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Neural Symphony
Neuromodulated Tinnitus Relief
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The Ultimate Tinnitus Neuromodulator

Welcome to a groundbreaking collaboration between Steve Harrison, a creator of tinnitus relief sound sequences YouTube, and the advanced audio engine of myNoise. This isn't just an ordinary sound generator; it's a specialized tool designed to help you manage your tinnitus.

Blending Steve's sequences with the myNoise sound engine gives you a unique way to customize the sound to your specific tinnitus symptoms. The control you get is unparalleled, leading to remarkable results, as you can see in our User Stories.

How to Use It?

Start Simple: Begin with all sliders at zero. Move the sliders that best match your tinnitus tone. Keep the volume minimal, just enough to blend with your tinnitus sound. Gradually adjust the sliders to achieve the optimal masking sound, minimizing auditory fatigue. Consider activating multiple sliders to form an unusual auditory experience.

If the sounds don't fully mask your tinnitus, it's alright. View your tinnitus as another layer in this peculiar auditory experience. This encourages a mindfulness approach that many say works wonders. for distancing yourself from the tinnitus. While the soundscape may be unusual, find pleasure in it and try to relax. Easing tension and ignoring your tinnitus are steps in the right direction. Remember, tinnitus aims to unsettle you; the trick is to ignore it.

Experiment with different presets like Neural Hack to find what works best for you. Balancing the volume so you can just barely hear your tinnitus can be more effective for long-term relief.

If you're using multiple sliders, don't miss our Animation feature. When set to maximum speed, this tool brings an extra layer of complexity that can engage your auditory system in new ways.

Neural Symphony isn't just a sound generator; it's a pathway to a calmer mind. By focusing on the diverse sounds it provides, your tinnitus could start taking a backseat. And that's a big step toward healing.

Published by Stéphane on June 6th, 2016

User Stories

Write your own here. Click the blue bulletsto load associated settings.

  I love this beyond belief! Thank you :)

  It's funny, the raw noises should really make me angry but they work. I don't get it. Why does it work better than any other tinnitus blocker.

  I don't have tinnitus; I have MS. Certain sounds have started to bother me a lot, even waking me up. I can't sleep for longer than 2 hours some nights. It's not fun. I usually have to turn some white noise on loud enough to mask the sounds but that hurts sometimes, and is hard to sleep with. This sound however is pretty weird. I don't have to crank it up loud, and it works. I'm actually sleepy.

  It helps me focus on reading. I like it ;)

  My form of tinnitus is masked by many of your noise generators. I prefer natural sounds, but this did remarkably let me forget the constant, piercing ring in my right ear rather than just mask it.

  Dude thank you, I've had musical ear syndrome since I was a kid, and a life of listening to heavy metal and rock and roll at high volume on headphones and going to shows has made tinnitus worse. Now I get musical ear syndrome all the time, it can be distracting as well a bit concerning but this soundscape cured it instantly. Thank you! This saved me from a mental breakdown.

  All points of connectivity reaching all other points.

  Works wonders to cancel out the Tinnitus on both of my ears. It seems to make my ringing go away for short periods of time also.

  Who else heard an iphone alarm and horror movie riffs? -TDR

  This is a god - send! My brain never quiets down, and this lovely soundscape is a perfect solution for letting my brain latch on to something while I do things I need to. Thank you so much!

  It might not relieve my tinnitus, but it definitely helps me focus on my homework!

  Works for my ADHD as well as tinnitus :3

  This is the ONLY thing I've found that actually helps with my tinnitus. 10-20 minutes of listening, and I'm free from it for an hour or even longer. Thank you so, so much for this.

  I'm still highly skeptical if this truly works but, with the noises I selected, I like it.

  I just recommended this to a friend with tinnitus who used to leave the TV on all night, and we found this present that I hope works better!

  This helps me break free from the world. Great noise.

  Relief from tinnitus, for the first time in years! I can't handle listening to it for much longer than twenty minutes (because I'm bored by generated noise after a while), but when I take my headphones off, my tinnitus is so massively diminished I can hardly believe it. Compared to everything else I've unsuccessfully tried for my tinnitus, this feels like actual magic--audiomancy?

  Wow, this actually works! I didn't expect it, but it does, and while not completely canceling out my tinnitus, works much better than songs or such.

