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Cafe Restaurant
Coffee-Shop Background Noise Generator
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The noise without the social distraction

A good coffee shop is an oasis for the creative mind. it's where you go to get away from the bad habits and distractions of your home office. it's where you go to get your creativity flowing and to get some work done.

However, there's a catch to real world chatter: when the human brain perceives a sound it considers to be speech, it will focus on it and turn it into meaningful language. This usually happens in spaces where the ambient noise level is low, like in modern "open space" offices. This is bad for both concentration and creativity: you try to focus on your work, but your brain keeps on processing speech in the background, interrupting you as soon as some intelligible speech has been decoded.

The key then is to find a way to have the background noise approximate the sound of human speech without any discernible words. And that's exactly what we've done with our Cafe Restaurant noise generator.

You can use Cafe Restaurant as a creativity booster - this study explains how - or to add ambiance in a too-quiet space. But its true power is revealed when used to mask distracting noises like workplace chatter or nearby conversations.

In order to avoid the sounds from outside, you could plug in your headphones and increase the volume on myNoise high enough so that it drowns out the noise. Not only will this prevent distractions, but after a few minutes your brain will stop trying to decode any noise at all. If some sounds do cross over, they will be part of the babble noise and won't cause any more disturbances.

Note: unfortunately we have yet to develop a myNoise coffee generator, so until then you will have to provide your own caffeine fix!

Published by Stéphane on June 25th, 2014

User Stories

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  Sitting in a cafe in the late 1800s, playing chess with a friend.

  I love this website and the noise generators, it helps me focus. It's a blast to play around with the meticulously build sound sliders. Every generator is so fresh and new. My favorite is the Irish Coast.

  In the realm of sound, a haven bright, brings pure delight. A symphony of noise so grand, crafted by a masterful hand. For focus, calm, or dreams to weave, Their sounds create, they don't deceive. Mix and match, your mind to guide, In this acoustic world, reside. With peace and clarity, they blend,, my dearest friend.

  This site is awesome! I have tried hundreds of white noise/nature sounds to try and block out all the distracting noise around me and this is working perfectly!

  If you ever wanted to be in a food court, this is for you.

  Because of this noise generator, this whole website honestly, I can finally focus on my homework and tasks without feeling tired or bored. This is amazing!

  Literally can’t explain how I'm feeling, my entire sleepiness has gone within a second when I played this during studying. This website is truly insane, thank you myNoise for all of this.

  I come back to this website again and again for soundscapes that help me focus. Cafe restaurant was a godsend during the height of the pandemic, when that particular "noise" was impossible. Car interior takes me back to being a child in the backseat, falling asleep on the drive home. And 88 Keys is simply amazing in how it creates effortless melodies that never repeat. Just a few of my faves!

  I used to struggle with keeping track of my time and doing homework late. myNoise was the perfect thing to help me focus. I hope it gets enough donations to keep it running. My favorite one is cafe restaurant, I always love the sound of an inspirational cafe in action. I recommend it to everyone, everywhere.

  Listening to this along with Stan Getz's "Jazz Samba Encore!", makes me feel like part of the crowd.

  This one pretty good and versatile sound generator. Although you have many presets to choose from you can customise it too. It has various generators to choose from. Recently I was not able to focus on my studies due to the environment I was studying. Using this sound generator helped me a lot to focus due to which I finally broke free from the distractions. I guess your study environment matters.

  Want a preset without partying people just like a cafe? Use this.

  I discovered this website back in 2015 when I was having trouble finding a rhythm in studying, where the college environments were either too quiet or filled with distracting conversation. I owe my degree to the Cafe Restaurant generator that still helps me in my post-grad WFH job to this day, keeping my mind focused with noise but not distracted with words.

  I can't believe this is free! I'm going to donate right away. My productivity reaches the sky now. Thanks!!!

  I absolutely love this one. It's my favorite! The people in my classes don't know what quiet means and this removes ALL of the annoying people. I really hope this entire website is reccomeneded to offices and schools. LOVE THIS! 10/10, perfect for annoying co-workers/classmates.

  This soundtrack is extraordinary (love the font also). But the thing is what the heck is caramelized onion written on the poster :)

  Came for the binaural beats, stayed for the coffee ;)

  This is an awesome website and a perfect white noise generator. "Cafe Restaurant" is my favorite!

  I've always been the most productive and happiest when I'm working in coffee shops, and this generator creates the exact ambiance I need to put myself in that headspace, wherever I happen to be. (Ironically I use it most these days while sitting in a picturesque real-life coffeeshop — to drown out the sounds of the other patrons talking around me. It's that good, I guess!)

  I love this generator! Thank you Stéphane :]

  Absolutely love this website. It helps me study much more efficiently especially paired with rain noise and a classical music playlist.

  This is great paired with the rain noise.

  I just love this site! I waited so long to be able to donate to Stephane for this amazing job! This cafe sound has helped me so many times to focus while having such an incredibly wandering brain <3

  Amazing web, got me to concentrate on my work for 2 hours.

  I'm pretty sure I have ADHD or something because I need to have a lot of audio commotion going on so I can focus on my work. Out of all the background noise/coffee shop noise generators, this one is my favorite because it's accessible to anyone, it has a restaurant noise generator (my favorite!) and there's many settings to adjust based on personal preferences. Thank you, Dr. Pigeon! -Victoria

  Thanks so much for the sounds. The Cafe is just my ticket. I have trouble focusing, and either silence or music completely derails me. Lots of time I go to a coffee shop to do work. The Cafe really helps. It is a valuable tool. I also use it for hearing training. I open a podcast I really want to hear with the Cafe sounds almost drowning out the words. Listen with earphones,

  I love this one so much!!! I enjoy sitting in a warm and dimly lit cafe with a handful of people around the place, keeping to themselves while I sit in the corner doing my schoolwork or drawing with a chocolate-y coffee drink nearby. Even without music, this gen is so expressive and full of life, its like I'm in the cafe I want to be in. Thank you for your amazing gens, Doctor Stéphane :)

  Wrote my dissertation while listening to myNoise. I am easily audio distracted, can't listen to any kind of music, it carries me away. myNoise gave me a variety of noises to help me focus and block the world and my thoughts.

  I'm so happy someone recommended this site. The chatter drowns out the noise of people watching TV in the other room so I don't feel so bad about having to work while they're out there relaxing. That helps me focus on my work better, get done faster, and then go relax with them!

  I've been coming back to this page even after trying multiple mindfulness apps and Spotify playlists. Something about the chatter and clinking of plates in the generator at the default setting (when you land on the site) is unparalleled and engineered to perfection. I feel calm and creative at the same time.

  It's really satisfying just hearing the table sounds, it reminds me a lot of what it sounds like when me and my family sit down and have dinner for things like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

  This website is amazing! This sounds generation helped me so much cancelling out background noise while writing my PhD thesis in a busy office!

  This is great for blocking out loud coworkers. I find that it works best when combined with a couple of podcasts in Hungarian played simultaneously. Did you know that if you listen to Hungarian backwards it almost sounds like an actual language? ;-)

  Concentration has been a lifelong struggle for me, and this website is a GAME CHANGER! Currently obsessed with the Cafe noises and the binaural beats. Bookmark this site ASAP, and remember to make a donation to keep it going!!

  I love the shuffle setting on this as it allows me to do my homework, blocking out the sounds around me, and making it so it isn't repetitive at all.

  I've been using myNoise for quite a while now and I can honestly say I don't know how I had managed to do live without it! Strongly recommend.

  The apartment I moved into in 2021 is above a diner. It was empty when I moved but within a few months a new diner opened up that space. The HVAC duct is attached to the wall. The noise can be extraordinary and it can be hard to think. This generator helps mask it and allows me to get writing done on my free time instead of being driven crazy by the HVAC.

