaceful times, and this song is echoing.

  Greatest idea ever.

  Lower the dry voices, crank up the reverb, and pair with a windy/rainy generator for a vivid seaside-cathedral scene. myNoise is an extraordinary tool, bravo.

  I may be an atheist but that doesn’t mean I have a huge respect for this and how calming it is.

  I've come to keep this song in my head if I'm ever stressed, usually accompanied by breathwork. It does wonders. I have had full on religious experiences to this, not even lying. I may have been inebriated, but still.

  I feel like how you feel after you take a big bite of sour cream. Heavenly. :)

  This chanting really takes me to heaven and is absolutely divine. Such a calm and cathartic prayer to my Lord Jesus Christ; great for studying and contemplation. Amazing site overall, too. +

  I feel like a lot of beautiful music has been lost to popularity and modern attention, this song right here is clearly a banger and straight fire, it never disappoints. I wish we had a much more open-minded population.

  I am an atheist who comes from a muslim household. But when it comes to music I don't think religion or your way of thought really matter. To me it's just art and I enjoy art. I recommend you to combine these with natural soundscapes. I usually prefer rain. As for vocal chants I also prefer Buddhist or Shintoist ones which are available in this site.

  I've used soundscapes for years and always found them beneficial to study, working focus, relaxation and various other activities. This is the best one I have used and will be a lifelong user. Thank you for a brilliant tool and it's free, even though I have donated. Brilliant.

  I am muslim. But this sound is so soothing.

  Another reason that I will continue to donate. This transfixes my spirituality - I say the same prayer, tho maybe not in so many words :) Whatever it is that we call God hears all prayers, even those unintentionally uttered.

  This is Veni Creator Spiritus! I sang this in a special Latin chant choir back when I was still Catholic! You moved the phrase "imple superna gratia" to the beginning of the loop? It is a good sound to start on but on my first couple listens it was distracting trying to figure out what was being skipped over lol. I'm enjoying this gen. Layering it with the cicadas for extra nostalgia...

  This is very relaxing. Thank you very much for this! It's my first time listening to this and I'm already hooked. Gonna have to add this on my study routine :)

  I LOVE Gregorian chants! Because my name is greg, and it reminds me of what it would sound like if I were to chant.

  The Gregorian Voices have helped me contentrate on complex thinking tasks, and also seems to make the dog much less stressed about noise from outside. Amazing!

  I absolutely love to use this while studying. It feels like I am instantly transported to the Middle Ages.

  The perfect soundtrack to focus on my research on mythology in the dark ages!

  A magnificent tool to focus and orientate your thoughts, try it!

  I understand why this is put in the 'I need to calm down' section in the 'Uses' category. Thank you Stephane!

  I understand why this is put in the 'I need to calm down' section in the 'Uses' category. Thank you Stephane!

  Now THIS one, THIS one - I was really about to fall asleep. It's so peaceful and reminds me of 1, my faith, and 2, my country. Oddly, this makes me feel LOVE...

  The only music that helps me study and clear my mind and focus... thank you so much, God bless you sir!

  Beautiful! My favorite sounds! It's like church from home, the Latin prayers are so peaceful :)

  This mix really helps me focus when writing. When I listen to this, I write faster and better.

  Whenever I sit down to study ancient Greek, I combine this with the medieval library, the church ambience, fireplace and cozy rain to give myself the feeling that I'm studying in an old castle library with a rainy window on one side, and a warm fireplace on the other. Man I love this website.

  A great mix to have on in the background while I do my latin homework.

  It's just awsome.

  I love singing while I work so this is perfect especially with the bell in the background.

  Wow. I'm really impressed ! This is definitely the best sound of this website.

  It is so amazing.I use this all the time at work to concentrate! Thank you so much!

  It seems that the sections of the song are being sung out of order or they were edited out of order [Editor note : they recombine randomly to produce a soundtrack that always changes]

  When I have a lot of student work to grade or require focus for a length of time, I listen to this amazing song generator. I especially love the "Amen" at the end.

  I attend a catholic university, so when I'm doing readings for doctrine or mariology I like to play this with the church sound to set the mood. Reading the Summa becomes so much more enjoyable when I can pretend I'm an Irish monk studying and making transcripts and translations to protect books from being destroyed by the vikings.

  I don't know what actually makes this so soothing to my ears. Perhaps the imaginary world I have on my mind when I hear the chants...

