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Shhht... you don't want to wake him up!

Sleeping Dragon is the name of a generative music software, designed and programmed by Ross Fish. It's a very neat piece of software that is available for free on both Windows and Mac OSX platforms. Ross was kind enough to introduce Sleeping Dragon to me, and let me use its output to build a sound generator for myNoise. It took a while to complete so, in the meanwhile, Ross started to work on another project: he now designs his own eurorack synthesizer modules for electronic musicians. Could Sleeping Dragon one day become a hardware device too? Maybe...

Now, sit back and relax. You better find a comfortable place first to ensure that you have time for a long-lasting sleep!

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  This is my favourite ever. Every time I listen to Sleeping Dragon, my mind gets elsewhere, where I no longer need to be worried about the stress of this world, and just be me and think about my passion...

  I have this saved in my bookmarks and whenever I open it, I'm hit with such calm and relaxation. This music makes me feel like I've ascended and I'm floating somewhere warm and peaceful.

  I had trouble finishing my science project/lab before listening to this. Now I'm typing much faster and can actually focus thank you so much!!!

  This combined with 'Japanese Garden' is absolute heaven. It's like you're lying down in a forest, at peace. You can finally set aside your burdens and just exist.

  It helps me study as the low tones give off a peaceful sound when combined and a little bit of the higher ones make it perfect. If you think it might be too loud, you can click the 'lower volume' button or press 'J'. 'K' will make it louder.

  I love this Music it helps me study and sometimes after a test, help me sleep.

  There's always this specific setting I use for this soundscape. First slider, third slider, fifth slider, and the eighth slider. The slider animation- fast- deep. It's so calming to me!

  For my zoom classes, I put my name and the ' the dragon' as short for 'the dragon of souls and poems' so seeing this was cool and it is also super calming.

  I use these settings to sleep.

  Helps me with studying, and the low tones with a good combo of the higher ones are very calming and relaxing.

  So relaxing... The title says so much here. A "Sleeping Dragon" is what I feel like when I listen to this.

  I use the subtle animation and 2 clicks of increase levels and it's quite nice. A little bit of the meditation bell helps too.

  Wonderful ... these low brooding tone settings have made me, for a moment, forget the madness of the world.

  Journey around the multiverse.

  This sound is so calming! Beautiful!

  This goes well with Himalayan Voices tuned to E or The Pilgrim. Listening to this as I was meditating I imagined what other realities could be like, and felt myself floating and then could feel a deeper version of our world, in a way I became both more and less aware of reality.

  Just this basic setting alone (Calm Even) calms me down... nicely done!

  Kinda sounds like the game 'Spore'! Love it!

  Melts all the worries away and replaces them with good thoughts! Might become addicted to this!

  I will now use this every time I want to meditate and think about what we have not yet discovered in space. Thank you so much!

  I am obsessed with dragons and I happened to find this on my favorite website for meditation.

  I have insomnia and anxiety issues and I have been using this along with Rain on a Tent for a few weeks now to help me fall asleep. It works wonders for me! Thank you Dr. Pigeon and all contributors who put so much work into this site!

  I mixed this with Distant Thunder, on the "Low Rumble" setting, but lifting the middle thunder a little. I was not disappointed. I have the phone app too and look forward to mixing this as a permanent setting.

  I do tarot readings to this, and the energy coming through always makes me feel so mystified and spiritually-centered. If you mess with the settings just right it does honestly sound like ethereal and like a dragon's deep rumbling while it slumbers.

  Combine this with "Unreal Wind" and perhaps a touch of rain for a tribute to Loki Odinson--the only MCU villain who deserved better, and whose death broke hearts (twice).

  Reminds me a bit of Minecraft music. Loading this with The Pilgrim is probably the best way to get the Minecraft feel without opening Minecraft.

  Combine with 'From India' and Tibetan Choir'. Awesome!

  This is so helpful! It really helps me focus on my schoolwork and get my writing done! Thank you so much!

  So calming!

  This helps me so much! I use it every time I do my homework. I especially love it with the bass up and the highs down.

  Just like Mass Effect intro.

  It takes my adhd and anxiety a lot to sit down let alone sit and do my work. I honestly go to this every single time and I'm able to do my work without fail. It's incredible for me especially when sometimes sound works and sometimes it doesn't, some sounds work some sounds don't, this one is the first that works every time.

