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Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time.

At the beginning, there was no end.

It could be this way for all generators. Once the sound begins, you enter a world without a beginning and without an end. A sound that flows constant: always changing, yet always the same. A taste of infinity and eternity. Only users of this site may understand.

This couldn't be more true with this soundscape, one that features a very particular track: a haunting flute that never stops playing in a monotone rhythm. Circular breathing is not specific to didgeridoo players and can be applied to other musical instruments such as the flute, as we experience here. Kudos to Alexandre Bartos for this incredible circular breathing performance!

Published on August 7th, 2015

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  This is the first gen that I listened to on myNoise (on a different computer). This works really well when you turn off the circular flute but turn on everything else and mixed Japanese Garden.

  I really love this one! It's my newly discovered favorite. It reminds me of watching Chinese wuxia dramas. I never get tired of it as it seems so fluid. I like to periodically switch up which of the three flutes I wish to hear.

  I've been using this website for years, this is my favorite sound gen of all times <3

  Mixed with Mournful Chimes, Himalayan Voices, and Unreal Winds, it gives off a feeling of being somewhere high on a mountain, feeling free, and peaceful. The wind blowing through the trees, and washing over you. Nothing around you, and nothing containing you. Feeling like you're riding in the air, apart from anything needlessly concrete and solid.

  This is what a fairy forest would likely sound like.

  This + whichever nature gen I'm feeling up for gives me such peaceful sleeps.

  Makes me think of an ideal world, one where there are no worries, one with plenty of time to sit and listen to the peace, the peace of an ideal version of an Earth that was around not that long ago.

  I love to listen to this relaxing setting! It makes me feel like I'm in an enchanted, elven forest.

  Dr Pigeon - your new feature of samples on the index page is superb! What an excellent idea. And through it I have found this, my latest upbeat calming favourite. I hope it encourages visitors to explore your amazing site. x

  Works perfectly with attention disorder. Not too many sounds, but just enough to focus, clear your mind, calm down and do some very good studying.

  This one really helps to clear my mind when I try to study. Mostly the low sounds and then just a little bit of the higher sounds.

  It really helps me with school work.

  It's like I am an Indian before people settled here.

  This with Sleeping Dragon on the yang dragon preset is one of my favorite soundscapes c:

  This reminds me of wing suiting and paragliding and helps me when I study; it keeps me on track without the fear of procrastination.

  Timeless defines this well. It reminds me of space, as different from the theme of this generator as it is.

  The audio manifestation of Nirvana. Everything in my life is pretty shakey at the moment. This generator completely gets rid of that feeling. The circular breeze is all that what life was meant to be. I wish I could sit in a pasture with a small pond and woods in the distance for all eternity with this playing in the background.

  How to calm down in a minute or less! If some stupid little thing is stressing me out or annoying me, I know exactly where to turn. Floating on a warm breeze. It's the best.

  Surrounded by a forest, small bells hanging from the trees. You do not know how you got there. You just know that you are at your home, timeless, where myths are reality. The trees have holes bored into their branches, creating an eerie, beautiful sound, never ending, and you know that noise will linger after these trees are long-dead.

  I didn't realize how comforting flute music was until I found this soundscape. Thank you very much. Play this together with Yakutian Voices, both on Animate, and you've got an incredible pair with Alexandre's flute and Zarina's voice rising and falling around each other. Beautiful, for those who find low wholesome notes most soothing. :)

  Falling in an endless void with close to sunset like light, no wind noise as you fall faster and faster into the abyss. Changing from a warm sunset-like light, to a cool blue twilight as you go deeper into the depths below. I find this extremely relaxing, as well as relieves the tension, as well as stress.

  So relaxing, great to fall asleep to or block out other noise and stay focused.

  After suffering a terrible car accident, you wake up in a pure field of wheat. You can't see anything else in the distance but wheat and a familiar object. You don't know what it is, but you've seen that object before. You begin running towards it, you feel no decrease in your stamina. All you know is that whatever it is in the distance, it is very far and will take a very, very long time to arrive.

