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Shhht... you don't want to wake him up!

Sleeping Dragon is the name of a generative music software, designed and programmed by Ross Fish. It's a very neat piece of software that is available for free on both Windows and Mac OSX platforms. Ross was kind enough to introduce Sleeping Dragon to me, and let me use its output to build a sound generator for myNoise. It took a while to complete so, in the meanwhile, Ross started to work on another project: he now designs his own eurorack synthesizer modules for electronic musicians. Could Sleeping Dragon one day become a hardware device too? Maybe...

Now, sit back and relax. You better find a comfortable place first to ensure that you have time for a long-lasting sleep. The full name of Ross' generative music system, is actually 'Sleeping Dragon Forever Radio'. Enjoy!

Discover Sleeping Dragon, the album.

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  Love the more stripped back sound mixes.

  Feels like the lowest backing track of a GYBE song playing for an eternity, wonderful.

  I work in a noisy open plan office and I use Sleeping Dragon and Data Centre together. It drowns out all speech and other noise. It is wonderfully peaceful and I can concentrate!

  I've been having anxiety attacks more and more lately, and this sound generator is the only thing that helps me calm down. Everything else feels too overwhelming or too overstimulating. But this one helps me feel like I can breathe, it helps soothe my worries, and helps me sleep. I really can't express my love for it enough.

  This site is really improving my quality of life! Thank you!

  I'm loving this setting. A sense of calm alert looms. Very powerful.

  One of my new favorites for studying and meditating :) Thanks as usual!

  This is by far my favorite generator I have used. I hope everyone finds a generator on myNoise that they enjoy as much as I enjoy this one.

  Try this with "Overtone Throat Singing". Wild!

  I have PTSD and a lot of other things that interfere with my sleep, and Sleeping Dragon is one of my immediate go-tos that has tangibly helped with that. I am currently going through radiotherapy for head/neck tumours, and to have this noise generator to help me sleep, feel comforted, or to feel like there is a Sleeping Dragon near me (I can't help it, the title is evocative!) is invaluable.

  This is amazing. I have fallen in love with your website in general and this generator in particular.

  The Sleeping Dragon sounds so beautiful when it's lowered down by two octaves. I'm a bass person, and the low, gently rumbling noises make me feel like there's a huge dragon nearby, sleeping, waiting.

  They help me sleep, and help me go for walks.

  Animating Sleeping Dragon in one tab with the Fireplace noise on the Drawing Well setting in another tab is perfect study atmosphere for me.

  Sleeping Dragon is a favourite for me when I'm craving those calming tones. Today, I'm mixing it with Nocturnion and Into Balance for a soundscape that is at once soothing, inspiring and intriguing.

  I've been pairing Sleeping Dragon and Autumn Walk with the footsteps turned off. It takes my mind to a place of absolute serenity. I imagine that this may be what the wind sounds like in a place untouched by human civilization.

  Truthfully, I have no reason to use this. I suffer no problems, and I'm not easily distracted. But my gosh, if I did have any problems with hearing sleeping or I was easily distracted, this would DEFINITELY be a life saver. THANK YOU!

  You like the game Skyrim? Try this with any natural sounds in the backgound!

  Simply beautiful.

  I don't have trouble going to sleep, but I often prefer to fall asleep to ASMR or podcasts. This website has joined my ranks of sleep content. ESPECIALLY "Sleeping Dragon" with the brown and purple tones jacked all the way up on a low volume. The highly customizable - but easy to work with - nature is one of the best things about this site!

  I've tried many white noise generators and this is the best. Non-looping, highly customizable levels, a staggering variety of sounds. I'm recommending this to my staff and friends liberally!

  This truly is a strange beast (pun 100% intended). This sound allows me to block noise while listening to music simultaneously which I have always seen as an impossible task; either it blocks noise or it is music. This one generator accomplishes what others can't. I can't concentrate with background sound but I can't stand repetition, this sound generator solved both. Thanks. Will be donating!

  Effective for taking a nap during break in office...

  Just put this to low volume, and fastest animation time, and BOOM perfect sleep.

  This is more than I was expecting it to be; I really like this!

  Just perfect, love myNoise and if I were able to send some money, I would like to do it already. Well, thanks for all!

  I have a lot of trouble sleeping and often use music or noise generators to help me sleep easier and more comfortably. This one was so relaxing and wonderful!

