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The Infinite Loading Screen Soundtrack

Video and computer game fans know that feeling: you've waited so long for that new title, you've built up so much anticipation, and today is the release day! In the comfort of your well-worn seat, you're about to discover... After bursting open the shrinkwrap - or completing the download - you're just one loading screen away - an intermission that'll take a moment longer to complete as the game initializes itself for your first playthrough. But you don't care. You're savoring the rising tension as the progress bar fills. This splash screen is gorgeous and hypnotizing, pulsating with intricate designs, beckoning your imagination into digital worlds beyond your reckoning... all complemented by a music track that could lose yourself in, forever. On myNoise, it actually can!

Never change a winning team. This soundscape was made possible with the kind help of Torley - once again. Turn the Animation feature on. This will reveal the individual stems to you, in the most intriguing ways.

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  This is perfect for me to study to, I can have it on low volume for hours at a time!

  I prefer not too many high noises. This one's perfect!

  Perfect for coding! Reminds me of Mr. Robot soundtrack, which gets me quickly to "hacker mode" mood.

  Fantastic! I can just lose my sense of reality here!

  Now Loading really helps me get my groove on! I just lose myself.

  My new favorite! I love it when I do my graphic design work.

  I listen to this generator all the time at work while doing data entry -- it makes me feel a lot more like a cyberpunk protagonist as I work my desk job, and helps keep me focused like nothing else. Energizing and atmospheric!

  I am currently in a rest area in mirror's edge. The action has stopped and i've got time to catch my breath.

  This is a awesome noise! This is a new favorite. It has curiousness , wonder , and excitement all at the same time! Thank you!

  Was going to do the Commander Shepard thing, but someone else snagged that one. Heavier base. Personal favorite for studying/working. Keeps me focused.

  This is what making love to a handsome robot probably sounds like.

  This setting has a cyberpunk sci-fi vibe to it that I greatly enjoy.

  Increased the speed and removed a couple of patterns: I discovered a completely new atmosphere!

  I'm Commander Shepard, and these are my favorite sounds on the Normandy.

  I am a long time user and supporter of myNoise. It never ceases to amaze me how new and different all these sounds are. Just when I think there aren't any more soundscapes that can be made, Stephane produces another awesome noise! This is honestly just what I was needing for a change of pace and to help me focus at work, and my around my noisy roommates. This pairs well with "Take it Easy".

  Reminds me of the “Mass Effect” game! Easy favourite..

  This sound generator just feels like the start menu of the greatest game ever!

  You should listen to this with only the low bass turned all the way up... It's pretty cool.

  This is literally just a Voltron: Legendary Defender soundscape, which is great because I don't have to actually listen to V:LD's soundtrack to feel that colorful, spacey vibe. Thanks for further removing me from Voltron.

  They need to play this at Epcot lol! Very nice.

  This feels like a digital party about to start.

  This is like being at a movie, and an epic moment comes in, and you start getting shivers... But the moment is endless...

  This reminds me so much of Hitman. It's the general feel of the game while you discover the map and follow your target at a safe distance. Plotting and planning the perfect hit in the most stealth way possible. This soundscape reads "Agent 47" written all over it. Thanks!

  I think I'm in love with this one! (I'm listening to it 3 hours before the New Year because it really does set the mood for the prospect of facing 2019. Heh) Definitely the most thrilling one I've heard yet.

  This is my favorite soundscape by far! It reminds me of the soundtrack to Disney's Test Track ride, or Mission Space. It brings me happy memories and keeps me upbeat as I work. Thank you so much!

  One of my favourites so far!

  I have disassociation problems, and this is amazing for it. It's calming and relaxing, but there's enough aspects to focus on to keep me awake and aware of the world. The layers of sound are amazing. Try identifying the rhythm; it's kind of hard to time it all right!

  This one unexpectedly helps me grow motivation to work, with a sprinkle of epic.

  This honestly does help a lot with focusing and does sound very similar to a loading screen soundtrack, only way better! Can't wait to test this out with other generators.

  These sci-fi soundcapes have been a godsend. Truly helps me keep my ADHD at bay and get enough stimulation in the background to focus on my work without looking for more. It's night and day.

 Pairs very well with Gregorian Voices. Turn the far right reverb slider on Voices up to 75

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