  This is incredibly relaxing, something to block out external noise, keep your mind engaged, but not be distracting. Pairs excellently with any sort of light rainfall.

  Simply incredible. So immersive, this makes me feel like I'm actually sitting in a pew during Mass.

  I have been using this website for years now... it helped me a lot in the past face panic attacks at night. Today I rarely suffer from panic attacks but still listen to the sounds on this website. For me, it is unique and truly inspiring.

  I feel I've been transported to a previous existence as a monk in a seminary. I am home.

  The power and majesty in these voices is breathtaking. There are not words to adequately describe the overwhelming emotions I felt as I adjusted the generator until it reached the apex of liturgical perfection.

  I combined this with Distant Thunder, the thunder quieter than the Gregorian voices, and it really helped me get on with work in the holidays when I didn't want to. thanks!

  I've been using this website for quite a few days but I'm especially thankful right now. Came in to contact with too much hate online today so I couldn't focus on my work and my heart was beating too fast. Then I thought of this website, turned this sound on, and I'm now at peace again. Thank you :)

  I will remember the night I found this website. This is magical.

  This is definitively my favourite noise at myNoise! So relaxing and calming, and lovely to listen to!

  Simply magical. Transports me into the setting of my favorite book! Adding twinkling noises into the background when the voices stop makes me feel like in in heaven. I did think the bell was a bit intrusive, but over all very magical! Thank you for this!

  Very very helpful with keeping me calm with the lights off. I suffer from intrusive thoughts and bad anxiety, and I've only just recently started sleeping with the lights off. Normally its scary, but these calm voices are just SO reassuring and I can allow myself to fall asleep without any bad thoughts <3

  This is so calming. I'm loving it. It gives me so positive vibes

  I, listen to "white rain" every night when I go to sleep—I have insomnia and it's the only thing that drowns out the city and calms me down . Also the bells ringing in Gregorian Voices moves me every time. Thank you!

  Simply put: amazing. I owe a big thank you to the creator of this website. Your coding skills are excellent and it's kind of you to provide this type of service for free <3

  Love this! I used this when I was writing my story. Gave me tons of inspiration! Also another good one to check out is the Black Hole generator.

  This is really nice. One the one hand it feels like a live service, especially because of the bell. On the other hand, I'm half expecting the Orchestra from Halo to start up any minute now. Very well done. I'm blessed to have stumbled upon such high-quality music <3

  It feels so calming. And spiritual. There's a unique kind of feeling of mysticism in the latin choirs.

  It is great for all those work meetings during this Covid-19 season and probably beyond.

  This website is full of amazing noises and can always calm me down!

  This is epic.

  I love this site so so much and cannot help but bubble with happiness every time I listen to one of the tracks.

  I absolutely love to listen to this in combination with "Distant Thunder". They create a very peaceful environment together that allows me to stay focused during work.

  This combined with the Tibetan Choir is almost hypnotic. Love it!

  A perfect background noise to read Athanasius Kircher.

  My friend showed me this website and I'm immediately in love with it. I'm for sure going to be using this website a lot, and this sounds especially when I'm upset and need to clear my mind.

  This is amazing! I love to listen to calming singing and I find it helps me to relax and calm down after a stressful day. Thank You so much!

  Church sounds have always fascinated me! I'm a happy Hindu but I find a different kind of inner peace listening to Gregorian voices while studying. And hey! My productivity just skyrockets :)

  It is strange, but listening to the chants is deeply relaxing without turning me sleepy. I can still do light tasks on the side, staying concentrated.

  I listen to this after a stressful day or lying in bed at night. Have shared it with a dozen friends and play it during my "mindfulness" workshops. This and singing bowls.

  I love to listen to this combined with Binaural Beats, makes the humming much more intense and enjoyable.

  Perfect for a moment of mindfulness. Close your eyes, and breathe in through your nose as deep as you can. Then slowly release your breathe via your mouth. Repeat this 60+ while you only think about the air flowing in your lungs, and leaving again.

  Perfect for when you need to think about your life. To find the good and the bad and truly separate them properly.

  This particular noise is absolutely lovely because the reverb mixed with the original audio really creates a surround sound feeling. Perfect for unwinding after a hard day's work.

  Love it! I let this play in the background when I study or play games or just to relax while I browse 4chan.

