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The answers to our questions are already within us

To Plato - the ancient Greek philosopher - learning is a paradox: a person can neither learn what he already knows, nor inquire about what is outside the scope of his knowledge. But what if knowledge was already in our soul from before birth? Socrates suggests that the soul could be immortal, and repeatedly incarnated. What one perceives to be learning, then, could be actually the recovery of that latent knowledge acquired from eternity, but lost in the trauma of birth. This process, Socrates refers to as Anamnesis.

Published by Stéphane on February 20th, 2015

User Stories

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  I love it. There's something about it that makes me feel like I'm in control.

  This has a very Kingdom Hearts ambiance and I love it.

  This is great for working during a train ride. I really like to listen to this and then look at the landscape passing by in high speed at the other side of the window.

  Finally it's quiet. I feel like an astronaut in space. I feel happy, like a kid.

  I like to pair it with Osmosis and animate both. Creates a rich and deep carpet of sound teleporting me into a weird space that allows for dreaming and drifting away, but also focused working.

  It’s a very timeless noise.

  Fun generator thing with a lot of atmosphere. This reminds me of the kind of soundscape that Quadeca was able to build with I Didn't Mean To Haunt You. If this interests you, it might be worth checking out that album (it has vocals and drums and everything a song often has, so it's not as chill as this).

  It’s slightly chaotic and I love it.

  Absolutely lovely.

  So good...Helps me to study.

  Paired with Artic Wolves, it helps me get into the environment of the stories I write. The wolves howl with sadness, they are lost in a never ending loop, generations come and go, then come again. They remain the same.

  Music is pure energy that brings peace, health and happiness to you and the world around you.

  Thanks for creating and sharing this. It inspires me to use my creative energy to make something useful for others too.

  i love this, it always reminds me of the movie "Annihilation". Great movie, I recommend it to anyone reading this.

  With 7, 8, 9 sounds turn off Anamnesis fill my sound surrounding with pleasant, not disturbing sound, very good for thinking and concentration.

  It feels so strong and powerful.

  So beautiful...

  Drifting, in Sleep and in Waking, a faded voice that is inaudibly lost to time...

  I could imagine this playing in a great big dark kinda mystical/magical cave, reminds me of a liminal space a bit because of the way the low sounds and higher sounds mix.

  Amazing! Especially with the Black Hole generator!

  I love it. Sounds like the movie TENET!

  The one and only one generator I always come back to for more.

  I've been enjoying this website, the Anamnesis in particular. The settings I have this one at is surprisingly calming yet energizing.

  Thank you for bringing all this beauty to this world.

  The way these different channels work in the stereo field, the different frequency ranges and textures all make one coherent soundscape when put together - this could easily been used somewhere in a high budget movie soundtrack. I don't know which Omnisphere presets you worked on but I definitely feel like some drone and texture-scape presets have been made by you.

  i listen to this while getting ready to shift realities and i love it!

  This feels like heaven and hell at the same time. It gives the vibe as if you are in purgatory, awaiting the decision of those above or below you. (I’m not religous really, but this is just the first thought.)

  This one here is about the perfect level of dynamically shifting for me: pulsating, thoughtful, quiet, and something far beyond...

  It is so entertaining and fascinating to mess around with these things. Love this one! Made some edits to another user's presets. So cool!!

  This is the soundscape that made me a pay. I cannot be thankful enough to the creator of this website, and especially for this very unique piece of art.

  You float through the void, aware of all that is around you - nothing. There is nothing, and it is peaceful, it is safe, it is calm. No one can hurt you here, no one can change you, this is your happy place. This is the swirling abyss. This is Nowhere. So helpful for studying and very inspirational other wise, just got a bunch of story ideas. Thanks, myNoise!

  This particular custom noise setting for this Sound Generator, brings back fond memories of playing the survival-horror video-game, Resident Evil 2*, when I was young.

