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From India
A Tune on River Ganga
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With Love, from India

It's my pleasure and honor to welcome Rama Sundar Ranganathan, an Indian classical vocalist who has trained for many years under eminent gurus such as Smt. Prema Raghavachari, Vidushi Shanti Sharma and Pt. Tejpal Singh. As a fan of this website, she kindly offered to contribute with a devotional song called a bhajan.

Rama sings in the spirit of roohdari (soulfulness) and roohaniyat (spirituality). She likes her music to touch her listeners by evoking moods and emotions. Here, her bhajan is a tribute to the Ganga, the famous river revered by millions of Indians.

The song is set in two different ragas. Raga literally means "color" or "mood". It provides the musician an array of notes and musical motifs to improvise with, in association with a certain emotion. The difference between the two ragas used in this song, is clearly audible, and will probably surprise you during the first listening. If you keep the generator playing for a while, you will get used to them, and what surprised you at first, will become something that you will start anticipating. This change in raga not only makes this song interesting on a musical point of view, but also conveys the emotions inherent to a bhajan.

Rama Sundar Ranganathan is accompanied by Vinay Mishra on the Harmonium and Satyendra Kumar Roy on the Tabla.

Published by Stéphane on January 29th, 2018

User Stories

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  This particular setting echoes my Indian experience, it contains all the sounds and sensations I love.

  I find this generator very relaxing. Thank you! Which ragas are used here?

  These sliders; played in 'A' and hitting Speed x2 once, is frenetic bliss suitable for ecstatic dancing! ... And for those who cannot dance, it's said that Indian music can help rebalance chakra energy :-) This generator is terrific. Thank you..

  Here I am, floating on the Ganga River, listening to the melodious music played on the river's bank. And I have never been to India. I badly want to go now! So calming. Love it! Thanks for all you do!!

  Thank you for providing this. There are so many soundscapes of the subcontinent-let’s hope you can travel again there soon!

  I really like this setting for meditation and studying.

  There are so many layers to this one! I've been playing with the different presets this afternoon to come up with completely different moods.

  Relaxing feel of walking through a slightly busy market street by water. Very nice.

  I combine this with Distant Thunder, and Pebble Beach. Gives you that feeling of being on a beach in Goa. Amazing escape from my mundane day job.

  Surprisingly great with Prehistory, with adjustments to one's inclinations.

  ← Try this variation with full volume. Though more distractions, but a distinct feeling. Best if you want to meditate on sounds.

  One of my favorites, along with "Japanese Oase." I like the distant singing and traffic noises here... sitting by an urban riverbank.

  Thank you Rama and Stphane for another wonderful generator. I'm enjoying mixing the sounds by approaching each individual sound source gradually. It's so immersive, I love how I can constantly play with my listening environment. Inspiring as always.

  Street Musician is genius. Here is my little variation.

  Amazing! So awesome! This is so skilled, so full of emotion and expression! The raga change sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it!

  Excellent! Here is a twist that will make you feel that you are floating meditatively down miles of Ganga river.Put "From India" on Deep animation mode while at the same time running 1 or 2 streams of "H20 - Magic Generator" (or some other neutral water generators). Run the water tracks on "Deep" animation mode as well. Make the water streams one or two clicks louder than "From India."

  This sound comes from a part of India where the prayer happens at the mouth of the river which can be observed from the boats on the river. So, for me the worship rituals setting works beautifully as I feel I am sitting on a boat, hearing the water lapping and bells ringing, at peace. The song could have been just an echo from across.

  I absolutely love this one. It has such a lively, upbeat yet relaxing feel. The tone is of a place far away from here. A good way to block out noise.

  Absolutely incredible. The drone generators available elsewhere on this site, just didn't have the depth and spirit this one does.

  As a fan of water sounds and hypnotic vocals, this really hits the spot for me! Amazing stuff.

  I feel as if I'm walking down an alley in a crowded Indian city with the river Ganges barely a couple of minutes away. It is a hot afternoon and there aren't many people around. The sound of a woman singing comes wafting out of a window. I stop under the shade of a large tree and listen. I can hear the sound of bells ringing in the distance. It is very peaceful. Aum Shanti! Aum Peace! Amen!

  I have never been away from my country. But love to hear sounds as if I was there. On my current settings, I can feel like I'm in another country. With local cuisine, the sounds that goes on in daily life there, and with a hint of music to give that extra feeling of knowing, what they do day to day. Absolutely splendid!