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Saturn Rings
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Saturn : Beyond Limitation

Just go ahead now and take three deep breaths. You are about to undergo a fantastic voyage both deep inside yourself and far into the reaches of the Solar System. The sounds you are about to experience will lead you on a journey to the enigmatic Saturn, the planet that represents the limitations of the mind as it is surrounded by its ring of dust and ice. As humans we challenge ourselves to move beyond what we believe in our minds to be possible, so continue breathing deeply and open yourself up to the experience of Just... Letting... Go... deeply relaxing in the soft sounds of you are hearing. You can allow each breath to soften and melt your own personal rings. That's right. As your limits soften and dissolve, inhaling and exhaling through your own journey of life, you can now experience even greater and greater joy as you move freely through life, like a satellite exploring the Solar System, discovering new knowledge and amazing experiences.

This soundscape was co-created with Dana Fortier: a professional hypnotherapist, and regular visitor of this website, who wrote the introduction for this soundscape.

Dana says: "The evolution of the original audio into the final product is a really cool insight into Stéphane's meticulous process. It is a very technically demanding thing, as well as an artistic endeavour, for him to take these different pieces of music/audio and transform them into a living work of ambient art that can consistently create a particular mood in the listener over long listening periods. Music and hypnosis both can create similar receptive states of mind and I encourage the listener to use their imagination: to wonder what they would be like with fewer limitations and greater freedom? What does that 'You' look like? How do they act? How does it feel to be like them? This is one of the techniques I use as a hypnotherapist to help my clients become greater versions of themselves."

From time to time, users send me audio files as candidates for inclusion on this website. It is always a refreshing experience to team up with others, and discover how far we can go together as we blend our different talents and musical backgrounds, here with Dana. It also gives the contributor a chance to peek behind the scenes, and discover how a generator evolves, from its early prototypes to the final version.

Please note: I cannot promise that every submission I receive can be made into an online soundscape. Certain sound files may not work with the myNoise audio engine, or may result in a product that is unsuitable for the goals of this website. Please do not take it personally, it happens all the time with my own sounds too!

Published on March 16th, 2015

User Stories

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  I purchased premium on the app specifically for this generator and the Japanese Garden. All of them are wonderful, but these two help me deeply while studying or if I'm having anxiety. I'm listening to Saturn Rings currently because I had a terrible panic attack. This sound generator helps tremendously. I'm very grateful for this site's existence.

  Just discovered this and it's absolutely ethereal. Gonna make it one of my sounds for pre-bedtime and late night work shifts. No wonder I pay $10 a month to keep the best background noise website going!

  Space is always been spellbinding for me and still is when I found this it put me at ease.

  Sounds like I'm in the radio room of some mostly empty vessel, just waiting for one out-of-the-ordinary transmission to come through. Hope I can hear something before I doze off...

  There's an intangible nostalgia I have toward space, and these sliders perfectly capture that feeling in an audible form. The infinite expansion of space, coupled by the infinite possibilities of human and other creatures' intelligence, makes for a truly transcendental hymn. With each glance toward the borderless sky, I wonder what Saturn's rings will whisper to me next.

  With this setting, I feel like I'm stuck orbiting Saturn while desperately trying to contact Earth with no avail. The deep rumbling is Saturn's atmosphere, while the pad is the slight glimmer of hope that I'm able to reach Earth. I really enjoy this website!

  Makes me feel like I'm sleeping on a space station. Miraculous.

  Hi as co-creator of this soundscape, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who listened and to Dr P as well! This is my favourite setting and I use it for self-hypnosis and other deep inner work.

  To be honest, Saturn rings is and remains my favorite soundscape generator of the whole site. I do test others, but none keeps me as concentrated and focused on my task as this one. I also forget my environment which is a big plus, considering a mere human presence around, even a silent one, can prevent me from being productive at all (which is kind of a bummer at work).

  Whoa. With this setting, I feel like I'm stuck on a ship, light years away from any kind of known civilization, and just realizing that I've lost communications with Earth. Like, for the past few minutes, I've been desperately talking into the communicator, and I've given up trying, accepting the fact that I'm stranded in the middle of an unexplored universe. Spooky.

  This setting, coupled with Telecaster Licks, creates a flow of space music like nothing I've ever heard. It's like I'm working not from my computer in a cramped apartment, but from a solitary shuttle that lost contact with mission control and will soon run out of fuel.

  I'm lost in the Solar System, millions of kilometres away from any known lifeform, yet I seem to hear birds humming. Is it my brain, tired from working inside this ship for weeks, that is making me hear things that are not there? Perhaps I have fallen asleep and I'm dreaming of Earth, but deep inside I know I do not want to go back to the civilisation, for up here I have found true peace.

  This mixed with Nocturnion sounds incredible, like you are just floating in space with the music of stars and distant galaxies surrounding you! <3

  I saw the Cassini spacecraft option, and remembered that about a week or two ago, they crashed into Saturn to see what they could learn. It is now one with Saturn. RIP Cassini.

  So beautiful! I'm in hour 8 of writing my thesis today, and I've switched between sounds every half hour or so to try to keep my mind going. This is my favorite of the day! So otherworldly.

  On this random sound while I'm going through some: I just heart this website so much! Many, many thanks for doing what you're doing!

  RIP Cassini, Oct 15, 1997-Sept 15 2017. It did a great job!

  The journey to the unknown outer space all by yourself.

  ← Passing Jupiter

  Saturn Rings + Telecaster Licks = Pink Floyd

  It feels like I've been Left Alone in Space and they are trying to contact me. It's very unsettling yet so beautiful. Definitely my favorite.

