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A big THANK YOU to all of you!

This page lists all the people who have actively contributed to the success of myNoise, whether on a regular basis or sporadically. You have all shared precious time and talent to this website, and it is so much appreciated! A big THANK YOU to all of you who have helped in so many ways.

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Oct 18th • Tape Hiss added

Oct 4th • Dunes of Arrakis added

Sept 27th • Wind on a Tent added

Sept 23rd • Ambient Daydream album released

Sept 13th • Volcanic Prairies added

Aug 30th • Phrygian Universe added

Aug 19th • Recommendations updated

Aug 17th • Tundra's Lament added

Aug 2nd • Wide Noise added

July 26th • Rainy Lullaby added

July 5th • Into Light added
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Will you be next on the list?

Do you have a particular sonic talent? Do you have access to a location that might produce a great soundscape? If you are a fan of this website and you would like to personally contribute in a way other than with a financial donation, please do not hesitate to contact me (email).

Additional Performances

Alexandre Bartos France Musician • Ethnologist PrehistoryCircular Breeze
Christian Cadelli Belgium Guitarist • Sculptor Telecaster Licks
Rémi Decker Belgium Composer • Musician Folk Tradition
Raphaël De Cock Belgium Glow-worms Expert • Musician Calling Our Ancestors
Dana Fortier Canada Composer • Hypnotherapist Saturn Rings
El Grey Ireland Singer Into Balance
Frank Hell Germany Composer • Hypnotherapist Perception Cloud
Isabelle Knight UK Hypnotherapist • Psychotherapist ASMR Whisper
Zarina Kopyrina Russia Ethno Singer Yakutian Voices
Marta Malinowska Poland Fire Dancer • Novelist RPG ElementsSummer Festival
Manfred Miketta Germany Musician Hands Of Time
Paul Nagle UK Composer • Musician Take It Easy
Rama Sundar Ranganathan India Singer From India
Hans-Peter Salentin Germany Musician Hands Of Time
Hans-Jörg Scheffler Germany Musician Hands Of Time
Torley US Technomusicologist NocturnionTwin Black LodgesMind's EarNow Loading...

Additional Sound Recordings

Ed Bennett US Web Consultant Brood X
Félix Blume Mexico Sound Engineer Tropical Birds
David Butterfield New Zealand Public Servant Aotearoa
Christian Brown US Engineering Student Number Stations
Neil Creek AUS Photographer IntertidalRice Fields
Xavier Defer Belgium Aircraft Captain From India
Ross Fish US Engineer Sleeping Dragon
Gaspar Miró ES Radio Amateur HAM Radio
Frank Hell Germany Composer • Hypnotherapist LaundromatFireworksDemolition
Matt Lebel Canada Student Examination Time
Cameron McBride UK Composer • Sound Engineer Down The Amazon
Daniel Mills Japan School Principal Japanese GardenRice FieldsJapanese Oase
Javi Otero Spain Artist Shruti Box
Mike Paul USA Voice-Over Talent Terminal AIntertidalThe FallsTropical RainFar West
Katri Piispala Finland Singer Finnish Sauna
Pascal Pirotte France Skydiver • Engineer Paraglide
Joost Schalken-Pinkster The Netherlands Lecturer Cabouwse Windmill
Dale Richardson USA Retired Optical Engineer FablabHurricane
Liisa Taul Estonia Field Recordist Down The Amazon
Oliver Trainor UK Seafarer Oil Tanker
Collin Turner USA Blogger The Falls
Andreas Usenbenz Germany Sound Designer Bells Breath
Justin Zazzi USA Acoustic Design Engineer Far West

Technical Contributions

León Castillejos aka x000 Spain Computer Science & Engineering White Hat Hacker
Florian Doyon UK Programmer iOS and Android Apps
Andrei Esaulov Germany Programmer Alexa Skill
Paul Heller USA myNoise sub-Reddit moderator
Matt Lebel Canada Student myNoise sub-Reddit moderator
Kara Lortie Canada Web Developer Html/javascript tips
Linette Mailhot USA Writer Generator flavor texts • Proofreading
Mike Paul USA Voice-Over Talent myNoise Screencasts voice-over
Shelly Rosenberg USA Proofreader Proofreading
Cherie Sanders USA Super Gen Masterlist
Marc Schröpfer Germany Programmer jQuery Magic on the Index Page
Riku W. Finland Ambidextrous Ninja myNoise sub-Reddit moderator • Beta tester
Thomas Weiler Germany Web Developer CSS Debugging