  The absolute relief I feel right now has me reeling. My Jaw dropped instantly when I plugged this baby in. My head feels about half the weight it usually does just from honestly maybe a minute total of listening to this. I didn't think there would be such a solution to tinnitus but this might just really improve my quality of life, especially in the falling asleep department! Thank you, thank you!

  This sound helps my tinnitus a lot and it also kind of tickles my ears a bit!

  Suffering from tinitus for many years, this is helping me tremendously. My tinitus sounds resemble the high pitch noise you get from old TV sets. Listening to this setting for just a couple of minutes brings me relief for up to an hour afterwards, sometimes even longer because I forget to concentrate on it. Just amazing!

  I started using MyNoise's ocean sounds years ago to help me sleep due to severe misophonia, it blocks the noise from the street and I don't need to sleep with earplugs or headphones anymore. Recently a covid infection damaged my ear nerves and caused intolerable sound sensitivity accompanied of tinnitus and hyperacusis. If it wasn't for these sound generators I would have lost my sanity.

  I have autism and difficulty focusing. I've never liked listening to things like this generator, but for the first time I quite like this! I love the way that I can hear the sounds travel from each side of my brain. It's pretty awesome to listen to when you've got synesthesia.

  I have no tinnitus but "Neural Drops" + RPG Evil Charm on the "Monsters" preset + Canyon drone around 1 kHz is my best mix for listening to it before lucid dreaming with out-of-body experience.

  For a few years I've used myNoise to block out the sounds of busy city life and to get to sleep. More recently in late 2022 I contracted covid which unfortunately left me with hearing damage and significant tinnitus in one ear. The only thing that has been able to relieve the horrible ringing so far are some of the neuromodulator tracks here, and for that I am grateful.

  As an autistic person with pretty debilitating hyperacusis (I pretty much can't function without ear plugs) the onset of some mild tinnitus was distressing to say the least. White noise is usually the recommended go-to for tinnitus but it's painful to me. High pitched fuzzy or low constant humming sounds are literal agony. This is varied enough to ease and accommodate both issues. Miraculous!

  Well it just works. I get into music stuff lately after a long session of mixing, mastering or drum take your ear just start to deafen sometimes with headaches. I used this as a tool to "reset" my ear by listening to it at a barely heard loudness and turning it down even more after I can hear it clearly, just rinse and repeat!

  Just wanted to add my comment to say that yes, in my experience (loud ~9kHz in left ear) this is more than a placebo effect re: tinnitus relief. HOW exciting. Cheers! Breathing deeper and slower too.

  When getting the automation right, it takes ages for piano or guitar sounds to get repetitive, sounds of nature and human voices (radio chatter etc) sound completely natural, organic, and at home here without feeling repetitive at all. And sci-fi sounds, and drone like instruments can pretty much do their thing forever and play well off of each other while they do it.

  Suffering since 11 months from tinnitus. I destressed my life, did different types of therapy but nothing came close to the effect this neural symphony has. It actually gives me seconds or minutes as close to silence as I wasn't for 11 months. THANK YOU!

  Amazing, always helps when silence is a bit too noisy. My uncle who has bad tinnitus commented that it helped even after a few minutes without headphones... Amazingly helpful in this era of being used to hearing fans, fridges, pinging tech and then ringing noises when it's supposed to be quiet.

  Wow, so interesting. It fades away quickly. Greetings from Ecuador.

  It takes away my tinnitus if I listen to if for a few minutes. I genuinely cannot believe this.

  I have had tinnitus for several years and it recently got worse causing anxiety attacks. After discovering this site I found it really works on lessening the tinnitus and I feel so much better! I play it while working from home. Amazing!

  I developed a high pitched whistling tinnitus 10 years ago when I was 14 and I thought I lost the sound of silence forever, but listening to this for 20 minutes on shuffle makes my tinnitus disappear completely! Even if it's just for a little while, it feels wonderful to experience true silence again.

  Peaceful and relaxing!

  Strangely, this also blocks out when my ears begin to ring highly.

  I have tinnitus that sounds like a cat purring. The "purring" is annoying and it causes me to think a cat is near me, a car is starting, Etcetera. These settings work strangely well.

  I luckily don't have tinnitus but this sounds like I've been taken by aliens!

  Yes!! It helps!!

  It definitely assisted me with my tinnitus, I feel substantially more relaxed as well 10/10.

  Gone! My tinnitus sounds like a dentist's drill. Sometimes it's hard to blend it out, but with this setting it's gone. Thanx, Doc!

