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Northern Wilderness

Prepare yourself for the call of the wild: you’re about to listen to the beautiful sounds of Arctic wolves. Wolves are probably one of the most misunderstood creatures in the world. You will love them, or fear them, and some will even hate them! The truth is they they are incredibly shy, and very rarely has a wolf attacked a human without us invading their territory in a way that could have been interpreted as a threat. Wolves will defend what they consider dearest in their lives, and that is their family.

User requests can be challenging, especially when my ultimate goal is to record original sounds rather than obtain licenses for existing records. This particular request has taken me above the Arctic Circle during the Winter of 2015, to the region of Finnish Lapland. There I met Tinja who greatly helped me in recording these wonderful sounds. This soundscape took many nights of covert recordings in her remote place, a magic spot without electricity or running water, lost in the middle of pure wilderness.

Behind-the-scene photos are available here.

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  The arctic wolves may be a bit much for me, but these settings are perfect. It's nice and quiet with just enough sounds to lull me to sleep -w- makes me feel like I'm camping in a wintery forest, with just a warm campfire and my dog to keep me company through the night. Thanks for all the work you do!

  You and your wolf companion leave the campfire behind, towards the pine forest. It took both of you two days to travel this far from the village. As your footsteps crunch the snow, the wolf pants lightly beside you. A light snow is falling. Suddenly, wolf howls erupt in the distance, welcoming and relieved. After many years adventuring together, it is now time to return your wolf friend home...

  Used this with my grandchildren today. They loved exploring the sliders, and we shared facts we knew about wolves. A good bonding moment.

  I listened to this while reading my running with the wolves book, it made me feel like i was really there, among the sawtooth pack.

  This setting is my favorite, like I set up camp in the snow with just my dog to keep me company. It's warm and cozy but still has a wintery feel to it!

  I feel there is a pack of wolfs behind me. It’s an incredible experience with headphones. It feels like your not even wearing your headphones and that you can hear them clearly. What an amazing experience. Thank you :)

  Absolutely incredible, soothing and beautiful. What a rare, breathtaking glimpse into nature.

  I started to cry while listening, the sheer expression of emotion in their howls. Very curious creatures. Thank you so much for this.

  It makes me feel as though I am among wolves, close to them, by a bonfire. I am being surrounded by them, they are coming close to me. I have nowhere to go....

  Loading in only the various wolf sounds, I can start to identify some individuals by their voices. I think I'll name them.

  It's hotter than blazes today, but this setting, paired with the crows and extra wind from Winter Walk (to give it more of an icy blast), is making it seem much cooler.

  I use this with "The Revenant" soundtrack and add Polar Expedition. The howling wolves and snow add to the feeling of loneliness and isolation. I imagine I'm alone in the woods with a long journey ahead.

  Play it with your dog in the room.

  This reminds me of our German Shepherd, Rosa, who was always a bit hyperactive but so dear to me, and the curious sniffs and pants sound just like her.

  I love these settings, with the lone wolf howling away in the back. I often play this with Autumn Walk, with the trees creaking away and the leaves rustling, with the thunder rolling in the background... sounds like the animals are getting nervous. Are you?

  This is a wonderful soundscape, though admittedly, I only ever listen to the "Bonfire Under The Falling Snow" preset. Its different from the regular "Fireplace" Natural Noise set in that it has less sudden noises and more of a constant and quiet roaring hiss... Great for those of us looking to sleep to the sounds of a fire, but don't want to be woken by popping sounds. My fiance and I love it!

  This is perfect. The bonfire slider is my favourite--besides the wolves, of course!

  I loved this. I love wolves and often try to find videos from sanctuaries on facebook. My cats love it as well, oddly enough. The oldest tries to chatter with them.

  Holy crap, this is magical! Reminds me of the movie "Princess Mononoke"! Aaaah, this is just what I needed tonight!

  I did think this would be very relaxing.... but my cat is about to freak out! WARNING: if you have a house kitty... use headphones! :)

  I thought at first that this might not be as enjoyable as some other generators... a few minutes of listening proved me wrong.

  Combine this with Ice Drone - Deep Sea setting and you get a near magical feel that will leave you shivering in awe.

  I got up from my bed to see a white world outside the window. I heard the most enchanting wind from the snow and wanted more but without the cold. My thoughts turned to the "Desert Wind" generator but that just isn't the same. I then stumbled onto the wind in this generator which is perfect and has only recently appeared. What a lovely coincidence to fall asleep to...

  Whether it be the soothing howling of wolves you want, or just an arctic snowy night, this generator has it for you. You could use this with faint wolves in the background too, if you want. It's just beautiful.

  This one really makes me feel like I'm in my tent with a bonfire outside, and that one of the many wolves has come to sniff arround. Really amazing. I often turn down the bonfire and turn up the wind, like it has extinguished the fire, simply great.

  So, I liked this from the get-go because my mom and I foster and have 5 dogs or so that have a morning howl everyday for one reason or another. The part that made me really happy was whichever one was sniffing the microphones. I was grinning and trying so hard not to laugh that my eyes were watering because my own (gigantic) dog would stick his sniffer in my ear or the back of my head as a hello.

  You're lost in the forest. It's night and a storm is approaching. The pack walks along with you, hidden in the trees, following the voice of their leader. Their company is eerily comforting. Are they guiding you to safety or waiting until cold and exhaustion finally do you in? You don't know. All you can do is keep walking.

  I love this generator. I just discovered it and it makes me so happy. Where I live (my childhood home in the Midwest), some nights when you go out and stand on the back porch overlooking the acres upon acres of farmland, you can hear packs of coyotes crying. It's such a beautiful noise, all cold and musical and empty, making me feel like I'm back in the days where our 5-acre property felt endless.

  I love this! I don't know why, but it brings happy tears to my eyes... thank you!

  I love it! It sounds like I'm running from a pack of wolves and I could pair it with some sort of eerie generator with it too.

  I fostered a wolf pup for a year before the sanctuary he lives at now had room, and the sound of his howls is something I very much miss. This helps me feel closer to him, even though he's thousands of miles away in a place that loves him nearly as much as I do!


  This one is indescribably lovely... thank you so much.

  Absolutely beautiful! I have no words to describe the feeling I get from this! Thank you, I love this generator.

  This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the different voices of the wolves. They are such interesting creatures with a far more complex society than people give them credit for. What a beautiful recording. Thanks again, Dr. Pigeon!

  Feels like a peaceful camping night in the far north!

  It sounds just like my husky howling in delight when i get home!

  Bonfire and falling snow... so simple but it must be your cosiest sound yet. I might even look forward to the nights drawing in if I've got this to listen to. Thank you as always Dr P. Your work should be on prescription :)

  Good lord this is bliss! Would love to be camped somewhere snowy with a wolf audible in the distance.

  I knew this was coming :D Thank you so much, I've always wondering if there was going to be something like this. I love it :D :D :D

  A cold and lonely winter night... Just you, the wolves, and the fire to keep them away.(Add Mournful Chimes for an eerie and beautiful effect. My favorite is Shanti Chimes.)

  The Mourning Wolves preset brought tears to my eyes and I just can't stop listening! This generator makes me feel so much closer to these amazing creatures.

  This is honestly so wonderful. Wolves have been my favorite animal for a very long time, and this is so beautiful to me. Thank you so much for making this, it makes me so incredibly happy. <3

  Finally! I hear them! The little crisping snow flakes falling from an Arctic cloud! That makes the lonely howling wolve sounds even better! Thank you so much!

  I wish I could be there to witness it myself <3

  Makes my cats curious :) Also great for helping to cover the neighbor's dog! <333

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