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An Acoustic Piano At Last...

I play the piano and have a piano at home, yet it took years before I could release a dedicated acoustic piano soundscape on myNoise. Why? Because myNoise's custom audio engine is a strange beast, one that's hard to tame when it comes to producing musical soundscapes. Try making music when the 10 stems – the sliders above – are not in sync. Because of this (lack of) constraint, designing a pleasant musical soundscape always takes time. But when it's finished, and once the ear is accustomed to that gentle chaos and intrinsic randomness of myNoise, the result is amazing because the combination never repeats.

Another challenge is the sound itself. Mixing so many sources requires each stem to leave sonic room for the others. A lot of tricks have been used in the time and frequency domains, the stereophonic field and even the timbre of the instrument. For example, this soundscape does not rely on one single piano, but two: my grand piano at home, in Belgium, and a piano in the U.S. thanks to the kind help of our friend Torley. Separated by 5,000 miles, these two pianos will surely leave sonic room for each other. ;-)

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  88 Keys and Sleeping Dragon sound very well together! This is a nice sound to have playing in the background.

  This one is just beautiful! I'm totally in love with it. Using different combinations of sliders makes the sound quite different, so it's hard to get bored with this one. Sometimes when I can't sleep I like to sit at my piano and really softly just press notes in the same key, creating something kind of similar to this. It's very calming to me.

  Use Stephane's preset in A#, EX for the slider animation, 2X speed and play Pebble Beach with standard animation. I can't describe how beautiful it sounds.

  88 Keys + Stardust sounds like drifting aimlessly through space. Peaceful.

  If you've ever wanted to make classical literature just a little more engaging, pair this with quiet fireplace noises and the "table" slider from Cafe Restaurant. It's a quiet Victorian dinner!

  This is my study setting. Consistent and repetitive enough to allow focus, but with beauty and a sense of spontaneity.

  Playing this with the Twin Black Lodges in F minor with the Tape Speed Control is beautiful. After that, I toss in the Thunder & Rain, Ultimate Fan, and Cafe Restaurant. That combination leaves a beautifully haunting and melancholic ambiance.

  This is wonderful when played simultaneously with the ASMR whispers.

  This is heavenly. Layering this generator with Telecaster Licks is breathtaking! Just lovely.

  I handed my earbuds to a friend and said "listen to this pianist, she's really good!" that was half an hour ago... he hasn't figured out it's a generator yet.. hasn't given me my earbuds back yet either...

  There is something very sad, almost mournful, about this soundscape. It's pensive, really makes me think and kind of pull into myself. It's like sitting alone on the shore of an iron-grey lake and just letting yourself breathe.

  Amazing work. I have tried countless of the synthetic/more musical soundscapes to improvise over top of while I play drums, and it is too much fun. Countless thank you's!

  This is so beautiful. I play this along with the Thunder + Rain noise generator and it helps me read, draw, work, etc. It even helps with my insomnia. So glad I found this site.

  This is beautiful, especially in combination with "Slow harmonies" on "Duduk Song".

  Guitar Mashup makes an interesting mix with this setting.

  Thank you for this! Relaxingly random, but peacefully harmonic at the same time. It's exactly what I was imagining when I thought about how myNoise could play the piano. Lovely to mix with rain, too!

  Mix this with In The Sky.

  Love that I can create the perfect soundtrack to a rainy autumn evening. This really helps me downshift after a long stressful day. Thanks so much for sharing your hard work.

  I am in love with this! It sounds just like a classical piano station. This one is a keeper!

  Stéphane, I am both amazed and grateful for this soundscape. When combined with a natural sound it creates an atmosphere of solace and a warm, meditative state of mind.

  This is truly wonderful. So soothing and peaceful... It made me donate a bit more ;) Thank you so much for such a brilliant work.

  This is by FAR my favourite among all the soundscapes and drones in this place. I've played the piano ever since I was roughtly 6/7, so it plays an important part in my life, and I can't explain how beautiful, charming and peaceful this sounds to me, aswell as incredibly melancholic. Thank you so much for your work, this is music to my ears!

  Wow! As a pianist, this is indeed music to my ears. As a writer, it's calming, yet inspiring. It provides the perfect backdrop to a writer developing his story and its characters. Almost like a subtle musical score in the background. Well done!

  Music and computer programming intertwined. Do androids dream of electric sheep?

  This is the result of all your work thus far and everything you learned within working in the constraints of your engine. I'd see this as a milestone for the site. Best one yet.

  I'm not typically a fan of the piano, so I didn't think I'd like this generator, but holy WOW, it's gorgeous. It feels impressionistic and modern, so, so peaceful, and juuuust tonal enough to keep me relaxed and at-ease. Amazing.

  This reminds me of when I went to university where there was an old piano in the corridor outside my classroom. I would come there early in the morning due to bus routes and sit there and just play random harmonies and notes until someone came in. I pair this with 'distant thunder' to really get that magical, calming feel. My two favourite noises in the world combined. Thank you so much for this!

  This might be the straw that breaks the camel of donation's back...

  This is so relaxing and peaceful. Seriously one of the most beautiful on the site.

  It may have taken you a long time... but I think we will agree it's worth waiting for! A wonderfully relaxing and focussing experience.

  Really calming and pensive music. I combine it with Orchestron and it's a great combo (both on fastest animation and 0-100%).

  This is just great. Another awesome array of sounds from an acoustical master of vibrations.

  Your hard work has produced yet another beautiful soundscape! This "pianoscape" sounds like a dream, drifting between uplifting, melancholic and even a bit eerie. Thank you!

  As a (very) long time myNoise user, this may be my favorite soundscape ever. I love the classic soundscapes, but having one that makes a unique, continuous blend of quiet, contemplative, slightly eerie music is unbelievable, especially knowing how much work went into it. Absolutely phenomenal!

  This is fantastic! Thank you for putting all of the work into this. I'm going to mix with the fireplace and it will be just like watching the snow fall on a cold winter day, but from inside my warm home.

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