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Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time.

Noisy Burning Flowers in the Night Sky

Fireworks were invented in China, about two thousand years ago. At the origin, black powder − a mixture of saltpeter, charcoal, and sulfur probably invented by accident by a chef − was inserted in the hollow of a bamboo stick. This was thrown into a fire, after which the powder would ignite, and with the pressure building up, the bamboo tube would blast apart emitting a loud bang. Such a powerful sound was believed to scare off evil spirits, and fire crackers naturally started to accompany religious rituals. By the fifteenth century, fireworks were a traditional part of many other celebrations, such as weddings and special occasions. Today, celebrating the New Year represents the most popular time for fireworks across the world!

This soundscape can be used to desensitize your dog or cat to the sound of fireworks.

Published on December 28th, 2014

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  It's New Years Eve, and you're sitting on your porch. Some of the neighbor kids are playing with sparklers and firecrackers, while there are a few distant fireworks. Overall, a pretty quiet celebration.

  So realistic with headphones on, trippy.

  Perfect for this nurse who has to work on new year's day <3. It really blends out the noises from outside.

  I listen to this everyday at work with music playing over it. Fireworks and Rain are the best!

  I like to call this slider setting "Distant Warzone" - I don't know if I was some sociopathic military servant in a past life that thoroughly enjoyed being within walking distance of a firefight, but this setting is calming for me. The low rumble of distant artillery detonation and intermittent rifle-esque sounds takes me to a place I feel strangely familiar with.

  It's 2018 and on the eve we had fireworks in the garden to celebrate it! Listening to this here is surprisingly relaxing and lets me reflect over the past year. They sound so crisp and beautiful that it can be used for anything!

  This helps mask the actual firework noises outside by making them less random (doesn't startle me as much). I swear my heart rate went down as soon as this generator loaded. Thank you very much for making an autistic person's new year a little less terrifying.

  This reminds me of when I was camping near a forest at a festival. I could hear the fireworks in the distance along with all the beautiful forest sounds. Bliss.

  All animated and mixed with Demolition (minus the jackhammers!) and a bit of Flying Fortress, it ends up sounding like quite the modern battlefield ambiance.

  ← massive bombardment

  For as long as I can remember, the noise of fireworks has brought me extreme stress. I have spent many New Years Eve's with my ears covered, and still flinching with every bang. However, this generator made me realize how much I love the actual sound of fireworks, if only because of the memories attached to them. I never thought that I'd find fireworks soothing, but here we are. Simply amazing!

  A new semester of students in the apartment block behind ours has been playing bass-heavy music practically nonstop; the Fireworks generator is, hands down, the best camouflage available. I owe this site my sanity.

  I swear I smell black powder...

  When its winter, and you want the Fourth of July

  The distant riot preset sounds very cool and realistic. Reminds me of the TV Series Fear The Walking Dead.

  Great in conjecture with 4th of July :)

  You know I love fireworks but do you mind making a sound of... you know? Explosions? or Metal banging and echoing and stuff like that?

  What an excellent idea for a sound generator! Reminds me of when the nearby church would sometimes have parties during the summer and light some fireworks.

  I have PTSD and so the 4th of July is very difficult for me. By using this noise generator, I was able to make the neighborhood explosions less "random," startling, and triggery. It honestly kept me safe this holiday.

  Like sitting near the fireplace and listening to distant fireworks.

  This is a wonderful generator, mix 'Distant Riot' with the "Flying Fortress" and "Shortwave Radio" 'Cross talk' and you'll feel like a WW2 pilot during an air raid, fantastic!

  This setting - paired with the rairoad preference - it sounds exactly like a setting for my story, where bombs are being set off. I feel like the main character, dodging and turning, watching my city crumble around me.Macabre, yes, but it is still realistic and exactly what I wished for.

  Impressive. I can almost feel the concussion waves as they hit my chest. Really enjoying it.

  Sounds like a battle going on far away. Also the crackle is supposed to be some fiery ruins.

  Your town is being bombed, the year is 1940, it is 4: 13am, London, you awaken to this sound, but there are no sirens, how long have you slept? You open the door to your two story apartment and are about to walk out when suddenly, you look down and the floor is not there, neither is the rest of your apartment building, it was destroyed several hours ago... along with your known family.

  Wowie, this is so surprisingly soothing for what is usually loud and discomforting.

  Has to be my favorite noise on the site, Loooooooooove this so much.

  ← rumbling skies. What a unique experience to feel calm coming from rather agitating noises. it sounds even better than an original firework since the sounds are embedded in pure silence while in reality the ambulance sirens go off a minute after the sky is lit. However you did your trick - it's magic to me.

  I started smelling fireworks! Reminds of me of our 4th of July celebrations.

  Being the first to comment on this noise, I want to take this moment to thank everyone who works on this site. It's an amazing website, and I can't explain how useful these noises are. Thank you so much for putting this site together. As far as the sound goes, I like it because it sounds like distant battle sounds.

  This is getting me so excited for the ball drop tonight! Happy New Year!

  I never thought firework noise would help me ease anxiety, but it did!

  This is perfect for a finale!

  This is fantastic! thank you, mynoise. The peaceful rumble and crack of fireworks, without the craziness of New Year's Eve.

  Awesome!!! Happy New Year! Sounds wonderful. Thank-You!

  Sounds like a battle going on far away. Also the crackle is supposed to be some fiery ruins.

  For something that sounds so exciting, this is surprisingly soothing! The pops and whistles add variety to a warm rumbly crackle. I've been listening to it for a couple of hours and am sad that I have to turn it off now.

  Love this generator! Makes me feel like it's 2015 already!