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Welcome to the Jellyfish Tank

As you walk farther into the aquarium, the overhead lights slowly dim until only the deep blue glow of the tanks lights your way. You duck into an empty exhibit: the air here is crisp, almost too cold, and glass surrounds you on all sides. You take a deep breath, watch the jellyfish drift past, and let the resonant, unearthly music quiet your mind.

This custom generator was suggested by Jessica, a fan and patron of myNoise. Read the side column below to learn how to create your own custom generator.

Composite Generators

This sound generator is a composite. You can recognize composite generators by their icon on the main index page. These generators are build from other generators' sources. They showcase how one can create new soundscapes by combining audio elements found in others.

Check out the community page, the place where patrons of myNoise share their own composites. You can create your own too, refer to the side column to learn how.

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  You get transferred to a world that is different and lovely.

  The deepest sounds and their echoes remind me of a memory that might not be my own. Of a different time, a different place, a different me. Watched over. Safe.

  This is very helpful and calming. Sleep has been elusive for hours now but with this on my eyes are drifting shut already.

  This reminds me of a time I went to a museum and watched a tank full of jellyfish and starfish. I was only eight at the time and I'm now fifteen. This helps me to relax with my work and block out my brothers annoying voice! Thank you so much for all you tracks. I like them all and literally LIVE on this site. So helpful!

  Incredibly relaxing and takes me of a journey far, far away from this planet and all of my worries... Allows me to completely focus on whatever task I have at hand, and eases me off my burdens and all the anxieties I might have. Just had a three hour Korean study session and it helped me stay suuuper focused the entire time!

  Background noise can be a pain for me while I'm working. Most noise blockers, while doing well in this regard, are hard for me to blend out as well over time. This little gem, I left open along with Thunder&Rain's thunder only, and literally just realised I ploughed through four hours of work without a disturbance. This is balm for my focus <3

  Wow - Its beautiful! Keep it up, you do such a wonderful job, this keeps me satisfied for HOURS!

  Perfect mixture of calm, deep, space, and water without one being more predominant than the other... it's very light but the deep tones keep it very balanced. I have many favorites on myNoise, though this is the first I fell in such admiration that I had to immediately put in a review.

  Once again, you help me focus on my work. Thank you!

  I just discovered the concept of composite generators, and this one is my favorite ! I put it on, intending on getting back to some music later, and ended up listening to this for hours! Animation set on Deep, Speed 2x works best for me. I write a lot to this, helps me keep my mind clear.

  I am instantly reminded of my first trip to shedd aquarium in Chicago. Their tank was lit with a rainbow light so the jellyfish changed colors hypnotically.

  The jellyfish were always my favorite part of the aquarium. So, so calming. Captured perfectly.

  Wow, just drifted into a little 5 minute meditation. Even though my eyes were closed, I still had the lovely blue color in my mind. Very peaceful and restorative. Thanks!

  This is great if you are feeling anxious and need to bring the energy level of your room into balance. Instant peace!

  So calming.

  Wow! It's brilliant and very soothing. Thank you.

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