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Peeking though the Dark

Torley strikes back! Now with an enigmatic soundscape inspired from an emblematic television series of the 90s, Twin Peaks! And guess what? That series will soon make its reappearance on television again... Is it a mere coincidence? Could it be a shortcut in extradimensional space and time? Who knows?

You are in the woods, and you feel that mysterious presence again. The legend says that every spirit must pass through there on the way to perfection... As you are waiting, comes the rain.

Turn the Animation feature on. This will reveal the individual stems to you, in the most interesting ways.

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  What an ethereal feeling this provides... It helps greatly to detatch from earthly worries and desires, for {Me}. Perhaps it could work for {You}, too...

  Somewhere between a whale song, creepy horror movie music, and a lullaby. Sounds weird, but it's super soothing and helps me concentrate.

  This mix has been perfect for getting work done, and it's a bonus because any source of music is blocked at my work and this is something other than the sound of rain or nature. This is a great one!

  This is a magnificient drony thing! I see (that is, I hear) more and more musical noises here, all harmonic, all well crafted. Thanks a lot!

  Sadness and doubt are resonating within you. At least that's what this mix reminds me of. Hopelessness, like a one choice option, and you've already given up.

  It's like an unsettling kind of easiness. Hard to explain. But it's definitely good for writing my dystopian novel.

  Amazing! Especially when paired with the Anamnesis voices!

  Another Twin Peaks fan here to say that this is a wonderful soundscape. I really love the crackling as well, very true to the show. E-lec-tri-ci-ty!

  I really love it before sleeptime. What I don't like are high frequency noises. So I disabled them nearly entirely.

  Hi, the "Transient" slider in Twin Black Lodges creates lots of crackling sound, while no others do. Is it deliberate? [Yes]

  With this preset, it's like I'm walking through a forest and discovering wonders at every step. Each sight opens up new worlds for me. The sounds are beautiful in how they can be in the background and help you work, yet also steal the show when you decide only to listen to them.

  Having just the low sounds playing feels very smooth and calming, with just a hint of good negative emotion.

  I've been using the cafe sound for ages and decided to look for something new. I saw the name "Twin Black Lodges" and clicked straight away, hoping it would be Twin Peaks related. Boy was I excited to find out that my hopes had been confirmed! This is a beautiful, haunting soundscape. I can't wait to show this to my fellow Twin Peaks fans.

  Perfect elation! I usually write characters or scenarii for RPG listening this one.

  I love putting on Black Lodges and Black Hole while listening to true crime podcasts - it offers the perfect unsettling backdrop to mystery stories!

  Magic peaceful sound, I like it ! Good for thinking, relaxing and dreaming.

  I don't know why but this soothes me so much!

  I am a spiritual director and mentor in spiritual practices, including silence and meditation. I play Twin Black Lodges as clients begin their sittings with me. This along with a simple flickering candle creates just the right setting for deep soul work. Personally, I like the other comments here about how these sounds evoke death. I can't get enough of these sounds. Thank you.

  So beautiful. I have never heard anything like it. I want to play it forever.

  The minimal setting is/must be what death is about... the timelessness... the peace. How sweet it is. Becoming one with the ether. Listening to sounds and manifestations that are not from this world.

  Love this! I play it with 88 keys and Irish Coast and it's so peaceful.

 I like the calming and immersive effect of this soundscape, it could be in a soundtrack or album.

 Fantastic sound design by Torley, I could listen to it 24/7.

 I love this setting the most, very mysterious. It's best mixed with Black Hole <3

 So peaceful and relaxing!

 Given my ADHD, I have a terrible time trying to focus most days. But putting this on in combination with the Black Hole soundscape (with the distant explosions + shimmer tones cranked up and the pad and hum bars just lifted ever so slightly) gets me into a perfect zen focus state; and in the perfect mood to write.

 Loving this with Unreal Ocean both set to animation and binaural harmonics set to focussed. It made me super focussed and drowned out all the bustle around me marvelously.

 I feel like these are the right settings for me.

 Makes me feel like I'm playing a puzzle game set in a mysterious forest.

 Nicely done! Lots of Vangelis like textures.

 This must be what death feels like on the other side... And I mean in the sense that this is what I want and hope death to feel! The utter calm and transcendence to it all. The complete abscence of fear and perfect peace! Love every minute of it!!!

 This is incredibly haunting combined with Black Hole. Love it <3

 Together with Gregorian chants, this'll haunt my dreams... In a good way.


 This is one of my go-to soundscapes when trying to focus at work. I love the ebb and flow of the music, the notes are haunting and iridescent, and keep your mind still. I often pair it with Deep Ocean as the bubbling waters complement this generator well.

 Something about this is like the perfect balance for sleeping. The best way I can describe it is curling up under a tree in a quiet forest to sleep on a hot summer night. You can hear the tones in the distance that hint at isolation, but it isn't cold and unwelcoming, so it's safe to fall asleep.

 Paired with '88 Keys' and 'Black Hole,' this makes me feel like I am drifting peacefully. Great for calming down. Twin Peaks <3

 Feels like everything around me is moving in slow motion. It also has an amazing depth to it, with the echoing sounds in the background.