  Arrrghh, This was so I amazing on the Amnesia preset and then I tried combining it with the Medieval Village and the result was Incredible. It sounded like I am watching a movie without scripts/dialogue like I am really on the medieval village.

  I combined this with Osmosis and had a really in-depth, relaxing, and inspiring sound to listen to. Completely calmed me and gave me some inspiration after a long dead period. Really uplifting and reminds me of a mystical ruin out in space.

  Just the right setting/tone/atmosphere for the book i was just reading.

  This almost feels like I am being greeted by angels.

  I wasn't sure which setting to put it at so I pulled all sliders up to full level and it does sound amazing. With Osmosis and Healing Water it feels like you are sitting next to a heavenly river. Oh, and some of the sliders are also full in the other two generators. It is very good music to imagine the universe. Perhaps this would be the music played in the Ascension Realm (heaven). =D

  This soundscape is reverent and feels somehow religious. It makes me think of the Wood Between the Worlds in the Chronicles or Narnia. I am currently enjoying Anamnesis in combination with Lively Lake and the combo is doing wonders for my focus.

  This is the one that made me a paying member. The vocal part especially, reminds me of Bvdub & Loscil - Aether. Beautiful!

  This has made me transcend my procrastination, and I don't know what it is about the ascension feeling chords, but I feel a great sense of purpose in everything I do while listening to this. Helps a lot! :)

  Thank you very much, this takes my mind into another place where I'm just me and myself, and I can deeply focus on whatever I'm doing. Also, I increase the volume to a level where I can't hear my mouse clicks.

  I tried messing around to make this sound beautiful, hopefully I achieved it. It definitely makes me relax.

  Wandering aimlessly down the halls of the abandoned research facility, hoping to find some clue of why everyone went missing.

  Lost... forever lost... in nothing.

  Anamnesis aka Remembrance. I am reincarnated thanks to this divine music. I wish to know the genre of such music.

  It's amazing to think that these aren't the most beautiful sounds that can be heard, and that our ears may on day hear this for real, in another place, only... ,more real.

  As you wander down the infinite halls of the abandoned research facility, you wonder what happened?

  Like a log tumbling in the dark into a pit of ethereal flame, horrifying and beautiful.

  This definitely has to be one of the best generators for coding I've come across! It's just rhythmic and melodic enough so that my brain blocks out other noise, but I can still think and not get distracted by the exotic soundscape (like so many other sounds on this site, which are useful for other things like meditation). Pretty much any slider setting is a new experience and I love it!

  The sounds of watching the most precious of memories closest to your heart surround you in a cozy warm hug of emotions and love.

  Listening to this feels like remembering a home that I've never been to, but has been lost to the sands of time. Well done.

  Reminds me of the soundtracks from the video games Limbo and Inside. Very ambient and atmospheric.

  Sounds like you’re in 3rd person view looking at the sight of the wold crumbling while the fallen angle is embracing the moment of this time.

  Spiritual enlightenment while meeting those deadlines!

  This isn’t eerie. It’s sad.

  Wow. Reminds me of being a ghost even if I'm NOT one.

  This is one of my favorite's. It takes me to another world and I am so stress relieved with this sound . Thanks for making it...

  Magical, makes you feel like you are in a different world. Helps me focus on homework.

  This with the animation enabled makes it so easy to calm my mind. By far, one of the best sound generators period. In fact... one of the best sounds I've ever HEARD. And I produce music. You deserve more cred than you get.

  Unearthly Illusions.

  I literally feel immortal, listening to this piece of excellent soundtrack, I don't fear death anymore, everything is within me, I'm the universe and I'll have to seek the answers by myself, this is real power :)

  It feels like you are drifting away from reality.

  Sounds very ethereal and transcendental!

  This is what I imagine eternity sounds like....

  I've already spoken about this music piece, but aaah, it sounds like the beginning of Priceless by King and Country. I've always loved that beginning piece, even if I'm not a Christian. I can now listen to a close piece of it without having to redo it. Thank you!

