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Softroom Studio Sequencer Therapy

He was slow to pull the trigger, but he finally did! Introducing my friend Paul Nagle, a leading figure in the UK electronic music scene. Paul and I first met in 2003 when he helped me programming the V-Synth, at the time I worked for Roland Corporation Japan. Paul's lifestyle might be a source of inspiration for all of us: his ritual morning walks with Jasper, his dog, his admiration for the simple creatures, like the frogs in his pond, or his pet rabbit Bob. Everyone should spend time with a free-range rabbit! Follow Paul's activity on Twitter.

Paul has, over the years, released many new age, chill-out and electronic albums. Paul's sequences are one of a kind, almost living fractal entities, forever repeating, but never quite the same. How they interleave with each other is fascinating. Animation set to moderate speed on this sound generator will reveal them to you in the most interesting ways.

Paul writes: These tracks arose as a form of 'sequencer therapy' in which the many parts of my 'Softroom' studio are synchronised. The patterns often run for many hours even while I'm doing something else. Audible through the whole house — I have an understanding wife — they begin to fade into the subconsciousness as they loop, allowing me to concentrate on other things: writing, household chores or playing other synthesizers that might later join the throng. It's like having an ambient robot orchestra engaged in an evolving ritual. Periodically I return to the raw notes, perhaps to change a single pitch, remove a note, add an element of probability, introduce a new loop or impose a rule-based pattern to spawn further variations. The sequences never truly end, are never considered complete or final. I should add a note of thanks to Colin Fraser at Sequentix who listened and began incorporating my ideas into their sequencers, machines I'd be lost without.

Paul Nagle is also a writer. His novels are available on Amazon Kindle.

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  It's really cool to mix and match on this generator because it's so varied. Fits so many moods for me.

  This is an incredible generator. Great sounds. Awesome when you REALLY need to work as fast as you can. and the presets gives you different options of speed and moods. It's just perfection.

  Like that epic scene in a sci-fi movie where the tech genius cracks the code. Love it. Totally puts me in the mood to write more!

  When I begin to work I listen to "Take it easy" and switch to "Make it easy" and "Make it Fast" etc. as I'm getting more focused. This way I'm gradually boosting my productivity by the faster moving sound pattern.

  This is my first time trying the musical soundscapes on here: I usually just enjoy the nature ones. This is amazing! A rythm can get you so focused when working.

  As an EDM producer, I love the musical generators on this site. I often listen to Take It Easy for hours at a time.

  This makes me think of the Loderunner 2 soundtrack. Which I loved. I had this one on all day and I do love it.

  Turned on these settings while taking a walk - I felt so in tune with the world. All my senses were heightened, but in a very pleasant way. The wind on my skin, the drink in my hand, even the cars passing by felt amazing.

  This generator makes me super productive! Great for homework. Thank you!

  If inspiration was a noise, this is what it would sound like.

  Thanks to Paul, I could play this all day.

  I ADORE this soundscape <3 It sounds nice when paired with the Cave Water generator too.

  Wow. This really helps my anxiety.

  This one is really amazing, none of the noises have really stood out to me before, but I think I have a new favorite.

  This is one of my favorites. I like it so much, I save it for when I'm done with my responsibilities for the day so that I associate it with relaxing and fun. It makes great use of the animate option.

  I love this. It sounds like the opening to a Shpongle / early Afro Celt Sound System collaboration project.

  I made a relaxing electronic beat. Music helps me relax and focus on my task(s) at hand, and this is astounding.

  This is so cool! I find it relaxing especially since it reminds me of mid-late 90's synth, especially the music from Final Fantasy VII.

  Sounds like a combonation between Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd (on fastest animate)

  I have ADHD and anxiety, and this calms and focuses me more than any other sound I have tried. I'm hoping for more like this for when I get bored / too acclimated to this one :)

  Nothing makes working on overwhelmingly large and complex writing projects more palatable than this motivational electronic sequence. The constant progressions are invigorating. The sounds soothing. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful work.

  Just combined this with Distant Thunder... you know those ASMR chills? Holy holy would not stop. Now this is fun :)

  I love how creative you can get with this generator. What a relaxing way to take a break. Make music!

  This generator combined with Anamnesis on animate is eerie, yet somehow relaxing in spite of it.

