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Tropical Rain
Frequency-Shaped Rain Noise Generator
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The Sound of Rain, falling on tropical leaves

"Yet another rain sound generator on myNoise?" you might ask. Yep! The sound of the rain is by far one of the most successful sounds on myNoise, as it achieves a high level of noise blocking, helps you focus or sleep, all the while being truly non-intrusive. It is one of those sounds that your brain can tune out easily; while the sound of rain effectively masks other sonic nuisances around you, your brain creates the illusion of a silent environment around you as it filters out both the rain, and the sound the rain is masking.

There is nothing quite like a rain sound. And though myNoise provides many variations of the rain sound — the most distinctive are the Rain on a Tent, and Rain on a Tin Roof — people keep asking me for new nuances. With Tropical Rain, we now have the sound of rain as it hits dense jungle vegetation. If you need more thunder sounds, layer this current soundscape with Distant Thunder, and with Jungle Life if you aren't afraid of a few critters around you.

Special thanks to myNoise friend and fan, Mike Paul for carrying back original sample recordings from Costa Rica! As Costa Ricans would say: Pura vida!

Published by Stéphane on May 2nd, 2017

User Stories

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  Is a great tool for working and sleeping! I use it everyday!

  So calming. You really feel the rainforest all around you. Love to combine this with White Rain and Distant Thunder for a great night's sleep.

  I can see the leaves, dark and shiny, vibrating and rebounding from the hits of the droplets. The night is calm and the sky is dark. I am standing under a large tree watching the show.

  The rain starts to drip down, falling down my head. I walk, thankful for the rain to water the trees…

  I use this to help concentrate while I'm at work keeping computers operating. It conjures up an image of the little cabin occupied by the secret ruler of the universe and his cat (from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). He's the sole occupant of a planet bathed in pounding rain, and otherwise quiet and peaceful.

  Sometimes you just want a nice, calm, rainy day to help you relax. No storms, no wind, just the sound of gentle rain. It's great on its own, but it also goes well with the Suburb sound generator if you want that relaxing day to kick back, have some coffee and catch up on a book,

  It is relaxing and beautiful, helps me sleep easier when I am struggling to.

  I have a clock that can download different sound and before it was this annoying white noise but now with my coustom rain I can finaly sleep restlessly..

  This is the sound of being stuck under a small overhang in front of a closed bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil while rain pours over and around you, nobody in sight. It's one of the stronger memories I have from my two years there, and this sound is what I use to isolate my mind for concentration on work.

  This is so great that I feel like it's illegal I'm listening to this for free... Thank you so much to the creator of this website... it helps me while studying a lot!

  Spring always makes me anxious and right now the open blue sky and all the people outside is bad for my mental health. I like to listen to the rain when it gets bad, it makes the world a little smaller and seem more manageable. Also, it helps with my focus for exam prep. Thanks!!

  I stack this with a few other noise and drone generators to help me fall asleep every night. When I visited Costa Rica, I loved the sound of the rain falling in the rainforest, and this generator definitely got it spot on. I know probably all rainforest rain sounds like this, but it's fun to think that the reason it sounds so relaxing and familiar is because it is exactly what I heard there.

  As someone whose parents are from a tropical country I visit sometimes (the Philippines), this generator is great. Especially with some Sennheiser HD 650s.

  Sounds just like rain at my summer camp!

  Hair washed few hours earlier. Smooth face. Late at night, Silom Road, Bangkok. I take the lift and arrive in a sleepy mood lobby. The lights are bright pale yellow. There's no sound except for my flipflop footsteps. I'm out with the heavy rain walking to the closest neon lit 7-11. Some people run away. Some like me walk peacefully with the rain. Buildings are steamy. Heat is calming.

  Best rain gen on the site, been trying to find the perfect one forever now, and this is the chosen one!

  Best noise ever. Helps me stay calm, mindful and focused. fills me with calm and inner peace. I would sleep with this if I could...

  This is a great noise to use while I'm studying or working! The low rumble of the thunder in the distance, and the sound of the rain makes it sound like I'm sat watching the rain on an early morning with a coffee in hand...

  As soon as I turned this on, my stress level dropped. Very soothing and good for concentration when it is turned up but still helps you relax when quiet. Thank you!

  I do a lot of reading for work when I need a gentle white noise that isolates me from my immediate environment and allows for deep concentration, this is just perfect. Thanks so much!

  This is the rain settings that sooth me and help me sleep.

  To me, I don't really get a jungle vibe from this gen. This sounds like rain falling in a "normal" setting, like a suburb. It's like a mix of rain hitting pavement, roofs, and nondescript trees. But that's why I like this rain gen the most. This is what my local rain sounds like to me, and I'm nowhere near a jungle. Works for me :)

  I have many fond memories of rain storms. They almost always bring a sense of awe and wonder. Not to mention peace. There is almost nothing in nature more peaceful than sitting safely under a quiet porch, watching the rain pour down as thunder occasionally rumbles in the distance.