  This is great. So calming. I'm thinking about a lot of things right now, yet I don't feel distressed about any of them.

  Amazing and relaxing, I am absolutely speechless. Great website.

  I love mixing Sleeping Dragon with Spring Walk... very soothing and great to work with in the background!

  Very relaxing, I personally like to have some low, very deep bass tones in the background while working :)

  I always loved this website, for years. I discovered this new noise, love it! Surprisingly good combined with Rainy Riverbank, and even odder but more mystical, Gregorian Voices. Tip from a long time user: Combine chimes/meditational drones like this with water noises!! It's so calming and amazing!

  Perfect during stressful work. This is my recipe: • A lot of low to keep calm and broad minded • Add some mids to stay creative and productive • Cancel out the highs, alertness and stress is already included by just doing your job ;-)

  So beautiful. Perfect for meditating, reading, or studying. I could play this all day!

  This is great for relaxing or playing a game of chess, you should really try it out!

  Perfect, just perfect really.

  I don't usually go for the more musical generators, but I just gave this one a chance and I'm in love! It's the perfect calming musical underscore to anything I'm doing. I especially recommend this generator if you have work to get done, it's super relaxing and I've been so productive.

  This sound is very calm and peaceful.

  I listened to this while studying. It helped me a lot!

  I just found this website and this is one of my favorite discoveries of 2016. I love it. I love it. I love it!

  I haven't even customized my noise and it already sounds so peaceful and relaxing. I'm studying at the moment and it is helping me a lot, especially while writing. It really focuses me. Thanks :)

  This is one of my favs for my tinnitus, it just takes me away. I have fallen to sleep to this many times. Play with the base line to suit your hearing. Enjoy, David

  I absolutely love Sleeping Dragon on animate with Data Center at a lower volume. It keeps me focused, relaxed, calm, and happy all day at work. I've tried other noisemakers,, etc., and I always come back to mynoise for the quality.

  "Do nothing. Be still. Sleep. Rest in the arms of the Dragon. Dream." ~ Nicol Williamson as Merlin (Excalibur, 1981)

  Gaze into the iris.

  Sleeping dragon and Saturn Rings both on a slow animate really make me feel like I'm drifting through space. Very good!

  I've combined this one on animate with a static Distant Thunder setting. It's working for me ;)

  Ooooh just got around to trying this one and it's fabulous. Just an instant calming and tranquil feeling. And I'm working, typing and coding etc. Someone in the distance has a TV blaring. Or it was. Now I just hear the sound of "calm." Thank you again for all you do.

  This sound set is just awesome, it helps with whatever problem I'm dealing with.

  Used together with Waterfall, keeps me calm and focused at work! Not many things can achieve that!

  I feel like I'm floating. Drifting endlessly through time into a place of calm. This has helped me to sleep again, and without unwanted dreams.

  This is absolutely beautiful. I think I have found my new favourite generator. I don't know how I could work without it — it blocks the noise of other people around the house and allows me to focus on the work I'm doing. Nothing else has worked as well as this. Thank you so much!

  This along with Mr. Rhodes and Thunder & Rain... Shoulders have released tension which I had not been aware of until I was sighing in relief. I've a horrible issue with gritting my teeth, hiking my shoulders toward my ears, and most terribly, locking the back of my neck up; the relief is so rapturous there are tears in my eyes. Thank you.

  This is my favorite. Truly amazing. It transports you in a place where there is no time, the dragon has always been sleeping, and always will.

  I pair this with Osmosis and put both on Animate. It makes it so much easier to focus on any task at work. It is also wonderful for melting away stress at the work place.

  This is beautifully entrancing! Great for falling asleep or reading, especially when paired with the RPG Elements generator.

  Perfect Serenity

  This is amazing using while reading or testing. It's a surreal experience. Thanks Dr. Pigeon.

  I really, really like this one. There's something so calming and mysterious about these tones, it's a perfect balance between relaxing and focusing. I'm using it as a study tool right now while I write a paper, I think I'll be returning to this one a lot. It's really good with the "animate" feature turned on so the soundscape continues to subtly shift.

  This plus Spaceship (especially on the Bridge setting) = hello dreamy space opera!

  I've never before found a generated sound that was both soothing and energizing. Sleeping Dragon washes away both the noise of the outside world and the noise at the edges of my mind, leaving me alert, focused, and productive. I like to pull the low end up until I can feel it at the base of my skull, but that's not necessary. Put your headphones on, and revel in the clarity.

