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The noise, without the dust

Often, we are asked which noise would effectively block the sounds of a nearby construction site. Now we have the answer, and the anti-noise by excellence: the sound of a... demolition site!

If you can't beat your enemies, join them. We already introduced this concept earlier: a similar noise that masks another. By sharing the same acoustic properties as the nuisance, our masking signal achieves higher efficiency and can be used at quieter levels than any other masking sound. And because of the similar nature of our masking noise, even when the nuisance spikes above the mask, it will still be camouflaged!

Try listening to our demolition site generator for a quarter of an hour, and see if your brain slowly learns how to filter it out from your conscious perception. In most cases, it will do so after a couple of minutes, because our noise has been designed to sound very even. Soon or later, you will realize that not only has the masking noise been wiped from your perception, the unwanted noise has as well.

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  We've got some crazy renovations or something going on in the apartment next to ours. This is helping me a lot while I finish up my last college project.

  It's not gentle, but this works so well to mask the sound of my OCD apartment neighbor who must open his door and slam it shut very loudly every 10mins. Anyone have theories as to why someone must slam doors shut like a shotgun blast when it takes only a nanosecond longer to close it calmly?

  My office mate is oblivious to how loud he is... But thanks to "Demolition Site," so am I! My mother can't believe I'd want to listen to construction all day, but the consistent volume and satisfying crunch is perfect.

  OMG... listened to this for hours, holy cow.

  I gotta admit, the thought of giant building getting destroyed turns me on a little.

  The noise, without the madness.

  I work on a construction site. When I'm working at home, sometimes I feel more productive if it sounds like everyone else is working too. Love this... like being there.

  My apartment building decided to do major construction. I have a 3 month old baby and the noise is keeping him awake. This has made a substantial difference in his nap times and as a result in my overall health/well being. Thank you for keeping me sane, Dr!

  Perfect for building games

  I try to incorporate different sounds, and I created something that helps me concentrate!

  I'm simply amazed, Doctor. Even a demolition site sounds relaxing here at MyNoise! A million thanks.

  A real godsend whilst the builders are at work in the room above me.

  I tuned it for myself - the TANK battle sound. Deploy your war machines to eliminate any chatters and noises you don't deserve.

  Having lived and worked next to some noisy construction sites in my time, I wasn't sure how the noise-blocking would work, but after an hour in the office, I've bookmarked this one for every-day use. The vehicle sounds mesh perfectly with the sounds of gently collapsing walls, to block out even the most persistent office voices. Wonderful.

  ← WhenIStartToBreakItAllDown ... I love it! It's calming although the recorded scenes are not really what one would imagine being fit for relaxation. You really have a very unique magic charm drawing through your work.

  The feeling of walking through a construction site. This gives feelings of both danger and tranquility, very interesting.

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