Three Friends of Winter
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A Symbol of East Asia

In the Eastern tradition, the Three Friends of Winter are the pine, bamboo, and plum tree. While many plants and trees begin to wither away or shed their leaves as the days become progressively colder, the pine, bamboo, and plum still display surprising signs of vitality and retain their green foliage throughout the winter.

The natural ability of these plants to withstand and even flourish in harsh environments is a symbol of perseverance under adversity. They also represent friendship and constancy during hard times.

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  Perfect for a calming, focused yoga session after a snowstorm. Very enjoyable, thank you!

  Where was this generator when I needed it before?!! Holy cow, I'm so happy I stumbled upon this one. It's amazing paired with any of the other nature sound generators on this site.

  This, plus Dukduk Song has been the most peaceful, calm soundscape to play while working. It has been blocking out random conversations, the noise of the clock, and other distracting offices noises. I am in LOVE with this mix.

  Pair this one with In the Sky and Chapel Voices and it's amazing!

  Add this to white rain and I am nothing but zen. Love this one.

  Versatile! Set to x2, combine with The Pilgrim, the drones from Folk Tradition, and the percussion from Cinematic East and you have something energetic. Slow it back down and combine with garden noises or other settings in Folk Tradition for a calmer feeling.

  I have significant anxiety problems, and my job only compounds them. Listening to this along with the Tibetan Choir puts me at such ease. I'm amazed at how something as simple as these incredible and beautiful sounds can have such a powerful impact on my state of being. Thank you for this.

  This is my favorite one of all to just leave playing... pretty much all day.It's not too disruptive, but there's still a bunch going on so that it doesn't really get boring even when played for long periods of time. I thought I was into the drones, the flying fortress--and I still am, really--but this combo of Three Friends is pretty much my all-around favorite.

  This may be one of my favourite collections of sounds ever. The overall effect is so peaceful, combined, pleasant and meaningful that it is both a wonderful backdrop and something to enjoy paying attention to.

  This is so beautiful! Thanks so much for creating such a fabulous soundscape! I love the mood this creates.

  I love this site and I'm becoming a patron as soon as I get off work tonight!

  Take a sip of peach blossom nectar!

  If this is combined with "Canyon Drone" (with cayon's bass, high bass, low mids, and mids turned off) you can make a nice Firefly-themed soundscape. Keep flying.

  I do yoga every day and I almost always listen to one of the soundscapes from here - but I have to say that this soundscape is absolutely amazing.It's the first time I've actually experienced that a soundscape has sparked a creativity on the yoga mat in me! I'll look forward to become more creative on the mat - and now I know which soundscape that I'll use.

  this generator is amazing. i've always been drawn to east asia, specifically the traditional art and music; having a generator with an erhu and guzheng is incredibly calming and familiar for me. This definitely helps calm my anxiety and makes me feel my place in the world. Thank you!

  This site helps me so, so much when I work. So often my playlists on YouTube get too dull and the podcasts I listen to become too distracting to properly focus. This particular setting brings the emphasis to the plucked instruments, which I find very soothing, especially when mixed with the soft sound of water running, rain, or the wind.

  So, so wonderful. Like if... if I dont even know.

  One of my favourite things about this site is when I go to bed and my 6 hour battery turns into a 12 hour when I play this and turn off the screen. My second favourite thing is even though my internet is really dodgy and keeps dropping out, this just keeps playing through the night, and that's a one-up on every other site I've found so far. I will and am recommending this site to everyone.

  Try this with some of the lower sliders of Ethereal Choir. Everything flows together so beautifully.

  ...aaaand we have a winner. I've been listening to the white noises and water and such, but this? Perfect for when I want calm, non-distracting background music. And it drowns out other people much more effectively.

  Great when studying or just trying to relax. Perfect background ambience.

  This particular noise helps me so much with my studying. It's chaotic but still harmonious in a way I can't explain... It just really appeals to my senses.

  I love every single of of your soundscapes! They are perfect for studying for my final exams ^^

  I listened to this for hours while studying to break the silence of an empty library. It helped me concentrate so well, along with calming me down for an upcoming exam. It's the best generator on the site!

  Really love this. This, by far, is my favourite noise generator (along with Osmosis). Although I never really have liked oriental music (even if I am Asian myself), this is still is relaxing and doesn't seem at all repetitive. Thank you for creating this!

  "Home of the Panda" + Chinese food ... Mm!

  Guaranteed movie blocker!!

  For fusion of grindhouse and inner peace: *Thunder and Rain on animate* *Canyon Drone 4&5 for flutes* *Anamnesis 2&3 for bass drone* *Three friends of winter 2&3 for slide guitar. I would love to hear a mix using real slide guitar for a 'western' feel!

  I like to listen to audiobooks at work, but sometimes office conversations can drown them out. This generator, played under the audiobooks, masks ambient noise, and also makes a relaxing accompaniment to the text. Keep the plucked strings down and the harps low, to avoid distracting yourself from the text too much.

  This is probably my favorite that I've tested so far. It's great when you want something that is very melodic but also doesn't seem to repeat over and over. (Animate definitely helps with that too). I really love experimenting with this one.

  My preferred noise for keeping focused. I always need something continuous, so only the drone noises have helped me but they kind of strain my ears since I have a sensitive auditory faculty. But this one is soft enough, and it really allows me to focus on my work.

  Three Friends of Winter is my personal favourite noise generator from, both for the sound itself and the meaning/connotations with it. I suggest combining this with Summer Night and The Fireplace; it's an incredibly satisfying and immersive experience. Thank you so much for this website!

  Absolutely impossible to stop listening to.

  Set this and the rain generator on animate!

  Oh, this is absolutely lovely. I've never heard a generator quite like this one. It makes me feel as if I've travelled to distant country in far east. This is stunning, absolutely stunning. Great Job <3

  Pairing the bowed instruments from "Three Friends of Winter" and the Tibetan choir is absolutely sublime. It makes me feel like I'm on the Mongolian steppe.

  It is amazing, it keeps me calm and focused on what I need to accomplish. 10/10

  This plus the 'Thunder & Rain' is absolutely the best for studying wow.

  Absolutely beautiful...

  Serenity. Firefly... FOR SURE.

  This is what I need... to carry on...

  The Friends of Winter: I'm about to board the Serenity!! And I feel safe with the Firefly crew...

  I found that I could blend sound generators and custom select desired sounds!

  I get twice as much done with a driving beat behind me :) Three Friends of Winter (Home of the Panda) + Digeridrone (Down Under+Volume Up) + African Trance (3 Against 2) + Canyon Drone (Native Flutes) = My perfect ambient work soundtrack.

  This one plus 'Canyon', 'Wind', and 'Tibetan Choir' turned down low = coolest ambient soundscape for an Old West setting ever. Throw in 'Deserted' and you've got a ghost town at high noon, railcar noise makes it a mining camp.

  This soundscape is great for a really culture driven person. Love this.

  Stunningly beautiful and brilliant soundscape.

  I feel like I'm walking through an alleyway at night in an ancient Chinese city, looking up at the stars and seeing the flicker of the torch flames on the street. Truly hypnotic.

  Very creative equalizer! I like it.

  I always loved eastern asian sounding music. This is amazing, thank you so much for making this!

  I'm absolutely in love with just about every noise generator on this site, but the 'Three Friends of Winter' generator is quiet, contemplative and gorgeous! Truly thoughtful and harmonious rhythms that allow the mind to relax, and something I can leave on in the background to help me focus on whatever I may be doing. Simply soothing.

  This sound theme is just the perfect thing to help me write. Layering this over the Wooden Chimes (set on animate) really helps me concentrate on my work.

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