  I'm a startup founder with a growing team. I'm excited and proud of what we've built, but often find it hard to focus with so much going on. myNoise works! I'm completely addicted. One of our engineers sent me a link a year ago, and now it´s my go-to solution when I need to crank out something important. THANK YOU for dramatically improving my focus and productivity.

  This one is perfect on headphones for reading while my husband plays video games or watches television. It all just vanishes into cafe noise!

  Thank you! I always use this whenever I need to drown out other people's conversations. I love working in coffee shops but it's distracting if I can hear others talk. This way, all conversations become background noise and I can focus.

  It's too cold outside, and I'd rather stay at home. I'm currently revising in my room during Reading Week, instead of my usual spot at Uni. It's too quiet and lulls me to go back to bed instead of doing practice problems. The Cafe noises really makes me feel like I'm studying at Uni.

  I love listening to this along with podcasts. It provides a warm, cozy backing to talking . It evokes the same feeling as conversing with friends at a café. Superb.

  I work in an open-space office, with salespeople calling people all day from their desk, chatter, and sometimes focusing is difficult. This generator helps me drown my coworkers' voice in the background, and coupled with one of those "cozy coffee shop jazz playlist to study to" on youtube it's perfection!

  My bedroom is right next to the kitchen; my door faces the fridge. If someone is moving dishes—be it washing them or eating something—it's incredibly distracting. Running just the Table and Kitchen sliders makes the noises less disruptive, because I get used to them happening. Very helpful!

  I love the sound of restaurants and this imitates that so well. Putting the "Mess" up a little helps because it's really what you hear at a cafe. This totally helps me focus because doing work at restaurants is just nice.

  Here lies a freshly graduated freelancer having no idea how to cope with her ADHD during work hours at home. This thing combined with a pomodoro timer video on Youtube saved my life from being fired from my dream job. Thank you so much to the creators. I owe you sodas.

  Am a university student that has multiple majors- this has gotten me through many papers and large reading assignments. I can't work without background noise, but get distracted by too many things if there are actual people or words said, so this seemed to be the perfect solution.

  Working on a contract where the culture of the office is to be very noisy. I have cafe noise on and play music over the top so that the quiet moments don't leak the distracting chatter. Makes me 100% more effective.

  I'm a freelance writer and I work from home. I'm also a mother of four. When the latter threatens the former in those after-school hours, I turn to the Cafe Restaurant noise. Thank god for, or I'd never get any work done.

  Nice! I will ace my algebraic topology exam thanks to this!

  This was actually pretty fun to use (and also easy to understand.) I love this website a lot! Thanks!

  I use this with railroads to feel like I'm in a crowded passenger train. I absolutely love trains, but they aren't super common where I live. This is the perfect noise to play while I decompress and read a good book.

  Listening to this and a playback of harpsichord works composed by J. S. Bach. I'd rather sit and work/relax at a Starbucks shop that plays baroque than any regular ones playing USA's pop, lol. -ECO.

  Everyone's in the kitchen and you have some quality time with the couch. :D

  This is the most amazing resource; I've just discovered it. I have to focus for long periods of time at my work, and with ADHD this is a tall order. The cafe sounds playing in noise cancelling headphones have allowed me to relax and keep focus and creativity for a full eight hour day. I'm so happy to have found this, and will be proud to support financially in the near future.

  I was struggling with concentration back in my high school days, so one of my friends recommended this website to help with my concentration. From since on, I have been getting good marks and achieving high levels of concentration thanks to this website! I highly recommend it if you are struggling with concentration or just even want to sleep or relax! I love it and definitely recommend!!!!

  I had a very persistent and energy-sapping earworm resistant to everything I tried, but my friend recommended this... The earworm went away, I was able to focus, and I began to feel happy again!

  Described as magic by a friend who is extremely sensitive to loops in ambient audio but needs it in order to focus on their work. It is simply amazing at keeping me focused as well, when combined with other ambient noise generators like cosy rain.

  Just loving this epic website which has every noise you can think of! Absolutely insane!! Definitely the best website for all background noises.

  My officemates seem to be of the belief that the loudness of sound generated by a keyboard is linked to their annual performance bonuses. Needless to say this website has played a strong role in maintaining a peaceful working place. Happy to support your work sir!

  Literally the best! It helps me focus on my hw(math) and listening to this puts me right back into focus. It makes me relax and think correctly when I'm stressed... I LOVE this!!!

  I have been using the Cafe Restaurant background noise daily, for about 4 years now! I literally can't be productive without it ! It especially assisted in lockdowns, where working from home proved harder to concentrate when all alone and I felt like I was missing the social "nearness" of others! Highly recommend the background noise to others!

  This sounds exactly like I'm at a restaurant! I love the vibe.

  I love this setup: almost no chatters, no pseudo talking, turn on the volume of table a little bit. I enjoy it very much!

  It's my favourite sond blocker set of sound. When the noise is out of control, I add Youtube Lofi Girl live channel, and I can work everywhere!

  Perfect for focusing! Especially love that you can mute/quieten the dish and cup noises down - I found I wanted this with other cafe music/playlists out there. Thank you so much!

  Helps (me) a lot when studying, with ADHD.

  Love the cafe restaurant background noise! Helps me work!

  I eliminated the clanks of silverware and pots and pans, but this mix in my busy office allows me to cancel out the ambient chatter and concentrate on my work at hand.

  The Cafe Restaurant Noise generator is my companion throughout my meditation sessions as well as my working hours. My mind is clear, I can focus and inspiration comes easily. What more can a graphic designer want? Thank you so much, Stéphane!

  I love combining this with rain sounds!

  This (OMG!) just turns my focus back to what I was doing, even if I was doing nothing. It gives me the energy to start my work and helped me to maintain a good schedule. I even use it to sleep when I turn chatter & babble barely all the way down. Love from Singapore!

  Sounds like a wet market, perfect for me to sleep haha… My sister uses my preset to focus though, and she always gets her work done! Definitely recommending this to everyone.

  Great for late-night inspiration!

  I love this sound! I turned off the pseudo babble because I find it quite harsh and filtered out the kitchen and cutlery noises because I found that they would surprise me and take me out of the moment if I have it turned up high. Using this layered with either park noises, rainfall, or soft music (or all 3) have made sharing a tiny bedroom office with my very loud partner bearable.

  This. Try listening to this when you're all alone and it's quiet around you. Especially if it's night. Hmph.

  I love using this to help me concentrate and stay focused. I like to pair it with great wordless music like jazz or "coffee shop style" music.

  Love this one with the Table noises turned up a little. Turned the Pseudo Babble all the way down because I find it a little creepy, like a song played backward, and distracting.

  For when you can't go to the cafe but still want the the true cafe experience, with all coffee shop and talking noises.

  This is exactly the background noise I need while working from home in my too-quiet house!

  I'll have the sandwich w/ caramelized onions pls.

  Hi! I love Cafe Restaurant background noise, it helps me filter out distracting noises and focus on the task at hand. Sometimes I use it even if there aren't any noise around. I just wires my brain into deep focus. All the best from Warsaw, Poland.

  Hadn't tried this one for a long while, but it's totally worth it! The babble faded into the surrounding after a while. Love from India.

  I was searching for focusing music, trying some methods like Pomodoro, etc. but none of them worked until I've found this beautiful page. It really helps me to focus on my work and spend productive time. Thank you for creating this website.

  This page is awesome. Sounds make my day, to work, to study, to relax. Almost all day along.