  This generator is exactly what I need to tune out the workplace around me and get actual, focused work done!

  Being Catholic and a trained singer of Gregorian chant, I really love this! It is really beautiful, relaxing, meditative, and even healing.

  This is so frustrating I had to turn it off — you're just mixing up random snippets of different chants, cutting each off just as it gets going, destroying the integrity of each. Why not offer complete recordings, and let people mix the reverb as they see fit? Each chant ought to be enjoyed as a coherent whole, each in its entirety.

  I love this generator - it helps me tune out the others in my office, and makes me feel really peaceful and kinda drifty... which is the space I need to be in to get lots of work done :)

  I find the sound both relaxing and invigorating. I think the form of ending on a neutral note at the end of each stanza leaves the listener with that peaceful feeling, as well as the melodic blending of multiple voices. I wanted to pass along my thanks for sharing this and the other audio files on your site. I came across this site searching for sound to use in a RPG game, and found a gem.

  I like change a great deal! I usually listen to Greek but these Gregorian ones help me study because I can't understand the language so I'm able to home in!

  I recognized the song and was able to fully sing along. I wondered where I learned this melody. Turns out this chant is used in an old computer game called Black & White. It appears in de silver script called The Idol.

  This really helps me study! (Especially for my Latin class).

  This music is incredibly relaxing and helps me with homework/studying. Thank you.

  This tuned to the # setting above D, played alongside Tibetan Choir tuned to the same setting, is so peaceful and comforting.

  I'm going through a lot of stuff right now and this song is saving my life.

  It's like being transported back to an archaic time. It's such a strange feeling but it's so peaceful and spiritual. I'm very new to myNoise but I have a personal obsession with ancient European history and already I have a track that speaks to me personally. The feelings this track evokes is reminiscent of why I love ancient European history so much. The atmosphere is so unique yet so spiritual

  Helps me focus tremendously when studying any subject. Simply fantastic.

  I suffer from insomnia and whenever I'm having trouble sleeping, I listen to this and Rain on a tent. Even though I won't always be able to sleep, this calms me down so that I can lay in bed and get at least some rest and stop worrying about not falling asleep. Thank you <3

  I've been struggling with ringing in my ears for several days. This is the only thing that calms me and reduces the ringing.

  This, Irish Coast & The Fireplace all on deep, fast animation make me think of Lindisfarne.

  I just broke down. This calmed me down after a while..

  I love this site so much. This setting was the most calming and helped me fall asleep quickly.

  Blown away by the quality of this.

  Wonderful to meditate to.

  Really cute! As a muslim, this didn't bother me and was amazingly calm.

  This is very calming and effectively shuts out the work background noise. Also it's very medieval !

  Returned me to my childhood.

  I accidentally found the Warhammer 40K (Dawn of War) Chant thanks to this. This sounds so satisfying.

  Great for sleeping or when you have pains that you're trying to sleep off.

  Calming, almost as hypnotic as the drones but a lighter feel. Love this site!

  This is pretty amazing!

  Reading while listening to this is so relaxing, it almost brings me to another world.

  This really helped me calm down and stopped me from overthinking. Really inspiring ambience for creative work too especially when you pair it with any rain sound generator!

  This combined with Singing Bowls and Summer Night = perfect.

  This really helps me focus on my writing for some reason. I really like it!

  Just the echoes, as if from deeper within a castle.

  This generator really helps me focus, but I keep losing the page so I've been compelled to use this to save my settings on it. All in all would recommend.

  Listen to this with Arctic Wolves, Thunder and Rain, and Irish Coast. You can almost imagine you are there!

  Imple(e) su(u)perna(a) gratia  Veni Creator Spiritus  Mentes tuorum visita  Quae tu creasti pectora  Qui dice(e)ris Paraclitus  Donnum Dei Altissimi  Fons vi(i)vu(u)s, ignis, caritas  E(e)t spir(i)itali(i)s unctio(o)  Per te sci(i)amu(us)s da Patrem  Noscamus atque Filibus  Teu(u) tri(i)u(u)sque(e) Spiritum  Cre(e)damus omni tempore(e)  A(a)me(e)n  There's the complete lyrics. Understood them. I'm Italian. ;)

  This is the best experience I've had with any binaural beats/isochronic tones/audios out there on the web you name it. Not only it feels me with a sense of western mysticism; it reunites us westerners with an inseperable part of ourselves and our spirituality. This is, for all intents and purposes, Christian meditation! <3

  I'm listening to this with the cat purr (set heavy on the bass) and it's excellent. So calming.

