Summer Festival
The Sound of O.Z.O.R.A.
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All day, all night... all week long!

This soundscape recreates the sound of a psy-trance festival. It takes most of its sources from O.Z.O.R.A., one of the fastest growing electronic music festival in Europe. In 2018, myNoise performed a sound journey live at its Ambyss stage, a quiet area dedicated to relaxing and chilling out. Between performances, I had plenty of time to explore the other areas of this gigantic gathering, and record the sounds around me. What an amazing experience! In the evening, the fire dancers' spot was my favorite place to unwind for the day. As I was sleeping on the festival's grounds, I made sure to record those sounds at night too to create the ultimate electro/trance/crickets sound experience. Enjoy!

Check out myNoise performance at OZORA 2018.

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  This reminds me of those late summer evenings in the garden, with a festival going on just outside the city.

  I love Summer and festivals!

  It's raining cats and dogs here and I wanted something summery to counteract the rain and I stumbled upon my NEW FAVOURITE GENERATOR!

  I was just thinking about the approaching end of summer, and here comes the perfect soundtrack for it. The music's fading, and it's time to start a fire to keep warm. Nice symbolism. It's sunset for the festival and the year. And I love how much I can adjust the "socialability". Do I want to sound like I'm near the stage, or far away with the crickets? With people, or by myself? Instant favorite.

  No one knows that I'm having a little dance fest at my desk right now!

  Oh my goodness, what a celebration of the end of summer! Love this one!

  This is the perfect release for the end of summer! Always dreamed of generator with distant music, chatter and crickets :) Thank you so much!

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