  Paired with some quiet, jazzy lofi, these settings are perfect for getting homework done :)

  I have to take my headphones out every now and then to make sure my office is still there. This is so good for blocking out interesting, but distracting, conversations! Super grateful for this.

  I use this application to write my articles that I have never finished. Ideal for those who can't work from home!

  This is wonderful! Whenever I read book I use this site, I mix some random sounds like waterfall and Cafe & Restaurant and boom! A restaurant with waterfall landscape.

  Cafe Restaurant is a pretty good solution to filter unwanted noises. I use it frequently to keep up concentration. In combination with Lo-Fi Headphone Girl, it saved me in several noisy situations.

  Normally I have 3 or 4 different ambiance generators running at the same time to get my desired output. Thanks to this guy I only need 1.

  I love this thing! it raises my focus at least 40% better and actually makes me get work done. Especially because of covid, no one is going into coffee shops anymore. It the perfect alternative.

  I really enjoy the ambience when I listen to the Cafe Restaurant while doing my homework. Helps a ton!

  After finding this, I would have loved to have some measurements on my efficiency before and after the discovery of this. Really good and helps me focus way better at work.

  This generator is RIDICULOUSLY good. So simple, yet so effective. This blocks out just about ANYTHING! Parents have news on in the background quite frequently and I've had to stay at home this semester so this generator helps with studying a ton. Thank you Stéphane! - Olive (they/them)

  Like being in a non-COVID-infected facility, with real people who talk and dine.

  Now we're all making our way back to the office, this generator has been invaluable - I was so used to a nice, quiet home office, and now I'm surrounded by people on calls and having informal meetings. Couldn't get through my day without this!

  Recently moved to an open space. Your noise generator is really helpfull to maintain focus and get rid of noisy people around. Many thanks.

  Worked for 7 hours (50 minute intervals) to this website and it helped so much. I'm able to focus without the distractions of real conversations.

  I don't usually write reviews on websites but DANG THIS ONE. This one deserves a whole page. I like to listen to Cafe Restaurant to everything I do and it has made me so much more productive when writing essays and stuff. I cannot believe such website is free: totally recommend it.

  I don't know what I would do without the Cafe Restaurant white noise. It provides a level of comfort and productivity around me whilst working from home. It fills the empty spaces and gets the creative juices flowing! Highly recommend it to all that struggle with distractions and quiet environments.

  Great noise. Looking forward to the release of the coffee generator :)

  This is a great generator. I had to write my school essays and I was having a hard time writing them and once I found this it was so much easier. Thanks to myNoise I am a lot more efficient.

  A local coffee shop across the college was where I used to study back then. Now I got the same feeling from a thousand miles away. Thank you for this amazing work of art.

  It's like being at Dennys, but without the annoying music. If ever I owned a cafe or restaurant, I'd never pipe in music. This is music to my ears.

  When I work from home, alone, this is a great way to feel like I'm amongst people — even better, people who fade into the background, never get too loud, and don't need to interact with me. Best of all worlds!

  During times of working at home, this is such a relief to listen to while working, especially with some youtube jazz in the background. I hope you have an okay day, wherever you are.

  I find this perfect to write to when there's noise or even silence in the house. Reminds me days before COVID when I could work in cafes.

  I didn't always like the noises that simulated noisy environments, but I recently tried the cafe restaurant again and I absolutely love it. It's great for helping me focus when other people in my household are talking loudly on video calls!

  I love it! I can't understand why it is so relaxing, but it is ! I could listen to it for hours.

  I love it! I can't understand why it is so relaxing, but it is ! I could listen to it for hours.

  I have mild sedatephobia and this helps me block out the sounds of silence lol! I get so much more work done when there isn't that awful awkward nothingness.

  I love to listen to this as background noise while I study for my exams. Always nice to drink a cup of coffee too to feel more immersed!

  Feels like my school: the children are chatty and the kitchen is always busy! It always makes me happy when I chat with my friends! I miss them since the pandemic. Thank You! - a 6th grade fan

  This is incredibly specific, but I did a lot of writing while at a fast-food job, and realized that the background noise helped me a lot! Using this generator and the car interior replicated all of the creative energy of working a drive-thru and helped me out tremendously.

  One of my favorites! This setting eliminates the deep rumble, and keeps the chatter at a reduced level. Subtle, but convincing!

  Makes me feel like im in a VIP lounge (click on the blue dot to try it) - Iguana

  You're sitting near the front of the your favorite cafe against the wall trying to crank out some remote work, you enjoy the notes of soft jazz wafering through the air. Turn on this mix, turn your volume at 50% then go to Spotify: Jazz in the Background playlist and in Spotify turn the volume at 35-40%

  This sound + 88 keys make a very good background noise for reading.

  This is a message for those with SOCIAL ANXIETY: Listen to this generator at home while doing comfortable activities that you like. The sound quality on this website is so amazing that when you will be in a cafe or similar environment, you will have the feeling of being at home doing your comfortable stuffs and you will feel comfortable. This website can be a powerful tool for mind reprogramming.

  This is the best because it doesn't feel lonely, but also does not feel like too much!

  You want to feel uncomfy? Turn down everything and turn up Rumble and Pseudo Babble. Sounds vaugley demonic. Pair that with Gregorian Chants and some other ambiance and it's a very interesting sound.

  I love this so much. It makes me feel like I'm in my favourite cafe even if I'm at home. The best thing ever!

  This is so cool, Jodi. The background sound of restaurant and if it comes with the smell of a cup of special brew it'll be heavenly...

  I love this generator. Thank you so much for this.

  This is incredible! I got my homework done so fast!

  My ADHD makes it extremely difficult to focus, except - as I've found - in coffee shops, where there is a low ambient level of noise and activity that focuses my attention and quiets my bouncing thoughts. Using this along with low level no-vocals music (lo-fi, nouveau western, or jazz usually) makes my home office almost a coffee shop with live music, and a functional space for my brain!

  The sound of lots of people talking over each other is a common sensory overload trigger for me, and it has gotten much worse since the pandemic started. However, I know this sort of drone used to be *really* helpful for me. I tried playing this at a low volume with some jazz music, and I found myself not overwhelmed at all, like magic. Hopefully exposure will help me get used to it.

  With this and Calm Office mixed, it sounds like you're studying at a Coffee Shop.

  I've been struggling to focus at work lately. My mind wanders and I'm falling behind. I've tried other natural noises here that help me sleep and meditate, but none of them stuck for focus. I'm on fire now with this one. This tricks my brain into hyper-focus somehow. This may just save my career! Thanks Dr Pigeon!

  Listening to this mixed with a little bit of '88 Keys' and 'Cat Purr' while studying makes a very nice atmosphere. Its almost like your very own private cat cafe. I highly recommend this generator! -CH

  As someone with AVHs, the pseudo babbles are just the best for inhibiting intrusive thoughts. They're relaxing and keep me worry-free. AWESOME job y'all.

  I suffer from tinnutus for many years now, and it was a terrible loss for me not to read in a quiet place. Now, with myNoise, I can read in my house with natural background noises. Thanks a lot.

  I work as a receptionist of a rather small company and use the cafe noises with headphones when I have the chance to, to drown out the sounds of shouting from the back offices because they give me anxiety.

  The COVID pandemic pretty much put the kibosh on a safe dine-in experience for the next year or two, but with this generator I can replicate the experience at home! Pair this up with Unreal Ocean set to Home By The Sea to imagine seaside dining, or with a soothing lo-fi or jazz playlist.

  You will enjoy this setting if you don't like dish noises.

  This is the only ambient noise generator that can cover the noise of my 1 year old while I work from the living room. Absolutely amazing customization and variety of sounds. It's become an essential part of my work day.

