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Dreaming In Piano

What language do we dream in? Music is a sort of language, so maybe it's possible for a pianist to dream in piano? What would such a dream sound like?

Introducing Chad Twedt, an accomplished pianist, composer and piano instructor with a background in mathematics in Reno, NV and, and incidentally, a fan of myNoise. As a composer, Chad has produced everything from 4-piano music to video game piano arrangements to 2-piano teacher duets.

After Chad and I agreed to collaborate, he surprised me with his openness to the collaborative process, an openness I wasn't expecting from a classically trained pianist. He recorded 9 stems, leaving 1 out just for me, and he invited me to do anything I wanted to the other 9 stems, such as adding synths or other effects. But even with this unrestricted freedom, I limited myself to keeping all 10 stems derived solely from what Chad had recorded... and within this limitation, I found some additional invention and creativity of my own and the piano dream emerged.

Some soundscapes take a long time to complete, and this is among those that took the longest to compose, to record, and then to turn into this ever-morphing soundscape. Listeners might be interested to know that this difficulty is very much related to the unique kind of soundscape that this is. One of the ways soundscapes can be categorized is by their degree of musicality. Some soundscapes are purely non-musical, consisting of nothing other than sounds from nature, people, industry, etc. These soundscapes might sometimes be difficult to record (especially if it requires hiking to the top of Pike's Peak!), but these soundscapes are the generally easiest to conceive and produce. A second category might be musical soundscapes, incorporating various musical sounds in an improvisatory manner spaced far apart, creating effects that are musical but not necessarily music, depending on how broad one's definition of music is. These soundscapes require careful tonal consideration, but rhythm is left to chance, and meter is nonexistent. The third category would be soundscapes that make up what anyone would consider to be music, even the layman with the most rigid definition of music. In these soundscapes, everything is considered, including rhythm and meter. This produces magnitudes more work for the composer, the performer, and the audio engineer, but when the material is high-quality, the final product is well worth it.

Chad and I thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration, not only because we spoke the same language, but also because we challenged and learned a lot from each other over the 16-month collaboration. Releasing a soundscape like this one requires a lot of work, patience and email exchanges, sharing ideas, advice and recordings. With Chad, every email was a source of an interesting discussion. Chad has incredible musical talent, which I could trade against some sound design skills.

I would like to thank Chad for the time and efforts he put in a soundscape that will soon become a Classic of myNoise!

By the way, if you're a fan of the Matrix movies, it might occur to you that this soundscape was released on the same day that Matrix Resurrections was released in most theaters. You might also like to know that Chad, coincidentally, is the author of the best Matrix website available.

Published by Stéphane on December 22nd, 2021

User Stories

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  This soundscape when paired with one of the many wonderful rain soundscapes on here is pure bliss. The rain brings some seclusion and privacy while the piano brings comfort and warmth. Perfect for a long night of writing <3

  *Deep breath* okay. It's been maybe two minutes since I discovered this and I'm in love. Listen. If the tape speed settings also save as a cookie, try this one - I was messing around and sped it up to x2 (bringing it all up an octave). The resulting melodic runs and reverb create the most happy-chills-inducing, magical, indie-video-game sound I've ever accidentally created. Trust me!

  Never heard a sound that plays around with the impossibility of explaining infinity : Unlike any other recording this sound art is present in infinity and has met brain waves switch into timeless home feeling while at the same moment utterly lost and continuously found in spaciousness of infinite expanse of possibilities. Great for TIME ALL-ONE.

  As a blind since birth musician with perfect pitch, one of the most beloved features of mine here at myNoise is the abilitty to tape speed the soundscape in order to hear this in d#, one of my favourite pitches. Been using myNoise since 2017 and I always re visited every now and then, but never payed much attention to this one; I love it a lot!

  WOOOOOW! I just opened the tab and BOOM! I'm in a piano wonderland.

  Being a bit of a pianist I love to listen to this while I work. Keeps me focussed but I'm in a musical realm that I love. Also get well soon buddy.

  This is beautiful! It reminds me of Thomas Newman's work, especially on American Beauty. It also sounds uplifting and hopeful.

  I have this one paired with Stormy Weather and it makes me remember being a kid and visiting the local public library on a rainy day. Warm and cozy. I love it so much!

  I can't sleep in hotels, they're just so dark and gloomy to me. But this, THIS is something else. It's my new go-to hotel sleep music!

