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Welcome to the Home of the Oropendola

It's always a delight to receive help from talented field recordists. The sounds you hear were recorded by Cameron McBride, a composer, sound engineer, and user of myNoise. Cameron spends several months of the year in Peru and has made multiple trips to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. You will find his original recordings in an album titled Relaxing Sounds of the Amazon Rainforest.

While reviewing Cameron's audio recordings, I became obsessed with one particular sound: the gurgling notes of a bird unknown to me. Once identified - it is the oropendola - I searched for more recordings to showcase its unique vocalizations. This is how I came to contact Liisa Taul, a film sound designer from Estonia. She worked in Peru in 2018, on a documentary series for Estonian national television. While staying in the wilderness of the Yanayacu - a creek which flows into the Amazon River - she captured some of the most wonderful oropendola vocalisations I have heard.

Many thanks to Cameron and Liisa for sharing their recordings with us!

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  Lovely! Comforting and peaceful.

  Ideal for online work conferences, specially when the presenter has a boring tone of voice. You can imagine a desperate and wet presenter trying to present something in the middle of the jungle.

  My new favorite track to work to! I second listening to the first blue heart listed here. You won't be disappointed!

  This generator is awesome! It keeps me to stay focussed. I love the sound/preset of the Oropendulas. But this setting — hit the blue heart — gives it more body for a backgroundsound. I always use the slide animator to experience it to the fullest and make it more unique.

  I am a student working from home... I have four little sisters and they are sometimes VERY distracting! So this helps immensely! Thank you so much for uploading this, it's life-changing!

  I absolutely love this sound - feels like I'm paddling down the Amazon :D

  Love, love, love. I played the oropendola alone yesterday, and my budgies loved, loved, loved that too. Thank you for another great piece.

  Rain and thunder slowly rumbling in the distance. All creatures big and small sense incoming storm.

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