  One of my favorites: calm, yet ominous, and maybe even a bit unsettling. Provides a drifting, "spacey," and slightly dark headspace that makes one think of floating alone on a lost spacecraft. Combine with the Floating preset from In The Sky on a slow animation to add another layer that feels mysterious or even mystical.

  It would be amazing to listen to this while watching the sky, far, far away from lights or clouds, at night. -Dante Falzone

  ← click the heart, it sounds like real space and a space station! I love you guys.

  OMG! I put this on animate, it sounds like a space mystery!

  Stuck in deep space, too dark for you to see anything other than the vast gases people call 'Saturn'... Its rings emit a low hum while your ship beeps with messages, ignored constantly. You are too pulled into the sounds... The pulses and hums... You wish they would never end...But really, this is awesome! I am in love with this website!

  I love the sensation that this one brings, that there's something on the horizon of vast space, yet for now there is only contented drifting, with no direction. Merely existing.

  Really nice gen! Reminds me of the soundtrack of Kerbal Space Program.

  This is one of my favorite generators on the site! I am particularly enamored with the "pulses" and "morse" sliders. I actually mute all the other ones, and then layer it on top of the Stardust generator. I could listen to it for hours.

  This made me feel slightly light-headed, but in a good way. Your site is amazing!

  I can't help but fall into a stupor because of this soundscape. It's magical and lulling and invigorating all at the same time. Definitely perfect for anyone trying to concentrate. And, I find it easily accompanying an intimate moment in a story. It's just great all around. :>

  This one with Saturn's Rings makes it sound like the enterprise; whether standing on her, or just her floating there in space! I love it so much!

  Even my cats love this. I leave it on for most of the day. It blocks traffic noise, the whole house is less stressed, and there are more naps. Perfect.

  Best sleep ever thanks for Saturn Rings... Beautiful restoration.

  I love this generator, it makes me feel like the stars are singing to me as I look out of the window of a spaceship and see the beauty of the universe.

  When I'm going through a stressful or exhausting period, I often find it hard to rest well. This noise helps me to quickly fall asleep, and it keeps my dreams peaceful and tender...

  Loneliness... my all friend.

  You're alone with the beauty of thousands of stars, a whole galaxy all around you...

  ← This setting with Aeternitas on animate makes me feel like I'm floating

  Listening to this while reading 2001:Space Odyssey - and suddenly the whole story comes alive...

  This with Ice Drone on default animate settings really brings out the "space" feeling. Sounds like something you'd hear when exploring a new planet. Almost eerie.

  Is anyone getting this message? ... Can anyone hear me at all? ... Am I really alone out here?

  This is utterly amazing, play this with Evil Charms RPG, and it sounds like a deserted ship floating into oblivion. It gives you that eerie feeling as if you were entering and investigated the empty ship.

  Mission in progress... wait... what's this?... it seems as if we found something.

  Data packets transmitting - there's something here... - awaiting further instruction.

  Love this. Play it with Ultimate Rain, Osmosis and Three Friends of Winter and you will be amazed.

  Cassini probe gathering information... Scanning Saturn's moon Enceladus... Lol. This sounds really cool and makes me feel like I'm in space. :) It works really cool with the animate button.

  Standing in line for Space Mountain at Disneyworld. Good memories.

  This gives me a sense of hopelessness, yet I'm OK with it. It's OK.

  It reminds me of being in space and floating around the stars. And being able to touch them and see the vastness of the universe. Absolutely amazing.

  You're lost in deep space, alone. If there was anyone else, you've lost all connection to them. Your radar is messed up, and all you can do is wait until you die of lack of oxygen and food. You have begun to drift away, out of yourself.

  Suspense. Waiting for something to happen. On the edge of your seat.

  The most perfect thing to help with my writing. Thank you so much for this.

  Very ominous sounding... Definitely sounds like something from the suspenseful part of a sci-fi movie.

  We are but dust...

  Got chills down my spine hearing this...

  This particular setting is so, so relaxing for me. I can imagine the stars in the distance, the beautiful pop and flourish of passing galaxies - coasting by a celestial body large enough to dwarf our own earth, and watching in awe of its gargantuan magnificence.

  I really enjoy this - it's a little more suspenseful/eerie than some of the other noise generators on here, which I like. I feel like I could be in a ship heading toward Saturn all by myself with this in the background.

  So lonely... Just the way I like it.

  Relaxing and ethereal soundscape on the whole, but as a guy who used to love his video-games, it (and these settings in particular) remind me a lot of "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty" and my time spent playing it... happy days!

  Its wonderful. Deep sounds and ethereal! Try it with binaural theta and your dreams become clearer!

  ← Sweet Sadness. So beautiful.. and what a versatile generator. I'm amazed about how many different atmospheres you can tweak from this one.

  This is literally the most peaceful, ethereal sound I have ever heard. I feel like I'm floating in dark matter. This, combined with wind and the data center + spaceship noises, makes me feel like I'm aboard a spaceship setting off for deep, uncharted space. If I combine it with howling wind and the Tibetan Spirit generator, it's perfect for meditation, and beautifully unsettling. Gorgeous.

  Again, you prepared us another fantastic soundscape!!! Thank you!!!

  When I listen to this, I feel like I'm descending through the endless clouds of Saturn. Love the new generator, and I'll definitely be mixing it up with a few others later on.

  This soundscape is my absolute new favorite. It's comforting to know that other people out there appreciate "fine noise" the way I do. THANK YOU for bringing this to us!

  I feel like I'm lost in space, with nothing else around me, just floating, no worries, no cares, no stress. Just endless space.

  This is my new favorite! A mix of "Hiperion" and Osmosis with the Intimate preset is perfect for meditation. Thank you Stphane :-)

  Calculating the mysteries of the universe... Please wait...

  Beautiful! The noise is truly otherworldly. It's always great to see how much talented artists can achieve together.