  This stopped me from listening to Whats New Pussycat 21 times in a row, thank you!

  I'm listening to this setting with Unreal Wind and Stardust. It sounds ethereal, like I'm witnessing the birth of creation.

  This is absolutely beautiful! I'm grateful to have found this gem of a page. I am doing some research online and opened a tab and searched for "Catholic Monastic Chant" to find some relaxing music for the background, and I stumbled here in the dark. I once was blind but now I see. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ!

  Great work, incredible! Thanks for sharing, very interesting and clearly programmed and explained.

  I love Gregorian chants and creating my own was *mwah* fantastic!

  This works best combined with Aeternitas and Anamnesis! The ambiance is surreal and out of this world. It gives you the vibes of the spiritual realm enveloping you in an immersive sound that uplifts the spirit within you, drawing you closer to the One, the True and eternal Being that created the sounds and nature to live...

  This is a beautiful piece of work! Thank you!

  I've been reading some books on the Crusades lately... among other things around that time. This fits in perfectly and I feel so relaxed when reading. Thanks for this wonderful sound generator. This enough was worth the donation.

  I really do feel transported, I close my eyes and I am there. Time to be.

  I own a lot of Gregorian chant albums and this sounds just like my albums. Chants are so amazing. I love listening to this. The addition of the bells gets my imagination going.

  This is so nice, I'm so glad this website exists! Every time I come back, I do something slightly different. This sounds beautiful!

  The echoing is so cool and realistic! I love it!!

  This is the coolest thing ever! I love gregorian music, it makes me feel so at peace and calm, thank you so much for creating this generator! <3

  Honestly, the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Makes me feel like I've traveled back in time. I'm honestly a little weepy.

  A mystagogic sound that goes straight through your soul. Candlelight, heavy eyelids, a sense of peace and belonging. Outside the chapel the air is cool and the sky full of stars.

  I love listening to this imagining I'm on some windswept coast somewhere with the sound of a far off church song. A blessing, pardon the pun.

  The Gregiorian Chant is especially charming. I love that to slow my thoughts down. Thanks for great work.

  Sublime. Love this.

  A musical form that has lasted longer than most of western civilization. Simple. Human. Peace. This is the one that finally got me too the donation page. Thank you.

  I appreciate you are doing your part to spread this prayer. But we monks and nuns are not retired!!! And in my community, we have never broken with the Gregorian chant The office is sung 7 times a day as well as daily Mass here. It is very real and at the core of Benedictine life.

  Gregorian chants at the tips of your fingers? The future is now.

  Gregorian chant was my favorite listening through college, although back then it was only albums and cassette tapes. Your generator is awesome! I now work at a university's digital scholarship center and shared this with our music faculty for potential use in their classes. Many thanks!

  Absolutely wonderful.

  This is so peaceful to listen to, thank you to whoever created this.

  I love to imagine myself camping near the coast after a day's backpacking, listening to the storm lashing my tent and the ghostly echoes of chant drifting in on the wind from that deserted abbey on the island just off the coast. I combine just the reverbs with Rain on a Tent, Unreal Wind, Thunder and Irish Coast.

  So heavenly! I love it.

  Very nice. I like it very much. Inspiring.

  This is truly beautiful.

  I'm currently pairing the "Echoing Monks" preset with Orchestron's "Calming Tension", and I love it. Between the beauty of these two sound generators and the soft lamplight I've put in my office, I feel more at peace coming into work, like I truly belong in the here and now.

  Beautifully sung! If you double it with the Irish coast, you feel like you are in one of the ancient Irish monasteries! In answer to another listener's question, the "Song" is the Veni Creator Spiritus verses 1, 2, and 6. The "Canon" is a series of lines from the Pange Lingua Gloriosi by the Dominican St. Thomas Aquinas.

  Since I was a young boy I have always loved to listen to Gregorian chant. When we had a High Mass, they used Gregorian chant. I know it is Latin which I do not know but it is so peaceful and it makes me feel like I am connecting to God.

  Takes me to a different world... need to know the meaning of this song, please.

  Very beautiful. We still sing Gregorian chants in our church choir.

