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The Sound of 'Silence Please'

Over the years, numerous students have asked for the sound of an examination room. It’s hard to see why students would want this, as exams always have been associated with stress, headaches, and all-nighters. It may be difficult to understand how anyone could enjoy immersing themselves in such an unpleasant atmosphere at first glance, however, the answer is simple.

The sounds made by an exam hall full of students can be deafening, even if the room is supposedly quiet. The silence can only serve to amplify the myriad of sounds created by students writing their exams, even if none of them utter a single word. If you are used to studying in a very silent environment, such as your bedroom, it can be very hard to focus on your exam when it’s time to write the real thing. Some of the sounds can be very annoying, and once you’ve noticed them, concentrating on your exam can become very difficult, even if you have thoroughly prepared.

This soundscape has it all: the exam hall background noise plus all the annoying sounds, each associated with its own slider so you can produce your ideal (or worst-case scenario) examination ambience. Use it while studying, and you will be ready for the worst!

Special thanks to Matt Lebl, a Canadian student and fan of this site, for recording all close-up sounds on this one!

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  I've been using this to study for the SAT! Definitely great for trying to prepare yourself for a testing environment.

  Good for real life scenarios of giving examinations, IDEAL for improving someone's examination stills :)

  Using the "Examination Time" background noise generator has helped me stay more productive while studying from home during the covid-19 pandemic. With its default sound settings, I feel like I am studying in a library filled with lots of busy students, which is the environment I'm used to studying in. The sounds make me feel calmer and more focused!

  I enjoy the peace of Examination Time. I went back to school after starting a family. The prof suggested we do better on exams when we study in an atmosphere similar to the exam space. I asked if I could bring in my kids and have them shout in the background. He said no.

  I LOVE this noise! If I combine it with some songs from 2018 and 2019, it reminds me of art class. Lol! Our teacher put music on to keep us working hard. Lol!

  With the pandemic I lost my ability to really concentrate and do my homework but with the Examination Time noise I simulate that I'm at school so I have the "pressure" of doing the work in time. Thank you!

  I like turning Multiple Choice and Pages Turning all the way up, and cough up a little, and turn the other's off. I also like combining this with Car Interior and turn the rain up and all the others down. It makes me feel like it's the end of the day, and I'm taking a science test or working on a group project for social studies or something. Thank you, this is one of the best noises! <3

  I have an exam tomorrow and I'm far from being ready, but I'm on the net listening to this sound which is nice.

  I don't usually focus on outside or far away noises. This is perfect for you if you're trying to get used to close "noisy people" sound...

  I absolutely love this noise generator! I use it for background noise as I'm writing notes or studying, it helps me concentrate!

  I've been trying to find a noise generator or video that emulates the perfect sound settings that I get at school that allow me to fill my head with just the right amount of noise that allows me to concentrate without wandering off mentally. Hopefully, I can continue to utilize this and boost my productivity :)

  I get stressed when I listen these sounds in school. So, Im trying to start focusing when listening these sounds. That's really helpful!

  This sound has been weirdly comforting. It's hard for me to focus on schoolwork and projects at home; I concentrate best in the campus library or even working during a lecture. I combine this with the Primeval Forest generator, turned down until it sounds like birds heard through an open window in springtime. It makes me feel like I'm surrounded by other students again.

  Great "study hall" simulator for when I'm working at home. I could always get a lot more done there, anyhow. Thank you so much!

  I calibrated the noise to sound like a slightly louder library, since the libraries where I usually work are fairly busy and echoey. Works like a charm, so now I feel like I'm in the perfect headspace to get stuff done non matter where I am!

  Today I suddenly realized that I forgot to do yesterday's task. I was 14 hours late. Every minute was on counting. I was panicking, but I knew what to do. I opened your site and turned on "examination time"... Et voilà! An hour later, the task was ready! Thank you very much! You are the best!

  I'm used to studying in the quiet room of a library. This puts me in the mood for studying as it is very similar.

  I love this site! This helps me focus on my work, and I have a hard time focusing!

  With all my in-person finals cancelled due to Covid-19, I found that I needed to replicate the sound in some way in order to feel any sense of urgency or seriousness while taking them online. This was a godsend.

  This noise is perfect. It helps to create a sense of urgency in my mind that prevents it from wandering off. Exam halls have this feeling of "it's got to happen now, no more delaying" and this generator manages to get the same feeling across.