 It's so spoopy! I love it! This, paired with Black Hole (one of my favorites) as they're supposed to be paired, is majestic. So incredibly amazing.

 This is one of the ones I keep coming back to during work. I work in a call center but I work mostly with emails. This really helps me drown others out while I have to write back technical responses.

 I am amazed at how good all your content is. Amazing. So relaxing. It's a must have for everyone.

 Is 'Transient' the official word for that sound? I've been desperately searching for it since discovering Mum late 2011 (Mum, a LOVELY Icelandic group one would benefit greatly from looking into).

 I use this soundscape with Polar Expedition to work. The places it takes me are wonderful. You've done a great job with this piece.

 Wow every slider preset brings out a totally different character. Amazing work.

 This is, excuse me, a damn fine soundscape generator.

 This is by far my favourite soundscape of this site. I tend to get jittery and impatient if I'm trying to study in complete silence. Soft tunes like these help me focus without being too distracting.

 It's so interesting how simply lowering the original tuning by an octave gives me an entirely separate feeling. I tried sharing this with someone else and I guess they think it's a freaky tune, but I love lower frequencies like these.

 The sensation of synthetic skin on organic, the strangely unsure feeling of nails softly scraping your back. Is it real, or just an illusion made by these artificial nerves? An electric current somewhere, crackling in your body, making the joints clack at the slightest movement. It gives of such a soothing yet sleepless vibe...

 Layers really well with 88 Keys for a dreamier, more lifted feel. Love Twin Peaks and this generator!

 Love it! Especially when combined with Distant Thunder.

 This is the best thing to do schoolwork to! I'm usually a huge fan of listening to music or something more melodic when I work, but I kept finding lyrics and familiar soundtracks too distracting. This is my favorite sound setting, because it has elements of white noise, while also setting a very particular mood with some melody, which really helps me focus! So glad that I found this one!

 This is my new favorite. Everything about it. It's JUST RIGHT. Thank you so much!

 Oh my gosh. I am a huge Twin Peaks fan and this soundscape is absolutely amazing! It totally captures the vibe of the environment. Definitely gonna use this one for studying.

 Awesome. Thanks.

 This one is exactly what I've been looking for: something to put me in a calm and slightly somber mood. This is how it feels to be content and alone on a perfectly cold and starry night.

 Great for the late shift in the office, it keeps me relaxed, but not sleepy.

 This has become my favourite background noise for reading.

 I really like this one! I hope he tries the X-Files soon.

 I haven't had such a visceral reaction to a soundscape since I played Myst and Riven. This has to be one of the most stirring and emotionally resonating things I've ever heard. Something about this feels enchanting yet there's an immense gravity that elicits a somber realization of something great and powerful. Bravo.

 It floats past. A thought, a sound, a recollection not noticed. Blended to engage and disengage in equal measure. Neither too little, nor too much. Time bends, and shifts. Your focus becomes your own again. Your thoughts are placed where you will them to be. Now you float forward towards completion of your task.

 "Through the darkness of future's past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds: Fire walk with me"

 Tibetan Choir and Twin Black Lodges together is a euphoric trip to the Lodge....

 So spooky, mysterious, hunting and sinister... Yet I can't stop listening to it! :O

 Though I know we'll all pass on, and that I'll be among the very few, estranged souls to remember in the next world, I smile as I collect bittersweet memories in this world. I'll be able to watch my friends grow up yet again, a multiversal spiral of rebirth that has stubbornly refused to end. By the grace of the Fallen are they born anew, and my gratitude runs unfathomably deep.

 Has a sense of mystery and longing for something lost. I just love the soothing background and the general ambiance; probably my favorite generator, so far. ^^ Great for clearing my mind and helping me relax as I work on art; been listening to this one for about an hour or so, and I don't see myself turning it off anytime soon.

 This feels like a mixture of serenity, mystery, spookyness, in a way that creates a calm, but slightly melancholy atmosphere. Perfect for horror/dark fantasy gaming, reading, or for creative inspiration for peple who prefer a darker setting.

 Such a serenely beautiful sound, yet one which conceals a deep well of sadness beneath. A plaintive cry echoing through the mist in an old, forgotten place...

 I'm by no means an emotional person, but this brings so much wonder and peace that I want to cry.

 Mystical, calm, this is one of my top favorites now.

 So intriguingly creepy! It tells a story on its own, even without words.

 This generator helps me whenever the voices try to manipulate me... Go away... go away!

 This haunting generator will enhance any soundscape the imagination can create. An outstanding piece of noise craftsmanship.

 Everytime I think there can't be more masterpieces, there's another one released. Thank you so much for giving me such a variety of melodies to chase in my dreams at night.

 This generator is hauntingly beautiful. It does a great job of focusing my efforts on my work.The somber ambiance of this generator mixes well with other emotional generators: try Canyon or Mournful Chimes.

 Exactly what I needed for the six day wait until the release. And I'm the first comment! Wonderful generator that I'll pair with a night forest and use as background when I do prewriting for some scary Americana stories. Thank you!

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