  Can be softly haunting, but to me, it feels like you're stepping into a mystical land, watching nymphs pass you by. This helped so much during my loneliness during quarantine. Thank you~

  Writing my philosophy PhD to the sounds of anamnesis while a bust of Plato is firmly planted to my left—indomitable.

  This is a really nice website! I hate scrolling through things and drawing in silence, so this is a help!

  I love this site! It's phenomenal! Thank you so much for your effort time and money to make this site! I love this generator! I feel relaxed but focused and it is a little eerie all at the same time! I Love it! It's a wonderful feeling!

  I truly feel like I'm wandering through time while listening to this. In the past, present and future, I'm there. Like a ghost no one can see nor hear, just watching silently as figures of the past go on with their days.

  I have needed a good noise to listen to for many different things for a long time. I just made the perfect noise that helps in every situation.

  It almost feels like I'm going through different times and that it's within me.

  This is how I tune out the world and focus on my art.

  This pure essence serves as constant reminder that I live in the Realm of Eternity where time is only but an interruption. It's so settling! Its like forever...

  This is so soothing. Anamnesis mix without any vox.

  A general mix to meditate to.

  I've lost a lot of my friends recently and putting this on to do work during lunch helps calm me down a little when I see them all talking and laughing together. Thanks for helping me get my peace of mind back.

  I procrastinated on my essay concerning Lord of the Flies and human nature. This setting really helped me to focus and connect with the ideas better. Such a lovely tone, like angels singing over an earthen wasteland after the apocalypse.

  I study philosophy and this helped me connect with the ideas on a whole other level!!

  This paired with my setting on Black Hole creates a really lovely, ethereal mix.

  This feels like a void.

  This is so good it made me fell into the void of my mind.

  This reminds me of the final hours before the Moon falls in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Haunting and unsettling, but with an underlying beauty.

  Helps me clear my mind

  I've found myself combining this one with Oblivion a lot. Makes for a somewhat creepy feel, but nice when I have to focus more intensely.

  Lost in life.

  This sound setting paired with very comfortable clothes? Euphoria. This helps me when I feel like I'm not in my own body, oddly enough. It's a whole other feeling.

  This adds extremely haunting but beyond chill and calming when I paired it with Enigmatic and Black Hole. It feels like an afterlife would be like. Check them all.

  In a time far from now, you feel a pulling sensation. You look down to see yourself being separated from your physical body, withered with age as your still-young spirit rises infinitely above. You've arrived at your final destination: the pearly gates, gilded so beautifully, beckon and call out your name. Best not to keep them waiting. You can hear the trumpets, can't you?

  I've had this playing for the past few months in my office. It's a constant ecstasy float.

  Amazing but if you want it to be really amazing play Anamnesis and Black Hole :D It will transport you to a different Universe. Thank me later ('o' ,)

  It started out as a more haunting but curiously mysterious type of sound, then I saw a sound setting that was called Amnesia and clicked it and it sounded like a radio. To be more specific, a radio that was from a long time ago trying to remind you of something you've forgotten, hence amnesia. You wouldn't believe how happy I was to hear this haunting yet almost hopeful sound to focus to. Gj!

  I really enjoy the vocals and the dreamy feel of Anamnesis. Paired with Evil Charm, it sounds more otherworldly than it already is. I could easily fall asleep to something like this!

  I hover in a state of nothingness, between the meaningful and the total emptiness of space. A blank mind which loses track of time, must be a favorite of mine.

  I love this. Reminds me of magic and the ocean. I tried this on my home work and got an A (I normally get like a C).

  This one makes me feel like I'm wandering in the wilderness, kind of like Skyrim. Love it so much. Helps me stay focused during tests and at work. Thank you!

  Anamnesis has been a favorite of mine since I started listening here. I am now enjoying the immersive environment of Anamnesis and Dark Water.

  Felt like I was in the Netflix show Hilda. One of the tones remind me of it.

  Literally felt like I was on a mountain in a dream based in Tibet. Just ethereal and haunting and peaceful all at once.