  Love it all. When I was not even a teenager in the '60s, I played Gregorian Chants on my old LPs to find solace & help me fall asleep. I found myself inspired to breathe deeply & slowly with the music; so I learned a way to calm myself way long before I learned yoga & meditation.I'm a LMT & I hate "White Noise" machines. Love melodic/binaural music. THIS is gorgeous. Love the HUM or ECHOES sliders.

  The prayers of ancient, long-dead monks can sometimes still be heard in the ruined gothic churches of Kamarg...

  Wow, this was so magical! I loved the reverb, it made for such an interesting, etheral effect.

  I love This! Especially with the Temple Bells, it a mixes together into this super eerie chant.

  This generator really surprised me! It's also really accurate, I use it for relaxing and for studying.

  This one I find the most relaxing.

  Paired with guitar mashup, this sounds like something out of the death note soundtrack! Brilliant.

  This is definitely my favourite generator on the whole site. Thank you for creating such an amazing generator!!

  I love this combined with Electric Guitar Mashup!

  I have always been using Buddhistic and Islamic chants for meditation on this website. But now I have discovered that Catholic chants have the same meditational and salubrious effect on the soul as long as you do not understand them. I come from a small Catholic village and this soundscape really helped me refind the beauty in my own religion. MK from Germany.

  This generator, like nothing else I am aware of, fills a room with magic, like a censer infusing a space with incense. It creates a little capsule of timelessness within four walls. To a sensitive, intelligent human trying to keep a sane perspective in the chaotic madness that is the United States today, this site is quite literally a godsend.

  Combine with this with Irish Coast; wind, shore noise, and rain channels active. You can start to hear them. The ancient Celtic monks of old, chanting above the crash of the sea against the rocks. In the water below your cliff, you see them. Standing in a line, waist deep in the billows, they chant against the darkness surrounding the island; each with arms outstretched in the shape of a cross.

  Pair this with the Bass Flute from Folk Tradition. Perfect underlying hum for the voices gently chanting over the top, very relaxing.

  This works great with Dark Water. So calming.

  Gregorian Voices, Saturn Rings and Spaceship Warp make a great sound together. Something along the lines of Halo.

  With headphones on, the world disappears. So relaxing, the interaction of the various voices, harmonies and overtones...

  Feels like I'm watching a Halo cutscene or walking through a quiet part of a level. Definitely not a bad thing!

  Just the hummmmmmmmm....

  This setting is great, the clanging of the church bells, a resounding vocal hum, and echoey chants in the distance. I always love having a prominent, constant drone paired with other moving, shifting sounds.

  This generator is absolutely amazing! This specific setting feels like a music translation of the sudden profound reverential silence whenever the Blessed Sacrament is exposed. Keep up the good work: this generator made me a patron!

  Such a calming atmosphere. Great for writing, whether it's when I'm studying or doing it for pleasure.

  This one + the RPG Battlefield generator will transport you to the very beginning of the medieval era.

  I felt absolutely relaxed after listening to this for 2 seconds. It pairs absolutely beautifully with Church Atmosphere. It makes me feel like I am in a great basilica listening to the monks and church noises.

  I listen to these voices with the bell turned down and combined with Meadow Land. It feels like I'm sitting in the sun in the ruins of an ancient Abbey listening to the echoes of the past.

  I used this with Church Atmosphere and it's wonderful.

  This plus Beatae Memoriae and Wind Noise feels like being in an old medieval church during a winter storm. It's utterly transporting.

  There's a real dignity to Gregorian chant. I sometimes lose myself in random, pensive thought. On rare occasions, for hours at a time. And this generator helps instil a gentle balance, and also de-barbs negative thoughts that try to force their way to the surface.

  I don't know what inspired you to pursue a Gregorian chant option, but I'm SO glad you did! I was exposed to the music when I was a preteen and I've been in love with it ever since. So calming. So beautiful. So amazing. So much talent. Thank you for capturing all that and the echoing setting of a cathedral. BRILLIANT! <3

  I play this one and "Stardust" at the same time, with the sliders configured just how I like it. The way they mix together is perfect, with the rise and fall of each, the other steps in and it sounds so natural and relaxing. I put it in the background while I watch youtube and fall asleep to it. It's awesome because after the youtube video ends, I've still got this playing :)

  Ohhhh... Gregorian Chant has always been my favorite type of music. It transports me to a more thoughtful, gentler way of thinking and being. I've jokingly said that if everyone listened to Chant at least once a day, there would be less violence and hatred in the world. I used to purchase Chant CDs when I could find them. This is a far superior substitute. Love it. Thanks Dr. Pigeon.