  This helped my ability to focus on getting my homework done and prevented me from getting distracted. I would recommend this sound to those who need a sound while they read or are doing homework so you can stay on task and focus on what you need to.

  Quarantines been tough leaving me alone like this. I used to hang out with friends at our local Starbucks to work with each other... When I put together some babble and kitchen noises + and a 3 hr long video of smooth jazz, I replicated the exact feeling of studying/working in a coffee shop or cafe... I even drank some espresso. Thank you so much, myNoise!

  This is so good that it drowns out my own thoughts.

  This one takes me back to happy visits with my daughter when she lived in New York City. Delightfully normalizing in my quarantined home office.

  I use this with the railroads to make it really feel like a train ride. Distant chatter but I'm just sitting quietly. It reminds me of my train rides in Scotland.

  If you like inaudible whispers, you might like this. Gives me the idea of voices in my head, but they are just hanging out and not really haunting me.

  So relaxing! I play simultaneously some relaxing jazz piano music, and merge these sounds perfectly. Big thanks for myNoise for better working days! :) is a life saver for me. Noises like my family eating can drive me to nearly uncontrollable rage. Whenever they get ready to eat they give me time to put my headphones on and start myNoise. It also helps me sleep, focus and lower my anxiety. Thank you. I am truly grateful.

  Takes me right back to The Before Times! This has been so helpful for focusing in my quiet, shared apartment.

  Sitting at home alone and listening to this makes it a little less lonely.

  Quarantine must-have for working from home. The sounds of being out and about are strange but calming.

  Leave this open and open another tab with Work Jazz music and it's the perfect concentration boost mix for work/study. Thank you so much for this!

  Adding instrumental music of your choice turns this into your ideal cafe location; did that at work the other night and was amazed how much work I got done! I just need to remember to bring a cafe-style snack next time lol.

  Yeah, this is really great! I often listen to music in the background but I found that something was just always amiss. I found playing this beside my usual music helps me focus better and feel less uncomfortable in my quiet house.

  Amazing! Sometimes this sound puts me in a trance. I imagine myself at a local cafe and this makes it so realistic.

  I absolutely love this sound! I always listen to this in a quiet room and I close my eyes and pretend like I'm at a local cafe. Makes me feel 10x better after a rough day.

  Sometimes, I just need a certain level of consciousness on my surroundings while remaining relaxed enough, this gets me there just fine.

  Listening to this with 88 Keys is like a meditation. Great!

  I used to joke that I completed Undergrad in a local coffee shop. This isn't too far from the truth, it is where I found the greatest focus and productivity. However, Covid happened and working from home is the antithesis of that environment. I am so glad that this exists! Maybe I will be able to say that I completed my PhD using this app! ;-P

  I've worked in that environment for 8 years now and I feel like I'm addicted to that chatter and rumble. I love having this busy cafe/restaurant noise in the background while studying <3

  I love the sound of the plates against the table so much! I like to have open another tab with smooth jazz playing along side this (it's beautiful) and sometimes I also add thunderstorm sounds on another tab for a 1960's stuck in a rainy jazzy café with my trench coat on ambience.

  This setting with k-cafe music playing at about 20% volume in the background is great for focus while keeping my mood up :)

  I always wondered why I felt like I had to be in a coffeehouse to read or draw. And since I haven't been able to go to such places, I've started drying up creatively. So far, I'm finding recreating the sounds of my favorite coffeehouses to somehow be both relaxing and invigorating.

  Listening to this with a string quartet playing in another tab (inspired by a comment suggesting jazz music) transports me to the open-restaurant setting I'm trying to write about.

  I remember that I have wished for this exact sort of noise to exist for more than 20 years. Mumbling, indiscernible voices are my absolute favorite way to shut out the world. This Cafe Restaurant can put me to sleep, or it keeps me focused when I want to ignore that angry phone call at the next desk.

  Depending on my mood and need for focus, I switch up the presets in this. Right now, the "Patrons only" makes me feel like I've just gotten off work at a restaurant and am just still cleaning things up a bit, chatting with my colleagues. It has this productive yet calming vibe to me.

  The perfect halfalogue neutralizer.

  The customization level is amazing! Very useful. Better than this, just choosing wich tones of voice and etc, but it may fire backwards.

  As a POC, I feel uneasy listening to this as it sounds like I'm surrounded by a bunch of uppity, gossipy white housewives. Please add some diversity to the voices? [Editor: have a try with the African Town sound generator, there you can get a coffee with locals, in Senegal.]

  I've always been very comforted by low restaurant/cafe noise since I was a kid, and this lets me exactly recreate that for myself while I'm working trying to wind down. Something about low talking and kitchen sounds.

  This is my favourite to noise to work to!

  This is my happy place (fake sob)! Being on COVID lockdown in a tiny apartment with my partner and our 12 year old boy, there's only so many places to hide. I am working and going to school full time x 2 from home. I find I can be productive right here in the living room with my headphones on thanks to this app <3

  Play this with some jazz focus music on Youtube, and for me, maybe not for everyone, it is amazing at helping with focus and it sounds REALLY nice.

  This soundscape is so awesome! I love the chill atmosphere in Coffee Shops. The quiet chattering makes feel super comfy, and makes me go into a kind of "flow state" in which I'm able to concentrate on work or homework really well. My favorite setting is the Subtle Animation Mode. This makes the atmosphere change ever so slightly over time so that it feels both unnoticeable AND naturally varied.

  Working from home, listening to this on my headphones, with some Chopin also playing from Spotify: bliss.

  The sound of these voices is very comforting after the quiet of being alone for so long.

  Really helps me concentrate whilst doing work. Super helpful!

  This is extremely useful for studying while being locked at home. I get motivated when I go to coffee shops, and this is one way I can trick myself into getting some work done.

  Almost sounds like my kitchen! Amazing!

  I like to play this with another playlist going with smooth jazz. Perfect hipster cafe vibe.

  I find it far easier to revise in a cafe than anywhere else. With Covid 19 and self isolation it isn't much of an exageration to say that this is saving my degree.

  Since having to stay home during the pandemic, this noise makes me feel like I am working from a cafe! Thank you so much for this awesome site.

  This can quite helpfully cut out the noise of mechanical keyboards on the other side of the office. The pseudo babble channel does have some quite harsh whispers though, so I took them out. But it's a surprisingly good aid to someone like me with ADHD who does a job like programming.

  I've been using this one while I work in the mornings for many months. But in these days of necessary "social distancing", I find the cafe chatter especially comforting.

  Somehow, some idle chatter gave me the sudden urge to finally get around to doing what I've been supposed to do for a couple days now. There was another testimonial that mentioned throwing on some lofi and I can totally recommend that! Didn't lose focus even once until I was done and that is HIGHLY unusual.

  I love the fact that you can randomize within a range while disabling certain noise types. No more sudden clinks of silverware on plates or crashes of silverware tubs from the kitchen! Just infinite chatter with a constantly changing crowd.

  This one always makes me hungry because it sounds like I'm in a cafeteria. So my brain associates that, and I start craving food.

  This is such a good idea! The sound makes you focus (if you need to) but without actual social activity! This has made studying and doing work a lot easier!

  This generator, combined with the new Calm Cafe generator, makes a great ambient accompaniment to a breakfast or lunch time.

  I like this! I turned Pseudo-Babble all the way down because the whispering was kinda creepy haha.

  Pretty amazing tool. The sliders are amazing to customize the sound fully. Love using this when working on something or trying to relax.

  Since this site, I've found being productive and creative much more engaging and focused! Often times, my gripe with ambient noise is the distracting audible dialogues - and this site alleviates this issue. The customization levels are very user-friendly and helps me to adjust the sound depending on my surroundings. Kudos!

