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Composite Waterfall Noise Generator
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Natural White Noise

The sound of a waterfall is ideal for masking distracting sounds around you. It offers the same characteristics as synthesized white noise, but its organic nature makes it easier for the mind to bear for long hours. myNoise already offers a calibrated waterfall noise. As a reminder, when a sound is calibrated on myNoise, it means that it can be precisely shaped to any sound color (brown, pink, white noises, and so on). It can even compensate for your hearing loss. Since turning a normal sound into a calibrated sound requires heavy digital signal processing off-line, the sound can lose a little of its naturalness, though the loss will be inaudible for the majority of users. This waterfall noise is NOT calibrated, and therefore should sound as natural as possible. You now have the choice between a waterfall sound that can be calibrated, and another that preserves the listening experience and integrity of a real waterfall.

Patrons: you are encouraged to hit the 'Surprise Me' preset link, and discover how versatile this waterfall sound is.

This generator uses multiple recordings sent to me by two myNoise fans: Mike Paul took care of the on-location recordings at Bassi Falls in Northern California, Collin Turner in Moab, Utah.

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  I love this generator! Thank you for making this!

  A great way to quiet the storm in my head. Also good background noise to keep me focused. What a great generator for many types of needs!

  It makes me calm but not focused.

  I'm wandering through myNoise for several years now. Every once in a while I hit a generator I took for granted to discover that it contains just the perfect sound for that moment. Like this one, for now. This is only one of the reasons why I became a patron.

  These sounds are truly great for almost anything. They can help you focus, sleep and everything in between. I give the app five stars and I hope everyone here finds this as useful as I did. (P.S turn on animating sliders from the 2nd button from the left under the sliders. IT IS AMAZING)

  Love Rapids, you'll love this!

  Great for hiding background noises and a great night's sleep when the neighbors are being loud.

  My family has been terrorized by monsters who are attracted to noise. This waterfall generator has allowed me the cover to have a heart to heart conversation out loud with my son.

  Great for minimising class distractions!

  Very good for studying! I use it every day.

  My drown out noise.

  This sound really takes me to a small fall in Yosemite.

  When my daughter was two months old, we discovered that the sound of a waterfall would reliably get her to sleep. When she was four months old, we discovered, and stopped spending all our data streaming waterfall noise!

  My go-to noise for productive work!

  After trying out at least 50% of the generators on this site, I have found The Falls to be the BEST generator for READING and STUDYING (even more effective then classical music or synthetic whitenoise). Obviously everyone's different, but I think its worth a shot if you have lots of work to do. Thank you Dr. Ir. S. Pigeon!

  I discovered this one last night when I needed something to calm me down and help me get to sleep. It's been on for the last 8.5 hours, I feel 100% better, I managed to sleep on what looked like it was shaping up to be a sleepless night, and I don't want to turn it off now. Might keep it on the whole day.

 Just a few seconds after this sound started playing I felt warmness in my heart.

 Loving the rumble with low water noise in the background! Then turn on animation settings.So soothing. And empowering. Ready for the battle!

 This is great for sleeping at night. I did wake up three times during the night, but all three times were after a pleasant and very vivid dream.

 My dog is TERRIFIED of thunder and fireworks. This setting, with a bluetooth speaker that has a decent bass response, is able to calm him so we can get a good night's sleep. So Thankful. A donation is on its way!

 This is incredibly realistic! It sounds (and kinda feels) like I'm standing next to a waterfall. Amazing!

 Love the shuffle tape speed control, never sounds the exact same, just similar all the time.

 This noise is mindblowing! Thank you Dr. Stephane!

 Bless you, Stephane! Writer's block no more!!! This is just perfect to help the creative juices flow!

 Haha, you were not kidding about the surprise me button! Thank you.

 Almost impossible to find an uninteresting or unnatural setting - already my number one choice for noise blocking!

 You need a plastic protector as you move in to the mist and the hues of the rainbow.

 This is the promise of a magnificent waterfall as you hike a trail that winds through the forest, vaguely following the path of the river soon to turn into an incredible natural water feature.

 Several of my neighbors like to play loud and obnoxious music and one of the more painful ones is having some sort of extra-loud party tonight. I'm glad I decided to try out this new one, because it's doing a better job than my usual go-to for blocking out the obnoxious music.

 Loving this. Just the thing for noise blocking/relaxation.

 I'm sitting near the hidden batcave entrance hatching secret batplans. Alfred recommends mixing in Rain Noise for that added Batcave feel!

 This reminds me of being a kid and camping in Yosemite. I loved the sounds the different falls would make.

 As a patron, I hit the "Surprise Me" button and I was truly blown away with how organic this generator sounded.

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