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Perception Cloud
Trance-Inductive Soundscape Generator
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Welcome to Hell's Heaven

Lifting weightlessly, floating into nothingness... The too many tonal layers overloading your auditory senses will - sooner or later - switch your brain off, and bring you into a gentle trance.

This generator relies on the creative work of talented Frank Hell, a sound enthusiast and fan of this site, who has been using such soundscapes as a trance-inducing background layers for affirmational speech audio tracks.

Published on June 29th, 2013

User Stories

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  Just like this. Everything sounds nice and peaceful.

  This has a nice "industrial apocalypse" feel to it, I love it.

  I swear now and then this reminds me of a jammy Grateful Dead concert. "Eep Hour", maybe?

  Not gonna lie. This kinda helps me focus. A trance soundscape that brings me out of my daily trance of distraction instead of putting me in one. Noice.

  Not to be BBC Sherlock on main, but my gosh does this setting sound EXACTLY like some of the tracks from that show. Fantastic generator for doing some hard thinking!

  Bilateral Harmonics grounds Perception Cloud nicely while maintaining that otherworldly, ethereal feeling.

  This generator works great as a background drone to mix in with other sounds. It is easily adjustable to sound eerie, tense, relaxing, or even just plain weird. I'm listening to it right now mixed with some babble and kitchen sounds from Cafe Restaurant and a few rumble sounds from Laundromat, and it feels like I'm in a tense hospital drama! Very versatile, would recommend.

  Mind Control - Perception Cloud is my #1, after years of religiously pouring over every generator that comes around. As an anxious and light sleeper, this is the one track that I can keep at volume and get directly to sleep. It always reminds me of Solaris; makes me feel like I'm in a peaceful science-fiction bedroom aboard some vessel wandering the heavens. I love it.

  Impressive. Mingles well with Clockwork.

  I love this. Paired with A Trip of Mind, it'll take you places.

  Sensory overload triggers my anxiety attacks. I have to be careful not to listen to this for very long, but it's an interesting sound, so I find it hard to stay away.

  Try it with clockwork :)

  Binaural wash is freakishly good.

  Drifting down into the darkness of the universe, surrounded by the unknown. A feeling of peace resides within as my galactic journey continues.

  Reminds of music from the Myst series of video games

  Sounds like you're in your ship, flying slowly and then a comet flies by, and you enter its tail as the thrumming ship hits the twinkling bits of ice as it falls away from the comet. Very relaxing and awe-inspiring.

  This is my favourite sound on this site so far! Interesting enough for me to not become bored while working, yet not so much that it is distracting. It gives me that satisfied feeling music does without becoming distracted by lyrics. It also tunes out a nice broad range of sounds - I was able to study with this on while my roommate moved in and my neighbour mowed their lawn! Love it!

  Whooaa. This setting feels as if I have been swallowed by the void, just floating, just floating... floating in the calm of the void.

  This sound balance is comforting.

  This, the Stardust and Spaceship generators create the perfect blend of magical yet realism. I feel like I'm in a movie, and the scene opened with space, until swooping in to show me at the helm, manning the spaceship. Quiet music plays in the background as my crew sleeps, I myself starting to drift off, until a bright star catches my eye. I smile as it brings back past memories, and drift off.

  By pure coincidence, I was looking for a noise from this site to put on when I showed up here. Then I went back to my writing and realized I was in the middle of the protagonist's self-realizing dream. How wonderful.

  Flying, falling through the white darkness, the quiet noise. Your destination, the filled nothingness.

  Very uplifting and yet liberating. I love it!

  Very cool one. Sounds kind of like sitting in the maintenance bay of a spacecraft.

  Drifting weightless , going nowhere...

  This generator helps me relax a lot. Though I wish I could have this in my room.

  I like Flying Castle because I'm sound sensitive and I need a good base line sound to focus on when I'm trying to do something. I also like using it when I go to sleep (though I pair it with two others, usually fire or rain and one of the drones creates a nice sound overload that hits the off button in my brain).

  I have never feel so bored in my life , but... it washed my worries and thoughts away for 5 or 10 minutes. PERCEPTION CLOUD IS THE BEST! This is really the sound of "nothingness"

  Perception Cloud is one of the best things to happen to me as an insomniac I can listen to this for twenty minutes (on my worst nights) and I'm out. Thank you for this audio blessing

  'Alien Heartbeat' - this works to help me maintain a steady flow of concentration, it provides peaks and valleys of background noise that does not distract me from my work, it also maintains a steady heartbeat not increasing or decreasing my heart rate, i.e it does not totally relax or excite.

  ← Stratospheric Glide

  I tend to enjoy the noise combinations that make you feel as if you're in an ominous dark place. I enjoy this combination.

  Just amazing, helps me sleep every night!

  It makes me feel like I'm stuck in space; floating aimlessly.

  Sounds that amuses the mind and soothes the soul.