  Getting closer to my Chinese Final Exam. Chinese is such a difficult language to learn, having to memorize tones and each stroke of the characters. This ambience has really helped me to study and focus, and I've found that after using this the characters have been stored in my long-term memory! Thank you so much for all you do. Elisabeth

  Something special about this. So relaxing, perfect. Blocks out background noise, and makes stressful situations seem just ok!

  2x speed is also beautiful.

  This really helps me relax. Thanks!

  This is just amazing.

  This might just be the best generator yet, and I haven't even touched the sliders!

  This generator, along with 88 keys is my favorite. I love the sounds in it, and it helps me get into the mood for listening to more music.

  This is absolutely my favorite piano soundscape on this site! The energy and complexity of it is unmatched. I'm so glad I found it!

  My favorites have always been the more musical soundscapes. I particularly enjoy myNoise because even the musical soundscapes slip easily into the background—with "true" music, my mind gets drawn into listening to the music way more. This is easily my favorite musical soundscape. So pleasing, so gentle.

  Super nice! It was really interesting to read about the extra layers of effort needed for this kind of soundscape with a constant metre. Try it with Code Breaker!

  Slowly, a consciousness appeared. They felt the frigid calm of empty space. The crackling heat of stars thousands of miles in the distance. The soft shush of space-dust, musical in its delicate quiet. A warm, metallic, sweet, ashy scent. They were overwhelmed with the dark beauty in the folds of space around them. Clouds of dust swelled behind them. They were here. They existed. They were *alive*.

  I love combining this with Clockwork and then animating both. Makes it feel like a tranquil magical little workshop. The most wholesome ambience I can imagine.

  So soothing and what I love is that Chad has kept it simple and minimalistic. Love it. Thanks Stephane. Hope you are doing well!

  So wonderful I feel like I'm in a musical paradise. I love it so much. Thank you.

  This is indeed beautiful. I took the leap and combined two minified Piano Escape players with an Into Balance minified player. On the second Piano Escape I doubled the speed. And on all players I animated the sliders. Just beautiful!

  Been looking for something like this! Wonderful. It will be great to have other solos like this: Guitar, Flute, etc.

  I combined it with Sleeping Dragon for a beautiful, calming music.

  I've been letting this play in the background as I play Stardew Valley since my farm is in the winter season right now. This fits so perfectly with my game. This has a very wintery, chill feel to it. It's already one of my all-time favourite soundscapes.

  Just combine this with either some cave-related noises, water/rain, or one with cows and then suddenly you have something similar to Minecraft ambiance. RPG elements is really nice to combine with, and it has the "Torch" slider, which once again, creates a perfect Minecraft-esque feel.

  This might be my favorite sound yet! Such a lovely, wintry tone, both melancholic and hopeful. I've been listening to it as I write, and not only does it help me focus, it's also been inspirational, which is incredible. An absolute gift. Thank you so much!

  I really love this! Thank you and Chad for creating this! It is so beautiful that I enjoy listening. And I find fascinating that the surprise function creates a completely different song!

  This is beautiful. I feel serene and tranquil listening to it, but energised at the same time. This will no doubt become a my noise classic. Thank you so much for everything you do, and for finding such fabulous collaborators from around the world too.

  Very nice work! I know it's harder to make tonal soundscapes that sound positive without sounding cheesy, but this joins the collection of favourites! For me, this musical mode evokes a sense of inspired alertness, but the playing style is soft enough to not get on the way even if you are working on something that involves a lot of verbal processing.

  This is wonderful and beautiful. Where can I read about what is involved in creating something like this... or at least learn what a "stem" is?

  Magnificent, and put me into a full-body calm right when I really needed it. Big thanks to the both of you.

  This custom noise helped me study for my class. Thank you!

  What a neat key to do this is. Makes for some great melancholic/foreboding options. Absolutely LOVE the backwards sliders btw, oh my goodness.

  Just incredible. Thank you Stephane and Chad.

  This is one of those generators that I can only describe as beautiful. Each note fits perfectly, nothing feels out of place - I feel so serene when I'm listening to it. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

  This is beautiful. Exactly what I needed to focus on my job which is at times highly stressful and also very boring. This soundscape levels out those extremes and keeps me on an even keel. Thank you so much for all of the work you guys put into this! Know that it is helping me out a lot and it is much appreciated.