  I have been using myNoise for years and all the sounds are wonderful! But this one right here! I can use it at my cubicle and no one notices. So subtle, helps me drop right in and focus!

  I love this! Just pure chalkboard sounds. Ah, brings me back to elementary school! So nostaligic.

  Currently using this for LSAT prep. Not going to lie though, the footsteps sound identical to my apartment neighbor upstairs.

  This is super useful for helping me concentrate in my actual exams. I'm revising how memory works and it says that you'll do better if what's around you is the same for both revision and exam. This works perfectly for that!

  Counterintuitive but it works!

  Ok that 'supervisor' sounds downright terrifying! Such heavy footsteps.

  Haha! LOL this actually sounds like an examination room.

  Reminds me of sitting in the library in Uni when everyone got together to study for midterms and finals. The perfect quiet environment to study or work on my book.

  I've been searching for the perfect background noise and oddly enough this helps me focus the most when I'm working on my assignments. Thanks a million.

  Want to know what college sounds like? Want to picture yourself in college? Here it is.

  This great for in class quiet work and this helps me visualize myself in school (that environment helps me focus)!

  I'm amazed at the options available. This is exactly what my exam room sounds like.

  Preparing for Administrative Exams of India. This gives me exact context, emulating exam environment. Thanks Dr. Pigeon. Please do help this guy through donations.

  I'm always focused in exams, but I have trouble staying concentrated when doing homework. I play this to make it feel like I'm in an exam, and it really helps me focus on studying!

  Good silent exam hall sound.

  myNoise I find is perfectly balanced for what our exam room sounds like!

  I use this mix for when I'm listening to MOOC or online lectures. It simulates being in a lecture hall for me. I often struggle with online learning and this helps me focus and retain the information a lot more.

  I just love it! I used this for studying and it worked like a charm on the real exam!

  I listen to just the pages turning with "the fireplace" and "rain on a tent" to get a reading a book while camping feel :)

  This just really helps a lot. I am currently in my senior years and I was always worried from the silence in exam rooms. I already wrote my final exams and this helped me get used to the noise. I just put this now every time I study and put one of these "study with me" videos. Thanks <3

  I love the "old school" setting on Examination Time. The sound of chalk writing on a board is very soothing to me.

  This is GREAT. I would fail to pay attention to my studies without this. As someone who has ADHD this is useful.

  I shared this with my entire AP class and everyone, including the teacher, loved it!

  Funny enough, I actually use this while in class. It honestly helps to relax and focus on my work. Thanks for making this! <3

 This is AWESOME! I'm studying for midterms right now and feeling extremely focused. :)

 This is super useful, as someone with ADHD who does not work well in silence, this has basically gotten me through Ap Lit.

 Played this to a few friends and they all agree it sounds eerily similar to our school auditorium in exams - definitely useful for trying to get used to the environment!

 This is pretty great and reminds me of all those times in exam halls and helps me concentrate.

 I'm really glad you made this. Background noises usually make me annoyed rather than consitrated but the sound of a classroom helps me get lost in my work.

 I pair this with Fireplace - gives the most comfy feeling. Like sitting in a Hogwarts library stuying for Alchemy class!

 I needed to take a practice exam to prepare, but my dorm can be very noisy. This was a great way to block out distractions and ready myself for the actual test environment.

 I had the idea about a site like this during my Literature exam today. Naughty; but I figured I need to get more used to exam distractions even though it's 'silent'. I thought it would be too ridiculous to be an actual thing. I come home, barely remembering it. Googled it and voila... it exists and it's bloody fantastic too. This is actually more effective than music at keep me focused. Bravo devs.

 Thank you for reminding me how much I actually loved this environment. I was never especially bad at tests, but I never liked them. But I have always liked the sound of people working quietly together, and I remember always feeling a sense of calm when I entered the room for an exam. I dunno, maybe it's that sense of 'well, this is it! Whatever will be will be" :)

 The quiet "I'm studying, you should too!" noise of a college library, but at home! The swish of page turning and the slight scratching of pens really help me concentrate, and with this generator, instead of the real deal, you can mute the coughs and sneeze :D

 Listening to this paired with the fireplace and rain noise is my personal dream atmosphere to study. There's just something about studying in a room full of focused students that is really relaxing. (Especially with the fireplace I can imagine myself sitting in on of the common rooms in Harry Potter.)

