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Fiding the Missing Piece in a Frozen Pond...

A couple of times a year, I travel abroad to record original sounds for myNoise. In 2015, I brought back the sounds of Sled Dogs and Arctic Wolves from Lapland, as well as many other sources that haven't been used on any soundscape so far. Audio recordings can remain unused for a while – years, sometimes – until they can be matched with the right soundscape. Mixing ten different sources is not easy when you want the final result to sound like one single recording. It is like a puzzle, where each sound has to fit perfectly with the others. Like a puzzle, it can take time to find a missing piece.

This winter I had the time to work on a recurring request: the sound of cracking ice. A frozen pond near my home had just the right amount of ice to produce interesting sounds when walked on. Sounds travel differently in water, and the attenuation over distance is much smaller than in air. Underwater microphones (hydrophones) were used to capture a variety of sounds produced over the whole frozen surface; sounds that wouldn't be audible from above the surface. Played back, these sounds revealed a polar soundscape, reminding me of the sound of distant glaciers collapsing. This provided not only a theme for a new sound generator, but also the missing pieces for the puzzle made from all the orphan recordings from Lapland. As you guessed, this puzzle is now complete – and is playing right now, for your listening pleasure.

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  It has always been my dream (and still is - working on it...) to travel to Lapland to experience the sounds of ice and forest! What a great motivator to intrigue me and to keep me going. Such unique sounds when you have only ever lived in Africa :) Thank-you <3

  Listen to this with the Ice World drone generator (a hair louder than this one) and only the 'Mids' slider on the Dark Water generator all the way up (the rest muted). It's the atmosphere of a clear, cold, crisp winter night with the moon shining off of the glittering snow. The dark of night makes it easier to hear the stars twinkling like miniature tingly chimes. Ice faery magic! :)

  This setting is so calm and pensive. Especially in these hot days very restorative.

  Oooh, I think I have been waiting for this sound! It's wonderful cxx

  It's like a nice, cold drink of water for your ears.

  Wow... having just returned from six months in Yakutia, Russia, I really miss the sounds of the arctic. This promises to become a favourite with me. Thank you so, so much for your hard work!

  What a beautifully calming generator! It truly feels like you are alone with your thoughts.

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