  I love this noise generator paired with a lofi hip hop radio, makes me feel like I’m in an actual cafè. Perfect for studying or working on my projects.

  I love this site, and this preset in particular, as it's not got the piped music you might not like or the super-loud clattering you sometimes get in a real coffee shop. I tried listening to Calibre's wonderful "Planet Hearth" Album with this playing at the same time and wow, mellowed focus for days.

  Thank you! Now I can be at the café, where I focus best, in the comfort of my own home. This is a game-changer.

  I love using this with the noisy room tone higher than everything else. Makes me feel like I'm back in school during a slightly lax study hour. Since I'm doing my university online, it really helps me be productive!

  I love these sounds. The rain got me to sleep so easily, sometimes I suffer from insomnia, but not any more. It also works fantastically if you've got a condition like psychosis, it prevents you from being paranoid, and listening to random people outside.

  This combined with some jazz music makes it feel just like I'm working in a cafe, it's perfect!

  Use this preset with the Train and Railroad Sound. So you aren't riding alone.

  I love listening to this while studying with some Hozier going in the background, it's truly a divine combo for my focus!

  I know its not the goal of this generator, but Pseudo Babble on full by itself is very disconcerting, like a dozen people whispering in your ear frantically, but you can't understand anything. It reminds me of the schizophrenic voices of Senua in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

  I actually love using this in actual coffee shops when I come to study. If the noises in the room are particularly loud or if the cafe is full and there is a lot of conversation then this helps me to focus on my work and not get constantly distracted by what's around me. Sometimes I also like to use it if I am in a room that is completely empty or too quiet! Helps me feel less lonely :)

  This sounds so real! It’s like im in an empty cafe and the workers are the only other people there.

  Very great, like if I setup a bed in the middle of a cafe and nobody minded. But the pseudo babble is just creepy.

  Been listening to this for hours and I don't wanna leave. Good thing donations come with credits that can be used to download audio files like this one in your preferred slider settings! Now I could take this cafe heaven with me wherever I go!

  Put this on animate then play some nice Debussy music. Magic!

  Beautifull, just perfect! At first you tend to think somebody is next to you, but you get used to it. That way, you will actually ignore real-life sounds as well of people putting stuff on tables, talking etc...

  Love it! It helps me to concentrate while working on the computer, I also love Car Interior one.

  Had this play on Chrome on my phone, and with headphones, I was able to focus on what needed to be done. This actually helped me a lot. Thanks Mynoise! 8D

  This is so good. I've recently gone freelance and like working in cafe's but can often be difficult to do that every day. This gives me the opportunity to have the bustle around me at home! One a side note, I'd love a version of this to go on spotify, I've been looking for a great cafe/tavern bustle for my DnD campaign and this would work a treat!

  I love the cocktail party sounds. It would be great if the sibilant esses can be removed from the voice tracks though, triggering for lots of folks with misophonia so I can't use this one to concentrate.

  It's combination with Debussy's piano sonatas is magic!

  You're kidding me?? Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon, you're kidding me. I can't believe it took me so long to try this out - but I was at a cafe earlier today, and it was fine except I sometimes got distracted by the sounds and the people around me. Now, I'm finishing up my revision at a public study space, and I put this on. And somehow it's BETTER. The lack of actual speech is the most genius idea ever!

  This with blackhole is great to simulate a dark/creepy mindscape from some sort of horror game.

  This can not be described in words. It makes my work from home unbelievable.

  I love this for report writing and homework. Helps me focus so much, try it out

  Of all the sounds on this site, this is what I keep coming back to. It blocks out any typing and moving around from my office mates, it is fast and energetic enough to keep me on a good rhythm, and doesn't any high pitched tones that jump out and catch my attention.

  This is keeping me awake enough to get through all my homework, and its not distracting, like music can sometimes be! I love it, keep it up! I also like how I can layer sounds by having a ton of these open in separate tabs or have Spotify open in the background with these! They mix well with Marconi Union's Weightless.

  The ultimate Cafe ASMR setting.

  I wish there was a way to add some background jazz music otherwise this is amazing.

  Love this! This is just what I needed to get me through a boatload of homework. Thank you!

  I've been listening to this with the Jungle Life preset. Feels like I'm in Rainforest Cafe.

  I set this on a slider animation and mix it with Rain Noise set to bedroom and Distant Thunder set to distant rumble. This animation of the cafe keeps the sounds from becoming too monotnous over a long period of time, while the rain and Thunder give a nice background ambience when the cafe noises are quiet.. Feels just like being in a cafe on a rainy day and has helped me focus better at work!

  The crisp, clinking and clattering noise of crockery and cutlery is just out-of-this-world relaxing!

  I live alone, and for the most part I love it, but sometimes it gets just a little too quiet. This helps a lot!

  As an adult in an open work space and with an auditory processing condition, I rely on white noise aps to help me stay focused at work and sometimes at home. The Cafe Restaurant noise generator is currently my favorite and works like a charm with 10+ levelers for the background noise so I can dial down clinking silverware and dial up unrecognizable babble. Love this ap. Thanks!

  This generator is an absolute godsend. I work in an open space office where the people around me are constantly on the phone or chatting with each other across the room. The default setting alone is enough to block out all the noise and help me focus! Total lifesaver!

  As soon as I put my headphones in, this masks the sounds of the cafe I always study in perfectly. Honestly, I love this website so much and this generator is yet another banger.

  It really helps me work and focus when I have some homework to do on my computer. I am so grateful that all of this is available to us.

  This animated, plus a lo-fi live stream on YouTube makes me feel like I'm actually in a cafe environment! It's awesome!

  I thought I would hate cafe restaurant, since I'm trying to block out chatter from co-workers. However, after muting the clinking noises (restaurant, mess, kitchen, and table) this one plus Tin Roof Rain (soothing rain) is perfect! I get so much work done without being distracted.

  Really great for a busy fantasy tavern setting. <3

  Excellent concept and actualization. Keep it UP!

  I was experiencing a bit of a brain block when outlining my current novel. Someone recommended this website to me, and, a bit skeptical, I tried this cafe generator out. And wow - now I have a finished outline and a great website to bookmark! Thank you for an excellent generator!

  This background noise playing over some Django Reinhardt instrumentals keep me writing and on task at work. Bless you guys.

  This, and the fireplace, are my favorite noise generators on this great site. This is really relaxing, and helps me focus while drawing or doing work in school. Thank you, myNoise.

  This setting helps me study, especially with my family member in the same room or with the tv on nearby.

  I play this while my students take tests. It's the perfect amount of background noise.

  My office is really noisy and it is impossible to focus on any task without being interrupted. This generator (and a comfy foam in my earphones ) does the trick. I mute kitchen noise, which I found somehow disturbing, and set the other sliders to maximum: my concentration skills are back. Proud to be a patron.

  I recently spent about $300 on top-notch, noise-cancelling headphones to try and block out conversations and noise at work. The headphones silenced the low HVAC hum that I'd never noticed but the conversations came through even more clearly without that background noise. My $2 headset + Cafe Restaurant noise generator drowns everything else out. Thanks for saving me $300 and my sanity!

  Funny enough, I use this cafe noise simulator when I am trying to get work done... while I am in a cafe. There is a lovely little coffee shop around the corner from me, but often the native noise is too sparse, and there's music played overhead. This generator has the hustle-and-bustle energy I want without a crowd, or distracting bits of conversations popping into my ears.

  This is nice, helps me focus, and makes me feel a bit less lonely too all by myself in my house lol!

  Best enjoyed with a hot coffee and a piano jazz music stream. Comfy.