  I am jamming out at work! This is so enjoyable to listen to, and not as distracting as when I've tried to put my Spotify on at work. It's just enough that I'm not bored, sitting in silence, but not too much that I can't concentrate.

  I feel like I'm listening to something off the Mass Effect One soundtrack, it's amazing!

  By far the most fun sound generator to put on animate!

  This has quickly become one of my favorite generators. Looking forward to seeing how it affects my essays!

  Weeeiiiiiirrrrd weirdness. Love it. A pleasant alternative to natural noises for writting... Heureusement que vous êtes là, Docteur Pigeon.

  A very pleasant experience! The sound is abstract enough to blend into the background, yet has enough texture and structure for my brain to recognize it as music. Both pleasant and helpful when I need to focus.

  I just keep coming back to this... I've done three assignments so far listening to this! The Make it Easy preset keeps me so concentrated. Absolutely fantastic.

  This particular setting sounds like something inspired by the Minecraft soundtrack - lonely, yet motivating, so as to keep you going through your solo journey.

  This is exactly what I needed today as I'm super irritable and feeling on edge. I played Take It Easy with Gregorian Voices and the combination of the two is soothing and takes some of my harsh feelings away. Thank you so much for this website-it makes working in a place that forbids radios/music easier to handle on rough days like today.

  Sounds nice mixed like this. Kind of like its building to the next something... Helps while working.

  This is what I imagine a band of cool little frogs and newts would play if they were into new age/electronic music.

  Man, is this what it's like to do drugs because this is awesome?

  This generator is absolutely FANTASTIC paired with the impulse noise generator, both set to animate. Gives me goosebumps in the best way. Not enough to be distracting from what you're doing, but enough energy to make you want to power through whatever you're working on. And yet, it's calming at the same time... this is just what I needed! Thanks for another great sound!

  A great generator to put on while you work on something else... if you don't find yourself closing your eyes and getting lost in the sound.

  This one is absolutely amazing! Combine it with Healing Trees, Calm Ocean, and set all three to animate and you're in for a truly relaxing experience, unlike any other. This is also a great pairing with In Utero.

  A lovely gentle sound but enough to tingle the ears and keep the mind frisky and awake. Great for evenings, especially outside on a warm summer one, I think! Reminds me a lot of the Deus Ex games too, especially Human Revolution. Great stuff! I love nearly every song that manifests from twiddling with the sliders anyway but I like this especially :)

  A nice little mix: Take it Easy (On Animate) Osmosis (normal settings) and White rain (volume -2 or -3 clicks). Enjoy!

  This is wonderful. Thank you! :)

  I like to put this generator on Animate, then combine it with the "brown" setting of Stardust with the 4 rightmost faders turned off. With this setup, my laptop has become a starship cockpit, with me at the helm, navigating the void...

  I was instantly hooked and fine tuned the sliders to get just the right timbre then had it playing all evening. Thank you for creating this one!

  There's just enough going on to make it interesting, but not too much; not jarring or complicated. It's a treat for the mind, keeping it awake and alert while gently washing it in soothing noise.

  You slowly open your eyes and see that you are sitting in a dark forest, illuminated only by the soft neon tones of the curious flora and... fauna? You feel sentience all around you. They are acknowledging you, newcomer, with calm curiosity. They continue their dance and song unabated. As you close your eyes, you overhear their melodic, wordless exchange. It washes through you. The Otherworld.

  This puts me into a trance. I can work for hours with this and its absolutely brilliant.

  It almost sounds like the Steven Universe background music! It's amazing!

  It takes a few minutes for me to get into the right headspace, but I find it great for refocussing while letting it animate and slowly evolve itself.

  Oh my! It does sound like a casual anime! uwah~ Lets go on a search for totoro senpai!

  Sounds like anime.

  I use this while I study and do schoolwork from home. It really helps me focus and has a calming effect.

  I love just setting this up with another tab playing the same settings set to animate at 4 times slower than default. It makes me think of The Grid from Tron.

  Agreed! This one works amazingly for working through long and boring projects. It really makes a great background track!

  I often use the myNoise soundscapes at work, and this one has become my new favorite for keeping motivated. It's upbeat and fast-paced without anything stressful lurking underneath. Perfect for powering through projects!

  I dont know why but there is something special about this.

