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3D Audio

Fabrication laboratories - or fab labs - are the workshops of the digital age. They are aimed at making almost anything with the help of computer-controlled tools, such as 3D printers and circuit board milling machines. These open spaces are also set up to inspire young entrepreneurs, to encourage them to interact with others and turn their ideas into products.

The sound of a fab lab is both high-tech and Sci-Fi at the same time, a cross between a computer server room and a spaceship engine.

Special thanks to Dale Richardson, a fan of myNoise, for providing the source recording of this sound generator.

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  I admit, I first misread the title, but then I found humming bliss in this 'Electric Ghost' soundscape. What a great idea!

  Sounds like a normal day at PrintaLot. So glad 3D printing reached myNoise. Great work.

  Sounds exactly like a couple of our noisy home-built 3D printers hard at work.

  The low drone like an engine room with subtle beeps, humming, and whining. It really feels like a Starliner.

  This is every sound from a 1940's radio science fiction show all mashed into one. I love it. It reminds me very much of the show X Minus One.

  This is such an unusual sound, and really is "a sound from the future". It's just one machine, imagine a room with a hundred of them!

  Absolutely marvellous, this is a great start of the new year.

  Your comment about this sound is entirely accurate.

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