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The Infinite Loading Screen Soundtrack

Video and computer game fans know that feeling: you've waited so long for that new title, you've built up so much anticipation, and today is the release day! In the comfort of your well-worn seat, you're about to discover... After bursting open the shrinkwrap - or completing the download - you're just one loading screen away - an intermission that'll take a moment longer to complete as the game initializes itself for your first playthrough. But you don't care. You're savoring the rising tension as the progress bar fills. This splash screen is gorgeous and hypnotizing, pulsating with intricate designs, beckoning your imagination into digital worlds beyond your reckoning... all complemented by a music track that could lose yourself in, forever. On myNoise, it actually can!

Never change a winning team. This soundscape was made possible with the kind help of Torley - once again. Turn the Animation feature on. This will reveal the individual stems to you, in the most intriguing ways.

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  Surprisingly, this goes very well with Gregorian Voices.

  I love to use this one when writing code. It provides a great background energy to keep me moving along but doesn't get distracting. My new favorite!

  I really love this generator. I put it into animation mode, and I can focus on work for hours.

  Another fantastic offering from Dr Pigeon. So upbeat and motivating. It reminds me of writing essays at college back in the 90s, listening to Axis Mutatis by the Shamen. Happy days :)

  Layer this with Take it Easy. Best techno blend ever!

  At half-speed, it combines beautifully with The Pilgrim, giving a floating, infinitely complex soundscape. One of my new favourites!

  When set to 'A', this reminds me of the ambient music of the original Deus Ex. Laid back techno that adds a lot to the dystopian future you run around in.

  Wonderfully complex. Combines nicely with the percussion & guqin elements of Cinematic East and even some of the bird noises in Lake Life, you can just imagine a camera panning over the landscape.

  I love this one! Interesting and relaxing all at once - Glyn

  This is a great background for homework!

  Patrons - if you chose B on tape speed control it sounds a bit like Spyro music! Many happy gaming memories.

  This generator reminds me of the soundtrack to Subnautica, one of my favorite video games. I love combining it with some calibrated ocean sounds like Pebble Beach while I'm working - it's immersive, relaxing, and helps me focus during long work hours.

  This really reminds me of the opening scenes of Bladerunner. I'm listening to Now Loading with Aeternitas as a background drone. Very trippy.

  This reminds me a lot of the soundtrack for The Space Game, an old space mining flash game. This is pretty cool!

  Addictive. The surprises one can find in a lone slider seem impossible. Check it out at half speed.

  Brilliant stuff. Just what I need today!

  Wow this is great. This really does remind of playing games in the 90's waiting for games to load. One thing I do miss about consoles and windows is the boot-up music that went with it. As they get more efficient I realise it's not a requirement these days, but I still think it added something to the whole experience. Thanks.

  Wonderful the text for this one hits very close to home as a long time player of video games. Just the sheer anticipation once you hear the disc start spinning and the visual display kicked up. This is my current favorite setting.

  Very catchy and motivating. Great for listening to while at work!

  Wow another great new one! I am really liking the Beaten path, Motivational and Floating presets!

  This is the Jean-Michel Jarre Generator! Love it :)

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