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Laundry Noise from Hell

People are always welcome to suggest new noises to me, although I can't promise to implement them all. Suggestions are always inspiring, but sometimes strange to me. Those strange requests become even more puzzling, when they become recurrent. All that is left for me to do then, is to implement them as new soundscapes, and wait for user testimonials to appear and provide me with an answer about their use.

When Frank Hell - a regular to this website - suggested a laundromat soundscape, it was the third time such a request came to me. I could have told him to go to hell (pun intended), but instead, I told Hell to go to the laundromat, equipped with some portable audio recording equipment made available to him. He did complete the work brilliantly. Thank you, Frank!

It is always nice to be able to rely on people who not only have suggestions, but kindly offer to participate in the quest to record these sounds too (a word to the wise, here).

Testimonials - write yours here

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  I cannot believe how well this generator works! Growing up in a large family, the laundry machine is always running and the noise has been such a constant in my life. I find that doing homework while listening to this generator relaxes and motivates me! It's also an amazing way to block out my tinnitus, thank you!

  In my first year of college, I did a lot of reading, writing, and studying in the laundromat every Wednesday. Ten years later, listening to this still helps me focus when reading.

  I tried out the Laundromat on a whim, and I am so glad I did! This is a wonderful background noise just to keep things from being too quiet, and it's also great for falling asleep! I don't even need to adjust the sliders, it's perfect with the default. <3

  I used to sit in a laundromat for hours to get a wifi signal and that's how I met my best friends.

  This is one of my top 5 sounds here. It delivers a powerfully soothing, steady sound with just enough variation to keep from annoying the listener —making it the perfect background noise for a long day of writing and a godsend for an ADHD sufferer like me. It's especially effective when you click "animate."

  When I was living on my own, I didn't have a washing mashine in my tiny flat, so I spent quite a bit of time at the laundromat. I loved it there. It's a place where you can watch people, or just take an hour off to read and write. I've also had some interesting chats in that laundromat, and there was a bakery on the other side of the street so I associate this noise with sweets!

  As a child growing up, in a large family I was surrounded by people and noise, with limited space to study or read quietly. I spent many happy and quiet hours with a book on the floor or in a small student desk in my room just outside the door and even after leaving home, this remains a calming background noise I seek when I'm stressed or need to study.

  For some reason I can focus for twice as long when trying to write essays listening to this, and it's so calming too. This website is a blessing!

  This is in my top 5 favorite noises on this site. I combine this setting (Brain Wash) with the Farm noise setting Barn at Night. It blocks out distracting noises and puts my mind at ease. I even use it to help me sleep sometimes.

  When I was a little girl, we didn't have a washing machine, and each week I'd go with Mama to the laundromat. I'd look for money under the machines, drink small cokes in glass bottles and eat orange nabs. (Peanut butter on cheese crackers for you non southerners.) By the time the clothes were done, my little bare feet would be black on the bottom! Precious memories of my mother.

  I heard about this site from Tumblr and though I found another nice generator or two, I tried this one on a whim one day about 2 weeks ago. Within the first 10 seconds I could feel palpable tension leaving my body. I can't function without background noise, and while I enjoy online videos, this is infinitely more relaxing and easy, since it plays on a loop. Thank you so much! -K.

  I worked as a seamstress in a theater company, and constantly had laundry going in our little shop. The sound is weirdly comforting to me. It seems like nothing that terrible can really be going on if you're in the middle of doing laundry. Thanks for this!

  I recently found out that my 2w old daughter easily falls asleep while next to the tumble dryer - and she wakes up when we take her away. I was extremely pleased to find the Laundromat generator. It works perfectly!

  Thank you for this, it reminds me so much of my grandparent's house, it's even almost making the scent of perfectly crisped waffles real too! I've searched for years to find a washing machine sound, thank you. I can still remember dragging a blanket into the dining room to fall asleep beside the washer and dryer, it's a shame my apartment is too small.

  On my way to a 30/30 on my next exam thanks to this! It really helps me concentrate, and blocks the noise of people working on the street next to my window. Thank you ^^

  Surprised at how much I love this. I remember as a kid hearing some of these laundry sounds through the wall at night while my mom caught up with chores. I also noticed my affinity for it at the massage therapist. In the quiet I could hear her laundry running in the next room, and realized I preferred that to music. Forgot all that till I heard this and didn't want to turn it off.

  When I used to be in my grandparents' house, I would often play by the laundry machine in the basement, and later, in my grandfather's office. My grandfather passed a year ago, and we had to move grandma to a nursing home and sell the house. These noises make me feel like I'm there again, and my grandpa's just an arm's reach away. Thank you. Thank you so much.

  Love this generator! Laundromats are one of my favorite places for some reason, and the noise is great for blocking out the sound of a noisy family when I'm trying to read my textbooks.

  A big thank you to the person who thought to record laundromat sounds! It reminds me of times when I feel self-sufficient, doing paperwork with a purpose while the clothes get clean and dry. It's a comforting sound I can use to my advantage at my desk at work!

  This really helped both with my headache and bad mood. It makes me feel like there's an exciting day ahead of me, starting lazy, waiting for laundry to finish, but promising lot ot creativity and happy encounters. I feel like I'm about to discover something.

  The neighborhood laundromat was a safe, warm, and peaceful place during my tumultuous childhood. Thank you.

  I love it! Reminds me of lazy afternoons spent in the laundromat reading a book, warm armfuls of towels, and the calming repetitiveness of folding clothes. Helps me to study as well because it blocks out other noises.

  I swear, this laundromat mix could put me to sleep in a heartbeat. It's so relaxing!

  When I was a little kid, the laundries were generally done around the same time I was put to bed at nights- so I probably associated the noise of a laundry machine to sleep / relaxation. Now this is perfect for me to concentrate on work and feel like I'm by myself, not in the office cubicle!

  I've recently discovered a good way to concentrate is to play the laundromat generator with some beethoven string quartets over the top. Love it.

  Years ago, I lived in an apartment complex where my brothers and I used to hang out in the laundromat there at late at night. We would bring a laptop, sit on the laundry machines and drink Dr. Peppers that we bought from the soda machine. Those are very fond memories of mine and so I really appreciate this generator! Thanks!

  I've always liked the laundry room... a place where all the dirt gets washed away. This site is also very good for masking the light construction noise next door! Thank you!

  Never would have guessed I'd love this noise, but it's become my favorite thing to listen to while writing.

  ADD and worsening tinnitus are much less of a problem now. Thank you so much!

  Having lived somewhere awful with my bed right next to the open laundry room door, I became accustomed to sleeping to the sound of laundry machines running. I've looked and looked and found no good washer/dryer noise generators... until now. I can't wait to go home, put in my headphones, and fall asleep to this. Until then... staying awake at work is going to be difficult!

  My office is in the basement right next to the neighbors' laundry machine, which makes the most annoying start-and-stop laundry noise. This channel helps drown it out to the point that it doesn't bother me anymore, which is something I didn't think could be possible. Thank you!

  Woo awesome! I was one of those weird people who put a request in on this one! great job!!

  This one is perfect! Works for my anxiety problems :D

  For an engineering student like myself, this is just awesome. Machines, machines, machines...

  ← this is about what it actually did sound like. So real... and not even made in Japan. :)

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