  This is pure music, to my ear. The very slow changes, or none at all, encourage the brain to to add phase changes and melodies on its own. I need beatless drone sometimes, and so glad to have found such a selection here. "Leave it alone, and let it drone". :)

  I have both ADHD and PTSD, which means that concentrating on anything for extended periods of time is very difficult, even things I love like my current passion project. My tendency to panic and beat myself up for getting distracted doesn't help with that, but this really helps me to stay calm and focused. With my mind racing less, I can focus on what I'm writing better as well. Thank you!

  This has a gentle slope coming from lots of bass, ending in the midrange. It's so calming and feels like looking out at a sunset and falling asleep under warm blankets.

  My dad got into a car accident and I was told he was in shock before my mom left. I didn't know what to do with myself and so I put in my headphones to listen to my music to help me calm down. This sound was already playing even though the app wasn't open and wasn't in my phone history. Immediately , I felt an overpowering sense of calm and my sister called to say he was ok. Thank you so much. <3

  I have trouble concentrating for extended periods of time and I really needed to study for my final exams - I combined this generator with other water sounds (like cave water, rain, etc) and it worked like a charm!

  Needed some calming tones. Knocked down the highs and paired this with the Pebble Beach generator set on distant shore. Seems to be working out.

  Love the more stripped back sound mixes.

  Feels like the lowest backing track of a GYBE song playing for an eternity, wonderful.

  I work in a noisy open plan office and I use Sleeping Dragon and Data Centre together. It drowns out all speech and other noise. It is wonderfully peaceful and I can concentrate!

  I've been having anxiety attacks more and more lately, and this sound generator is the only thing that helps me calm down. Everything else feels too overwhelming or too overstimulating. But this one helps me feel like I can breathe, it helps soothe my worries, and helps me sleep. I really can't express my love for it enough.

  This site is really improving my quality of life! Thank you!

  I'm loving this setting. A sense of calm alert looms. Very powerful.

  One of my new favorites for studying and meditating :) Thanks as usual!

  This is by far my favorite generator I have used. I hope everyone finds a generator on myNoise that they enjoy as much as I enjoy this one.

  Try this with "Overtone Throat Singing". Wild!

  I have PTSD and a lot of other things that interfere with my sleep, and Sleeping Dragon is one of my immediate go-tos that has tangibly helped with that. I am currently going through radiotherapy for head/neck tumours, and to have this noise generator to help me sleep, feel comforted, or to feel like there is a Sleeping Dragon near me (I can't help it, the title is evocative!) is invaluable.

  This is amazing. I have fallen in love with your website in general and this generator in particular.

  The Sleeping Dragon sounds so beautiful when it's lowered down by two octaves. I'm a bass person, and the low, gently rumbling noises make me feel like there's a huge dragon nearby, sleeping, waiting.

  They help me sleep, and help me go for walks.

  Animating Sleeping Dragon in one tab with the Fireplace noise on the Drawing Well setting in another tab is perfect study atmosphere for me.

  Sleeping Dragon is a favourite for me when I'm craving those calming tones. Today, I'm mixing it with Nocturnion and Into Balance for a soundscape that is at once soothing, inspiring and intriguing.

  I've been pairing Sleeping Dragon and Autumn Walk with the footsteps turned off. It takes my mind to a place of absolute serenity. I imagine that this may be what the wind sounds like in a place untouched by human civilization.

  Truthfully, I have no reason to use this. I suffer no problems, and I'm not easily distracted. But my gosh, if I did have any problems with hearing sleeping or I was easily distracted, this would DEFINITELY be a life saver. THANK YOU!

  You like the game Skyrim? Try this with any natural sounds in the backgound!

  Simply beautiful.

  I don't have trouble going to sleep, but I often prefer to fall asleep to ASMR or podcasts. This website has joined my ranks of sleep content. ESPECIALLY "Sleeping Dragon" with the brown and purple tones jacked all the way up on a low volume. The highly customizable - but easy to work with - nature is one of the best things about this site!

  I've tried many white noise generators and this is the best. Non-looping, highly customizable levels, a staggering variety of sounds. I'm recommending this to my staff and friends liberally!

  This truly is a strange beast (pun 100

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