  Silence! Silence, thank god! I've never felt so much joy.

  I dont have tinnitus but this is still a cool sound to study to.

  The tinnitus neuromodulator sounds empty and sinister by itself. To make it less empty and sinister, the sinewave stereo slider can combine well with the take it easy generator on the bad trip preset.

  This helps with misophonia, too! I put it at a low volume and listen to it during class, it's super helpful.

  I was a bit skeptical, but after listening for 10 minutes on a moderately high volume with ear buds, I can say the tinnitus relief is real! I'm now trying to find out how long the relief will last, and how long I should listen to the modulation sounds...

  I don't even have tinnitus, but I like listening to this while I write my sci-fi novel!

  Playing with settings was a lot of fun! I masked my tinnitus with it!

  It was fun playing with the settings and I lowered some and raised some, slowed it down a bit, and it's really wonderful. I think it helps with my tinnitus but it's also just fun to listen to!

  Wow! Being able to hear pure silence even only for a few seconds is truly something. Thank you.

  Ahhh this is literally so amazing, it actually helped so so so so so so much!! It got so much quieter after I took my headphones off.

  This.... Is good. So good.

  Amazing, amazing, amazing for my tinnitus. It's not especially loud, but it's very constant when it's quiet, and having this setting is surprisingly relaxing for my mind to not hear it in the background.

  Doesn't get rid of the tinnitus, but masks it while I listen to it.

  Suddenly had an onset of tinnitus last night. This setting in particular seems to be holding it down for me while I wait for my trip to an ENT doctor.

  Tried a lot of relief sound from youtube, but most of them are too high pitched for me and are very painful. But this one is perfect, you saved my life thank you.

  I constantly hear ringing whenever it's silent, and it affects my day-to-day tasks. I used this for a while, and I went somewhere silent, and there you go, no more ringing! Mind blown!

  Recently I had been dealing with pretty bad tinnitus, it had gotten to the point where I couldn't even fall asleep some nights. After one day of using this, I have had more relief than I have had in weeks. I am very grateful for this program, I have already donated and plan to continue supporting this.

  I suffer from tinnitus due to infections, and this is wonderful!

  I don't even have tinnitus, I just find it a cool, emotionally neutral background to stay focused at work... It feels like I'm coding on an alien spaceship!

  I can't say if this will work for everyone's tinnitus, but it does for mine! After listening for 20 minutes or so, my tinnitus is much reduced and stays that way for up to two hours afterward. I am interested to see if there is any long-term effect from using this generator daily.

  Thank you so much! My tinnitus began after a concussion 6 years ago. I have no hearing problems, just issues caused by my brain. I found your website, turned on my computer speakers & immediately my neck & shoulders relaxed as the tinnitus decreased significantly. Initially I listened for about 1/2 hour & when I walked away it was much lower volume than before. Best for me on the default setting.

  This generator is completely amazing, if for no other reason it detracts attention away from my tinnitus, which is now chronic for years and years. The Neural Symphony functions are easy to use and adjust. I have discovered that for me I drop all pulses and warble to zero, and then use the automated slider animation. Wide range of high frequencies, ever changing. Bliss.

  ← Click here to hear some crazy hums and beeps!

  This was overwhelming for me at first, but I clicked Surprise! a few times and got settings that not only hide my tinnitus but also make a pleasing sound. I love it.

  I have tinnitus in scattered frequencies between 8-10k, and this setting on studio monitors (at a quiet volume) works very well to calm my mind, and get my focus off of audio based stimuli.

  It works o_0. Tinnitus is not big problem for me because I have it since I was kid, but it's nice feeling to not hear it :D

  I loved it, it's kind of magical too.

  It's like C3PO had too much sugar lolololololol!

  I don't have tinnitus. But this sounds crazy! I love it! 8D

  Neuromodulator and Summer Night are about the only things that got me through the worst bout of tinnitus. Thank you so much!

  Oh my goodness. You are an absolute godsend; I wish I could have found this sooner. Will def be using this whenever I need it. Thank you so so so so much! <3

  I use this daily to focus at work and to get my mind off of my tinnitus. Also, I use this to sleep on my phone, this is the best thing that I've had in a long time.

  Thanks -- this doesn't seem to "fix" anything but it does help concentrate with the tinnitus is bothering me. I have great hearing but tinnitus (with high-pitched sounds in one ear and a tiny bit in the other) started a couple weeks ago after my doctor put me on 150mg Effexor. We cut the medication after this happened but the tinnitus is still loud :( Anyway thanks for your work on this site!

