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Data Center
Server Room Noise Generator
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The wooosh without the petaflops

Data centers are not only the brains of modern tech companies, they are the cathedrals of all information technology. All the computer, server and networking components needed by our modern world are packed into large, isolated, climate controlled, secured rooms. In there, the sound of the equipment is intense: the fans whooshing, the power supply units humming, the hard drives spinning... Listen. Close your eyes. You are surrounded by the electronic brains of the modern world; each processing requests, crunching data, and assembling responses at almost light speed! If the Internet was a sound, this would be it.

Published by Stéphane on February 26th, 2015

User Stories

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  I think this is the best server sounds in the entire internet cos everywhere else messes up the beeping or just doesn’t have any at all but this has them and dose them perfectly.

  This noise is so soothing to me. I really enjoy using this sound as white noise for sleep.

  The standard setting here is my go-to for getting work done. It's my favorite white noise out there.

  V3 of the Nortel Server Room settings. This noise profile brings back so many memories of when my mother used to be allowed to take me into the backbone rooms of NORTEL. Can't discuss anything about the switches but the sound. THE SOUND. It was like being in a spaceship, to my young mind back then, but now, I know the true purpose of those machines, but that doesn't make them any less amazing.

  This site and app got me through uncountable nights of noise from neighbors and other environmental factors. Invaluable.

  What my personal office sounds like. Two workstations, two microservers, and a 4U blade server.

  @s @ c00l guy me l1ke th1s 0ne

  Perfect when you miss DC but resting at home ;)

  Man, I love this one so much. Perfect at blocking out open-office noise. I can almost smell the dust and feel the warmth of the server racks.

  Here is a more accurate version of a Nortel Server Room, handling thousands of SIP and VoIP calls per day, day in and day out, transferring data, establishing calls, and stuff like that. Backbone of the modern world, this sound.

  This genuinely relaxes me so much. My favorite room to chill out at all the different places I've worked has always been the server room- thank you so much for making this soundscape!

  I'm a network engineer that manages a handful of firewalls, switches, routers, and some servers in a datacenter. This sounds exactly like a datacenter. I can hear the server fans and AC units as if I'm at work.

  My computer when I play BeamNG Drive.

  I'm a computer geek, and hearing the next to and last sliders alone, I could smell the old computers that had been running for a while and needed cleaning from all the dust inside. This was beautiful. Thank you.

  Noise Blocker 2.0

  Who put the fans and AC on full blast?

  Didn't I say you never fill your disk?

  Your soundscapes always scratch the itch, it's a struggle to explain how peaceful plain existing in a data center can be.

  Always loved the sounds of computers and fans. This is exactly what I want all-in-one :D

  I've only just discovered this after years of coming here. Definitely my new favourite!

  I was quite surprised to know this is what a data centre sounded like. I imagined a bit more beeps and slight machine noises. These are the fans I suppose. Anyways it really helps me concentrate and get things done. Also, open my mind to other environments.

  This is the sound of the data center where my boyfriend works sometimes . I'll listen to it when he works overnight and I want to feel close to him.

  It is really cool what you can make with a few noises, and the settings I have replicates the Roblox servers right before they shutdown.

  I don't know how it took me so long to find this. Needed something different than rain noise while working. This reminds me of when I was pregnant and went for ultrasounds, or a less rattly version of those Dohm machines in my doctor's office; it's so calming. It's really brought my anxiety down. Please add this on to YouTube as well. Thank you SO much for this.

  Sounds like my computer whenever I open one program :)

  My favourite so far. I can almost feel the many fans blowing warm air at me and gentle vibrations through a desk. It gives me goosbumps every time.

  I have been in multiple data centers working on machines and this is what they all sound like.

  Earlier today, I was at a coffee shop. On the iOS myNoise app, I put on this generator and enabled a Noise Blocker calibration tailored to that specific cafe. In an instant, the sound of background babbling and close-by customers having teleconference work calls was gone, and I was figuratively whisked away to a cool and cozy server room, no fellow human around to distract me from my relaxation.