  This makes me so sleepy.

  Ok this is pretty dope actually. I’m all about the rain vibes and goddamn does this deliver.

  I really like using this. I would usually go for the Irish coast, but this is calibrated, and a nice change of pace.

  I know it's only in my mind but.. I seriously started to feel cold . Marvelous job!

  Allow me to focus on work as my employer do not understand that low desk separates do not make sense especially when employees from different department are mixed up with each other... You companies, that mixed Salesman and Scientific researchers...

  Really makes you imagine being all bundled up in blankets, with a warm tea or cocoa at hand, and an open textbook and notebooks for the finals. I'm glad to be finally back in myNoise <3

  This version sounds like when you open your porch door to check how hard it's raining, and then you decide to linger outside for a while.

  Helps me both go to sleep and focus on reading things, thanks for this!

  Simply the best for sleeping after a long days work!

  I sleep each night to this noise overlapped with Distant Thunder, both animated. The higher drops of Tropical Rain with the rumble of Distant Thunder mask nearly everything that comes my way--including the loud, deep wind chimes in someone else's yard that go all the time due to the wind!

  Very interesting. Kudos and thanks for myNoise!

  It can be tough finding a sound that works well on my cell phone's small speaker, but these settings work very nicely. The raindrops are still distinct enough, and there is enough noise to partially mask sounds like the air conditioner or cars outside. :)

  Best way to fall asleep on a restless night!

  These generators never fail to work wonders for me.

  This is my settings. Distant thunder and close raindrops. Perfect Combo Amigos.

  Calming way to help go to sleep.

  I currently live in Boston, where it is cold and thunder-less. I really miss Brazil's - where I am from - daily 4pm rain. Good thing myNoise created this Tropical Rain preset!

  The rain nuances are great ! For example : thanks to the "Tropical Rain" I can do a better work at my desk and simultaniously remember the real tropical rain (2 acomplishments with one sound !). I'll sure come back to listen to the other many sounds you provide.

  This. It's great! It has helped me relax, sleep, and meditate several times. It truly is a great generator, you, sir, are brilliant.

  myNoise is the place where I come to relax when I'm stressed, meditate for wellness and focus while at work. This Tropical Rain noise generator is perfect for relaxation, focus and meditation. I have fallen in love with it, literally.

  Love this one with the waterfall and the tropical birds. Absolute rainy waterfall paradise w/ some good music is glorious.

  I like to combine that generator with music while working. It creates a nice chilling wall of noise, that also helps me to calm down and concentrate. Also, I use it to cool down. Sound sensations really natural and can feel smell of rain and light breeze on my skin. It's also useful when I'm going to take power nap during work day. Thank you.

  Oh, those childhood memories where I would sleep, yet stay awake so I could listen to the pitter-patter of rain on my roof... I usually turn up the rain high so I can't listen to anything or anyone. Without myNoise, I honestly wouldn't handle my office stress. I love this site every moment I go onto it.

  I love rain, I constantly sleep with it due to my insomnia and anxiety. Nothing is better than forgetting all the problems in the world and just... relaxing for yourself.

  Thank you, thank you, thank you... Your site has saved my sanity! I work in a "cube farm" with a lot of surrounding noisy people. I put on my headphones, dial up the tropical rain and I am transported!

  This site is the best thing for my anxiety! Rain always soothes me, but it's not always raining, and this gives me the perfect rain whenever I need it. I use it whenever I write, too, and it's incredibly helpful. - xoxo Rae

  I'm still in awe of having found this site. So many of these sounds, and this Tropical Rain especially, both brings to mind memories and fantasies; I'm so humbled by your ability and generosity, Dr Pigeon. - John

  Thank you Stphane. I work in "cube-land", which can be very noisy and distracting. Noise cancelling headphones and this site have become a necessity to be productive.

  Listening to this at the office puts me into a little bubble with just me and the rain, and I can almost forget all the things and be in a simple, calm place, infused with the freshness of the cooling rain.

  I love to turn off the top frequencies to remind me of the heavy, battering rains of my childhood home. I used to stare out my attic window and watch it hitting the panes.

  Absolutely love this site and this is definitely my favourite generator for studying, puts me in a really focused frame of mind and completely blocks out the distractions of the world around me - thank you!

  Now that I can calibrate the sound to match my hearing curve, I can create a rain sound that is not too distracting. All of the rain noises on this site help me to concentrate, and I find them super helpful for studying and assignments. Thank you, myNoise!

  The creativity of this site never ceases to astound me... what lovely places you send us to.

  ← Summer rain in the woods - the best kind, not an intense thunderstorm, but just a shower to cool things down on a sweltering day. This sounds like so many camping trips.

  Amazing and beautiful, very diverse Rain Generator with a lot of Nuances to discover. Well done - again!

  This is the sound of rain I've been waiting for. I love all the variations of this. Back in the rainforest at last!