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Frequency-Shaped Railcar and Train Noise Generator
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The noise, without the shaking

The steady sound present in the passengers' car is often felt as soothing and can help mute distracting or sudden noises. The hypnotic clickety-clack of railcars over a stretch of track is perfect for falling asleep too!

We kindly remind you to remain seated. Many other myNoise visitors are sharing this railcar with you. If you find yourself dozing off as you listen, please keep your belongings out of the aisles, thank you. ;-)

Published by Stéphane on December 12th, 2013

User Stories

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  Good railroad sounds. Very helpful in getting to sleep and sleeping through weird sounds of my neighbors. Much more convenient than any other sound generator I've used. Thank you.

  I've been saying my brain has not be braining lately (if you know, you know). While I usually go straight for Irish Coast, I decided to go for this today. I've been listening for hours and I got so much done! Thank you for helping me be productive and relaxed!

  This is great, I have found recently that when I write in trains words flow so much easier. Something about the ambience works very well with my creative side. Being back home, I looked for some white noise to pretend to be back at a train, this is so nice and works well to recreate the atmosphere for me to get into the writing process.

  I work in a noisy classroom, this mixed with the 1KhZ preset from the "Ultimate White Noise" helps me focus more, altrough hearing still the classroom.

  This has kept me sane at work for several years. A custom low-tone combination of Railroads, Steel Mill, Industrial Revolution, and Grey Noise, creates a low background rumble and the soothing click-clack of train tracks. Thank you for this site, I continue to support it. I encourage others to supprt the site.

  Mmy latest favorite soundscape to block speech at the office and focus! In fact, as a suggestion, I would love a "busy train station" generator, with the SNCF jingle in the background every now and then :)

  Dear Stephane, yours is my favorite website. I have noisy neighbors and was ready to move out. Thank you for your app. I can't thank you enough!

  This is absolutely perfect. I rarely took trains during all my life, but the times I did were always for something nice (taking planes, attending events, visiting friends), and this noise brings me back to them!

  This takes me back to childhood, when we still had a train in my little coastal town. Some of the tracks are still there, and some of the stations remain, deserted and derelict. But Kragerøbanen lives forever, in my mind. This is how it sounded.

  I have listened to this so so so much to help me sleep and it works every time! I love this so so much <3

  When I'm struggling to get my focus on one thing at a time in my home office, I whack on my headphones, play the train sound and then layer some liquid drum n bass mix from a popular streaming site over the top. The train keeps outside influence at bay and the liquid DnB rhythm makes my brain work faster!

  This gives me the sensation of a train ride, its lovely and amazing.

  This is awsome!

  I've been slowly putting together a story about several artists who find each other on a journey by magical transglobal train, and this generator is perfect to listen to with soft string quartet or piano music to imagine that I am playing a portable Victrola in my very own authorial train car. At a reasonable volume, this generator is also effective at muffling/jumbling nearby speech.

  This reminds me of coming home from midterms at school. Is very relaxing.

  This is a perfect generator to listen to when I'm writing. Thank you Stephane!

  I've never been on a train, but this noise is perfect for blocking out my mom's political podcasts blasting from downstairs while I try to study.

  My head is all stuffed up due to illness, and I can hear the low rush of my blood pulsing in my ears. This railroad noise helps it fade into background.

  Perfect for focusing - I have ADHD and I always find that music is too distracting, while silence just feels empty (and leaves me open to be annoyed by any other noise around me). As a habitual subway reader, this hits the spot.

  Way better than the sleep machine I had as a child in the 90's. This is truly a serene place to be.

  This is absolutely fantastic. The sound of railroads always makes me much calmer, imagening that I'm on a trip to the countryside where I will spend the summer with some distant relatives and have my own little adventure that will help me grow as a person.

  Imagine, your riding in the caboose of a manifest as it descends a grade and behind you the helper locomotive slowly hums away. Gets me to sleep every time.

  This makes studying so much easier, thank you!

  Combines well with Café Restaurant., makes you feel like you are in a real dining car. Not too distracting, but warning, may cause you to fall asleep while studying (this actually happened to me). Definitely one of my favorite combinations.

  Always wondered what riding on a train would sound like, I've never been on one but I feel if it sounded something like this, it would be a very relaxing train ride.

  Pink mixed with night shift. Perfect sleeping train ride.

  I don't travel as much as I used to because of the pandemic so it's nice and calming to listen to this. Even better with one of the rain or storm noises from here. Thank you!

  The deep thrumming reproduces an almost womb-like experience, blocking out ambient sound while instantly evoking feelings of safety and calm.