  When adjusted, I let my imagination take me to a FNaF office fan and think of the vents chiming and rumbling, very relaxing in my opinion.

  This is one of my favorites, and I love the atmosphere it creates. I feel like I'm in an antique computer lab, studying late at night!

  I love the silence of a server room. I use this EVERY day and it's the first thing I spin up on my computer when I come to work.

  This and Car Interior are my absolute favorites! I listen to them whenever I can. It helps with the silence that comes with living in the countryside and it also helps me sleep. Thank you for this!

  Wow, this sounds so good to my ears. Soothing. I am not sure if I maybe suffer from hyperacusis, but I have been much more sensible to certain sounds for the last 20 years, and noise machines like Data Center and Aircraft Cabin really help me. Thanks a lot!

  I use this at work to block out chatter and other incoming/outgoing calls of my collegs to gain required concentration again (I'm a software developer). Thank you!

  This is the best approximation of the Nortel Server Rooms my mom used to work in and with. Those things were large, loud, and made an impression that you just never forget. The towers and towers of equipment blinking and humming and thrumming away, processing data, looking up references after references, sifting through database after database, and endless cycle of the job that a server performs

  It's funny how this even evokes to some degree a "cooling" effect :-)

  The grid, known by Flynn as "The Digital Frontier" has evolved beyond just being contained within just one room of servers and supercomputers. It was discovered that it spanned the entire internet. It was a chilling and exciting discovery. However, there were still people wanting to use that power for their own ends, and so there was created RootKit. (Layer this with Modular Life)

  This preset takes me back to when my mom used to work for Nortel and took me to the giant server rooms.

  This is what my office sounds like at about 06:00 when I'm alone with the air conditioner running.

  I run by company out of multiple data centres, and thankfully these samples are missing the piercing scream of cisco nexus switches, and blade servers.This is the closest approximation I could make of my DC in Toronto.

  Thank you for this! This is JUST what I needed!It fits perfectly for me, as I am a Software Developer! ;-) Keep up the good work!

  I have severe ADHD. Even with medication I struggle a lot with homework (I am in college). I have had this generator running for hours. I have stayed focus and calm the entire time. I am so thankful that words alone can never fully express my gratitude.

  I find this to be extremely effective at blocking certain voices in my office. The people aren't loud, but the timbre of their voices can be very penetrating. The key to making this work for me is to calibrate it to my hearing curve. I find after awhile I don't notice any sound at all, and I can really focus.

  I use this noise a lot when I'm studying at my college because it makes me think I'm in my laboratory and I just feel right at home. I can think more clearly and it blocks out some of the annoying noises of my roommate. This is brilliant and ingenious. Thank you so much myNoise!

  My father works with servers, and often he'll bring me along to help in the server room. It's amazing how accurate the generator here is.

  Stunning. It sounds like the meat aisle in a grocery store.

  As someone with tinnitus, working from home in the dead quiet of night is pretty awful. Having this on makes my nights much more bearable and productive. Thanks!

  I just got a new laptop yesterday, and it's a huge leap up in model from my old one - which was from 2008 - but I still miss the sounds my old brick made when it overheated.

  I grew up with my dad working on computers in the 70s. Once in a while, he'd have to go in after hours and would take me along... fans, big boxes, blinking lights, and playing Star Trek, the text game, on green terminals. This is the closest sound I could get based on my audio memory.

  Amazing! I love these industrial sounds so much!

  This is cool because it gets rid of ringing in my ears. Love it!

  This is perfect for drowning out my computer fan when it is being obnoxiously loud and buzzy for no reason, hahaha.

  Today I discovered this one as the perfect "colleague silencer" while programming in the office. Helps me staying in the tunnel B-)

  Preset 'The Enterprise' is a beast!

  I have ADHD, and this particular curve makes me feel peaceful and focused which is great, but there's a certain "energy" to the sound that somehow keeps me in that mindset. In 15 years of taking stimulant medications, I have never felt this relaxed while also feeling this focused. I'm so overjoyed that I could cry, thank you so much!