  "Timeless" is everything I ever wanted from life

  Ahh this reminds me of Interstellar. Listening to this makes me want to prepare myself for something. Not sure what.. but it puts me in a state of readiness, but not in an anxious way, but with a calm and encouraging invitation.

  This sound is absolutely amazing! It takes me back to what I imagine a magical time in ancient China meditating on the universe and beauty of life! This really helps me block out other noises and almost rise above them rather than just block them out!

  Circular Breeze + Wind Noise = pefrect background for studying

  A peaceful soundscape that doesn't get in the way of your thoughts. It just floats past your awareness, helping you concentrate. Maintains a steady volume and dynamic range to avoid distracting you, and is suitable for extended listening.

  Awesome, does wonders for studying, keep up the good work!

  The low notes and humming along with the flutes are incredible. I immediately started grinning when I first heard the flutes; they sound joyful and energetic with the circular flute low in the background. They do not feel melancholic to me, but rather wistful or nostalgic. <3

  This reminds me of ancient land and it helps me concentrate.

  ← Makes me feel like drifting in a timeless sphere, with nothing to fear, it's only me that's near.

  Everytime I think that this wonderfull site has no more new things to offer, I get amazed. This is truly another great addition to an already extensive list of atmospheric soundscapes. The options are endless, and my newborn babyboy Roan has become a die-hard fan within his three-months lifespan :) As have I in my 48-years life :)Thank you once again Stphane!

  The Timeless version of this is... amazing 0_0

  I can actually think of nothing more relaxing than listening to this indefinitely. The low tones in contrast with the different flutes makes me so at peace. Thank you.

  An infinite stream of wind rushing past you. I love it!

  I am awed. This generator is amazing!

  A subtle, floating pad. Just enough to gently keep your attention, but not enough to distract you from what you are doing. Plays beautifully with Rainy Riverbank and Binaural Beats.

  I'm exiting my soul, and entering another plane. Goodbye.

  This soundscape is simply wonderful! Reminds me of Ori and the Blind Forest or Journey, as well as a bunch of other great movie/game soundtracks. Definitely will be using this for my meditation sessions. :)

  Amazing! Thank you once again for this incredible site. I find that the two flute sliders (with the others off) blend naturally into the various presets of the Three Friends of Winter generator, though for this I prefer the higher flute alone.

  It's beautiful! I feel like I'm in Japan in front of a shinto shrine by the sunrise drinking a cup of green tea. This website is awsome! These sounds make me imagine that I'm in an adventure, outside of my home, but somewhere else, more peaceful... also makes me think in all the glorious and peaceful places in Japan. All those fields, the Fuji mountain... Magnificent, delightful, charming... 

  This setting is perfect for me to relax and best to be heard with a cup of green tea.

  Wow... This one is special... Great Job

  OMG! I am in love with so many of the noises on this site but this one amazes me! Keep up the good work!

  This reminds me of the kind of thing that would be in a Narnia soundtrack or something, it's just absolutely beautiful... I think I found my new favorite soundscape <3

  It's beautiful! I kind of feel like I'm in China or other Asian country and I discover a meadow with crystal lake and the forest walls... And the sun just rises.This website is amazing! Some sounds make me imagine pictures in my head, and with some I feel like I'm not at home, but somewhere else... Magnificent, charming, delightful. To describe this sound I should use a whole dictionary. 

  Love it! I've recently started playing a series of tin and penny whistles and really love this one! I now find it so relaxing to put it on and start playing along and creating my own melodies :D

  I like this setting, just a touch of the highs, heavy on low tones, easy to listen for extended time. Quite soothing.

  So calming.

  This one resembles a little to one of my favourite videogames from my younghood, Pharaoh. Especially with the flute on the 7th slide. Can I say now I've got a new favourite generator? :)