  It's like you play some computer game with a very long history.

  This sound sent shivers down my spine. I feel like I'm floating through space.

  This sound gave me a lost feeling, but in a good way. It helped do some much needed thinking.

  This is great for fantasy writers! I love this so much.

  Perfect inspiration for a magical environment.

  As a level five gazorpazorpologist, this music is absolutely enlightening. I find it hard to connect with the thoughts of the Great Lizard Lord, Gazorp, when the noises of this infested world pollute my untainted ears. The soft, ethereal hums of the synth pad combined with the soothing hums take me to a place of pure transcendence, a place unseen and untouched by humans. Pairs great with LSD.

  Combined with Sleeping Dragon, it's magic.

  The root note selection and "surprise" feature is particularly interesting!

  I used another user's preset (the "I've been listening on animate for about 9 hours now" user) and damn were they right. Sharing this with a few friends, some amazing stuff! Glad I found this site.

  I use this for a dungeon in DND.

  This site, and especially this generator, saved my thesis. I don't think I would have been able to calm down and focus enough without it. Thank you.

  This is an incredibly peaceful noise. I am fully concentrated and relaxed in my work that I am doing. Thank you so much!!!

  "To heal the sick. And that gratis." Weeping into my morning coffee with a joyous grin. :)

  Absolutely amazing! It helps me relax for exams, studying, or anything for that manner! I put this on low volume sometimes when I have trouble sleeping and it definitely does the trick!

  Wow. Someone really knows what he's doing. Simply wow.

  I LOOOOOOOVE myNoise. Every generator that I try is great, and there is always something new. This combined with Sleeping Dragon is, well, like a sleeping dragon! So neat!

  This goes hand-in-hand with the Gregorian Choir. Try it out!


  Anamnesis sounds SO MUCH like a soundtrack from a 90s puzzle/adventure game. This is exactly what I needed today and I didn't even know it until I clicked. Thank you so much for this brilliant soundscape!

  This is simply perfect. I feel like this sound is the one I've been looking for ever since I started using use it when I read, when I study, when I give a massage, when I'm on the train, when I meditate. Simply put: I have it on so often that silence feels awkward.

  This is a beautiful piece from an extremely creative software. Listening to Anamnesis, I can imagine myself floating inside a near-empty space, only filled with light, flowing whiteness and more importantly, all the knowledge in the world. The feeling is very dreamlike, which is too bad because I'd really like to grasp all that knowledge.

  The one I was looking for. This is amazing.

  Mystical sound. Eases tension and promotes creativity.

  Life is a gift from time, nature is a gift from life, myNoise is a gift from nature, Anamnesis is a gift from Mynoise... =}

  I've got Anamnesis and Northern Lights going now, in a loud coffee bar. These generators are why I'm still halfway sane in a noisy and inconsiderate world. A world that doesn't ever shut up or respect another's right to sit and quietly think or write. Or just sit. QUIETLY. These sounds soothe, mask, and save me from complete over-the-top stress. Thanking you isn't enough, so I keep donating.

  I've been listening to this on Animate for 9 hours now. It helps me calm myself.

  Put everything on full blast and close your eyes.

  This is so relaxing; I listen to this for hours, and it really clears my mind. I love how airy and distant this sounds, very contemplative.

  I put the Low hum and Infra hum to the max, everything else to zero, except a little pad for flavor. Yummy!

  This is so calming to me. It reminds me of a robotic heaven type of place. It's calming, and not too harsh on the ears!

  So great with Osmosis and these settings. Just a fantastic site over all. A true godsend for sleeping trouble and as a noise blocker Thank You Dr. Pigeon!

  Aaaah... floating in a warm stream to the next level.

  I dont understand why this is marked as "eerie"; it's really soothing IMO. Especially in combination with the Evil Charm generator. [Editor] Not really eerie indeed, but many users asked me to put a warning, since this generator can be very powerful in remembering traumas, for exemple.