  I fortunately don't have tinnitus but it helped with my daily earaches anyway.

  I thought people were overreacting, my God I was wrong. It truly works.

  I have used myNoise numerous times now and I find great relief from my very loud and annoying tinnitus. Waiting to see if any reversal becomes evident. Thank you for this wonderful tool!

  It was not working for me at first. The tinnitus would go away and come back after a few seconds. I tweaked the settings so the high pitched noises were louder and more frequent. A day after I am writing this with little to no tinnitus now. Idk if this really works or not but it's worth a try.

  I suffer from tinnitus in both the ears and have two distinct high and low frequency patterns. I listened this for about 45 mins, kept away my headphones and then went for a coffee... Guess what I could hear `silence'! Very promising!

  I found that all the sounds hurt to listen to and increased or battled with my tinnitus. Disappointing!

  This is certainly promising, and I did notice an affect pretty quickly. However, ACRN should be tunable to the frequency of of your tinnitus. The Steve Sequence is kind of all over the place, and mostly tuned lower than my own (6kHz, and pretty common). Would be nice to see something where the frequency can be tuned, and maybe change the waveform (sine, sawtooth, fuzz, etc). [Note from editor : try the Tape Speed Control feature]

  Gosh that's impressive, Thank you so much for your work

  I don't have tinnitus, but this is really relaxing with the right settings.

  I have suffered tinnitus for as long as I can remember, very few things have helped lessen its obnoxious effects, and those that did (like music) were very distracting (I have ADHD too), but this generator works perfectly for me, it helps my tinnitus to the point that I don't even notice it, and even better, its not distracting in any way! Focusing has never been easier.

  Try Lake Life (loon calls and lapping shore water) with this - pretty funky. Keep expecting a strange interstellar artifact to light in the depths of the lake and rise in the full moon before me. Fantastical.

  Love it with Hydrogen XII.


  This literally worked in 10 seconds... wow!

  This noise generator gave me nausea and vertigo and my tinnitus was unaffected. Am I using it wrong?

  I must say that I didn't really have faith in it working to dampen my tinnitus, but I had to eat my words back when I took my headphones off. I was close to shedding tears at finally being close to experiencing silence after all these years of constant noise. I want to thank you for creating this, and I am most definitely going to favorite this and listen to it as much as possible.

  While I may not have Tinnitus, this generator is still a very entertaining experience! I sometimes use it to calm myself or focus on writing, which was surprising as I thought it would have the opposite effect!

  Yes. Really does improve my tinnitus. Even more, I find it actually quite soothing as ambience for indoor work - less aural fatigue than white noise. For some reason, it even makes house-cleaning less tedious :-) Kudos!

  As a musician, I have to deal with tinnitus on the daily. It got bad this morning, and this helped me out a ton.

  The tinnitus neuromodulation noises have had a proufound effect on lessening my tinnitus and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is seeking relief. Short of a future breakthrough in medication or surgical treatments, this is the best solution I have come across and it makes life that bit more bearable. Many, many, many thanks!

  After listening to the Sinescape preset for this generator for only maybe 20 minutes, I found that my rather loud tinnitus because much quieter and almost non-existent immediately after removing my headphones. I'm curious to see how long this lasts, but it's quite a relief even for a little while!

  This generator is the first thing that helps with my tinnitus, lowering its pitch and volume until it's almost gone even after I took off the headphones. The relief only lasts for a few hours, but to someone who has a constant high pitched noise in their ears otherwise, those hours mean the world. I cannot thank you enough for your amazing work, Stphane. You're a true blessing to the world.

  After listening to this for awhile, my tinnitus was actually GONE after I took off my headphones.I don't know how long this will last but thank you. I will enjoy this sweet, sweet silence while it lasts. Donation coming your way as soon as I get home! Love this site.

  My tinnitus is quite high-pitched and fairly constant. If I play this sequence for a little while, it brings it back down under a low roar, if only for a few hours. <3

  I cannot express my thanks! Every sound has changed my life in a different way! Thank you SO MUCH! Thank You!!! These settings seem to be the ultimate cure to my T.

  ← extreme warbling

  Holy Crap! I was experiencing on of my usual Tinnitus spikes (and you know how annoying this can be). I tried this custom noise take from one of the testimonials and my tinnitus just went down from 10 to 4! Thanks!