  Due to COVID-19, we are stuck in our homes. Because of quarantine, I miss taking an hour train rides. They make me feel calm. This website really helped me through quarantine!

  I grew up one lot away from the railroad, I can still hear distant trains from where I live and find the rhythm to be soothing and enlightening.

  I've been going through a rough patch lately and I tend to have a lot of severe anxiety and anger issues which I take out on my loved ones and say a lot of things I regret. Stepping away from whatever situation is bothering me and putting this generator on for a few minutes really helps me calm down and think more logically.

  Try combining it with Tin Roof Rain (at very low levels, about 1/5) and Distant Thunder (first 5 sliders at mid-to-high, the right-most 5 sliders silent). A relaxing train ride while soft rain falls on the roof and thunder breaks the beautiful monotony of the landscape.

  Reminds me of when I was younger and I rode on an overnight train in Europe.

  Calming and relaxing, I can really feel the distance from all other things that are going throught my mind to focus on only one task.

  Our baby daughter has slept to Railroads and is the perfect white noise. Just enough clunk and plenty of rumble.

  Who doesn't love a bit of noise? When you are in that sweet spot, sitting in an open door with your legs outside the train watching the world go by.

  I love this setting! It makes me feel like I'm in 1857, sitting in a moving train, reading Jane Eyre.

  Pair this with Tin Roof Rain to set off on a long mysterious journey.

  I love this generator paired with distant thunder. I get distracted easily and now I can finally focus on my work. Thank you a hundred times over <3

  Only thing missing is the chuffing of a steam or the deep thunderous sound from diesel-electric locomotive, maybe a periodic blow of an air horn (diesel) or whistle (steam) to go with it.

  Makes me think of train rides between home and my university. Very comforting. Good sleep aid too :^)

  There are many train stations in my city and I like to take all the trains to see how the lines are connected. Boarding and old an empty train and going to the huge terminus station, where you can still travel on 171 years old rails, feels like travelling in time.

  This reminds me of legs and lungs burning from the last minute sprint to the station to catch the last train out-mind still swimming from the sights, smells, and sounds of NYC. This is the cool down. The track back to reality. The soundtrack of coming back from a day long adrenaline rush. I love every moment.

  I like to imagine I'm freight hopping on a grainer in the "darkest hours of the night" while I work. As usual I play this quite loud to block equally loud and unpleasant co-"workers" (foamers). Increased tape speed for when you really need to book it!

  I discovered this website at work. As someone who suffers from hypersensitivity to noise, it's a godsend. This generator in particular combined with Distant Thunder just reminds me of home, having grown up with CSX in my backyard. I can't wait to use it for sleep.

  I'm enjoying this with the tape speed set one notch slower; it gives you a more leisurely train ride.

  I’ce been having trouble falling asleep until I used this slider. There’s just something calming about the rattle in a train.

  I love combining this one with the thunder from Distant Thunder and the rain from Tin Roof Rain. It's a really good noise blocker for a busy office day, and makes me feel like I'm in a cosy dream riding a train through a storm.

  When I studied in Europe, I did much of my schoolwork taking the train from city to city, and I've associated the sound of trains with it ever since. Now that I found this sound machine, any time I need to finish work in a distracting environment, this puts me in the perfect state of mind to focus.

  I grew up in a house by the railroad tracks, and this generator might be my favourite. It perfectly simulates the click-clacks I used to hear from my bedroom as a kid and puts me right to sleep. As with all of the gens on this site, it sounds good even on my cheap computer speakers :)

  My ideal Railroad setting! With an open window and the smell of spring and sounds of birds gives the illusion that a few sparrows or swallows might fly alongside the train.

  We traveled to Quebec city by rail in September and the sound of the rails helped me to forget my tinnitus, so I just found this and LOVE it. It helps that I am a model railroader. David.

  Pairing this with Everloving by Moby captures my fleeting feeling of curiosity and wonder when traveling to new places and seeing new sights.

  I like this one heavy on the clickety-clack. It's such a soothing sound to me.

  I work in customer care and the office gets so noisy sometimes, it gets too much for me. I put this on and quietly get on with my work. Lovely.

  Railroads and Distant Thunder on the slowest animation setting is a wonderful combo. The rumble of the train blends into the thunder with distinct lighting cracks against a rainy background. I love this site!

  I used to be in a long distance relationship with a girl in NYC. Every month or so I would take the Amtrak from Boston down to the city to see her. Listening to this insanely realistic/accurate generator brings me back to those times and allows me to feel a sense of nostalgia that no other sound can seem to give me. There is something almost magical about the feeling I get... it's amazing.