  I've always been a fan of sounds with a lot of reverb to them. As a result I often work with Trance or House style music on, but the lyrics and bridges can get distracting. This setting has just enough variety of sounds to keep my mind from wandering, but with enough of a pattern that it fades into the background still. Add in the virtual Laundromat and it's like I'm alone in the house!

  That setting is a slow drifting beat, without the nervous "throng". Like it this way, and all the other settings, too ;)

  I have many favorites on mynoise.net and this is definitely one of them! :)

  I suggested an ambient music mixer last year, it seems my wish has come true!

  Perfect mix of sequencer textures! Fits great with Ice Drone and Telecaster Licks for a classic Berlin-School spacemusic sound.

  This one hits the sweet spot! A real mind massage, perky yet unobtrusive. Puts me in the bubble & keeps me there. Love it! Thank you!

  This has helped me focus and crank out projects for my college classes. As a person with ADD, either an atmosphere with too little noise, too much noise, or anything in between distracts me so badly that I'm borderline useless. When I listen to this, I feel a certain sense of responsibility and it is considerably easier to force myself to ignore the outside word. This was an experiment gone well.

  This setting combined with the traffic noise and the low sliders from Industrial Revolution makes me feel like some kind of cyberpunk protagonist while I'm working in my lab late at night -- engaging enough to keep me focused and the perfect balance between energizing and chill.

  Everything in life follows this pattern... listen to this and then a rain generator... trust me.

  Mass Effect meets Mirror's Edge... Love it! I've combined it with Northern Lights. Now it feels like I'm in those games! :D

  My ears tingle with delicious delight; I've never had this feeling before! Combine with a very low setting on Tropical Rain for the best sound+feeling ever.

  "Make It Easy" preset with some ambient noise added in. Incredibly relaxing without making me feel sleepy. It eases my stress and helps me focus on my work.

  You never know - something may happen today. And if anything does, by golly, I'll be ready for it!

  ← 2am Martini. A slow deep bass with a psychedelic aftertaste.

  My new favourite background at mynoise.net - and there are so many great ones to choose from!

  When I have this on Animate without the wapt or tinkler on, it makes me feel like I'm walking to my doom with my back straight and head held high like a bad ass.

  It's amazing how much this fades into the background. I love the peaceful space-like atmosphere.

  Maybe I've just been scanned into Tron's world. I'm captured in a bubble of protection and am floating.

  Wow, this one is just gorgeous. Relaxing, and reminds me a little of the summer days I spent listening to my Dad's CDs back in the late 90s. Also could definitely see this layering really well with one of the underwater or cave water generators.

  Generators like this are some of the really unique things you can't find anywhere else on the internet.

  The "Free Runner" setting reminds me soooooo much of the game Mirror's Edge. Ironic. Another great noise generator <3

  This one has easily made it to my favourite list, but just a word of warning, don't listen to this for the last half an hour before work. You will be late.

  This reminds me of Mass Effect! Awesome!! Perfect way to relax at work

  Nice and versatile! Can be an urgent driving beat, or a "Sit back and revel in the majesty" mix. I'm looking forward to it's contributions to my Super Generators!

  Simply brilliant. Fun for hours on end starting here. Mix and match.

  I love this one. So good for studying.

  This is so sick. It reminds me of the Blue Man Group! Love it!

  This one makes me feel like I'm playing some sort of post-apocaliptic game. It's amazing.

  I really like it! The picture in the background is great too. Keep up your amazing work! This site is very useful for me!

  Accidentally opened this tab over a Zen Garden magic generator, and NOT sorry about the result at all 0.0

  This is great for getting a little bit a "chill noise" with the bass/synth combination, while still having a mentally energizing feeling from the light tinkling sounds and occasional loud, higher frequency noises.

  This is really lovely! Energizing and relaxing at the same time! I can only hope myNoise has more psychedelic sounds in store for us.

  Mellow if primarily set to low sliders, energizing if set to high! I love this!!! I honestly hope for more generators like this!

  Perfect mix for reading long articles. Love the photography for this generator too.

  I was waiting for this kind of sound in your library. Wow thanks to Paul for allowing this to happen. Great, now time to enjoy this!

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The original 'Take It Easy' is a 12-minute opening track, on Paul Nagle's newest album, Beyond L-Dopa. Now available on iTunesAmazonGoogle PlaySpotify and Bandcamp.

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