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Time Flies!

Back while we were teenagers, my old friend Christian Cadelli and I enjoyed playing music together: Christian on guitar, and myself on the keyboard. Although thirty years have passed since those days and Christian is now primarily a sculptor, we still sometimes get together to make music share a beer. Recently I introduced myNoise to him, and this generator is the result. Through just a little bit of improvisation on the strings, Christian has made a lasting contribution to the myNoise archives.

Published by Stéphane on January 7th, 2016

User Stories

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  Healing Waters plus this, and you're absolutely set if you're having a hard time. I use the combination if I need to just sit and think for a second, and it works absolute wonders.

  I'm so pleased I found this generator, it's absolutely gorgeous. Big thank you to the user who suggested 'Fully Monty'+B key! I have it animated at 2x speed and paired with the 'Under the Porch' preset on the Ultimate Rain generator for the perfect study soundscape (✿◠‿◠)

  Distant thunder and this paired sound like one of those Rainy Fridays.

  This is great paired with Night Blue.

  This combined with The Mind's Ear and Pebble Beach is just a perfect soundscape to drift away to. And if you set the pebble beach to speech block it's a perfect combo to study and focus to.

  Great sounds, keeps me in a better focus when studying :)

  Hi Dr P, I did this with Mind's Ear as another commentator suggested. Really helping me focus as I work. Very appreciative of these generators you created and how they can be mixed and matched for whatever I need.

  As below - Full Monty preset in B, but animate at 50-150% and layer with the "Desert Wind" generator on Plain Winds preset. You're on the porch at sunset smoking a cigar, watching a distant pickup shrink to a dot on the interstate before it disappears into the fading light. (Side note; key changes and speed control are patron perks - please consider donating to this project if you can!)

  This with 'The Mind's Ear' is surprisingly effective. Nice work everyone.

  This was really interesting to listen to. I love how every myNoise generator transports you to somewhere in the universe; personally, I was taken to the desert in a gray truck, driving away.

  Set the Full Monty preset to Animate Default in key of B (patron perk!), then stack with Modular Life (sliders 1, 2, 4, & 8 muted, set to Animate Shuffle Exclude Zero in key of D. Voila, perfect relaxing yet motivating custom Rimworld soundtrack!

  Mixed w/ Rain Sounds is amazing!

  I love this. It goes really well with City Rain. :)

  Creates a completely relaxing immersive experience when combined with The Fireplace...

  Try it with RPG Elements so calming.

  This helps me feel at peace and focus while overwhelmed at work, and is keeping me awake. Along side Ochestron at ranging levels.

  This is awesome with Take it Easy.

  Combine this with the cafe generator, and suddenly you're sitting outside a trendy bistro, getting your work done while a street musician jams in the background. This made for an excellent soundtrack to my writing time today, and I'm very grateful for myNoise.

  Great for draining out sounds, and making time feel endless.

  Combining this one with Vinyl Noise is a must.

  The "Chill Out" setting is great for when my Tourette Syndrome is particularily bad. It's currently helping me get through my work day.

  Try this with Take It Easy. It makes the whole thing sound more psychedelic in my opinion. You won't regret it.

  This sounds amazing with the Saturn rings noise generator! It feels like I'm being featured in a movie in outer space. The two combined together makes me feel lost, but in a soothing way. It makes me feel safe and it's very soothing. As someone who struggles to concentrate and is easily distracted, these two noise generators combined helped me in finishing lots of homework. Thank you so much!

  This Telecaster Licks over Tibetan Choir was a strange, but relaxing mix.

  Try this with 88 Keys.

  As a person with ADHD, anxiety and many others, it can be extremely difficult and even almost painful to get things done and focus. Any noise or interruption unrelated to what I'm doing can send me into panic attacks and/or make me lash out. This is a problem, considering I live in a tiny house with a lot of people and music usually distracts me. This website has saved me on so many occasions!

  Combine Telecaster's Two Friends setting with Slow Motion's High on Drums setting for some cool psychedelic desert adventure vibes.

  Licking me all the way to focus! ;)

  I think Stephane needs to have a word with Boards of Canada. I love this generator! Best wishes, Syok

  I like how this goes nowhere but at levels I could set & therefore it's easier to relax knowing the sound won't be interrupted by change. Soft without sadness.

  I get incredibly anxious when deadlines approach, to the point that silence and even instrumental music put me really on edge. MyNoise has repeatedly calmed me down from near-tears with its repetitive musical patterns that fit right in the middle. I think by this stage of my degree I've kind of pavlov'd myself into associating this site with getting down to business haha. Thanks!

  I love this combined with Distant Thunder, and Rain on a Tent. Set it to your liking, but I love this beautiful combination.

  I wasn't expecting it, but I think this may be my favorite generator on the whole site. I always find myself coming back to this one for the strange comfort that it gives me for hours without getting old.

  ← Gentle chords

  Took me a while to find this. I like to relax in the dark with a beer just before going to bed. This is just perfect for that.

  This one is great to listen to while studying. It gives a nice outdoorsy feeling to your own room. I recommend setting this one to animate.

  This with Distant Thunder on Storm preset is AMAZING for reading to, because I can't concentrate with vocals in music.

  Love this! Especially with the guitar mashup.

  I think this is one of your most amazing works. There's something about the dark blue soft tender riffs that soothes you out any time of day.

  This, with some restaurant babble in the background and I feel I am at an outdoor music event, sitting on the grass with a beer. Love it!

  I simply switch this baby to Animate and let it be the neutral soundtrack to whatever academic task I have to do that day. Such a good way to keep my mind on track.

  This one and the Piano generator are both blowing my gord! I can't believe how nice these two sound! What a cool idea!

  A perfect musical accompaniment to water sounds. Try it with Ocean Waves.

  I'm a musician, primary instrument being the guitar. I am picky about guitar tones and sounds, and this generator is really well done. Absolutely enchanting. It sounds very influenced by The Police, with the heavy chorusing, pentatonic lines, and bass licks, especially with the slide articulations. All together, the generator is like a "Walking on the Moon" ambient-style session. Well done!

  I am incredibly impressed with the sparsity and diversity of this generator. With the Animate setting on, it seems like a real cohesive jam improv session.

  This and Orchestron turned down, both in the meditation room... Such a chill environment!

  Yes! Chill, and rhythmic. Perfect sound generator for some background ambiance!

  This one's a bit Floydian.

  I really like this generator (and especially this setting). It's relaxing, almost hypnotic.

  This is amazing with Three Friends of Winter!

  What? Just yesterday I was like "I wish there was a guitar noise generator". Amazing!

  There are baby pictures of my sister and me sitting inside my fathers guitar case. Each night he would sit in his room and practice when I was supposed to be sleeping. When I close my eyes and listen I can still see the hall light illuminating the space beneath my bedroom door and imagine him tuning his instrument. This is a comforting sound, it makes me feel like I'm back home with my family.

  Totally relaxing... mellow, freestyle, makes me want a cup of coffee or tea and a rainy day... Thank you again Stephane, your Noises set the moods for my days!

  Quiet, soothing, introspective... The perfect chill out background noise. I love it.

  This plus Orchestron is amazing!

  This is helping me to overcome some serious stress at work at the moment. Kiitos (:

  I feel like I've been transported back in time, by about forty years, and find myself sitting in on a late-night Pink Floyd or Brand X jam session. The smoke in the air is thick with a myriad of different odors, each note seemingly cutting through the haze to reach me in the bottom of a bottle. You asked "I wonder if I should keep adding more sounds in the musical category" ... my answer is yes!

  Some serious chill out sound, new fav for relaxing.