  I've been into trains since I was a young lad. Hearing the clicks of the rails and the soothing bass really make the picture. Though I'm young, I'm into the old steam locomotives, and I love hearing their beautiful sounds too. The chugging, the rods clanking, the whistle echoing through the valley, they're just awesome. Is it possible to make steam train sounds on this?

  I absolutely love it! It makes it sound like I'm in an old passenger train trying to get back home, only without the noise of conversation or nagging children, just train.

  Mix this with Telecaster Licks, might have to turn the cars down slightly. AWESOME mix!

  I worked on the railroad many years ago and missed this sound. I slept better on the train than I did at home. I'll be listening to this tonight. What a great site.

  This noise is a lifesaver. I always have trouble concentrating on AP homework, but with this mesh of train noises played through headphones I can block out distractions and focus way more easily. It's amazing that something so simple can help so much! I wish I'd found this website sooner!

  Don't forget to set the timer (and another alarm) if this noise tends to send you off to sleep as the miles drift by. You don't want to miss your stop!

  There's something so incredibly soothing about the sound of a train.

  Mix this with Jungle Rain or Rain on Tent at low levels at you get that feeling you get when you have a long trip ahead, you feel depressed. And by depressed I mean you feel uncompressed, isolated and calm. Watching the city or country drift by mere feet out of the rainy window but feeling like your a million miles away from all of your worries. It's easy to fall asleep when I feel that soothed.

  Living in a university town means there's a lot of bass thumping from the apartment below. Turn up the bass on the railroad and use noise-canceling earphones and sleep is within my reach again.

  This is my string for what I call the Ultrawhite noise: ''. I feel like it tickles my brain.

  I really like this one. I really like to draw but everytime there is a lot of "more interisting stuff" that keeps distracting me. I can't say that I never considered stopping with this noisemaker on.

  This sound is what brought me to this site in the first place. As a child I had a train ride as we moved from one province to another in Canada. My sisters slept on the seats and I had a makeshift bed on the floor. I have carried that memory of sleeping on the train with the sound of the rails under my head my whole life. This is the closest thing to recreating that for me.

  Perfect for my writing, and appropriate since my story is set in the age of rail and a lot of scenes happen on trains. While I don't find it blocks noise so much, it *does* at least help me focus on my writing, and when I'm focused I don't even care about ambient noise. Thunder and Babble Noise make great backdrops for this one, or try out the Coffee Shop soundscape for a dining car!

  The Railroads generator is one of my favorites. There's something so lovely about the sense of an adventure to come. Yet, it's also quite soothing. I use it to help me focus on my work--it does the job well.

  I love the sounds of trains and this Railcar Train Noise Generator is outstanding. I especially found Railcar with the Brown setting to be best to block out surrounding noises and to help me concentrate on tax prep work. I also love the Rain Noise Generator and find it relaxing. These two sounds played at the same time were just what I needed to get the job done without the anxiety.

  When I first moved to college, away from my childhood home - which happened to be mere blocks away from a busy train station - the silence made my nights incomplete, and sleep was elusive. This noise generator makes me feel like I'm at home again. Thank you so much.

  This noise is perfect for relaxing or studying. If you close your eyes, you imagine your stereotypical childhood conception of a train in its full authenticity. These noisemakers truly bring dream noises to life.

  I fall asleep like a baby on any train I ride -- this is an almost perfect replica of the Northeast Regional Amtrak ride between DC and NYC. Even with chatty people in the same car as you, the bass of the tracks pad every sound and insulate you from them.

  As someone who rides the train almost daily, I find this noise annoyingly relaxing. Animate really helps to bring out the fact that real trains noises change over time.

  Railcar layered with Osmosis on animate and I am so calm and yet so focused. It's helped me through the most hellish couple of days at work, plus enabled me to focus in spite of noisy, horrible neighbours while working at home - something that has been known to push me to breaking point. I am so glad I found this site.

  I got it! Subway train noise + animate is my born noise! Wow. I love you guy ^^

  I love trains so much ever since I was little. I would always ask my dad to take me to the train station to see the trains and maybe one of my biggest dreams is to actually step in and maybe ride in a locomotive. I love this so much, it almost feels like i'm in a real train, except no creeps and no need to think about when I should get off. Perfect, especially combined with the wind one.

  This one reminds me of when I went to DC and used the subway to go all over the place. The slight quiet of the tracks, plus the deep rumble from being underground? Perfect. Every time I listen to this I yearn to go back.

  I have to say, I can almost fall asleep as easily as I am able to focus on my studies to the sound of distant train tracks.

  Push all the sliders up, then hit 'animate'. It's like being on a train that gradually travels through city, country, mountain tunnel, etc! Keeps it fresh without being monotonous...yet unobtrusive for getting work done.