  I work online and my profession includes plenty of writing, designing and other tasks that require creative concentration. I've tried every background noise app available, and my brain always finds the loud, too often repeating sounds - which completely ruins my workflow. This is, by far, the BEST website I've tried and I've only just gotten started. Thank you! -Anna

  I've been writing creatively for years, but always found it difficult to sit still. Listening to music was too distracting, and silence was just as bad. When my roommate moved in, it added even more distraction from the TV or game console. This has helped tremendously! It blocks out the distracting noise, lets me focus, and goes perfectly with a fresh cup of coffee!

  Hey there, you may want to have a listen to the individual sliders, some of the conversations are clear, meaning you can hear and understand what they are saying. This is of course totally contrary to the purpose of this, it suddenly becomes a distraction and loose focus. [This is exactly why you have 10 sliders... to turn individual conversations inaudible --Ed.]

  I work in a kitchen during the day, but when I get home I like to do some 3D modeling. I pop this on and some chillhop tunes and next thing I know I'm working on the next project. I am in shock.

  Much better than I expected. I usually hesitate to listen to anything with voices for the reason you describe - my brain latches on to any recognizable words and it's very distracting. This isn't. There's no discernible language being spoken here, just a steady sound of many voices of different timbres, all talking at about the same volume.

  These settings paired with 88 Keys provide a good balance of unintrusive chatter and meandering music, free of lyrics and catchy refrains. Great for focusing at work.

  MyNoise is fantastic! It really helps me get into the zone no matter where I am which does wonders for my writing, both professional and creative.

  This probably seems strange, but I always enjoyed going to practically-deserted diners in the middle of the night, and ever since I fixed my sleep schedule, I haven't been able to do that. These settings on Animate: Extreme, normal speed, replicates that experience very well. :) Thank you!!

  Works perfectly with this setting at blocking the annoying loud white guy in my workspace, without too much of the distracting cutlery/plate noises or deep rumble that I find adds back in distraction.

  This is shockingly effective at eliminating distractions in a quiet open office space. I turned it on yesterday morning and I'm not sure where the time went, but suddenly it was time to head home and I had completed a mountain of work!

  I pair this with rain on a tin roof and the railroad one. Neat experience!

  One of my favourites. This always makes me want to have something you can only have at a cafe. I really enjoy the ambience and mix this with traffic or something else to get a good "city" experience.

  This one combined with the 88 keys generator is so peaceful and relaxing; it's the perfect soundtrack for blocking out whatever's going on around you and just sinking into the perfect calm place.

  This setting that I have it on honestly sounds like schizophrenia for me, but your work is great, love it so so much! I am so glad I found this. The noises like rain and autumn put my mind to rest. :)

  Mixing this with the fireplace generator is a lovely way to recreate the comforting sounds of coffee brewing and breakfast being made in the morning.

  I've found that if I put the cafe noise on and some other music you really like but at a low volume so that it's barely discernible, its just enough to keep me awake and interested in doing my readings for classes and it keeps me focused and able to understand what I'm actually reading instead of just reading and not learning anything from the text.

  I love this sound generator and have used it for years now to concentrate and prevent my brain from becoming distracted by other people talking near me.

  I learned that if I run this on animate with music playing at the right volume, I can emulate the sound of a busy bar; I've been doing it for days now. There's no nice bars down here, so it's quite pleasant. Also, my brain forces itself to find words in any speech (including this generator), so this trick is super helpful if you're like me.

  Cafe Restaurant is a fantastic noise blocker for noisy people environments. I use settings that tone down some of the plate scraping and clanking from the kitchen, leaving mostly babble and chatter that masks nearby live conversations, even at low headphone volume levels.

  I adore this website. I became a donor to say thank you for helping me keep my sanity within my noisy work environment. I have Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) and simply cannot focus without this website - particularly the "voice jammers" like Cafe restaurant and Babble Noise. I love also that you can adjust sound layers to your needs. A true lifesaver - thank you so much!

  I love this noise. I put on some smooth jazz in the background and it works perfectly!

  Love the new browser app update, including the different animation modes and volume modification.

  Thank you so much for this generator, this plus the rain and thunder sound is perfect for a peaceful study environment. I love that it makes me feel less alone! It's perfect as a noise masker too. I am so grateful!

  I tried many noise generators and this is the best! The randomization keeps it continually fresh. The app is great too!

  Until finding this generator, I was notoriously terrible at staying focused. When I tried to study in public, I was easily distracted, and in my dorm, silence was deafening, music made me spend more time bobbing to the music than working, white noise gave me a headache, and rain sounds made me just want to go outside for a change. This generator changed that for me and my grades have shot up!

  This is my go-to generator for when I need to concentrate in my open plan office. It makes a big difference. Sometimes, I totally forget I'm sitting in the office.

  I use this for writing when I'm in my room, I can generate so many chapters with this playing, it's wonderful.

  I don't live near my college library, so I work in my dorm. It often feels too loud to work, or way too quiet! This cafe background noise really helps me get through my readings + assignments, thank you! <3

  Let me just say why this helps me. I like having background noises when I'm working so as to not get distracted. And so I'll put on youtube videos but then I get distracted and watch them. This is wonderful because I have that noise without the distraction.

  This noise helps me work from home. I love working in cafes because I feel more connected to people, so this sound gives me that same feeling without the high-priced coffee! I put it in my earbuds last week when my husband watched T.V. in the same room where I was working. It was a breakthrough moment that made me teary. I could work without earplugs! Thank you so much, Professor Pigeon!

  myNoise is the best for writing. When you write fiction you can choose the atmosphere the main characters are in, for example in a waterfall, the city, the market, a coffee shop... if you're writing something on historical figures, you can choose an atmosphere that fits to them as well. Even science-fiction has it's "saturn rings" sounds.

  I absolutely love the idea of writing of drawing in a coffee shop, but I'm terrified of people. The idea of it is glamorous and wonderful and I relish in the thought of it, it just makes me feel awful that I could't experience it myself. This is really soothing for someone like me <3

  It's funny that some of the other testimonials say they have social anxieties, to me its very helpful the other way around. I like to sorround myself with people while I'm working but it's also super distracting. This is the perfect solution when I need the pure focus on my tasks while not feeling isolated. I love it.

  I use this generator to not feel alone.

  This is good. I always had a thought of going out to a cafe and do my art projects there, but I have sosiophobia. This helps me prepare mentally for the day I will go out there for real.

  A very interesting experience. I suffer from social anxiety and don't like to be in crowded places. But I find this sound generator very soothing and relaxing. I also get anxious from time to time when I'm alone, but these sounds tend to calm me. Who would have tought?

  This setting together with the Railroads generator in "bumpy track" setting makes me think I'm in the restaurant car of a long distance train.

  I'm always the most productive when around other people, yet I easily get distracted by conversations or noises that stand out too much. The quiet rumble and babble, paired with the rain sound generator, creates the feeling of spending the entire afternoon reading in a quiet corner of a cozy Viennese coffee house.Thank you so much for this site!

  When we're working on a project in class, they let us use our headphones and listen to music. This mixed with Rain Noise is perfect for helping me focus and relax <3

  This generator is so helpful when I want to write coffeehouse scenes for short stories and novels! A number of the generators on this site are helpful for specific scenarios in my stories, but this one is especially helpful because I can set it to sound how I want and play soft music (usually softcore punk/pop punk) in the background and it sounds like a cafe with especially good music!

  I put this soundscape on with a "Coffee Shop" Playlist, and I am transported to college-studying in crowded coffee shops in the city. Thanks for this sound!

  Play some classical music to the background and you instantly have a beautiful Ball atmosphere. Just what I needed today.

