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Land Meets Sea

The intertidal zone refers to the area between high and low tides. It is the home of myriad critters that have learned how to survive in an extremely difficult environment. Aside from their main challenge of rotating between being submerged by seawater and exposed to the salty ocean air, they must also look out for the tumbling rocks, the pounding waves, and a blistering sun that can rapidly cause desiccation. Not to mention the evasion of predators coming from all sides: the ocean, the ground, and the air! It’s amazing how such a harsh life can be hidden among such soothing sounds...

This soundscape relies on additional recordings by two fans of this website, Neil Creek (AUS) — who also shot the background picture for this generator — and Mike Paul (US). Together, they recorded both sides of the Pacific Ocean, achieving the widest 'stereoceanic' effect one can get! ;-)

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  ← Rain, thunder, and roaring waves?

  Thanks a lot! I can completely imagine myself in an intertidal zone, with no one else around! Big round of applause.

  This paired with 'Mr Rhodes' is awesome. So calming, and it's so good at helping me study :)

  This paired with a quiet fireworks generator sounds like you're sitting on the beach with your toes in the cool water, distant festivities happening behind you. It's a great sense of peace without being too lonely, and is now my go-to sound for working. :)

  This soundscape inspires imagery of mermaids swimming beneath crystal blue waters, beckoning sailors to join them for an ill-fated swim.

  The sound of the waves softly splashing in this generator is magical. I've also been having trouble sleeping lately, this is perfect to listen to in order to calm me down so that I can finally rest.

  When I have to do a lot of work, I like to mix this soundscape with Harbor LP by tomppabeats. Immediate relaxation and focus.

  So relaxing, another roaring success. Job well done :)

  Thank you so much for this! I have ADD, so it takes me a really long time to do my homework, but with this playing into my headphones, I got my homework done in about half the time it usually takes me. Thank you!

  This combined with Anamnesis on the Humming setting is the perfect sound to listen to after two days of exams to calm down. Not many things work for me, but the effect of these generators is strong enough that I could finally relax. Thank you.

  This generator is the best! In fact, it is so good that I am weary of sleeping with it on, because I don't want to wet the bed! ;-p

  Beautiful, amazing, fantastic! Always a pleasure on the ears! Thank you!

  Did you read my mind? This is exactly what I needed: the ideal integration of Oceanli and my Irish Coast settings. Maybe now I can cope.

  ← Early morning showers

  This is PERFECT when combined with "Inner Loch" from the Irish Coast generator! It reminds me of going to Bar Harbor, a little costal town in Maine. I used to collect jellyfish in the morning along the pebbly shore and then at night I'd fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping against the rocks.

  I used to live on the Long Beach peninsula in Washington State. This is exactly what it sounds like.

  I combined this with Telecaster Licks and Fire Noise and it felt like me & my friends had set up camp after roaming the coastline all day.

  Just close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in a shallow tidal pool at sunset. Everything is calm. This morning, I was having severe anxiety and needed to escape desperately while still remaining functional at work. The sound of the gentle lapping waves, the occasional seagull, and other creatures brought me back to a place of peace.

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