  Combining this with Bells Breath "Singing Room" really amplifies the impression of an echoing cloister, and gives an incredible depth to the sound.

  I personally think this is one of the most comforting and the most amazing sounds on this whole site, which pains me to say. This whole site has sounds that have helped me though so many things. This one in particular, every time I so much as turn it on or listen to it, or just change from one to another of these sounds; it is an experience I wish I could put into words. Perfection.

  Combining this with the Church Atmosphere is definitely one of my favorite combos. It's like a pressure is being lifted and I feel much better.

  This is wonderful. I sing in a choir and this reminds me of all my favourite parts of choral music. Perfect for studying :)

  The great thing about Gregorian Chant is that although there are apparently familiar lyrics within the comforting sound, I cannot understand them and so there is no distraction as I work. I've only just joined up and am eager to explore, but I suspect this one will be a favourite.

  So beautiful. I'd love to know what the song means!

  So beautiful with Singing Bowls - they blend perfectly and almost bring tears to my eyes...

  This sound, humming only, mixed with Folk Tradition (Calm Blow) if you balance the levels is calming.

  This is my new favorite sound generator on the entire site. This is so beautiful, and truly helps me breath easier and relax. I'm so happy that you've added this. It is truly a life-saver.

  This sound is an amazing backdrop for calm and efficient work.

  This generator alone is easily worth 10$. Donated. Thanks.

  Well. Time to donate again. #mindblow

  This is so peaceful... I was actually on the verge of an anxiety attack when I found this. With a combination of this and the wind noise generator, I've calmed down significantly.

  Really perfect. Thank you so much for a perfect recording. Listening for it for several hours already. It really helps me to work with my PhD.

  Thank you for answering my request... I am so happy... these chants are lovely!

  Thank you so much for adding this sound. This is eternity within.

  This was the one sound that I desperately wanted. I am so excited! I look forward to many wonderful, blissful hours as I refine this noise to exactly what I'm craving. --C

  I have ALWAYS loved Gregorian Chants!! Whether is was in music or by itself, I always found it so enchanting, magical, and calming to listen to. Could be said its one of my favorite types of music. I'm so so so glad it has come to this site now! Thank you very very much!! :D

  Sounds oddly mysterious and soothing with Tibetan Spirit or Himalayan Voices.

  I love the versatility of Dr. Pigeon's work. With a few different sliders you can take a Christian art and let it invoke the feeling of nature spirits answering calls with echoes.

  I've been looking forward to this for so long. Gregorian chants have always been my go-to for relaxing study music, so this is absolutely perfect.

  I have been wanting this kind of noise generator for a long time and I am so happy to see that you have figured out a way to create it! Congratulations for your accomplishment and thank you so much. These chants are one of my favorite things to listen to.

  The reverb bits especially work well with the Church Atmosphere generator. (Throw in a little "Bells Breath" for a nice effect.)

  Wonderful! This setting makes an entrancing 3D effect, like sitting near one section, but the other is further down the church.

  Super relaxing in a weird sense.

  The contrast between the crisp singing and long echoes in 'Echoing Monks' does something very strange to my brain. It gives it a strange and interesting sensation! But for pure relaxation, I love the 'Distant Prayers'. You're endlessly creative, thank you.

  YES! I've waited patiently for this, and now that it's here, it exceeds my expectations!

  This is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Oh my goodness. I have tears in my eyes.

  Magical  the humming drone and the second chant together take me away to a fantastic world.

  I have these sliders stacked with Mr. Rhodes, and the consonance (and occasional dissonance) combined with the lack of a strong tonal center makes this remarkably soothing for me.

  Once again amazing! I feel like I am walking among them with this one!

  This is MAGICALLY SURREAL when I combine it with Twilight and Anamnesis and letting all 3 animate. It's like being on a relaxing and spiritual journey, accepting inner peace, love, friendship, whilst finding your true definition and meaning in life.

  Oh my god. Instantly in tears. I thought Bells Breath had recently taken the cake among the wide variety of tremendous soundscapes on this wonderful website, but y'all should have seen the face I made when I saw this just now. And now I can put them TOGETHER. Perfect. Thank you so much.

  I just love this. It's magnificent.