  I love just about every sound on this website, but keep coming back to Sleeping Dragon -- specifically the Yang preset -- as the perfect backdrop to combine with other channels. Right now I have it playing along with Himalayan Voices on animate, and it seems like all else melts away while I work. Thank you so much! :) You keep animators sane one relaxing sound generator at a time.

  I use this one as background music for everyday, it's awesome and melts right into the background! Seriously LOVE this website.

  This has quickly become my favourite generator! Together with Rain on a Tent, they make the perfect background to when I need to concentrate, whether it be on my work or on my drawings!

  Thank you. This is very calming and blends marvelous with many other generators, like Yakutian Voices (Animate!).

  I do my morning surya namaskar on this one, in fast Animate. It corresponds to the idea I have of the sound my own breathing movements could make. It feels like the world around me is both closed and expanding outwards... Weird and lovely.

  Sleeping Dragon is epic background music that's always changing and always wonderful. Lovely for those times when I want something more than noise but less than a song list. It never runs out!

  Oh my goodness, I found it! The perfect background noise for meditation! Being new the meditation, I have yet to figure out the art of getting my mind to stop for a bit. There were videos I've used and music meant for meditation that just didn't cut it for me - either too distracting or didn't relax me enough. But this... This is a mind clearer. This is dreamy and aural. This is heaven.

  The array of treble and bass in this setup really works beautifully in creating a deep serenity. It's almost cosmic, as if you were a space-dragon listening to Jon Hallur.

  Perfect. Just add the breathing and heart from In Utero and a low fire from the fireplace to add a real sleeping dragon to the mix!

  I can listen to this one for hours without getting distracted by or tired of it. I like pairing this one with one of the Radio Streams.

  A beautiful set of sounds that combine into something relaxing. It sounds like what you would hear at the end of an action scene in a movie, observing what's to come after the destruction, and how humanity will rebuild itself, and that in itself is beautiful.

  I've been with myNoise for about a year or so, yet I am amazed each time I open the bookmark with this preset. I have had ADHD and Asperger's my whole life, but whenever I get even mildly hyper, upset, or anxious, I grab my laptop, my headphones, and open my "Sleeping Dragon" bookmark. Thank you for everything, myNoise. I will continue to be a proud patron 'till the end of my days.

  I listen to this when my depression becomes too overwhelming to think straight. I just sit back and let the calm sounds push the bad thoughts away.

  So relaxing. I fell asleep outside with this playing on my laptop. Love it! It also helps me fall asleep at night. Perfect. Where has this website been all my life?

  Very calming, thank you :)

  Slightly helpful for my tinnitus, but an incredible productivity booster. Really helps me get in the zone. Wonder if it will also help me sleep. I'm thinking it will, since this reminds me a lot of SkyGuide's (iPhone app) background music, which is serene.

  I'm going to try this out on my dragons tomorrow. I live with seven lovely pogona vitticeps, and I'd like to see their reactions. Meanwhile, it is playing quietly next to my bed.

  I love this one. This would put a dragon off to dream land, calms my ears down, quiets my tinnitus.

  Just had the sudden "Wait, is this Eno's Music for Airports?" moment.

  What a grand generator! No matter how the sliders are set, it sounds like the kind of sweeping, bittersweet music that sets in after a climatic battle in a movie. This is the sound of aftermath, and it puts me in the mood to read about something profound while this provides the perfect soundtrack.

  I've been playing this with Oblivion and enjoying the calm, cold serenity of the tones. Good for concentration while writing!

  Wow! This will easily become one of my favorites... It's so subtle and relaxing, I love it! Keep up the amazing work!

  Soo relaxing. The discordance gives it real atmosphere. The slow swooping makes me immediately breathe more slowly (I feel better already after my day at work). But the pure high notes keep me feeling alert. Another triumph Dr Pigeon! Your new 'radios' are great too - their continual variation makes them ideal for listening to for hours on end.

  This with Folk Tradition on animate and the Gray generator to block background noise gives a good fantasy sound to work to.

  Really amazing. This reminds me a lot of the atmospheric noises from the video game Skyrim, which is a good thing! I totally see the ice-barrren tundra landscapes, with the low-sun just having come up above the horizon.

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