  I use a few of these to help me focus while I'm writing. As soon as anyone near me is talking, I use Caf Restaurant to drown them out, make them part of the noise. I don't even need it that loud, they just get ignored with the rest of the mumbles. It's a career saver!

  I work from home as a freelance editor, and while I know a lot of other freelancers work well in cafes and coffee shops, I can't concentrate with all the distractions of people and conversations going on around me. I tried listening to music for a while, but it took me out of the flow of what I was editing. The Cafe Restaurant generator is perfect, though!

  This + Telecaster Licks + Thunder and Rain = PERFECT.

  Everything is cozy inside Cafe Christmas during a packed "Live music weekend" event! using this sound setting with "Fireplace" set on pine logs, "Guitar Mashup" set on Psychedelicious, "Telecaster Licks" set on Impro Style, and Mr. Rhodes set on Default. It sounds like the band is warming up for another long set of tunes!

  Combine 'Cafe Restaurant' with 'MyNoisli' set to Forest + 'Summer Night' and you are in an outdoor cafe at dusk with birds singing in the background.

  I listen to this and some non-lyrical music to help me focus on writing essays or my book!

  I turn this on while I play Cook, Serve, Delicious!

  I play this on animated with some music from Harry Potter... was trying to get as close as I could for The Three Broomsticks from The Wizarding World at Universal California.

  This with some nice upbeat music in the background (I like Hyrule Castle Town from Ocarina of Time) makes a great tavern setting for my D&D group <3

  I enjoy listening to this in combination with a Rain Generator and Jazz / Bossa Nova instrumental music. I'll often set the Rain and Cafe sliders on 'Animate' to bring life to the soundscape. It's the perfect ambiance for when I'm working. YouTube offers a great selection of music to pair with this generator.

  I use this to set the mood when I make supper. This site is just the best. Period. No argument.

  I'm a person who gets drowsy minutes into slience or a monotonal voice. I'm also a person who loves to talk. The first issue is solved at a cafe, but the second is magnified at a cafe. myNoise Cafe/Restaurant keeps me awake through the ambience of commotion, but without the true presence of people making the commotion (with whom I'd probably start chatting).

  This generator is actually saving me right now. I have just begun working from home and I have a great, quiet office, but it is SO SO SO quiet. So now, all day, I play this generator so that when my music or calls are quiet, it isn't silent. Sometimes I forget about the music and I can still focus on my work because there is SOME noise. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  Love to listen to this when I'm studying.

  This, combined with the ambient noise in Monterey Bay Aquarium's Open Sea Cam has helped me get through assignments quickly instead of what would have been hours of distraction. I have "severe" ADHD and this was a lifesaver!

  I work a different schedule than anyone else in my house, which has an open floor plan. I'm often trying to sleep or work when they are up and about, talking. Loudly. I have this turned up with Pandora playing movie scores at the same time and it almost completely masks their voices :) Great for grading papers! I use the rainscape and an audio book to sleep.

  ← I call this "Grillby's" as in the cafe from Undertale.

  This keeps me focused like nothing else. Studying in the library usually annoys me because there are too many people, but at home I'm easily distracted. I'm so glad I found this website, I wouldn't manage to study anything without it! Thank you so much.

  I am going to be able to graduate university because of this website.

  Loving the Cafe Restaurant Noise, this one goes great with a Spotify playlist like 'Coffee Table Jazz'.

  As a writer working from home, I sometimes find it hard to concentrate with the general household noises around me--TV, dogs barking, vacuuming etc.. Strangely, I do my best writing in a small cafe, but it gets expensive spending the day there :-) Since finding "Cafe Restaurant" sound generator, I can have the best of both worlds. Thanks, Stephane, this site is brilliant!

  I find this setting perfect for drowning out general noises of people in the house chatting, walking around, and clanging things about in the kitchen.

  This really calms me down. I have misophonia, so other people with this might feel relaxed.

  I've loved using this audio. I've used everything from "chill" music playlists  that frankly, disturb my thoughts  to white noise makers and nothing can really beat mynoise. I used to use a different cafe sound generator, but the animation option that this one has seems to help keep me more engaged. Try this paired with a pomodoro timer and you have the perfect studying and story writing strategy.

  This helps me concentrate and calm down so much. Thank you :)

  The cafe restaurant, with Mr. Rhodes, Temple Bells and Singing Bowls is the most delightful atmospheric soundscape. I set them all to a moderate/low-volume, then animate in the super-generator. It's a warm hug for your ears.

  Being Home-schooled I have to listen to my siblings all day. Now that I have this site I can drown them out and get some work done. Thank you!!! <3

  This is a great noise generator! I work from home with a small child who is cared for by a nanny at home and this generator blocks all the noise that sometimes comes through with other sounds. It helps me to concentrate and stay alert. Thanks!!

  I love so many of the generators on this website, but for some reason this one helps me focus the most. When I'm writing a paper, I flit back and forth looking for some generator to keep me focused on the task at hand, but I am always still distracted. But when I turn on this generator, it's like my focus-button magically turns on. I can get writing in one continuous flow and the ideas just pour!

  I honestly thought nothing could block out my loud co-workers or the sound of the office equipment  rain, waves, thunder, I tried everything. Finally I found this, and now their mouths and the constant sound of scanners melts into this generator and I no longer have to hear their conversations. Thank you for saving my sanity!

  I like this setting paired with Railroads "Bumpy Tracks". Imagine sitting back in a comfortable seat in first class of a passenger train that is passing through the beautiful countryside. You look up and see people well dressed, enjoying conversation, sipping coffee and tea, munching on small delicacies, as the morning light enters the train. You smile and quietly return to what you were doing.

  Quiet chatter of a coffee shop on a rainy afternoon

  I love this while I'm studying. It helps me focus a lot more than music ever did.

  I work at home as a writer. If it's too quiet, my mind wanders. This cafe sound helps me zero in on what I'm doing and concentrate longer. Amazing! THANKS.

  Hum Noise generator + this babble with chat and talk = classroom!

  Why not combine this with the ticks of Clockwork? Clockwork Caf! Real nice. Someone should really invent that, a Clockwork Caf.

  I love these settings, because it maximizes the talking and minimizes the food sounds (which otherwise make me very hungry). This noise even blocks my resonant bass-voiced coworker!

  Great noise, without the dropping utensils from the kitchen! Thank you so much!

  I have recently had to work a lot in the waiting rooms of a hospital and in a patients room. This sound blocks out the chatter around me, and all of the machines. THANK YOU!

  Most cafe-background generators start to distract me once I can pick out certain pieces of conversation and laughter. This setting filters those pieces out as well as the Table slider that sounds like my brain is getting scraped. Set to 4x Animate and watch your to-do list shrink.

  You can adjust it even more perfectly to suit the Airplane Cabin noise for a near authentic in-flight experience!


  I feel like Ii'm at a cafe for real, and very realistic. And I'll have the spaghetti and meatballs please.

  I was trying all your noise generators to try & focus on the very boring & dry classwork that I have this semester. My usual preference for ocean & rain wasn't helping so on a whim I tried the cafe noise generator. Amazing! I finished almost all my reading in one day! Who would have guessed it was the noise & not just the lack of distractions that make a coffee shop such a productive place for me!

  My desk is located in a call center, so when I need to stay focused on my tasks, this is my "go-to". The kitchen and table sounds are unnecessary and are therefore minimized, but the unintelligible babble is perfect for masking distractions.

  When I need to focus, I find Cafe Restaurant to be fantastic. At 3 am when I'm trying to get work done, it really helps. I get the great coffee shop noise without the irritations or the overprices lattes, not to mention I can work in my jammies. Truly perfect. Thank you so much for making these. :)

  I feel really uncomfortable in social situations like a cafe, but listening to this in my room while I study really relaxes me. I guess it's the fact that there aren't any actual people around to, like, murder me or something. Its the atmosphere without the stresses.