 The highest level in our library becomes a complete silent zone during exam time, and while I study best in the quiet, it's always lacking something. This noise generator fills that void and simulates the sound of everyone around me also furiously studying to get those lectures and notes down in time for exams!

 When I was studying for exams, I listened to this with Jungle Life to both expose myself to sounds that would be present during the exams and motivate myself with the thought that I'll be studying env sci. in Costa Rica next year. Like a desk in the rainforest! I do love the test environment - no more pressure once you're there, deeply focused atmosphere... I like the footsteps, writing, and pages.

 Is it weird that I just found out that I am interested in this kind of specific sound of this when you're in exam? I found this so calm yet disturbing too haha. But anyway, it's amazing!

 I love this. I listen to this lightly in the background while studying and while taking practice tests. This has helped my friends and I become more focused during actual tests. If you train this to be your silence, then it'll be a breeze during real exams. Also, I love page turning and pen writing, it's so soothing.

 I'm a journalism major who is currently writing for my college's newspaper, so whenever I'm having a hard time focusing on writing an article I always come back to this generator. All of it is just so calming - especially those scratching pencils! I love those to death. Thank you so much for this sound :)

 When it's reeeaaally hard to focus on writing my thesis, I come back to this generator. Unlike the other atmospheric ones, which all have a very present backgroung sound, those little individual and isolated human noises give an other "taste" to the silent, they make it more... silent. Like the water drop in a cave, with echo, but less annoying.

 I have ADHD and when I was in high school, I had really bad test anxiety. Before I managed to get the settings to something calming, I almost gave myself a panic attack. In case you're wondering what sensory overload is like during a test, turn the first 4 sliders up a bit, and crank the pen noises up high. The mild settings are pretty soothing though.

 A study by Grant et al in 1998 showed that those who learned in the same conditions that they were tested in performed better. It's called context dependent memory; this generator is great because it lets you learn in the sound environment you might be tested in and may even help you boost your grades! I know I'll definitely be using it.

 This generator is absolutely amazing for my ADHD. For some reason the only time I can ever concentrate without caffeine or medication is in a testing environment, which makes this perfect for studying or reading.

 I started university last year. We were 90 per class and this is exactly how the exams sounded like. I just missed a computer keyboard writing sound to feel like I'm in an IT test

 Speaking of ADHD - this sounds like what a supposedly quiet room feels like to me sometimes. Can't understand why we have trouble concentrating? This is what silence can sound like to us. (Very good gen though! Not half as distracting as the real thing.)

 This generator is the best one I've found so far because it's the most effective one for my ADHD! I really feel like I'm in class and it helps me focus a lot! Thank you so much.

 I'm one of those weirdos who enjoyed exams - not so much all the revision beforehand, but once I was in there, I found the exam hall atmosphere itself really calm and great for concentration. It's been years since I had to take one, but this is a pretty great representation of how I remember it!

 I suffer from test anxiety and it got to the point where I froze up and completely failed my math exam. Hopefully this can help me prepare for the exam environment.

 This couldn't have come at a better time -- I'm in the middle of a two-month-long study session to prepare for the physics GRE, and need to score well to get into my desired degree program. The more ready I can make myself for the day, the better, environment included. Brilliant!

 This is great for focusing! Whenever I hear other people writing/studying furiously it pushes me to do the same. Thanks!

 I enjoy this generator because it reminds me of college. Mix it with the cafe-restaurant generator, to get the sounds of a college cafe -- people in the distance are talking, but people close to you are studying hard.

 I have been searching long and hard for a audioscape that will maximize my productivity. I finally have found the ultimate soundscape. It was getting my bachelors in Homework Studies at America State University that my mind and body were in total harmony. "Examination Time" is a sound board that might as well be time traveling back to college as a rambunctious undergrad. Go State Doggies!

 That may be not so relaxing but very useful one. According to psychological researches it should help to prepare for future exams. Thanks a lot!

 Growing up where there are a lot of standardized tests each year changed my perspective on these kinds of sounds. Most of my memories of these noises come from after the test: when I'm no longer focused and have to wait silently for everyone else to finish the exam, sometimes for hours. Page turning and gentle writing can be soothing when you're trying not to worry about your results.

 Funny enough, I've been thinking about requesting a "Library Ambiance" generator, with sounds like writing, pages turning, and perhaps the sound of lights buzzing. This is pretty much what I've been wanting, thank you!

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