  I don't see why this is marked as eerie to be honest, my current sliders just make me feel like I'm drifting through a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds.

  Lovely creepy stuff. Used it for writing some dark dystopian horror. Always come to this website when I have a story due for a deadline!

  This makes me think of the entrance to a world made of dreams... Wow!

  I'm a classicist and immediately went to this one, it really helps me to focus when I'm studying and the eeriness of the voice makes me think of ancient Greek instruments.

  Very powerful. Deep and dark and mysterious. I love this.

  With Twilight animated and Underwater in Ocean Waves, the ambiance is so soothing that I can listen for hours. The pads here alone would fit in the Submachine series - ethereal and beautiful.

  Reminds me of the movie Maze Runner "The Scorch Trials". Eerie!

  Play this with Wind Noise and Dark Forest and you get a nice calm, slightly creepy atmosphere, like searching the catacombs or an enchanted forest.

  This generator itself makes me think history - the past - and even what we don't know from lost histories; almost fitting for the name of it. I feel a sad tone from this one, and it definitely does bring out emotion. History and memories themselves are exactly what I think of with this generator. It really hits its mark perfectly, and it's perfect for particular kinds of emotional writing.

  Really good Minecraft music! I can just sit here and play it all day and feel like I'm really in another world that is mine to create and build!

  I combine this with Twilight, Singing Bowls, and Ultimate Rain Sound and let the animate take it away! So soothing, relaxing and peaceful!

  A small step for Man, but a giant leap for Mankind...

  This configuration makes this soundtrack much deeper and feels like the loss of eternal knowledge that is anamnesis, or even an afterlife after regaining such knowledge, staring blankly into the void of nonexistence.

  This is so perfect! I have a lot of trouble focusing on work when I'm at my desk. I am trying to kick the habit of having the TV on because it often distracts me half as much as it helps me. But on animation mode, this one is the perfect balance of interesting and calming.

  Greeks should be proud that this tone was named after them.

  Reminds me of Tolkien's elves, lost in memories of both light and shadow. With Ocean Waves it sounds like mourning for the loss of Beleriand and other fair lands that now lie beneath the restless waves of the Great Sea.

  Oh my... so beautiful, like an ethereal choir singing in the distance.

  The dragon sleep setting on this generator works well with the Healing Trees and the 60hz Code Breaker. It sets a really creepy atmosphere wherever you are.

  This really fits well with the Greek word "Anamnesis ()". Nice job!

  So ethereal, haunting, and oddly moving...

  This is one of the most perfect soundscapes I've ever heard. Constantly listening it.

  This is absolutely beautiful, I have no words.

  I second the person who said, "These generators have become nearly as important to my success in college as the textbooks I buy." What an amazing website.

  I find this one especially creepy.

  These generators have become nearly as important to my success in college as the textbooks I buy. So I donated, and will donate again. Guys, if these are THAT important to your study and homework time, and you've spent loads on textbooks, classes, dorm rooms... then you can donate a few bucks to your favorite study tool. :P

  My ears <3

  This one makes me feel... religious. You should try it with the sailboat generator. It is amazing.

  Music has a profound impact on people, allowing them incredible introspection and release of emotions. Surprised to find this soundscape generator with the 'eerie' tag, I silenced some of the padding, eventually opted out of the vocals and created a desolate plane of solitude and reflection. Is this a perturbing shadow of the past or rediscovery of forgotten realms?

  Listening to this generator along with the Jungle Life generator makes me feel as if I'm watching and taking part in a mystical experience in a deep jungle. I looked into the undulating seas of blackness in front of my eyes, and I felt millions of years old  like an ancient, completely impassive force of unending calmness. It was spiritual. Every part of me felt alive.

  If I had to describe this with color, the way some describe TV's displaying white noise, I would have to call this green or blue fog. My mind bounces between both colors and I imagine floating in a misty fog of blue or green. The blue or green fog continues to surround and envelops me as if I were the very center of a planet made of nothing but atmosphere of varying shades of greens and blues.

