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Tinnitus Bu(r)ster

Interactions between sounds and tinnitus are real. Certain sounds can induce tinnitus, while others can alter your perception of it, mask it, or even suppress it. Sometimes, a simple white noise generator will do the trick. Sometimes, more complex sound sources are needed, such as our tinnitus neuromodulator, which can mask your tinnitus while the sound generator plays and quieten it when the generator stops. Now, don’t be misled—not all tinnitus can be treated with simple sound therapy, and no single sound stimulus has proven effective for all tinnitus sufferers. All the serious studies are very clear about this. This is also why you can find so many different sound stimuli on the market.

This noise generator – White Bursts – is an alternative to classic static white noise. Research has shown that patterned sounds can be more effective for some individuals than static sounds since time-varying signals induce stronger cortex responses. Silence is also important because it lets the ear recover from the stimulus. That’s why our white-noise burst generator alternates between periods of intense stimulus and silence.

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 Just started with this bursts and I feel it does something to my hearing and little tinnitus issue.All the sounds and generators are great here!

 One can do funny things with this: Select Chopper 4Hz, count 4 bursts, and the click on Chopper 10Hz, let it play. Repeat. When you get the rhythm right, there's something like a Industrial Metal phrase coming up. ;) Or try Chopper 2Hz, count 4 burts, and the select Pattern. Or any other combination. I think a lot of funny rhythms could be created with these sounds if sequenced in the right time.

 To me, it sounds like an author or artist that keeps erasing their work because it's "not good enough". The sound itself keeps me inspired and focused so I don't feel like those previously mentioned!

 I have Harmonic Binaurals going for concentration, and this on the sawtooth setting to take care of the ADHD. It's working great!

 I write this with tears in my eyes as this is the first time in many many many years that I have experienced any relief whatsoever. My tinnitus is not gone, but it is now somehow distant, less intrusive, and of a higher frequency. It's the hard cut to silence every few seconds that really makes this work. It's very emotional for me to feel relief after so long, thank you.

 I haven't stopped smiling since I loaded this generator in my browser window, and I don't even have tinnitus. Just thought I'd let you know. :) I have Anamnesis and Zen Garden playing softly in the background and for some reason this seems to blend perfectly with them. Weird, isn't it?

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The pattern created by the sliders on this sound generator repeats five times, followed by a period of silence. Use the silence to monitor the loudness of your tinnitus. Various patterns are offered in the Preset section. Use the Animate! feature to change the pattern over time.