  The menu this morning ladies and gentlemen: Coffee Shop Cafe Restaurant Babble and Jazz. Fresh Fruit, Omelettes, Donuts, Pastries, Bagels, Juice and Great Coffee.Can I get you anything else?

  I suggest listening to this, with the rain sound generator set on "bedroom"! Sounds like a warm crowded coffee shop on a cold rainy day :)

  This noise generator, combined with Spotify's "Your Favorite Coffeehouse" playlist, make me feel like I'm in a coffee shop ready to hunker down with my homework and get stuff done, without the need to look socially presentable or buy any coffee. Definitely a lifesaver.

  This sound is perfect with some jazz or blues. It makes me feel like I'm in a New Orleans coffee house!

  When I first was checking out all of the different noise generators on MyNoise I thought this one was pretty weird. Pairing it with the Rainy Day generator makes for an incredibly soothing experience though. I have them on together when ever I'm at my computer. Simply perfect.

  The chatter keeps me grounded, it keeps me sane, it keeps me company without distracting me with actual talk that I would be tempted to really listen to. I'm able to concentrate more on the task at hand with this generator.

  I usually play this one with the Train and Railroad noise to make me feel like I'm in a dinner car of sorts. They're both noises I find extremely relaxing, but I never thought they would work so well together! I just set them both to animate and BAM! Instant relaxation.

  I combine this with the White Rain noise and some jazz. It's very relaxing and helps me get my homework done. :)

  I needed to write a piece and just could not get focused. I looked through a few recommendation before landing here, and within a few minutes, the words were pouring out of me. THIS WORKED SO WELL. Thank you!

  Playing this with music is so nice. It's like a local band playing a gig. It's very peacful

  This one is definitely my favourite. I've always found having human presence around me helps me stay focused. Also the romance of being an artist in a cafe is a really nice thought. Now I can live the dream long after restaurants are closed for the night!

  I always love the dull drone of people in the backkground, the noise from the kitchen telling me that the kitchen hand had messed up and banged a few plates up, the way my fork and knife clinked against my plate. Now I can hear all of it while writing, without the giant bill!

  I can't work in complete silence. The incoherent chattering of cafe's really helps me focus. This is perfect!

  Quiet chatter with the soft clanging of forks and plates in the kitchen. This is bliss to listen to while I'm finishing off an assignment late at night. Thanks for this amazing generator! This has indeed helped me survive the night :)

  Really helps me to study. I can't stand when it's too quiet: my classmates talks during lesson at school. Makes me feel like I'm in class. :)

  Agree that the coffee shop plus jazz is the perfect mix. I tend to be not as productive in a completely silent room (like my office tends to be), and often find myself writing/studying in a busy common area. I had no idea how much turning my office into a coffee shop would help!

  Fav noise so far!

  This Coffee-Shop Background Noise Generator together with a nice jazz playlist is the best!

  I have used this site and the app for several weeks since getting tinnitus. This is by far the best noise-generator of any kind, anywhere. I use it while I work and sleep. I use it just as much for concentration while working as for masking my ringing ears. Thank you for all the work that went into making this.

  This really helps me study! :D

  This has been an absolute godsend for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  Great thing found! Helped me in my project :)

  Seriously helps me focus. The one thing that can. I have ADHD and it is VERY hard for me to start working and keep working. This is just so perfect. -Laurel

  I love these generators because they help calm me down, sleep, focus, you name it. Add tea and you can do anything with these.

  Wow. Just wow. I absolutely <3 this site. Great noises, and I can tweak them just how I want them and get on with work. The cafe one is good for blocking and focussing. Thank you so much for putting in the love and passion. My Noise makes a difference.

  Convincing enough to make me forget I'm in a school library, and to help me actually focus on my work. As an easily distracted person, this is definitely helpful!

  I play this setting with quiet smooth jazz in the background and it sounds like a quiet coffee shop in a nice area of downtown. Not too loud, not too quiet.

  This one reminds me perfectly of those days when school's cafeteria is full and I sit in the back with some friends. Amazing when trying to do homework, it brings back the memories from the day and helps to remember something you were told about.

  It's so warm and comfortable! I feel like there are people around, but the sound is slightly 'blurred'. I can write with ease, esp. when this is combined with one of the rain generators.

  OMG! I love this noise so much! I've been adjusting to the sheer amount of work I have to complete and revise at A-level, and the sound of a coffee shop in the background can keep me concentrated for hours on end, which really is a life saver! Thank you so much for providing this amazing noise. :)

  Wow... Just makes me calmer... And more sleepy.

  This is the perfect soundscape for combining with appropriate music for an RPG tavern setting.

  Closing down the shops, cooks chattering, cleaning up, last person eating, so quiet...

  I have CHRONIC adult ADHD and 3 ADHD children, I am in school full time and studying at home was very unsuccessful. I was constantly telling everyone to turn down the TV and be quiet. Not to mention that my maternal instincts DO NOT PERMIT ignoring the voices of my children. Other white noise sites were very ineffective. The coffee shop perfectly drowns out all distractions - THANK YOU!

  "There's a party in our house? Who told me?" "HAPPY BIRTDAY!" WOW! Thanks guys!(When coming into room, move orange chatter slider up to the top) Love this!

  I love to play this when I'm working on homework. The best way is to play jazz in the background softly so it creates even more of a calm mood. I turn down some of the talking to make it seem like there isn't a lot of people 'around'. I do enjoy it a lot :)

  Love this one! Drowns out all noise when mixed with wooden chimes and fire! Recommended! Thank you Stephane!

  My new favorite generator! I used it to write a paper for a night class. I don't think I've ever finished an assignment so fast! It's seriously amazing how well I was able to concentrate on writing (I have ADHD).

  I'm getting hungry reading the chalkboard in the background...

  Feels like I'm at a table with friends. This reminds me of the busy little corner cafe I used to go to with friends. We'd take the corner table and chatter while we each worked on something. I would write, someone would eat, someone would be drawing. This noise helps when I feel lonely or have writers block.

  Thank you so much. I have been waiting for this one for so long. Great one!

  I work in an open-office layout and this generator has the perfect mix to mask the noise from the phonecalls over in the next pod - the frequencies are perfect. On those especially loud days, I add a layer of White Rain on top to cover other sounds, leaving me able to concentrate on my work.

  Traffic Noise on White Noise + Cafe Standard = Streetcafe in Summer ;) Best when its raining cats and dogs!

  University dining hall. Ah, the memories...

  Man! This audio environment is a paradise for writers like me! I felt myself indulged in a cafe where I have high efficiency in writing - it gives me hunches and keeps me focused! Cannot be more suitable for me!

  ← Vestibule. Fantastic remake of the original babble noise. So real!

  Fantastic when combined with rain!

  I absolutely LOVE this coffee-shop background noise!! It really works perfectly for me. It helps me stay focussed and keeps me in 'The Creative/Inspirational Zone' while my co-worker are talking beside my desk ;) Thanks a lot!

  This chatter sound is amazing for creative writing, studying, and productivity in general! Now, if only the accompanying image didn't make me hungry!

  Finally! I've been waiting for a cafe/coffee shop generator by you, and this is perfect.

  Every noise on this site is great in general, but this one works wonders for me - even in the standard settings. Normally I get distracted by random noises pretty easily. Thanks to this noise I can focus on my work for hours and it feels like I doubled my work efficiency since I startet to use it.

  ← This one sounds like you're sitting in the kitchen/dishroom, next to a busy cafeteria.