  I've been listening to this on animate with the Warpspeed generator (set on Asleep in Quarters) and it's so... It makes me think of things I haven't in years. It's giving me more motivation to write than I've had in a while. I really love this generator.

  This is just indescribable. It really made me realize how much power I have over my own mind, and that I can feel like I can control things. I can be calm, I can be loud, I can stay in control of who I am. The rumbles of the hums are grounding, and the purple pad just bring me above the skies. It's a perfect "in between".

  This is haunting, calming and somewhat sorrowful, like looking up into an immense starry sky and looking as far back as you can, trying to find something that you lost but can't remember.

  I keep coming back over and over again and everytime I find myself on a surprising journey through the beauty of sound. This is just so astonishing, I just can't describe it by words, no... there aren't words for this. It's something from another dimension. So strangely familiar... yet, unimaginably delightful.

  Everything feels... smoother, somehow. Muted.

  With the voice and the pad to the right of it high combined with Rainy Riverbank (emphasis on the rain), it takes you to a whole new world. Wonderfully relaxing yet unobtrusive to help you focus. Perfect background to a noisy open office floorplan workspace!

  This one reminds me of some of the older, more atmospheric Tangerine Dream tracks, like "Sequent C", "Phaedra" or "Movements of a Visionary". Absolute delight!

  It's like a haunting melody but at the same time heavenly

  Well, this one's spooky enough to make a good ambiance. I really like it.

  The Diffraction preset really reminds me of exploring different worlds in a Metroid game. <3

  This setting, combined with Deep Ocean set to Ocean Waves and Healing Trees, delivers a powerfully rushing experience that transports one into a world of magic and prophecy.

  Sets the perfect tone for George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. Bleak yet wondrous pads drone on driving a sense of loneliness and mystery. What is this place? Is there any hope of change? Will the lidless eyes of Big Brother ever dart away from me?

  By far my favourite generator, helped me write some really unearthly stuff. You HAVE to try listening to it alongside Lily's Theme from the Deathly Hallows soundtrack, it's absolutely ethereal. Love this <3

  Anamnesis... Easily my favorite sound generator. Makes it easier for me to study. Also, a fantastic calming agent.

  This sounds like an alternate heaven. Awesome.

  I put Irish coast on animate, then played this setting. Beautiful!

  Better with lesser pads.

  Like something waiting in the deep, breathing and watching. Creepy, lurking; a darkness engulfing as it draws upon, closer, closer. Its own bringing towards you, its terror almost a calmness.

  Every time you start to put the faders up from zero from left to right it feels like the beginning of a movie when the pictures are fading in from black.

  Wow, with this preset I felt like I was in the presence of god or something heavenly. Really Beautiful!

  Simply the best. Instant Deus Ex atmosphere!

  Tinnitus comment: Listened to this with earphones for over an hour at low volume. Barely noticed the sounds as they faded in and out, very soothing, but best of all, the sounds covered most of my high frequency tinnitus. Thank you!

  I read a comment that suggested listening to this track as well as the battle RPG track. They mixed really well! Like dramatic scene from an action movie!

  I feel free when I listen to this. I feel beautiful. It opens up my soul.

  Wow, this and the battlefield sounds creates a feeling of an enemy victory, or a devastation of a city or nation.

  Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack generator. :-)

  Dragon sleep mixed with amniotic fluid from In Utero sounds like a horrible witch's brew, but it's soooo soothing.

  Anyone seeking escape from intrusive bass noise (neighbor's stereo, nearby concert, the Hum, etc.) need look no further. I had fruitlessly looked high and low until I stumbled on Dr. Pigeon's website, and discovered that the "Dragon Sleep" setting for Anamnesis, at full volume through a decent pair of earbuds, provides complete, unfailing relief. Thanks so much Stephane!  Ken

  This sort of reminds me of Battlestar Galactica! I'm kind of having a religious experience here.

  This is the Silent Hill 2 sound generator. Definitely.