  Brilliant site I could spend hours here. I have tinnitus a different high pitched frequency in each ear.Slightly spacey space-station? A little dreamy but a little sedating as well and kills the tinnitus.

  This works for me - a little dreamy but a little sedating as well.

  This is a very strange soundscape, but in an enjoyable way. I personally do not have tinnitus, but I think this is still fun to listen to. You just have to find the right sliders to make sense of this one, hahaha.

  That's artificial rain... trickle, and some wind. Very relaxing during computer work! Both stimulating and calming. :)

  I have Tinnitus. I also have perfect hearing and from years of being a musician one would anticipate hearing loss. None. I am also a Director for an electric and water utility and I have a lot of concentrating work (reports, analysis, etc). When My Tinnitus is in full flight, it is impossible to concentrate. This is a life saver. I can work all day and feel the calming of the tones. Amazing!

  I am sitting in the library trying to work and someone near me has the touch-tones turned all the way up on their phone. This is the only thing that drowns it out. Thank you!!!

  Back again, THANK GOD for this. When I'm having a rough day with my T, I just come home, throw this on and chill and just zone out and stuff I love it. Thank you!

  May be my imagination, listened for about 15 min, then when taking my speakers away from my ears, my pulsating tinnitus was quieter.

  First I found myself heaving a relieved sigh, and then started crying when I found the custom noise that masked my tinnitus. It has been five months of unrelenting high pitched whine, yet I refused to allow myself a pity party, concluding, "It is what it is; suck it up, girl, there is little you can do." But to have this respite is a great blessing. Thank you!

  Kudos to all who put this wonderful chaotic neural symphony together! As a tinnitus sufferer I found the sounds had a very soothing effect on me. I will be using this selection again for sure.

  I noticed listening to music with different frequencies helps soften my Tinnitus. I have a constant 24/7 14,000hz sawtooth sound in my head for the two years. This program is amazing!

  It is soothing but I hear my tinnitus while I am listening to it. I don't really think this would help me in any way, long term. It is soothing though, so thanks for that!

  Not for me. Sounds more like star wars. What really helps me is a soft noise plug. Stick in the ear canal and when the sounds starts bothering switch to other ear. This is the only thing that helps me.

  This is incredible. I've had a fairly mild, but annoying tinnitus accompanying me for some time now and this Neural Hack makes it seem magically inexistent. I am impressed (and very relaxed).

  I have been listening to music with MY Tinnitus frequency embedded into the music. I understand this works for some, not me. After over 6 months, no change. The past two days have been horrible... I am a musician and although I have been playing rock music for over 40 years, I have no hearing damage at all... 20 minutes on customizing my own pattern, I can actually concentrate on my work!

  Thank you so much for this incredible site! I'm quite happy to make a donation to you out of simple gratitude for all your efforts putting these sounds online for us, and keeping the site (and your iOS app, myNoise) working. I've experienced persistent tinnitus for a couple decades, now, with almost no respite except after one minutes or so of "Neural Hack" or "Neural Symphony!" Amazing!

  I have severe tinnitus and this noise generator may actually change my life.

  Thank you so much for this. It provides relief for my tinnitus when nothing else does.

  This site is amazing! Brilliant concept and execution! As a Tinnitus sufferer, it has become safe haven for me. Thank you so much, Stephane!

  I'm a fairly new comer to myNoise having serendipitously discovered the site only three weeks ago and a very long sufferer of Tinnitus. I have only discovered this particular generator only moments ago and jumped right in to listen. Ironically, I've been having episodes all week so I'll absolutely write the results of my experience after one week and again at two weeks. Today is 8 June '16

  Something very weird happens if I listen to this for 15-20 minutes: in addition to the tinnitus masking, my mind actually "quiets down". The parts of my brain that would normally be wandering seem to be occupied chasing down the bells and warbles, allowing the rest of my attention to focus entirely on the task at hand. Awesome brain hack.

  I don't have tinnitus, but I find myself enjoying the bizarre dreamlike discord that using the animation sliders can provide. It's a rather lovely chiming chaos... that is weirdly calming to me. I'm not sure what that says :)

  My goodness, I've been waiting for something like this. God Bless!

  I guess I am fortunate that I only get ringing in my ears when I take certain prescription medications  I can't believe my luck that a few hours after I took the medication I started to get the ringing and came here to find some rain sounds and discovered this new generator. What a gift this is! Thank you, thank you, thank you!