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No Boarding Pass Required

If you came to this page thinking you could learn about a way to enter an airport terminal area without a boarding pass, then you will be disappointed. But, if you are looking for the constant noise that is characteristic of an airport terminal zone, then you won't!

This soundscape can be used to effectively wipe out disturbing conversations from your colleagues, when you are at work. Use headphones rather than loudspeakers: you don't want to turn your entire open-plan office into an airport terminal, do you?

Special thanks to myNoise user Mike Paul who recorded most of the airport ambiences featured in this soundscape.

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  I have made my donation and indeed found the extra features received very satisfactory. I use myNoise with two, three, or maybe four sound generator windows open at a time, to fit my own style and taste. Currently I am enjoying the Airport Terminal with the Cafe Restaurant and a subtle sound from the Zen Garden. For my lonely long hours of work, this site have help me a lot to focus.

  I absolutely adore this generator to sleep to. I feel like I'm dozing off, invisibly, on a comfy bed in the middle of a busy terminal. A good reminder that the world is going on 24/7 - humans, globally, never stop. I'm checking out but it'll be there when I get back.

  I love this site!!! I had been using Soundrown, but the only thing that I really liked on it was the coffee shop. You guys have so many more sounds, and different ways to listen to the sounds. Thanks for giving me a good thing to listen to while I work!!! <3 <3 <3

  These settings really help me write essays for school, thanks again!

  This sound has helped to relieve my homesickness and somehow gives me a sense being at ease wherever I am whenever I listen to it. Thank you.

  Wow, this generator has some audible sounds in it. Its interesting in that this setting provides a better insight into how the generator works, which is hard to detect on other generators.

  Wow - I can't believe I only now discovered this site and app! I love it. Thank you so much for building this, it is just... perfect.

  This is a really nice generator to just play in the background whenever you do whatever stuff on your computer. Very relaxing yet not something that would make you tired.

  I *adore* the sounds of airports. It just gives me a pure sense of upcoming adventure! This generator is so perfect and I love it.

  I was on a plane the other week and I have to say 10/10 this guy knew what he was recording

  This is so relaxing! I hate feeling alone and this really helps me fall asleep <3 Thank you so much for making this!

  I love airport and airplane sounds, especially the little "ding" you hear when the seatbelt sign is turned on or off. I just don't know why, but yay!

  Wow, this brings back so many memories of seeing my family. They live on the other side of the world in Australia and it's incredibly special for me to see them. Thank you so much for this generator <3

  This soundscape really freaks out my cats. It's great!

  Besides drowning out background noise, when I am writing fiction I love creating soundscapes to mimic the scenes I imagine the characters in, and now I can have them travel by plane, train, automobile or ferry. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of sounds you have given us!

  Brings back some memories while going to the airport. Always thought this would have made a good generator. Thanks!

  Hey... this is Schiphol Airport!!! I have so many fond memories spending layovers here, on my way to Prague to see my family. Anwsered: yep, it is, but only the two first sliders. Well spotted! (all others are US)

  This is way better than listening to pink noise, which can get boring. This has layers of sound which keeps it interesting. I work in a cubicle where I try to ignore conversations around me. Terminal A helps me drown out that noise by using similar noise! Thank you.


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