  ← The End

  Playing this animated with the Orchestron in another window is so magical and soothing.

  The perfect range to offset the chatter in a busy open plan office as well as focusing the mind. Don't know what I did before I found the Generator!

  ← Shadows

  This reminds me so much of my favorite film The Fifth Element. It's angelic and a little pit creepy all at once. Great addition to the mix!

  This is so in my zone, it's not even funny. Listening to this makes me feel like I'm living in a movie.

  I enjoy listening to this, it's angelic and relaxing. I disagree with Plato however, when I read this synopsis about how "a person can neither learn what he already knows, nor inquire about what is outside the scope of his knowledge". I couldn't help but think, what a load of ...cobblers. It's nonsense! Doesn't detract from the fact that this is a nice soundscape though. :-)

  I have absolutely no regrets donating to you, Dr. Pigeon. I suffer from anxiety and have been using some of the free sounds for a few days and it absolutely helps me with my meditation. I have three young children and find it difficult to get away from the noise, but I have found my escape through your generators. I thank you so much for your hard work. I encourage getting full access.

  I use the soundscapes on here to meditate quite often, but I tried Anamnesis for the first time today. Totally took me to another place, couldn't help but break into a huge grin. Thanks again! Will donate more soon.

  With a good pair of headphones, absolutely lovely.

  Really like this mix generator "number stations" and read a book. Falls into a trance and absorbs book after book, nothing is missing and not forgetting, as if you get into the flow of information.

  There is no chance I'll ever look back from donating! This site is a brilliant help when studying, doing homework, or coding. Thank you!

  I love this setting because the second to last slider on the left all the way up feels like it's breathing which calms me. The voice slider and the one immediately to the right of it reminds me of Final Fantasy 7 in the church and also Skyrim in a way, which is also very calming. I love the last few sliders on the deep end up all the way so others may want to mute and adjust those first.

  I picture a Cyberpunk cityscape, decades and decades into the future.

  This is one of the most hauntingly beautiful generators yet. It compels a deep sense of longing, but at the same time a feeling of contentment. I love drifting off to sleep with these sounds and waking up to them again. A true work of ambient art.

  ← Lost in Lows. So incredibly deep, smooth and calming. A universe of inspiration floating in a tonal train of thoughts.

  Like floating, watching the past, the present, and the future as merely a ghost. Mildly creepy, very emotional. If you think too hard, you will cry! Thank you, Stéphane, for such a beautiful generator.

  A beautiful soundscape that hides a deep sense of terror: the vast knowledge of eternity, too great to fathom, too grand to behold. Anamnesis is a gentle guide through the vast halls of knowledge and creativity that lay dormant within us, yearning to be rediscovered. Listen. Learn. Live again.

  I like combining this with the RPG Battlefield Generator (Set on "Artillery") and imagining a dramatic fight scene happening. '^' Super cool.

  This is beautiful and amazing!

  I'm just recovering from a particularly soul crushing round of seasonal depression, and have always felt a personal connection to the theory of anamnesis. Every year I have to relearn how to live and thrive again, feeling like a completely different person than I was just a few months ago, barely remembering them. This soundscape is absolutely perfect, and I am in tears. Thank you, thank you.

  I really enjoy this. When my head is swarming with questions and I just need to become calm and centered again I listen to this. Truly something I can come to again and again! I tend to like deeper sounds and this is perfect for me, and I don't find it creepy at all. It reminds me vaguely of the music you would find in the Devil May Cry Series.

  I don't use a custom level on this one, just pressed 'animate'. It strongly reminds me to the soundtrack of the video game Deus Ex. Brilliant, thank you, Stphane!

  Although it's marked as melodic, I find this one super-creepy: The eons of experience of the soul echoing back into one's own life, given the time is right. Listening feels like observing Karma itself at work (whatever that may mean). I'd mark it with 2 spiders ;)

  ← Visions of the Past. Amazing generator, without a doubt one of my new favourites!

  Beautiful! It's perfectly inspiring.