  As close as I could get to my train commute to uni, without the stopping and starting and getting out.

  Absolutely wonderful. Works beautifully with 'Rain Noise' and 'Wind Noise' or if you want to be in a dining car add 'Coffee Shop'.

  Off to Hogwarts again =)

  The Duquesne Incline, in Pittsburgh.

  Love this. It carries me 'away' from wherever I'm at. I long for an occasional train whistle though - something haunting and far away.

  Riding the Durango-Silverton train line in southern Colorado, in the outdoor car, watching the mountains roll by steadily as the train chugs its way slowly and surely up through the pass, hearing the river Animas below you... drifting off to sleep...

  This generator has possibly made me feel very, very relaxed. As a writer, this helps me get anything I need to get done, done. Keep up the good work!

  Industrial noise as a source of quietude! Thank you so much for creating this site.

  There was a time when I spent dozens of hours on traveling by train a month. It's good to be back.

  Reminds me of traveling cross-country by rail, staying up late in the dark, empty observation car, reading & writing & thinking. Exciting & relaxing at the same time.

  I love this website so much. It's perfect for studying and writing papers. I have depression and more often than not it impedes my focus and study skills. This website is a near-perfect solution! Thank you so much!

  ← rumbley and rickety

  I have always loved the sounds of trains, ever since I was little in the 50s and in my grandmother's back bedroom listening at night to the train that went by not too far away. That's when I first started dreaming about where they might be going, and where I could maybe go someday. 60 years later, I've lived all around the world, and still get excited at the sounds of trains.

  ← The sound of the underworld.

  Can't study without it. Thank you from the bottom of my financial aid!

  I absolutely love being on trains, and getting to be able to experience the relaxing sound without having to actually be on one is great! Super nice to listen to while I relax.

  My boyfriend plays video games while I try to study, needless to say we argued. Thanks for helping me save my happy home.

  The exhilarating challenge of slipping aboard a train destined for places unbeknownst to you proved to be too attractive. Life in your two-bit town has always been stable - in other words, boring. Your new home away from home may be a boxcar, but you had become quite attached already...

  The sound of a train takes me back to when I was studying abroad in China. The trains were definitely not built for a 6'4" person, so the only thing that helped me sleep while traveling was the sound of the wind past the open window with the loud, deep clacks of the rail cars. Such wonderful memories.

  Somehow I've managed to stumble across the perfect generator to block out unwanted noises when I'm writing. It masks everything I don't want to hear so well!

  Default EQ Settings with volume raised as high as can preserve the ratio. Makes for easier raising and lowering the volume on my device.

  I'm autistic with some pretty bad anxiety issues, and lying in a just-dark-enough room with the right frequency creates the quiet world I need to breathe. I'm so glad I found this.

  Thank you so much for this noise. Only a few weeks ago I heard a train going by and thought, "I wish someone would make a train noise generator". It is as if you read my mind. Being on a train helps me think, so this sound is perfect for helping me study.

  This site is wonderful for helping me finish papers for school! This generator is great-- train rides are oddly comforting, and the noises are so evocative. I've been enjoying this setting, though it manages to sound like both a train and a laundromat simultaneously...?

  Cozy, warm dining car inside, cold nighttime outside ^-^ Kinda sounds like a washer/dryer going, too. Gives me the warm and fuzzies.

  This reminds me of when I wrote a story about a person who lived on a train. It's so realistic and it brings the scenes to life when I reread it and listen to this at the same time.

  'Railroads' is amazing. Just one to humbly request: a layer of various distant horn sounds. I would love to fall asleep to the muted echoing ambiance of a steam locomotive horn as it paws at the fog of a cold night...

  ← Overnight (Train edition)

  Rolling and changing train journey. Perfect for writing code to in a noisy office.

  I think part of what I love about a train ride is that you can sit back and relax because somebody else is driving. This sound inspires me to do just that. New favorite. :)

  Feels like being a passenger in an old train mystery or war movie, where you can hear the wheels on the track clearly. Puts my mind in romantic travel mode and helps me sleep.

  Very real, felt like I was moving at first

  A comfy seat, with an open window, and the many sights passing by on the way to your destination.

  I adore train noise and always wished I could replicate the steady thunk thunk without catching any diseases from the passengers who sit in the section with this sound! ;) This is such a great "urban lullaby!"

  Best for studying. Or sleeping. Or pretty much anything.

  Reminds me of a train I rode in AZ. Nicely done!

  Just a regular old, noisy and smelly train car

  I really like the sound of trains and this sound makes me think of travelling at night on a long journey. Great stuff

  Add the rain noise and you have yourself a very relaxing ride on a rainy day. Very soothing and relaxing.