  I love the bubble of silence when I mute after listening for a while, it feels unreal...

  Perfect while debugging the TIS-100

  I use this to drown out noise when I am in our data center.

  This is exactly what the main RADIO room sounds like on a Navy ship! All I need now is the click of the door's lock and it will be perfect.

  Very nice ambiance for work, gaming, or any task requiring directed attention.

  I layered this with Evil Charm (the monster sliders high) and Spaceship. Now it sounds like I'm being stalked by a deadly alien on board an abandoned spaceship. Creepy!

  This is fantastic. It makes my brain feel like it's receiving a massage while also blocking out all of the noise I experience at work.

  ← My spaceship

  This sound reminds me so much of the blast freezers from where my mom works. The memories are soothing within themselves. <3

  This is so realistic that when I forgot about it, I became convinced it was coming from my computer until I remembered this again. If you combine this with office ambiance, I become more convinced that I am working in an office. :)

  Dude, mix this with the circuit bending, it sounds like inside a database.

  This sounds like when you sit next to a projector on a cold day and put your cold hands in front of the vent to warm them up. I spent a whole afternoon listening to this generator!

  I used to come out feeling shattered after a day working in a data centre. The noise permeates into the senses. It feels like stepping into a digital lair.

  Sounds like my PC before I fixed it. I miss the sound of its fans all day.

  This is my favorite noise generator on the site, and I love making new settings each time I come back. It helps me focus and calms me down after a stressful/bad day. Thank you, Stphane!

  Makes me imagine I'm on the ISS! I don't know if "Outer Space" was meant to sound like the ambient noise onboard the ISS, but sure does it sound like that! Awesome...

  The only thing that's missing is audible alerts, beep beep beep .... beep beep beep, or when something's really trying to alert you beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  ← Space Ship - How I imagine it would sound on Battlestar Gallatica. I love to jump into bed with this on, and imagine steel walls, pipes, and big engines pushing me through space.

  I like to contemplate on the universe, life and everything in my evil lair with this preset. It soothes me.

  I use this in the laboratory to balance out the sounds from all the turbomolecular pumps and mechanical pumps. Quite the symphonic delight!

  I have the television on max and I can't hear it. This is amazing.

  You know you're a technology geek when it's hard to get to sleep without the soothing whir of several computer fans, because your bedroom sounds more like a data center. Fortunately, this sound works just as well.

  I am a software developer. I use this sound to block out noise in the office while not forgetting to do my work. I also use this when I work from home to make me feel like I am in the office.

  ← Overheat (fan overdrive)

  It can be hard to stay focused when I'm working from home, but this generator (with or without the Babble generator on top) gets me in the office mindset.

  This is one of the best things for blocking out noise! Plus it takes me back to my days working graveyard shift changing computer tapes.

  ← Data dreams of the Enterprise. As with Cabin Noise, Electric Hum and Flying Fortress - you simply boost me into a state of calm, deep and safe nothingness. Timelessly embraced by the presence.

  I actually came back to the site after listening to a data center drone on youtube, and tried to find more. Then boom, I found out that you just released one. Wow. This truly is an amazing site.

  I was just saying the other day, when I walked by my office's LAN Room, how I loved the soothing sound of it. Now I know I am not alone in my geeking out with the release of this generator. This site is really great and obviously a labor of love.

  Ahh the sound that has lulled me to sleep in classes countless times. Now I can actually use it when it would be more appropriate, when I actually need sleep. Happy with this recent addition.

  I can almost feel the frigid blast of the room fans. Sends shivers down my spine just from listening to it. This is my new favourite.

  Now I can listen to my work wherever I go... There's no escape now!

  My new favourite!

  This reminds me of spending long stretches working in my college's library on whatever project I've procrastinated on this time. This particular noise comes from a slightly disused section with just the right level of warmth. Very soothing.